Days of Toppings and Fun☆ Worldwide Event Banner.png

Days of Toppings and Fun☆

Event Attribute: Powerful.svg Powerful
Event Type: Challenge Live
Event Start (JP): December 20, 2019 15:00 JST
Event End (JP): December 29, 2019 20:59 JST
Event Start (WW): December 19, 2020 01:00 UTC
Event End (WW): December 28, 2020 06:59 UTC
Bonus Members
Tae (icon).pngHimari (icon).pngEve (icon).pngRan (icon).pngHagumi (icon).png
Challenge Songs
God knows...
Event Cards
A Touch & A Hop♪.png
A Touch & A Hop♪ T.png
Walking With Rabbit Ran.png
A Touch & A Hop♪
Kitazawa Hagumi
Walking With Rabbit Ran
Mitake Ran
Bouncy♪Bunnies of Candy Kingdom Worldwide Gacha Banner.png
Bouncy♪Bunnies of Candy Kingdom [GACHA]
Oshiruko Party♪.png
Oshiruko Party♪ T.png
Reconciliation T.png
Oshiruko Party♪
Uehara Himari
Hanazono Tae
Treasure by the River.png
Treasure by the River T.png
Treasure by the River
Wakamiya Eve
Event Exclusive Rewards
Days of Toppings and Fun☆ Worldwide Event Stamp.png
"Come and get it~!"
Days of Toppings and Fun☆ Worldwide Event Title.png
Amanojaku Song Title.png
Kirakira datoka yume datoka ~Sing Girls~ Song Title.png
God knows... Song Title.png
Stamp Titles

Suggested Team

Oshiruko Party♪ T icon.pngMe and My Glasses T icon.pngHagumi, Represent! T icon.pngOur Moment of Luxury T icon.pngReconciliation T icon.png
Challenge Live
Earnest Dreams T icon.pngHagumi, Represent! T icon.pngA Special Design T icon.pngFirst-Rate Hospitality T icon.pngReconciliation T icon.png
  • Cards suggested above are based from JP server's released cards as of date of event.
  • If you need help in building your band for any lives, you can use the Team Builder tool by Bestdori!.


  • CiRCLING (no special beatmap) was used in place of God knows... in TW and KR's run of this event.
  • Little Busters! (no special beatmap) was used in place of God knows... for EN and CN's run of this event.

Unlocked Interactions

Finishing the Event Story will unlock the following Live Interactions:
Himari (icon).pngTae (icon).png

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