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Dazzling Bouquet Card Story - Episode

Tea and Haiku Commonalities


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Kanon: Summer vacation is right around the corner. I'll have to add my club and part-time job plans to my calendar... Hm?
Kanon: Isn't that Eve-chan over there? That's a pretty intense expression. She must be really into that book...
Eve: "Writing haiku is the art of expressing concepts such as objects, accomplishments, and scenery into words."
Eve: "Let's begin by simply describing what you currently see and hear in the form of a haiku."
Eve: In the distance, I can hear cheers from the athletic club, as well as the song of summer cicadas. I also hear the sound of students rehearsing in the tea ceremony club room...
Kanon: ...?
Eve: And last but not least, the image of a puzzled Kanon-san!
Kanon: Fue... Uhmm...
Eve: Fufu. I am currently studying the art of haiku writing! Would you care to join me?
Kanon: Haiku? Wh-what brought this on...?
Eve: I believe tea ceremonies and haiku are very similar.
Kanon: It's true that each one is a reflection of Japanese culture, but... how else are they similar?
Eve: Tea ceremonies also place importance on seasons, yes?
Kanon: That's true. The tools and sweets that are used change depending on the season...
Kanon: Oh, I see now. Another key part of haiku, aside from the five-seven-five pattern, is the seasonal vocabulary!
Eve: Exactly! Both show the change in seasons, making them perfect representations of Japanese culture!
Eve: Because of their similarities, I thought there might be some way to skillfully incorporate the two together.
Kanon: Oh, that's interesting.
Eve: Yes. The time spent making and drinking tea should be enjoyed to its fullest. I believe haiku would be perfect for that!
Eve: Would that not be an excellent way to experience the true beauty of Japanese art?
Kanon: I see... Yeah, I could see haiku doing that.
Eve: Yes! That way our tea ceremonies can be even more thought-provoking and fun!
Kanon: Yeah, I'm kind of interested myself now. Maybe we should both give it a try.
Eve: Very well, let's hurry and make some tea! I will get everything ready!
Kanon: Ah, let me help you!

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Tea Room

Kanon: I see you've chosen a bowl with a maiden silver grass pattern, Eve-chan. Fufu, I can almost feel the cool autumn air.
Eve: So you noticed? How very observant, Kanon-san!
Eve: The patterns we select must not only match the season but also bring pleasure to our guests... The level of hospitality in tea ceremonies is truly remarkable!
Kanon: Fufu, I agree. Alright then... Thank you for the tea.
Kanon: ... Mmm, it's good.
Eve: Really? I am glad!
Eve: And now, let's move on to the task at hand! We must take these feelings and express them in haiku form!
Kanon: Okay, let's give it a go! Let's see... What am I feeling...?
Kanon: Hmmm....
Eve: ... Oh dear, is nothing coming to mind?
Kanon: Yeah... I've never practiced haiku before, so making one on the fly is kind of tricky.
Kanon: I know that haiku need to touch on the current season, but I'm not really sure what kind of words to add...
Eve: The book I was reading had a list of vocabulary you can use! Let's look over them together!
Kanon: Wow, amazing. Every page is packed with so many words.
Eve: Look at this, Kanon-san! I found the summer section!
Kanon: Let's see... "Hammock"... "Bungalow"... Wow, they have almost anything you could think of.
Eve: Both "cooler" and "refrigerator" are listed! Those are words that we use almost every day!
Kanon: I'm not too familiar with haiku, so I expected it to be beyond my understanding, but I feel a lot less intimidated knowing that these words are also acceptable.
Eve: I agree! Though I feel that the words "refrigerator" and "cooler" may now remind me of haiku whenever I see them...
Eve: Having so many words and phrases at our disposal makes it difficult to decide which to use.
Kanon: ... I think the trick may be to not think so hard about it.
Eve: What do you mean?
Kanon: If haiku are expressions of familiarity, then it may be best to not stray too far from our usual selves.
Kanon: Instead of worrying about what makes a good haiku, we should start with being honest with our feelings and write them as they are.
Eve: You are exactly right...! Great thinking, Kanon-san!
Eve: In that case... Yes, yes... Be honest with our feelings... Hmmm...
Kanon: (Eve-chan is thinking really hard about this... It's kind of nice to spend summer vacation tackling a new challenge with a friend...)
Kanon: ("Intense vibrations... Troubled groans of a close friend... A cicada's song...")
Kanon: (... Hehe, just kidding.)
Eve: Ah! Kanon-san! You came up with a haiku just now!
Kanon: Huh?! H-how did you know...?!
Eve: You cannot fool these eyes! I can see through your every action, Kanon-san!
Eve: Please share your newly written haiku with me! I will not move from this spot until you do! Immovable is my spirit!
Kanon: I-I don't think this is a matter of spirit...
Kanon: A-alright! I'll tell you, I'll tell you!

Dazzling Bouquet Card Story - Special Episode

Very Special Fireworks



Kanon: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Marina: Oh, Kanon-chan! If you're coming from that direction, then... that means you're on your way home from CiRCLE, right?
Kanon: Yes. Are you doing some shopping?
Marina: No, it's our day off today. You caught us discussing how unlikely it is that we would bump into each other, holding the same pamphlet, no less!
Kanon: Ah! I recognize that pamphlet! It's for a pleasure boat!
Marina: Sure is. We picked them up from the station a little while ago. I thought it would be a nice place to get away from the heat.
Marina: Are you interested in going too, Kanon-chan?
Kanon: Actually... we spent the evening on one during the fireworks festival the other day.
Marina: No kidding!
Kanon: Yes. It all started when Hagumi-chan, Kokoro-chan, and Misaki-chan needed to finish a haiku assignment for their summer vacation homework...
Kanon: Kokoro-chan and Hagumi-chan didn't really seem to understand what a haiku even was... so I figured I could try helping them out.
Marina: Hm, a haiku assignment~. Sounds interesting. Wait, how exactly does that tie in with the fireworks?
Kanon: The first step in making haiku is to experience something that inspires you to write one.
Kanon: That's when we realized that the festival was right around the corner...
Marina: I see. An event like that does seem like a good source for inspiration.
Kanon: I agree. We met up a little early that day to stop by the stands and try our hand at writing a few haiku.
Kanon: From there, we were on our way to watch the fireworks when a nearby pleasure boat grabbed Kokoro-chan's attention, and she dragged us all aboard.
Marina: Fufu, I can see her doing that.
Marina: How was it? The pleasure boat, that is. Tell me all about it!
Kanon: It was a lot of fun!
Kanon: The interior was much more spacious than we imagined, and we realized that it being isolated like that means it could make for a good performance venue...
Kanon: Ah, and the view was also very beautiful! Common everyday sights somehow took on a new refreshing perspective when seeing them from the river...!
Kanon: And finally, the fireworks started. They're somehow even more amazing when watching from inside of a pleasure boat.
Kanon: I hope we do it all again next year...
Marina: Fufu, sounds like you had a good time.
Kanon: Ah, I-I apologize! I've been rambling this whole time...
Marina: Not at all. I'm glad to hear that you had such a nice experience. An enjoyable evening like that is sure to help in creating all sorts of haiku.
Kanon: ... You're right. I can't speak for their quality, but they definitely felt like haiku that only we could write.
Marina: Really?! Can you maybe share a few with me? Pretty please!
Kanon: Um... it would be kind of embarrassing to recite them by myself...
Kanon: I'll try to have the others share them with you the next time we stop by the studio.
Marina: Fufu, alright. I'm looking forward to your next session, then!
Kanon: Thank you. But, um... please promise that you won't share them with anyone else.