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Differently Exquisite Card Story - Episode

Kind to Kind People


Hazawa Coffee
Moca: Phew~. I can finally take a second to catch my breath~.
Tsugumi: You had work today, didn't you, Moca-chan? I'm sure that took a lot out of you!
Moca: Yes, I did~. Another day on the job~.
Tsugumi: Fufu. I'll go ask my mom to make sure to treat you extra well for all your hard work.
Moca: You're the sweetest, Tsugu~. This milk-filled café au lait is already so good. I feel like I'm being restored... Sigh~...
Tsugumi: ... Hey, sorry if I misunderstood, but you must be feeling pretty tired, right?
Moca: Hm? What gives you that idea~?
Tsugumi: Well~... I guess it's all the sighing and stuff. And I feel like you're talking a bit less than usual.
Moca: Oh my... To think you'd notice such a small Moca-chan change... Impressive as always, Tsugu~.
Moca: Maybe it's because I've been thinking long and hard about something. I think that's got me a little beat~.
Tsugumi: Thinking long and hard? Are you... worried about something? Is it something I'd be able to help you with?
Moca: Thanks, Tsugu. I don't know if I'd say 'worried' or not... It's certainly not something for you to fuss over~.
Moca: Actually, it's... not about me, it's about Lisa-san~.
Tsugumi: Lisa-senpai...? What do you mean?
Moca: The other day, we had someone new start at the store~.
Moca: While I was watching her teach them, I was reminded of how amazing she is at being considerate of others~.
Moca: The way she explains things is so kind, she has no trouble talking to the newbie when they're on a break, she's supportive even with things unrelated to work~...
Moca: All of that made me think though. Being that considerate and trying that hard all the time has to tire her out, you know~?
Tsugumi: Yeah. She's not only doing her own work but also helping someone else at the same time...
Moca: Exactly~. And I feel like Lisa-san is the type to hide how exhausted she is from other people~.
Tsugumi: Fufu... I get it now. So you're worried about Lisa-senpai?
Moca: Hm~, when you put it plainly, that sounds about right~.
Tsugumi: ... You were talking about how impressed you are with Lisa-senpai's ability to be considerate, but I think you do pretty well yourself!
Tsugumi: The way you're worrying about Lisa-senpai and wanting her to rest is very nice of you!
Tsugumi: It's the same when you're with Afterglow! You know how to follow up and show your support whenever we need you! It makes a huge difference!
Moca: Heh heh heh~. Yes, show me your gratitude~.
Tsugumi: I will! Thank you, Moca-chan!
Tsugumi: ... Well, anyway! You're always helping me out...
Tsugumi: So I'll help you think of ways to get Lisa-senpai to rest!
Moca: Wow, your Tsugurificness is showing~. I suppose I could take you up on your offer~.
Moca: But, uh, Tsugu~... You think it'll be easy to come up with a solid plan to put someone in a better mood~?
Tsugumi: Hmmm~, now that I'm thinking about it, it could be surprisingly difficult.
Moca: Yeah~. There's nothing that makes me go, "Yep, that's the one"...
Tsugumi: There are ways that I know work for me, but I'm sure it's a whole different story when other people are involved.
Moca: Exactly~. I know reading manga and eating buns is a surefire way to put myself in a good mood, but would that work for someone else? I don't know~...
Tsugumi: Oh, I know that Tomoe-chan and Himari-chan have a play-hard mentality. They said it helps them get rid of stress.
Moca: Hii-chan and Tomo-chin, huh~? Hmmm, I don't know if we can rely on that...
Tsugumi: But don't you think having fun without needing to think too much is a good way to relieve stress?
Tsugumi: So if Lisa-senpai can forget about all the normal stuff she does, like helping out a new worker, and just have fun, I bet she'd be happy with that.
Moca: Forgetting about the normal, day-to-day stuff... Uh-huh, I see. Yeah, that sounds like it could work~.
Moca: Thanks, Tsugu~. I thought of something. Not sure if it'll work, but I'll try it out~.
Tsugumi: No problem! I'm just glad I could help!
Moca: Oh, blessed Tsugu-sama, how I appreciate you~.
Tsugumi: Fufu, same here! You're always there for me when I need you!
Tsugumi: I'll be here to support you and make sure your idea works out.
Tsugumi: Good luck, Moca-chan!
Moca: Who needs luck~? Moca-chan is on the job~.

Differently Exquisite Card Story - Special Episode

Doesn't Have to Be Perfect


Moca: Hello~, BanG Dreamer-san. How are you~?
Moca: Aha, out shopping for dinner, are you~? I'm on my way to buy some buns for tomorrow morning~.
Moca: Turns out, Yamabuki Bakery is selling a limited-time meat bun. I knew I just had to buy one.
Moca: Heh heh heh, but can their bun impress me after I had actual Chinese meat buns just the other day~?
Moca: Oh, yeah~. Lisa-san, Kokoro-chan, Hina-senpai, Misaki-chin, and I all went to China Town the other day~.
Moca: Apparently, Saaya heard about that and proposed a limited-time version~.
Moca: Man~, what a fun day that was~.
Moca: The idea was to let Lisa-san rest and show her a fun time with a tour since she's always working so hard...
Moca: I came up with the idea and called it "The Perfect Food Tour: Pleasing Lisa-san Edition"!
Moca: But reality is harsh. Things didn't end up going according to plan~.
Moca: Was I disappointed? Well~, not really.
Moca: Yeah, it's true that things didn't go the way I wanted them too~.
Moca: But I always knew that the day wouldn't go according to plan~.
Moca: Besides, Kokoro-chan reminded us that the goal was to make Lisa-san happy, so even if we didn't do what we thought we were gonna do, everything worked out in the end.
Moca: I was focused on making Lisa-san happy and showing her a good time.
Moca: And perhaps a little too focused on the little details... The most important thing was whether or not she enjoyed herself~.
Moca: Sure, things went sideways for a moment, but that's part of what makes the memory precious for her.
Moca: That's why she said that she would remember just how amazing of a day it was.
Moca: And so~, the plan may have failed, but I think we fulfilled our goal~.
Moca: Looking back on it, the time we spent preparing was a lot of fun as well~.
Moca: It feels like Lisa-san and Kokoro-chan helped me realize that. Hmm, I guess I still have more room to grow~.
Moca: Just so you know, I'm still working on a plan to get Lisa-san to take it easy.
Moca: You think I can do it? Hey~, those are some encouraging words~.
Moca: I don't know when it will be ready, but... if it works out, I'll be sure to let you know~.
Moca: Alrighty, I'll be going now. I have to make sure there are still buns left~.
Moca: Okay, see ya~.