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Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Opening
Warriors and Rabbits in Felt

As Misaki relaxes after school, Eve and Tae approach her with a favor in mind.


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Misaki: Oh, my beautiful after-school time...
Misaki: Kokoro said she was busy and went home already, Hagumi has
softball practice.
Misaki: I can relax on my own for once-. Ahh-, this so peaceful-.
Eve: Ah! Tae-san, look this way! She's over there!
Tae: You're right. Found you, Misaki.
Misaki: Huh...? Wh-what?
Eve: We were searching for you, Misaki-san! I have something I
would like to ask you. Is this okay?
Misaki: Y-yeah... I guess...
Misaki: It sounds like my quiet afternoon is about to be over...
Eve: Misaki-san, I have something I would like to earnestly ask of you! Could you please teach us how to do needle felting?
Misaki: Needle felting... Huh? Why do you wanna do that?
Tae: Eve and I went to Hagumi's house yesterday, and she had the cutest needle-felted monkey on display...
Misaki: Ah, that's probably the one I gave her.
Eve: Yes, that's what Hagumi-san said! Tae-san and I were discussing how we would like to try needle felting and make something cute!
Eve: Please instruct us in the ways of cute needle felting!
Misaki: I-Instruct you... Wouldn't it be better if you just looked them up online instead of me teaching you? The explanations would definitely be better than anything I could say.
Tae: But I think it would be easier to understand if you just taught us. And Hagumi said so too. She said, "Mii-kun is kind, so she'll definitely teach you."
Misaki: Haha~, I see... I guess if she said that... Heh.
Misaki: Ahh~, alright. Then how about we try and do some together?
Tae: Really?! Woohoo, thanks!
Eve: Misaki-san! I will never forget this kindness!
Misaki: No, no, it's not that big of a deal. Forget about it.
Misaki: Besides, I dunno if I can even teach you properly~. What were you two thinking of making?
Eve: I will make a samurai, of course! I want to make animals too once I get better at it!
Misaki: Samurai first, then animals... Isn't that going backward? What about you, Hanazono-san?
Tae: I will make Oddie.
Misaki: Oddie is your pet rabbit, right? Yeah, I've made rabbits before, I think I could teach you that.
Tae: I wanna make one that jumps around like "boing, boing."
Misaki: Ah, sorry. I've never made anything tricky like that.
Tae: Then let's try and make it together! I can't wait.
Misaki: Yeah, me neither. Hahaha~. How about we go and buy the materials then?
Eve: Yes! Let's!
Misaki: (Goodbye... My peaceful afternoon...)
Shopping Mall - Handicrafts Store

Misaki: Well, this is the needle-felting corner. They have sets with all the parts you need inside them, so I think you should choose from this area.
Eve: Wow~, this is amazing! There are so many!
Tae: Ah, they have a rabbit set! It looks so realistic! Like it could start jumping at any minute!
Misaki: Hey, Hanazono-san. Those are quite advanced, maybe you should start with this one here for beginners?
Misaki: It's small, so it won't take too much time. I think you should try it before moving onto a more difficult one.
Tae: Hm~... I can't decide which rabbit to choose. This is hard.
Misaki: Yeah, but thinking about and deciding what to make is half the fun of needle felting.
Eve: Um, Misaki-san. No matter how much I search, I cannot find a samurai set...
Misaki: I thought as much. There's not a lot of demand for that kind of set.
Eve: I see... That is very disappointing. Which one should I make instead...?
Lisa: Ah, is that you, Eve?
Eve: Ah, Lisa-san! Hello!
Lisa: Ohh, Misaki and Tae are here too! Hey~♪
Tae: Hey, Lisa-san.
Misaki: H-hello there.
Lisa: What an unusual trio What're you doing in a place like this?
Eve: Misaki-san is going to teach us how to needle felt, so we came to buy the materials!
Lisa: Oh, I see! I also came here to buy materials for knitting. What a coincidence~.
Lisa: Ah. Hey, it's pretty rare for the four of us to do anything as a group, huh? Since we're all here, why don't we shop together?
Eve: Really?! I would love to shop with you! Is that okay with you, Misaki-san? Tae-san?
Tae: Yeah, of course!
Misaki: Y-yeah... I'm fine with it... I think.
Lisa: Okay! Then let's go♪

Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Chapter 1

An Unexpected Development



Lisa: Ahh~, I bought quite a lot~. Something just takes over me whenever I go to handicraft stores~.
Eve: I understand what you mean! Seeing all the cute fabric made me want to try and make so many different things!
Misaki: Even then, you sure did buy a lot of yarn. Your bag is bursting at the seams.
Lisa: Ahaha~... You're right, I might have bought a few too many~...
Tae: You bought a magazine too, right? I didn't even know they made knitting magazines.
Lisa: I read them to get a better idea of what I'm making and to learn how to knit in more elaborate ways~.
Lisa: Actually, you guys should all try knitting~. I think you'd definitely be good at it, Misaki. You already do needle felting, so I bet you're good with your hands.
Misaki: You think so~?
Lisa: And look! You have a little brother and sister, right? It's almost winter; I'm sure they'd be happy if you made them some gloves or a scarf♪
Lisa: I'm making a scarf at the moment. Once I'm done with it, I'm going to make a sweater too.
Misaki: A scarf and a sweater... You must be really good...
Lisa: No, no, it's not like that. Knitting is just something I like to do. Then I force everyone around me to wear what I make. Ahahaha.
Misaki: (It's replies like this that make me think Lisa-san has an answer for everything... Even now, I get a little nervous talking to her...)
Lisa: Huh? What's wrong?
Misaki: Ah, no, it's nothing...
Lisa: By the way, there was a good-looking scarf in the magazine I bought. It wasn't a very difficult pattern, but it looked relatively nice.
Lisa: Wait one moment. I'm sure it was on one of the pages near the middle...
Eve: Huh? Lisa-san, a paper just fell out of your bag.
Lisa: Huh? Where?
Tae: Under your chair. Um, it says... "Handmade Market. Now seeking vendors."
Lisa: I'm guessing it's a flyer from my shopping bag? Thanks.
Eve: Excuse me... What is a handmade market?
Lisa: It's probably one of those things, you know? Some people call them "farmers markets"... Wait one moment. I'll search it up on my phone...
Lisa: Handmade market... Ah, there's a lot of pictures! Here, look at these!
Misaki: I see. So it's an event where you sell stuff you made by hand, right?
Eve: The pictures all look very fun and lively!
Tae: Ah, look at this one! This rabbit choker is so cute!
Lisa: Huh? Doesn't this store look so nice? I think they even have knitted things in the back.
Lisa: Ahh~, this photo is making me excited!
Lisa: Guys, I have an idea... Why don't we also try participating in this event?
Eve: Lisa-san! I think that is a great idea! I want to do it!
Tae: Me too! I wanna see all the rabbit things people make!
Lisa: Yeah! I'm sure they'll have lots of rabbit goods♪ How about you, Misaki?
Misaki: I... Well, I do think it looks like fun, but...
Lisa: Really?! That means we all agree then?!
Eve: We can do it as a group! Let's join this handmade market!
Lisa: Yay~♪ Ahaha, I'm kind of fired up now~☆
Eve: Tae-san! Misaki-san! Let's work hard and do some needle felting!
Tae: We have Misaki, so we'll be fine.
Misaki: Um, I'm not sure what is fine about this at all...
Lisa: Ah, needle felting is great and all, but why don't we try and sell other things we've made ourselves too?
Lisa: I think it will look better if we display a lot of different items, like in that photo. You all have something we could use, right?
Tae: I've made ornaments out of clay before. Maybe we could use those.
Lisa: Yeah, perfect! That'll work!
Lisa: And Eve, didn't you make wooden shuriken before for the talent show?
Eve: I have also made wooden tea-ceremony tools before! It was just for fun, but I would be so happy if people looked at them!
Lisa: Wow~, I didn't know you made tea-ceremony tools! That's quite impressive.
Misaki: I'm afraid I can only do needle felting if you're okay with that.
Lisa: Of course we are♪ I only have my knitting anyway.
Lisa: Okay, then I'll sign us up for the market☆ I'll let you guys know once we're registered! Ah, and I'll make a group chat right now.
Lisa: Let's see, Eve, Tae, and Misaki...
Misaki: Th-that was fast... I got the invitation already.
Lisa: Okay. So let's use this chat to talk about the market. Glad to be in business with you all☆
Misaki: (M-man, Lisa-san is always on top of things~...)

Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Chapter 2
Overflowing With Ideas

Having brought their items for the crafts market,
Misaki and the others gather at Lisa's house.


A Few Days Later

Imai Residence - Living Room

Lisa: Hi, come in, come in~.
Misaki: Sorry to intrude. Oh~, wow...
Eve: Lisa-san, your house is very beautiful!
Lisa: I forget, is this your first time here, Eve? I'm in the middle of a few things, so it's a bit of a mess, but just ignore that.
Tae: I'd heard about your house from Arisa, but this is my first time here.
Lisa: Ah, that's right. Arisa came over once to make chocolates with me.
Tae: She said, "Lisa-san's house is really amazing," and, "she has such good taste."
Misaki: Now that you mention it, I heard that too. She was sort of bragging about coming to Lisa-san's place, right?!
Misaki: Although, now I see why she wanted to tell everyone about it.
Lisa: You're exaggerating. If I'd known everyone felt that way, I would've cleaned up more~.
Lisa: Ah, don't just stand there, take a seat. If anything's in the way, feel free to move it elsewhere.
Lisa: Okay, did everyone bring what they want to sell?
Eve: Yes! I put them inside this bag!
Lisa: Ohh~, you brought quite a lot~. Huh? What's that thing on the very top? A wallet? This Japanese-style pattern is totally cute!
Eve: This is a pouch. It is for carrying tea ceremony tools. I made it together with Kanon-san.
Lisa: Wow~, it's so nice! Pass it here!
Eve: Fufu, I have a few more. Please look at them if you'd like.
Tae: Ah, there's one with a rabbit pattern on it! Can I reserve this one?
Misaki: Hanazono-san, you're being too hasty...
Misaki: You made these with Kanon-san? Maybe I'll ask her to teach me sometime. I mean, I only know how to make these needle-felt things.
Lisa: Wow~! You brought so many~!
Misaki: Most of them are small ones I made for practice. But I thought this size might be easier to make into keychains and straps.
Lisa: I see! If we attach some metal parts around here, they could be pretty good keychains!
Lisa: Ah! We could also attach them to gloves and scarves! Err, here, like a feature point. What do you think?
Tae: Can I reserve one of those too?
Lisa: Ahaha~. Tae~, you need to slow down. Misaki, will you help me pair them together later?
Misaki: That's a good idea, let's do that. Hanazono-san, what did you bring?
Tae: I brought these. They're rabbit ornaments made from paper clay. This is Oddie. This one is Doro-chan, and this one is Shiroppi.
Eve: They're great! We could attach some metal and make these into cute keychains too!
Tae: What? On Oddie's head...? You're gonna attach metal there? That might hurt...
Lisa: Ahh, then I won't put it on the head! Wouldn't want to hurt Oddie...! How about... on the tail?
Misaki: U-um... But then it will look like Oddie's hanging upside down...
Lisa: T-true...
Misaki: Ah, in that case, how about we put a ribbon around the neck, and attach the metal to the ribbon?
Lisa: Ohh, that's a good idea! Misaki, you're a genius! Let's do that! You're okay with that, right, Tae?
Tae: Yeah! I think Oddie would be happy with that too! Thanks, Misaki.
Eve: We have so many items to sell! I bet we'll get quite busy with such a wide variety!
Lisa: Fufu~♪ I didn't tell you guys, but one more person is actually going to participate with us♪
Eve: What?! Really?
Lisa: Apparently, she does some stitching or weaving, embroidery I think, as a hobby. I heard she's made quite a lot of pieces, so I asked her to join.
Eve: That means... we have another member! I am very excited to meet them!
Lisa: I've tried embroidery on hats and such, but I could never quite get it how I wanted~.
Lisa: So I'm gonna use this chance and ask her to teach me! Have you tried embroidery before, Misaki?
Misaki: Ah, a little. For example, I stitched a needle-felted character onto this pouch that I brought with me today, and I did some embroidery around it.
Lisa: Oh, you're really good at it then!
Misaki: I wanted to make it a little more intricate but... I kind of gave up halfway through.
Lisa: No way! I think it looks great!
Misaki: I didn't know you knew someone who does embroidery as a hobby though.
Eve: Who is it, exactly?
Lisa: You'll find out when they arrive~♪ I think you'll all be surprised~. She's not someone you'd expect!
Lisa: Ah, I think that's her now! I'll go and let her in☆

Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Chapter 3
A Fleeting Visitor

Lisa has brought along an unexpected visitor. Who could it be...?


Imai Residence - Living Room

Tae: I wonder who it is.
Misaki: Judging by what Lisa-san said, it's someone we'd never expect.
Eve: I am very excited! I want to learn about embroidery too!
Lisa: Thanks for waiting☆ Look who's here! Tada~♪
Kaoru: Greetings. I'm awfully sorry to have kept you waiting. Is everything ready, my little kitten?
Misaki: What...? Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: I heard through the grapevine that my little kittens were going to participate in a handmade market, so I decided to join you all.
Lisa: Fufu~, I told you guys it'd be quite the surprise~♪ Kaoru, did you bring your pieces? Show us already~.
Kaoru: Of course I brought them. I understand your eagerness, but could you just wait one moment? They're inside my bag...
Misaki: Kaoru-san does embroidery...? I've never heard this before... Huh? Wait...!
Misaki: Lisa-san, I think you misunderstood. I don't think she does embroidery...
Lisa: Huh? What? What do you mean?
Kaoru: Fufu, my long-awaited works. Behold my poetry anthology. Please enjoy these fleeting words woven together by yours truly.
Lisa: Weaving words?! Poetry?!
Lisa: I-I see... When you said stitching and weaving, you were talking about poetry, Kaoru...?
Lisa: My head was full of handicrafts, so I just assumed she meant embroidery~.
Lisa: Ah~, whoops~... This is quite embarrassing~.
Misaki: ... Pffft. Haha, ahahaha...
Misaki: That was unexpected. I suppose even Lisa-san can't be on top of everything all the time. Hahaha.
Lisa: Hey, I'm always making mistakes~. Although, I'm actually quite embarrassed that I made such a big one...
Kaoru: Oh? Did my poetry strike a chord?
Misaki: No, no, that's not it. How can I put this? Thanks to your poetry, I saw a different side of Lisa-san.
Lisa: Ahh~, my face is so red. And I'm sweating~. Ahahaha~...
Kaoru: Fufu, I am glad you both liked my anthology. It is called "Eternally Fleeting."
Kaoru: I also brought along a few others. There's "Eternally Fleeting: Continued" and "Eternally Fleeting: The Return." Please feel free to dive into them.
Eve: Wow~, did you draw this picture on the cover too, Kaoru-san?! It is very nice!
Tae: Eve, I wanna read them too. Could you pass me one?
Kaoru: If you'd kindly, I'd like you to read the first poem aloud. I suspect it will fill the deepest corners of your heart with fleetingness.
Eve: Okay! I will try!
Eve: Ahh, fleetingness. Eternally fleeting...
Kaoru: Fufu, what do you think?
Eve: Kaoru-san! That was amazing! I really felt the depth of the word "fleeting"!
Tae: That's what I thought! This "fleeting" feeling, it really is everywhere! Kind of like air.
Kaoru: The air is fleeting! Tae-chan, thank you for this magnificent inspiration! A new poem came to me just now!
Misaki: Ahaha, Kaoru-san. It seems like you've found some new fans.
Lisa: Well, Kaoru's anthologies are essentially handmade, so she can still participate, right?
Misaki: Yeah, I don't see any problem with that. Besides, I think a lot of customers will come if Kaoru-san is there.
Lisa: I think so too! Kaoru! Welcome to the team!
Kaoru: Fufu, I can picture it now. The hordes of fans, lining up for my art.
Tae: I'm reserving one of Kaoru-san's anthologies.
Lisa: Okay so, I want to organize all the things we have here so we're ready on the day~...
Lisa: But if this is all we have, we might sell out pretty quickly~. Judging from the pictures online, it looks like the vendors prepare a fairly large amount of items.
Misaki: Now that you mention it, this might not be enough...
Lisa: Shall we increase our stock a bit then? I think it'd be really fun to teach each other our favorite handicrafts while we're at it.
Eve: I agree! I want to try needle felting! Misaki-san, please teach me!
Tae: Me too. I've just got to make Oddie.
Misaki: Ah, okay, sure. That was what we were planning in the first place anyway. Should we try it all together then?

Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Chapter 4
Workshop With Friends

Everyone pitches in to increase their item stock,
with each person producing their own unique goods.


Imai Residence - Living Room

Lisa: Hey, Misaki~. These two parts won't stay together. What should I do? Could you show me how to do it?
Misaki: Ah, you need to add a little more felt to where you want to join them. Then, put the needle in through both sides.
Lisa: Um, in that case... maybe this is enough blue felt? Then like this, through both sides...
Misaki: Yeah, sounds good. As long as you do that, it should stay together.
Lisa: Thank you♪ ... Oh, you were right. It feels more stable than before!
Misaki: Are you making a rose, by chance?
Lisa: You can tell?! I was thinking of adding more petals onto it~.
Misaki: A blue rose. It's very you, Lisa-san.
Lisa: Fufu~♪ I know it sounds difficult, but everything's a challenge! Alright! I'm definitely going to finish it~!
Eve: Excuse me, Misaki-san. I want to attach a sword to this hand part here, how should I do it?
Misaki: I see, so you're making a samurai after all, Wakamiya-san.
Eve: Carrying out one's original intent is the bushido way!
Misaki: Well, with these kinds of things, I think it's best to make what you want.
Misaki: Um, okay... Ah. I think you should put the needle through its arm, then attach the sword with it. Do you wanna try and do it together?
Eve: Yes! Thank you!
Kaoru: Tae-chan. What is it you're making with that clay there?
Tae: This is a carrot. I was thinking of making Oddie hold it.
Kaoru: Oddie holding a carrot... The mere image of it in my mind is ever so fleeting.
Kaoru: Fufu, thanks to you Tae-chan, I have the sudden urge to create. My apologies, but could you bear to part with some of your clay?
Tae: Yeah, sure. You should also knead it before you start sculpting. It'll make it less likely to crack. What're you gonna make, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: I, of course, will make something ever so fleeting. Fleeting enough to capture this very moment.
Tae: I wonder what that means. Can't wait to see it!
Lisa: Looks like Tae and Kaoru are on board now too. Let's do our best everyone!
2 Hours Later

Lisa: Now I just have to put this together~... Alright. Yeah, I think I'm done.
Lisa: Phew~, that was intense~.
Misaki: Lisa-san, you even stopped talking halfway through. You were just silently stitching away.
Lisa: Ah, sorry. I was so into it.
Misaki: No, it's fine. I was also pretty quiet.
Lisa: Just as I thought, you're really good at knitting, Misaki! I only showed you a few things, but you got them right away. You're a natural.
Misaki: I think you're a natural at needle felting too, Lisa-san. That rose is really good. It's hard to believe this was your first attempt.
Lisa: Ahaha, thanks. But maybe it's because we had a good teacher. See, Eve's samurai is quite good too.
Eve: Misaki-san, please look at this! I attached the sword firmly!
Misaki: Ah, you sure did. He really looks like a warrior now!
Tae: We've made quite a lot of ornaments over here. Now we just have to paint them.
Eve: Wow~, there are so many rabbits! They're enjoyable to look at too. Some of them are sleeping, and some of them are eating carrots!
Kaoru: I, too, have completed my pieces... Behold.
Misaki: Huh? What are those, Kaoru-san? I remember you saying you were going to make something fleeting... Are they, uh, faces?
Kaoru: Fufu. These are all of your smiling faces. Your expressions were ever so fleeting as you worked away at your creations.
Misaki: O-our faces...? Hey, Kaoru-san... I told you, I feel kind of embarrassed when you say things like that...
Kaoru: There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I just said what I felt.
Misaki: That might be the case, but still...
Lisa: But I think Kaoru's right. We actually had a lot of fun doing this.
Lisa: We don't often get the chance to start new hobbies, so this was a really good opportunity.
Lisa: Let's keep making more stock, right up until the day of the market☆
Eve: I agree! I want to make even more different kinds of things!
Kaoru: Then I shall instruct you in the art of poetry next. Does anyone care to listen?
Misaki: Ahh, that's right. I'd forgotten about your poems... I suppose... we listen to a few?
Lisa: I don't get this kind of chance very often, so, personally, I would love to hear them!
Misaki: Hahaha, Lisa-san is actually interested... Remember, it's stitching words together, not fabric.
Lisa: I know, I know. Don't remind me, I'd almost forgotten about that~.
Misaki: Alright then, Kaoru-san. Let's hear it.
Kaoru: Fufu, very well, let's begin with the definition of "fleeting." There is an infinite variety of ways one can feel fleetingness, which, of course, differ from person to person. In other words...
Misaki: (I never thought I'd be able to talk with Lisa-san like this... Maybe I should brag about this to Ichigaya-san tomorrow?)

Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Chapter 5
Open For Business!

The day of the crafts market has arrived.
Lisa has prepared a clever work schedule.


The Day of the Event

Handmade Market

Misaki: Um, let's line up the keychains around here... Lisa-san, should I display the scarves here like this?
Lisa: Hm~, if you fold them like that, we'll have to tidy them up again every time a customer looks at them. It might be better to just tie them in loops...
Misaki: I see. That's a good point.
Eve: Lisa-san! Is it okay if I put the pouches in this case?
Lisa: Ooo~, that'd be good~. How about we line them up in a gradient then? I think that'd be cuter, don't you?
Eve: That is a wonderful idea! Tae-san! Let's do it together!
Tae: Sure. Then I'll start on this side with the lighter colors.
Kaoru: Ohh, our booth is growing more and more fleeting. I took a gander at the other booths around the market, and all of them are magnificently elaborate.
Eve: I want to look at them! Tae-san, Misaki-san! Let's walk around together afterward!
Lisa: Ah, that's right, I almost forgot! I made a schedule for us, so take a look. You're basically free anytime you're not scheduled to run the booth.
Kaoru: Fufu, what excellent execution.
Misaki: You're really too good at planning things.
Lisa: Not really, I'm just used to doing this kind of thing at my part-time job.
Lisa: Okay, we have about thirty minutes left before the market begins. Let's use it to prepare ourselves for the grand opening!
All: Yeah!
Misaki: Let's display the pouches here~... Yeah, how does that look?
Eve: I think it is great! Ah, may I take a photo? I want to take one before the customers come!
Lisa: Good idea! Thanks, Eve. I want to take one too.
Misaki: You know, our booth turned out pretty well~. Remember, we made all of these ourselves.
Kaoru: What a splendid achievement. This will undoubtedly attract a crowd.
Tae: Especially Lisa-san's pouches. I think they're going to be our top-sellers.
Eve: Yes! I took a lot of photos. Lisa-san, you have such wonderful taste!
Lisa: No, no, I just based them on the one Misaki showed me.
Lisa: There was a pouch with a needle-felted character and some embroidery on it, remember? That one really made an impression on me.
Kaoru: A blue, needle-felted rose. Embroidered ivy surrounding it. It's a very Lisa-like, fleeting pouch.
Misaki: It truly is. I think it's really great. I almost wanna reserve it.
Tae: What? I also wanna reserve it. Should we do... rock paper scissors?
Eve: Ah, if that's the case, let us all get together again to make pouches!
Lisa: Oh~, that's a good idea! Let's do it! And not just pouches, but other things too.
Kaoru: I, too, would like to make something fleeting out of clay again. I look forward to it.
Tae: Then, how about tomorrow?
Misaki: Tomorrow... Hanazono-san, you sure don't waste any time.
Misaki: Besides, we've only just finished setting up the booth, the market hasn't even started yet.
Kaoru: I would disagree, Misaki. We haven't finished setting up.
Misaki: Huh...? Was there something else we needed to do?
Kaoru: May I display my anthologies somewhere around here?
Misaki: Ah, that's right. I'd forgotten about those... Okay then, let's put them over here-
Lisa: U-um actually... Can I also display mine next to them? I did bring it, after all...
Misaki: Huh? You brought what...?
Lisa: U-um, err... This. It's supposed to be a poetry anthology...
Misaki: Huh?! Lisa-san, you made an anthology...?
Lisa: It's not exactly a poetry anthology. It's a collection of the lyrics that I've written up until now... They're just pieces I wrote for Roselia, but I never realized I'd written so many.
Lisa: When I saw Kaoru's anthologies, I thought it might be nice to put them all together like this.
Lisa: It might not be the best, but I put a lot of effort into writing these lyrics, so I kind of wanted to show you all.
Misaki: Whoa~, Lisa-san made an anthology... of lyrics... How interesting...
Eve: I think your anthology sounds very good!
Kaoru: Fufu, why don't you place it here next to mine?
Tae: Can I reserve that too?
Misaki: By the way, Hanazono-san. How many things is that? Haven't you reserved almost everything?
Lisa: Thank you, guys! I hope the customers like it~. Ah, you should all read it too if you want to, when you have the time.
Lisa: Anyhow, now we're ready♪ Let's do our best today!

Do It Ourselves!! Event Story - Ending
A Slight Detour

Lisa and Misaki explore the market on their break,
sharing a candid conversation with one another...


Handmade Market

Misaki: Ahh~, I'm exhausted~. My feet are so sore from standing. We're getting more customers than we thought, aren't we?
Lisa: You can say that again~. The keychains are almost sold-out, right? Maybe we should've made more.
Misaki: Haha, shall we make a few more next time?
Lisa: Yeah! By the way, Misaki, you're sure into this now~.
Misaki: Ah, I just meant "if" we did it again.
Lisa: Why do you say it like that? I know you want to.
Misaki: Well, it was relatively entertaining, so I guess I'd say there's a sixty-percent chance I'd do it again?
Lisa: Is that right...? You can tell me the truth, c'mon.
Misaki: Maybe... an eighty-percent chance?
Lisa: Ahaha, so you really wanna do it then!
Misaki: Hahaha... Ah, Lisa-san, look over there. The scarves at that booth are pretty cute, don't you think?
Lisa: Huh? Which scarves? Ah! The ones hanging up over there?! Wow, they are really nice!
Misaki: Aren't they? And that one there is a design you'd probably like.
Lisa: And you like those over there, right, Misaki? The woolen hats next to the scarves.
Misaki: Hahaha. Good eye. You're right.
Lisa: Just as I thought. When you make stuff together, you kind of figure out the other person's tastes, don't you?
Misaki: That's true, but I still never imagined you'd make and sell an anthology.
Lisa: Ahahaha, it was quite unexpected. Truth be told, I was even surprised at myself.
Misaki: Huh? Really?
Lisa: Yeah. I've never really had much confidence in my lyrics, but recently I feel like this is changing little by little...
Lisa: I've been thinking that, just maybe, this might be because I've finally accepted the fact that I am a member of Roselia.
Lisa: Anyway, last night, I had the idea to make an anthology and quickly pulled that one together.
Misaki: What? You made it yesterday after all our preparations?
Lisa: I wanted to make it a bit cooler, like Kaoru's, but in the end, I just printed the pages and stapled them together~.
Misaki: I don't think you need to worry about it. The most important part of an anthology is the content anyway. I thought the lyrics you wrote were really great, Lisa-san.
Lisa: Really?!
Misaki: I particularly liked Promise. I read it over so many times.
Misaki: That's the one you all played at the contest to audition for Future World Fes, isn't it?
Lisa: Yeah, it is. That's why I have such an emotional attachment to those lyrics.
Misaki: They are really good lyrics. Good luck at Future World Fes. I'll be cheering you on.
Lisa: Yeah, thanks. It's something we've been working towards for a long time, so I'll give it my all, no regrets.
Misaki: Ah, it's almost time to rotate! Shall we head back to the booth?
Lisa: What? It's that time already?! Ah, you're right! We've got to hurry back.
Lisa: Ah, but first, I have to do one more thing...
Misaki: Huh? Lisa-san...?
Lisa: Can we stop by that booth? I just have to look at that scarf!
Misaki: Ahahahaha. Then I suppose... I could look at the woolen hats just a little bit before we go back, right...?
Lisa: Alright~, let's do it~... Hurry~.
Lisa: Sorry~, we're here~.
Tae: Lisa-san, you guys are late. Five minutes late~.
Misaki: I'm really sorry! We were just stopping at one more booth, but then Lisa-san...
Kaoru: Oh my, Lisa. Aren't you carrying quite the load?
Lisa: Ahahaha... Well~, I kind of got carried away...
Eve: I understand! There are so many things I want to buy, I cannot decide!
Lisa: What should I do...? I'm probably going to use all my earnings from work this month...
Misaki: ... Pffft. Haha, ahahahaha...
Lisa: Huh? What's wrong, Misaki?
Misaki: Lisa-san, you're not quite as on top of things as I thought. You get weirdly carried away, you make mistakes. There's the whole embroidery thing...
Lisa: Ahh~, are you still going on about that?! Forget about it already~!

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