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Dancing Flower Shower Card Story - Episode

Food Report Training!



Chisato: Everyone, thank you for coming.
Hina: It's no problem, but why are we suddenly meeting at a restaurant?
Chisato: Today, I was thinking that we could practice food reporting together.
Maya: Practice food reporting?
Eve: I see, so it is special training! I think that is a wonderful idea!
Hina: But didn't we decide last time that we'd do things our own way?
Aya: That's true, but it would be bad if we did not improve in the areas we have issues with.
Maya: You have a point. There may be scenes that come up in the future where we have to eat foods that we don't like...
Chisato: Correct. Reporting on food is a staple of variety television shows. Practicing for it wouldn't hurt.
Eve: The only way to improve ourselves daily is through devotion!
Maya: So, Chisato-san, how should we practice—
Hina: ... Huh? The restaurant staff brought us some food. But we haven't ordered anything yet.
Chisato: I ordered for us. It's five servings of super spicy curry.
Aya: Wh-when did you do that...?
Maya: ... Compared to standard curry, this is obviously quite red. It looks to be quite hot...
Eve: Ah, but it smells very good. It has a fragrance that is spicy and works up the appeti—
Eve: It is so spicy! My nose! This curry is making my nose spicy!
Chisato: Eve-chan, what you're saying isn't making sense.
Eve: I-I am sorry! B-but there was no other way for me to put it... Ngh...
Maya: -So now we'll be eating something where its smell is a challenge in and of itself...
All Except Chisato: ...
Aya: O-okay~... Well then, I'll try it first!
Eve: J-just as I would expect from Aya-san! For you to serve as the vanguard... You have my respect!
Chisato: Well then, Aya-chan. Please try it as you would for an actual food report.
Aya: O-okay. Um...
Aya: Wow~, so this is the restaurant's most popular curry! The curry roux is red, and, umm, really bright red!
Maya: Well, you've gotten across that the curry is awfully red...
Chisato: ... Aya-chan, you may want to study expressions more.
Aya: Ngh, I-I'll do my best... Now then, time to chow down~!
Aya: ...!
Aya: It's so spicy~!
Hina: Ahaha! Aya-chan, you gave up too soon!
Aya: B-but it's really spicy~!
Hina: Really~? I'll try some too! Thanks for the food!
Hina: ... Ooh~, the spice really spreads! Ahaha, it's like my mouth is on fire!
Hina: I think I'm okay with just one bite of this though. I'll give you the rest, Aya-chan.
Aya: What?!
Chisato: Hina-chan, the way you conveyed the spice level was good, but you mustn't say things like only having one bite during an actual filming.
Hina: Okay~, I'll be careful.
Chisato: Now then, next is Eve-chan and Maya-chan. Are you both ready?
Maya: U-understood! Eve-san, let's go...!
Eve: Now then, let us have a fair bout! Bushido!
Maya & Eve: ...
Eve: ... If I clear my mind of all thought, even spiciness should not be a problem... Ngh... It is so spicy...
Maya: Th-the spiciness is stronger than I imagined...! I can't let go of my water...!
Aya: You may say this is for practice, but this is way too spicy... Chisato-chan~...
Hina: Aw~, we all got wiped out. I guess you have no choice but to show us how it's done, huh, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: ... Very well. Now then, I shall give it a try... Ahem.
Chisato: My goodness... The wonderful fragrance of the spices certainly whets the appetite. And this redness... I wonder what it will taste like. I would love to try some right away ♪
Chisato: ... Oh my. This curry is not just spicy. There is a solid rich flavor within the spiciness. Just a bite of this will have you hooked.
The Other Four: ...!
Hina: Chisato-chan, you're amazing!
Maya: H-hearing Chisato-san's report makes me feel like we were eating a completely different curry...
Eve: I cannot believe she kept a straight face despite that spiciness... Just what we would expect of Chisato-san!
Chisato: Fufu, thank you. However, that does not mean that my reporting was correct.
Chisato: Depending on the television show, the audience may wish to see our honest reactions.
Chisato: What's important is introducing a product in a way that does not lower its reputation.
Chisato: As long as you are conscious of that, I believe we can find our own way to report foods by showing our various reactions.
Eve: Thank you for your instruction! You have helped me understand food reporting better!
Chisato: Fufu. That is good to hear. In that case, why don't we try reporting on this curry one more time?
Aya: Right! Okay, let's do our best!

Dancing Flower Shower Card Story - Special Episode

A Small Adventure



Marina: I think I'll have the limited-time-only sakura blossom latte again today. I've been hooked on it lately. Have you decided, BanG Dreamer-san?
Chisato: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Hello. Are you taking a break now?
Marina: Chisato-chan, hello! Yes, since the weather is so nice, we thought we'd take it easy at the café.
Chisato: Thank you as always for your hard work. Days like this spontaneously make you feel like going outside, don't they?
Marina: Ah, by the way, we saw Pastel✽Palettes' previous TV appearance! It was interesting to see Hina-chan play an active part.
Chisato: So the two of you watched the program. Thank you very much.
Marina: Speaking of which, I heard from the other girls that you controlled the flow of the filming~.
Marina: I watched the program, but I didn't noticed that at all, so I was surprised.
Chisato: Controlled...? No, what I did wasn't as vital as that...
Chisato: At first, there was no plan for us to step to the forefront. So I pressed forward with the filming in accordance with that plan.
Chisato: However, I felt inclined to be somewhat adventurous.
Marina: Wow, I see. But Pastel✽Palettes' essence really came through during the show.
Chisato: I am certain that was thanks to Hina-chan.
Chisato: I believe it was her words that allowed the filming to showcase everyone's individual charms.
Chisato: That being said, we may have gone a little too far at the time.
Chisato: Things might have ended well this time, but progressing in a different format than the script will not always lead to good results.
Marina: You have a point. Even during music performances, if you ad-lib too much, things will get out of hand.
Chisato: Yes. That is why I will normally continue to play the role that is being asked of me.
Chisato: Not to mention, if I ad-lib too much, I worry that Aya-chan will become bewildered. Fufu.
Chisato: ... Ah, it's already this late. My apologies. I ended up taking up your break time with my stories...
Marina: It's okay. I'm glad we got to hear such a fun story. I'm looking forward to the Pastel✽Palettes' future activities.
Chisato: We shall strive to meet your expectations.
Chisato: Well then, I have promised to go on an outing with Kanon, so I will excuse myself.
Marina: Okay. Come visit again!
Chisato: I will. See you then.