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Dazzling Sunlight Card Story - Episode

A Kind Older Sister?


The Beach

Lisa: Mmm~♪ The breeze feels so nice when walking along the beach like this~. It might be a bit chilly when the sun goes down though...
Aya: You're probably right~. And to think it was so hot during the day!
Lisa: It'd be a shame if we finished off a fun day by catching a cold, so why don't we head back to the beach hut? We can get some juice and chill out.
Ako: Did I hear juice?! Sounds good! Let's go, Rin-rin!
Himari: Ah, wait, Ako-chan! Let me take one more photo of us~!

Beach Hut

Himari: *yawn*~...
Lisa: Ooh, caught in the act~♪ Your mouth was wide open!
Himari: Lisa-senpai! Ugh, that was so embarrassing...
Lisa: Ahaha, sorry~. I know it can't be helped though.
Lisa: We had fun out on the beach, then worked in the cafe. It was a really long day, huh~?
Lisa: So, did you enjoy your long-awaited day at the beach, Himari?
Himari: Of course! It was really fun playing in the water with you and Ako-chan, and it was great to talk more with Rinko-san and Aya-san!
Lisa: Oh, I'm glad to hear it♪
Himari: How about you, Lisa-senpai? Did you have a good time today?
Lisa: Definitely♪ There's nothing like the beach~.
Lisa: I got to cook lots of food too! I haven't cooked that much in ages, so it was kind of a special experience~♪
Himari: Ahaha, that's true, it's not like you get many chances to cook for like four or five people at a time, huh?
Himari: I can't get over how amazing you were in the kitchen though~. You worked really well with Rinko-san too...
Himari: Seeing all this at the beach today really reminded me that you're so lovely!
Lisa: Wh-where did that come from? Cut it out~! I'm gonna go red any minute now~.
Himari: I'm just getting you back for before♪ Well, that's just a joke, but...
Himari: It made me wish I could help people out in that natural way you do.
Himari: Whenever I try to do stuff like that, something always ends up going wrong...
Lisa: Ahaha, seriously, I'm not as great as you make me sound. The whole thing with Rinko was just good timing, anyway...
Lisa: In the end, Rinko got so good at making the drinks that I had trouble just keeping up with her♪
Lisa: And besides, for some people what I do is just being a busybody... Thanks, though. It was really kind of you to say that♪
Himari: Ah, Tomoe said the same thing, that she's "nothing more than a busybody."
Lisa: Oh~, really? Tomoe and I might be kind of similar then. Maybe I should hang out with her next time~.
Himari: Oh, I wanna get in on that! It'll be so much fun! Where should we go~?
Lisa: Hmm~, we came to the beach today, so... how about a mountain?
Himari: Ooh, that sounds great! Let's have a barbecue!
Lisa: If we're gonna do a barbecue, it'll definitely be more fun with a bigger group! We can invite everyone from Afterglow, Yukina, and Sayo...
Lisa: Ako, you and Rinko will come too, right? ... Huh?
Ako & Rinko: Zzz... Zzz...
Lisa: Ohh, looks like they're asleep.
Himari: Rinko-san and Aya-san are out cold too.
Lisa: Fufu, I guess the exhaustion caught up with them after they sat down and ate. Why don't we let them rest for a little?
Lisa: Just a sec...
Himari: What are you doing, Lisa-senpai?
Lisa: Here. Could you put this towel over Ako? I'll put our hoodies over Aya and Rinko...
Lisa: Okay, that should do it. I don't want them to catch colds after falling asleep in their swimsuits.
Himari: See, you are amazing, Lisa-senpai~. I never would've thought to do that.
Lisa: Ahaha, like I said, I'm just a busybody~. You should put something on too if you get cold, you know?
Himari: I will! Fufu, you're like a sweet-older sister♪
Lisa: Sweet, huh... I wonder if you'll still say that after you see what I do next~.
Lisa: You're about to see my bad side, you know~?
Lisa: Heh heh heh, watch carefully~.
Himari: L-Lisa-senpai? What are you...?
Lisa: This is what we do to cute-sleepy faces like this...!
Himari: Ah! You just took a picture of them sleeping...!
Lisa: Check this out. Look how cute they are! How could I not take pictures of them~?
Himari: Wow, you're right~. They're so adorable~!
Himari: I wanna take a photo too~... Ah! Let's make it something memorable♪
Lisa: Good idea~♪ Let me jump in next to you!
Himari: Of course! We can have Ako-chan and the others sleeping in the background...
Lisa: Himari, lean over this way a little more... Yeah, that's perfect♪ Okay, here we go...

Dazzling Sunlight Card Story - Special Episode



Shopping Mall

Lisa: Oh, are you doing some shopping too, BanG Dreamer-san? Same here!
Lisa: The summer sales have finally started♪ I just couldn't stay away!
Lisa: Are you having a good summer, BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: ... Huh, me? Of course! I'm enjoying every minute of it♪
Lisa: Need proof? We went to the beach just the other day!
Lisa: And you'll never guess what we did there! We worked at one of the beach huts~♪
Lisa: ... Yeah, it's super random, right?! You have no idea how long I've been waiting to tell someone about this~!
Lisa: Oh, so it was Himari, Ako, and Rinko that went.
Lisa: That's right, all three of them helped out too! We worked sooo hard♪
Lisa: I was so surprised when we went to the beach hut to chill out for a bit. We go inside, and Aya was there!
Lisa: She was doing this manager-for-the-day thing for her idol work♪
Lisa: The hut was super busy too because of some collaboration event with a game... I'm not sure what it was all about though.
Lisa: And then, when the real manager learned that we were Aya's friends, he begged us to help out at the hut...
Lisa: I mean, he seemed desperate, so I just couldn't say no...
Lisa: So we all started helping out, but oh man... it was way busier than I thought it'd be!
Lisa: We were getting like one order after another, we were borderline ready to panic!
Lisa: On top of that, since I was cooking I was using fire, right?
Lisa: The heat from that, and the summer weather... I was seriously dripping sweat in there...
Lisa: Cooking never-ending dishes of yakisoba~.
Lisa: Apparently, the customers loved the yakisoba I made though♪ Oh, I could make you some next time I've got nothing to do if you like?
Lisa: ... Yeah, it's no problem! Even since the day at the beach I've been enjoying cooking more than I used to.
Lisa: I mean, it's always easier to make an effort when someone enjoys what you're cooking, right?
Lisa: They were people that I'd never met before, so that just made me happier. It means they weren't saying it was good just to be nice, right?
Lisa: ... Yeah! That's right, in other words, it was an amazing day.
Lisa: After we finished helping out, I had a chance to chat with Himari.
Lisa: She said that I was really good at working with everyone.
Lisa: I don't mind going out of my way to help people, you know? I guess I kinda feel happy when other people are happy...
Lisa: I really didn't mind helping out at the beach hut, you know?
Lisa: Like, if anything, I was happy to do so! I wanna help anyone who needs it.
Lisa: Although, I sometimes wonder if I'm doing it just for my ego.
Lisa: Do you think I am, BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: ... Ahh, I see. You think it's my effort that makes it so everyone can have fun working like that...?
Lisa: ... Ahaha♪ That kinda makes me blush~.
Lisa: When I can see everyone having fun, I always end up having a good time too!
Lisa: Thanks, BanG Dreamer-san! That's just what I needed to hear!
Lisa: I guess it kinda makes me feel like the others acknowledge me now?
Lisa: ... Ah, what am I saying all this embarrassing stuff for?
Lisa: Forget that last part! That's so not me!
Lisa: Oh... yeah, of course! It was a crazy day, but we had an amazing time at the beach!
Lisa: But summer isn't over yet, you know~? There's so many more fun events coming up!
Lisa: I'm gonna enjoy them all♪
Lisa: ... Oh, but don't worry! I won't slack off on my band stuff! C'mon, you know me~!
Lisa: Okay, see you again at the studio. See ya, BanG Dreamer-san♪