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Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Opening
Insufficient Words

It's recess time. Ako passionately explains why Roselia is so cool,
but Asuka and the others don't really get it...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1A

Ako: Hngh~!! Finally lunchtime... I'm so hungry~.
Others: I knew the classes at Haneoka would be hard. And you've been doing this for a while now, huh, Ako? Impressive.
Ako: It's because I was born from the darkness... So, uh, I have the power, you know?!
Others: Oh, okay... Ah, Rokka, you should have lunch with us.
Rokka: Y-yeah! Sure!
Ako: I have to eat and get all the energy I can. I have Roselia rehearsal today!
Others: Rehearsal seems pretty tough. My sister usually comes home all worn out.
Rokka: I can imagine Roselia's are really hard...
Ako: Super-duper hard! It's fine though! I love Roselia! And I wanna make the band even cooler than it already is! So I'm okay with it!
Others: ... "Cool", huh?
Others: You're a member of Roselia, right, Udagawa-san?! Tell me everything!
Others: Tell me too!
Ako: Ehehe~! Of course!
Ako: So Roselia is, like, super cool.

Ako: And then, that's when Sayo-san was all like "ka-blam" with her guitar, That's when Lisa-nee came in with the bass...
Ako: Anyway, the point is that they're just so cool! Ehehe, awesome, huh~?
Others: ...
Rokka: ...
Others: You're so lucky, being able to practice with people like Yukina-senpai and Sayo-san! What's everyone in your band like?
Ako: Uhhh, they're the coolest! Yukina-san and Sayo-san are always cool, and even though they're strict, they listen to me and give advice when I need it!
Ako: Lisa-nee always makes us cookies! She's so nice, but she's the most intense when we're actually playing! It's so cool!
Ako: And Rin-rin makes the costumes for Roselia! Isn't that amazing? Just putting them on feels like, uhhh... the power of darkness going "kaboom!"
Others: I wish I could hang out with them. I bet there's a side to Yukina-senpai that only you know...
Others: See you at your next performance! And we'd love to hear more about the band later!
Ako: Okay!! And definitely come to our next show!!
Ako: I'm happy to see how many people know about Roselia!
Ako: Fufufu. Of course they do. Roselia is the coolest.
Others: Yeah, "cool" for sure.
Rokka: Mhm... Yeah...
Ako: Huh? Why are you guys saying it like that?
Others: Hearing that conversation just now made me think, you say "cool" a lot. It kinda makes me unsure of what you mean...
Ako: That's because they're cool.
Others: I get that part. But what do you mean when you say that?
Ako: Well... Uhhh...
Others: ... Ah! Sorry. Forget what I just said. If you could clarify what makes something cool to you...
Others: Then I think other people will have a better understanding of what you mean when you use the word to describe Roselia.
Ako: Grrr...
Rokka: Wh-whoa whoa...! Ako-chan, Asuka-chan, no fighting...!
Ako: Okay! I will... I'll tell you more about things that are cool!
Ako: And that will allow me to show everyone what makes Roselia cool!!
Ako: ... Ah, I said it again.
Others: Ahaha... I think that time was appropriate.
Ako: Okay, I'll do my best! You just wait, Asuka, Rokka! I'll teach you everything you need to know!!

Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Chapter 1
A Reliable Helper?

Tomoe and Moca run into Ako after school, but she doesn't seem to be herself...


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway
Moca: And then, when the main character's hand opens, all this light comes pouring down like "waaa"...
Moca: And what happens to the enemy soldiers next is crazy. They're sent all over the place like "boosh"...
Moca: And then, it turns out that one of the enemies is the main character's little sister... Hey, Tomo-chin~. Are you even listening?
Tomoe: I mean, yeah... But I don't get what you're sayin' at all.
Moca: Why not?
Tomoe: Well, you're talkin' about 'waaa' and 'boosh'... That doesn't really paint the scene for me, I guess. I just... don't understand.
Moca: C'mon~. Your feedback is what's hard to understand. All you keep saying is that you don't get it~.
Tomoe: But if I don't understand, that's the only thing I can say, right?
Ako: Hmmm... The power of darkness is cool. Uhhh~...
Moca: Oh, it's Ako-chin. Howdy~.
Ako: It's cool- No, that's not it. Uhm... It's no good! I just don't know~!
Moca: A pair of sisters dealing with an inability to understand. What's wrong, Ako-chin?
Ako: Ah, Sis, Moca-chin!
Tomoe: What's up, Ako? Looks like you're thinking pretty hard.
Ako: I don't get what's cool anymore!
Tomoe: What?!
Moca: That's a disaster of universal proportions in Ako-chin's world, isn't it?
Tomoe: A-Ako! Just start by filling us in!

Moca: So basically, you wanna be able to explain in more detail what you mean when you say "cool"?
Ako: Exactly! If I can't, then I'll never be able to get Asuka and Rokka to understand how cool Roselia is~!!
Ako: There's you, Sis, and the games I like. There are so many things that I think are cool.
Ako: I figured If I can explain my thoughts on all of those things, I can get people to understand Roselia's coolness even better.
Moca: Hmmm~... What shall we do, Tomo-chin?
Tomoe: I always wanna help when Ako's in trouble. And it's a waste that Ako can't communicate how she thinks and what's important to her.
Tomoe: But...
Ako: But?
Tomoe: Well, it's just... You've been nice enough to... include me in that list of cool stuff, right?
Moca: Ahhh...
Tomoe: Analyzing myself with that reason in mind is kinda... embarrassing, you know?
Tomoe: Even putting that aside, I'm pretty bad at talking about myself, thinking about myself, stuff like that... So, I'm sorry, Ako! I don't think I'm gonna be much help this time around.
Ako: Ngh... Oh...
Moca: Don't start feeling down yet, Ako-chin. You've got the language-arts master right in front of you~.
Ako: Oh, I didn't know you were good at that.
Moca: Yep. I'm especially good at the questions that want you to describe what the writer thinks~.
Moca: So I can help you out here, and I'll fill in for Tomo-chin as well.
Ako: Really?! You will?!
Moca: Absolutely~.
Tomoe: Thanks for giving Ako a hand, Moca!
Moca: Don't mention it~♪ Time to get down to business, Ako-chin~.
Ako: Okay!! I'll think about what cool means... and then I'll become even cooler!!
Moca: That's the spirit~. You're already there~♪ Ow, ow, owww, so cool~♪
Tomoe: ...
Tomoe: Moca is the best student in our group, and I'm pretty sure she's one of the top students in our grade when it comes to language arts...
Ako: Yay~! I can already feel the power of darkness... growing... and something awesome is happening, I know it~!
Moca: And I'm now filled with the power of buns~.
Tomoe: ... Letting her take care of this should be okay, right?

Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Chapter 2
Thinking of "Cool"

Moca helps Ako think about the concept of being cool.
How exactly do they go about that...?


Hazawa Coffee
Moca: Now for the first "Think of What Ako-chin Means by Cool" Meeting. Yay~.
Ako: Yay~!
Moca: Now that we have our drinks and our yummy cake, let's get the cogs turning~.
Moca: Now, Ako Udagawa-kun! I want you to write everything you think is cool.
Ako: Huh? All of it?
Moca: Yes. There was one time when Afterglow was writing lyrics as a group, and we listed up a bunch of stuff that we thought counted as our new "same as always."
Moca: I feel like that worked out pretty well. You should give it a try~.
Ako: G-got it! What do I think of as cool...?

Ako: Hm, I think these are all the first things that come to mind.
Moca: Mhm. Yes... And this...? Okay, I see...
Ako: Wait! Moca-chin, you're already onto something?!
Moca: Nuh-uh. Nothing at all. "Roselia, Tomo-chin... Necromancer..."?
Ako: Necromancer is the class I use in NFO! You can control the power of darkness, and the equipment is so cool! It's black, and dark, and... cool!
Moca: So you think that the power of darkness is what makes something cool? Hmmm. Does that mean that Tomo-chin is a wielder of that power too?
Ako: Hmmm, I don't think Sis falls into that category. But she is cool!
Moca: What about the members of Roselia?
Ako: Yeah!! Roselia gives off the power-of-darkness vibe!!
Moca: ...
Ako: Moca-chin?
Moca: ... Timeout. I need to replenish my sugar supply with some cake~.
Ako: Okay! I'll have some too! Down the hatch you go~!
Moca: Phew, I think this meeting is gonna be longer than I thought.
Ako: I'm sorry, Moca-chin...
Moca: Oh, no, no big deal~. It also means I get to eat a lot more cake.
Ako: Oh yeah! You and Ran-chan do a thing that's cool too!
Moca: Ran and I do? Really?
Ako: Mhm! Every member of Afterglow's cool, but the whole thing you and Ran-chan have where you don't have to say what you mean to understand each other? Don't you think that's cool?
Moca: Fufufu~, so you noticed that, did you~?
Ako: Ehehe, sure did~♪ I bet if you two were to play NFO, you could watch each other's back easily and plow through monsters.
Ako: "Moca, I got this!" "Ran, here we go!" That sort of thing!!
Moca: Ahaha, thank you very much. You wanna be like Tomo-chin though, right~?
Ako: Yeah, but still, you and Ran-chan are cool too!
Moca: Much appreciated~. Man, your list of cool is all over the place. This is hard even for Moca-sensei~.
Ako: Ngh, I'm sorry, Moca-chin...
Moca: No worries. You know though, you didn't go on and on about the power of darkness back then. When exactly did these powers awaken?
Ako: Hmmm~, when did I start liking it? I don't remember.
Moca: Before that... what were you like again?
Ako: Uhhh... Not very different, I think~.
Moca: Yeah, you were always pretty energetic. I remember when we played together you would volunteer to be "it" whenever we played Tag.
Ako: Yep! Because you get to run a lot! I may not be very fast, but I've always loved moving around.
Moca: So you haven't changed much, but I think you like a lot more stuff than you used to.
Moca: And with those things, all of these people have become cool because... Hm~, nope. No good. Need more sugar. Excuse me~. Can I get another cake set~?
Ako: What?! You're gonna get more?!
Moca: I'm low on sugar. I can't get my brain working otherwise~.
Ako: O-oh. Is that what it is?
Moca: That's exactly what it is.
Moca: (A relationship where you don't have to say what you mean for the other to understand, huh...?)
Moca: (I don't think that's actually the case, though~.)

Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Chapter 3
The Origin of Cool

Ako and Rinko message each other. Ako begins to explain
why cool things appeal to her so much.


Shirokane/Udagawa Residence
Rinko: ... Okay. That's the end of the daily missions. Great work today, Ako-chan.
Ako: You too! Ahhh, yep. There's never any reason to doubt how fun and cool NFO is.
Rinko: ... Ako-chan? What makes you say that...?

Rinko: Oh... So right now... you're thinking over the meaning... of the word "cool," correct?
Ako: Mhm. Moca-chin has been helping me out, but it hasn't gone very well so far.
Rinko: Ako-chan... Do you remember... when you started finding cool stuff so appealing?
Ako: Hmmm... Well, I've always wanted to be like my sister, ever since I was really little. She's so nice, and she would help me when I needed her, and she's cool...
Ako: Ah! Now that I think about it, I might have picked up the word from her.
Ako: She used to say that a bunch of things were cool when she was younger.
Rinko: What kind of things?
Ako: Like~... the color red!
Ako: Do you know what Nin-Vincible is, Rin-rin?
Rinko: Mhm... I watched it sometimes as a kid... It was one of those hero shows, right?
Rinko: Yeah! Sis used to talk about how cool Invinci-Red was! Same for the color!
Rinko: Fufu.
Rinko: Oh, but I liked Invinci-Black! Do you know that character?!
Rinko: Sorry... I didn't watch it that often...
Ako: Invinci-Black was super cool! That character joins the team later in the show, but before that, no one knows anything about Invinci-Black!
Ako: Red and the others are in a corner, and Black shows up to help them out and has a bunch of info on the enemies...
Ako: It turns out that Black was a spy sent by the enemy but couldn't fight the feelings that had grown for Red and the others while watching out for them, so they all stay friends!
Ako: Even though they were fighting for justice, Black worried about using dark powers to battle enemies. I thought that was so cool~.
Rinko: Oh... So that must be why... you chose the class in NFO... related to darkness...?
Ako: Ah...! Yeah, that might be why! Maybe the color is one of the reasons I thought the necromancer was cool.
Ako: Ah, but you know, I came to think that black is cool like my sister thought red was cool, so...
Ako: I thought that maybe if I find a bunch of cool stuff, that I could become like my sister.
Ako: And to me, that meant jumping into different game worlds, the color black...
Rinko: And that's... how you came across NFO...
Ako: Mhm! I found the necromancer class in NFO, I went wild with the power of darkness, and then I found you, Rin-rin!
Ako: You unlocked the power of darkness that was inside of me.
Rinko: Huh?! I-I did...?
Ako: When I mentioned how cool I thought it was, you taught me about black magic and all types of mythological stuff like that!
Ako: If I hadn't been looking for cool stuff, I would have never met you, and my dark powers would have never awakened! And I don't think I would be a part of Roselia either!
Ako: So I'm very grateful to my sister for showing me what "cool" is, and I'm grateful to you for teaching me everything you've taught me.
Rinko: Ako-chan...
Ako: And since so much effort went into teaching me the idea of cool, I wanna be able to tell people about it and have them understand me...
Rinko: If it's too hard to put into words...
Rinko: Why not try a different way...? Like putting what you feel... into a musical performance...
Ako: A different way...?
Ako: Yeah! That could work! I'll create something filled with all the stuff I think is cool! That should make it really easy to understand, right?
Rinko: Mhm! I have a hard time... using my words to explain things too...
Rinko: So... I've put my thoughts and feelings... into performances... and costume designs...
Ako: Rin-rin, you're always so smart! Thanks!
Rinko: I'm glad... I can help...
Rinko: (Ako-chan shows so much love for the things that she likes... That's what makes her so wonderful...)
Rinko: (That's what makes her cool.)
Rinko: (I hope... she's able to show... that side of her too...)
Rinko: You can do this, Ako-chan.
Ako: I'll do my best! And thanks for your help, Rin-rin!
Aoba Residence - Moca's Room
Moca: "Cool," huh~?
Moca: (From my point of view, putting my thoughts and feelings into words is...)
Moca: (Kinda scary.)
Moca: ...
Moca: (I decided I would catch up though. Man, this isn't good.)
Moca: Good luck, Ako-chin~!

Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Chapter 4
Individual Coolness

Tomoe can't help but worry about Ako.
She asks Moca what's going on, but...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2A
Tomoe: Yo, Moca~. Is Ako doin' okay?
Moca: Doing okay with what?
Tomoe: What...? You know! She said she wanted to think about the idea of cool! Something like that.
Himari: Ako-chan said that?
Tomoe: Yep, she did. She said she thought that she could get people to understand what's so good about Roselia if she could explain what makes something cool more clearly.
Moca: And Tomo-chin is included in that definition of cool, so she can't help Ako-chin this time around.
Ran: And that's where your help comes in?
Moca: Correct. Because I am a language-arts genius~.
Himari: If we were listing things that Ako-chan finds cool, besides Tomoe, there's also Yukina-san and Roselia, right?
Tsugumi: That's right. There's not much overlap between Tomoe-chan and Yukina-senpai though. Does that mean Ako-chan thinks they have something in common?
Himari: Those two are pretty different! And Ako-chan doesn't seem that similar to either of them...
Ran: And Minato-san can get preachy. Ako doesn't have that side to her.
Moca: I sense a high level of respect for Ms. Minato coming from you, Ms. Mitake~.
Ran: Shut it.
Ran: You know, I feel like Tomoe and Minato-san are similar in their stubbornness.
Tomoe: What?! You're one to talk, Ran.
Tsugumi: Y-yeah, once they decide they want to do something, they carry through!
Tsugumi: Maybe that's the trait that Ako-chan thinks is cool!
Himari: Nicely put, Tsugu~.
Tomoe: We carry through, huh...? C'mon, Ran, you could've just come out and said that. You don't have to be all shy about it.
Ran: I wasn't trying to compliment you.
Himari: Ako-chan might think that people who know how to stick it out are cool.
Moca: Ah, that reminds me.
Moca: Ako-chin was telling me how cool we are, Ran~.
Ran: What?! Why?
Moca: Something about how we can understand each other without saying what we mean~. And she likes how Afterglow gives off that vibe.
Ran: Haha... I think that's one of our problems, actually.
Himari: Doing that has gotten us into arguments, yeah...
Tomoe: W-well, Ako, on the other hand, is the type to just say what comes to mind! She's definitely much better at it than I am.
Moca: I bet Ako-chin's gonna become cool in her own way~.
Ran: You're just saying the first thing that comes to mind, aren't you?
Himari: How did you help her, Moca?
Moca: We had cake at Tsugu's place.
Tomoe: Sigh...
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1A
Ako: Let's see... That's when Yukina-san does...
Asuka: Ako? What are you doing?
Ako: Hmmm~... Maybe it'd be better with Sayo-san here. And then I can change the song-
Asuka: Ako!
Ako: Ah!! Asuka, Rokka! What happened?
Asuka: Seriously...?
Rokka: You're thinking about something, Ako-chan?
Asuka: What are you writing on that sketchbook you brought? "Super Cool Rose-"
Ako: Wh-whoa!! N-no looking! I'll show you once it's done! Please don't look!!
Asuka: ...? O-okay.
Ako: Uhhh, switch out the song... Chant a spell...
Rokka: A-a spell?
Ako: Grrr~! Give me strength~!! King of... Uhhh, Cool King of Darkness!!
Asuka: ... What's up with her?

Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Chapter 5
Gathering of Glorious Darkness

It's recess time once again. Ako brings together Ran, Asuka and the others.
Something begins before the nervous group's very eyes...


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Well
Ran: Wait, she's actually doing it here...?
Moca: I guess so~. This is where Ako-chin said to be!
Asuka: Oh! Afterglow...!
Tomoe: Hey! Asuka and Rokka, right? Thanks for always hanging out with Ako!
Moca: Did Ako-chin ask you two to come here as well?
Rokka: Y-yes! She did.
Ran: More importantly, where is Ako?
Ako: Heh heh heh…… It is I, the fallen angel who descends from the world of monsters and spirits... The great demon princess Ako!
Others: ...
Ako: And now that great princess, with the power of darkness, calls you all to the illusion that is the gathering!!
Ran: What's all that supposed to mean, Moca...?
Moca: ... I think she's saying she's gonna show us her idea for a Roselia concert.
Ran: Oh...
Moca: My language-arts expertise at work.
Ako: Now! The illusionary world awaits!!
Ako: (That was perfect! Thanks for the cool lines, Rin-rin!)

Yukina: ...
Yukina: The eternal darkness commands thy resonance...
Yukina: Ye who would harmonize with my bellowing voice. Ye who hold the pride of the blue rose within. Come forth! Appear hither!!
Lisa: ...
Sayo: ...
Rinko: ...
Ako: ...
Yukina: Relinquish thine ephemeral garbs and unveil thy true forms!
Yukina: Let this gathering... be forever blazed into thy pupils and thy memory!
Ako: These spirits answer the call! Through their echos, sorcery is reawakened within my arms! Let the souls that have once passed return again!
Rinko: Ye whom darkness everlasting hath restored, bestow upon the great demon princess yet greater power!!
Yukina: Thus follows the bequeathment...
Sayo: ...
Ako: May the gathering of eternity commence!!

Lisa: As we conclude this gathering, let us summon the demonic dragon with a ballad.
Yukina: Hear our call and reveal thyself, Dragon of Umbral Flames!!
Yukina: ...

Determined Darkness, Blue Rose Pride Event Story - Ending
The Road One Should Run

Ako does everything she can to convey the concept of cool to the others.
How do they react...?


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Well
Ako: ... And then, at the end, Sayo-san would be all like "bwowww," and the power of darkness would be like "boom!"
Ran: ...
Ako: And then I'd come in with a "ba-da ba-da ba-da kshhh" to close it out!!
Asuka: ... I see.
Ako: And that's everything! That's the super cool, explosive, power-of-darkness Roselia concert I came up with! What do you all think?!
Ako: I took all of the cool stuff and gave it shape through a performance. I figured this would be the best way to explain what's cool.
Ran: That sure was... something.
Moca: It was like we completely entered Ako-chin's world~.
Ako: Right?!
Moca: Especially how everything started with Minato-san summoning you all with that spell. That really gave that Ako-chin feeling.
Ran: Wait... "Yukina-san uses a cool darkness spell and everyone comes out"... That's what you meant by that?
Ako: Yep, sure did!
Asuka: Uhhh, so what does "excitement fills the air and this really powerful darkness inside me is restored" mean?
Ako: It's... exactly what it sounds like! The power of darkness is restored~!
Moca: That probably refers to how the crowd starts to get excited and Ako-chin's performance is all like... "whoaaa," right?
Ako: Yeah! It goes "whoaaa!"
Asuka: It goes 'whoa', huh...?
Ran: At the very least, I've learned that the power of darkness is not to be messed with.
Asuka: Okay, so...
Asuka: What is "cool" supposed to mean...? The power of darkness...?
Ako: What~?! But I just explained it~!
Ako: Having a performance like the one I just told you about is what it means to be cool!
Ako: Everyone gets pumped up like "whoaaa" with the power of darkness, and all of that power from us five Roselia members becomes one...
Asuka: Well, Roselia is cool. I kind of got that part.
Asuka: And the same goes for that thing you like... The darkness thing. I got that too.
Moca: Welp, I guess as long as you understand that Ako-chin thinks those things are cool, then that's fine, right~?
Ako: Nghhh!! But if I could explain it better, then it would make more sense how cool Roselia is...
Ako: Grrr~... I'm gonna get better and better at getting people to understand~!
Moca: That's the right attitude, Ako-kun!
Rokka: Ako-chan, Asuka-chan! Next period won't be held in the regular classroom! We should go!
Ako: Moca-chin, thanks for all your help. And Ran-chan, Sis, thanks for listening!
Asuka: Uh-oh, this next teacher is scary when angry! C'mon!
Moca: See ya later, Ako-chin~.
Ran: Moca, how did you understand what she was saying?
Moca: Hm~? Well, I already have an idea of what she likes. I was able to create the scene with that, more or less.
Moca: Man~, don't you think what Ako-chin did there was pretty cool?
Ran: What do you mean?
Moca: Sure, there were parts that were hard to understand, but it seemed like she knew exactly what she wanted to do.
Moca: Wanting to communicate that to others, she challenged herself and did something she's not very good at, and did her best to think about what the word "cool" actually means.
Moca: It looked like the others were lost in the end, but that didn't stop her from saying she would continue trying to find a way to explain the idea of cool.
Moca: It just made me think that Ako-chin is just like Tomo-chin and Minato-san. Once she decides she's going to do something, she believes in it and runs with it.
Moca: That's what I mean... Hey~, Ran, Tomo-chin. Are you two listening~?
Ran: Oh, yeah, we're listening...
Tomoe: That was, uh, quite the little speech you gave there.
Moca: Oh, really~?
Ran: So there are things besides bread that you're passionate about.
Moca: Ugh~, that's what you have to say~?
Ran: I actually realized something while you were talking.
Ran: Ako's not only trying to be like someone she admires. She hopes to become someone she can think of as cool. I'm sure that's the path she's taking.
Moca: Isn't Ako-chin so cool~, Tomo-chin?
Tomoe: Ahaha... That's better than the compliments being aimed at me. Still, I'll be there while Ako is running her own path.
Tomoe: I gotta keep moving too. I can't let her outdo me.
Tomoe: Moca
Tomoe: And maybe I'll become cool like Ako-chin~. She can be Master Ako.
Tomoe: If you plan to show respect to Ako as a master, don't forget about Ako's teacher, Master Tomoe.
Ran: Master Tomoe sounds like she'd be overbearing.
Tomoe: Hey, don't say that!
Ran: What I really wanna know is what Moca thinks of as cool.
Moca: Sorry, that's a secret~.
Moca: (Creating your own path after following someone for so long, carrying through with something you decided on...)
Moca: (Those are the things I should be doing. I guess that's what "cool" is to me.)
Moca: (... Yep. I hope I can become... that "cool" me.)

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