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Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Worldwide Event Banner

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Opening
Phone Call for Lisa

The members of Roselia meet up by the school gate
to go to rehearsal. Then, Lisa gets a call...


Haneoka Girls' Academy
School Gate
Lisa: Sorry to keep you waiting, guys!
Ako: Ah, Lisa-nee's here!
Yukina: You're late, Lisa.
Lisa: *huff* *puff*... Sorry guys, I got held up by one of the teachers on my way out~.
Rinko: Imai-san... you're out of breath... Are you okay?
Sayo: We're all here. Let's get going.

Lisa: Hold on, my phone's ringing... Hello, this is Lisa!
Convenience Store Manager: "Hi, Lisa-san. Sorry to call you when you're not working."
Lisa: Oh, hey boss. What's going on?
Convenience Store Manager: "I'm really sorry to do this to you, but could you do a shift today?"
Lisa: Huh? Today?
Convenience Store Manager: "Moca-chan is meant to be working, but she caught a cold... Just three hours would be enough. Can you do it?"
Lisa: Now? Hmm...
Lisa: (I want to help out, but I've got band practice now. What should I do?)
Lisa: I need to check my schedule. I'll call you back soon... Okay, bye.

Lisa: Who is it now... Oh, it's Moca. Let's see what she wants...
Lisa: "Lisa-san~, I need your help~. I can't work today because I caught a cold... Can you take my shift for me? I'll make it up to you~"
Lisa: Oh boy...
Yukina: What's the matter, Lisa?
Lisa: I just got asked to do a three-hour shift. Seems Moca caught a cold and can't go to work...
Yukina: I see. What do you want to do?
Lisa: The boss is always good to me, and I don't mind covering for Moca, but... we've got practice, right?
Yukina: If you want to go, then you should just go.
Lisa: What? Really?!
Sayo: Are you sure about this, Minato-san? Imai-san wasn't supposed to have a shift today. I feel she is well within her rights to say no.
Yukina: I want her to focus on her practice. Nothing good will come from her practicing when she's distracted. We'll have her practice twice the amount she missed on a different day.
Lisa: Yukina~, thank you!
Lisa: Sorry guys, but I'm going to go to work today. If I finish up early, I'll come straight to the studio!

Yukina: ...
Ako: Lisa-nee's not going to be at practice today...
Rinko: This is the first time we've practiced... without her...
Sayo: She said she would be back if she finishes work early, so let's just conduct our practice like we usually do.
Yukina: I agree. Even if Lisa isn't here, we still have a job to do. We should head to the studio.
Sayo: You're right.
Ako: Okay~!
Rinko: Sure...
Yukina: ...
Sayo: ...
Rinko: ...
Ako: (Ugh... this is kinda awkward... O-Okay, time for me to do what Lisa-nee would do!)
Ako: I-I'll do Lisa-nee's thing today! Umm, uhh... That's it, I should just impersonate her!
Ako: "Hey~! Yukina~! How you doing~?"
Yukina: ...
Ako: I-I'm sorry...
Yukina: ... I'm leaving.
Ako: Ah, wait up, Yukina-san~!
Sayo: *sigh* We haven't even begun practice yet. This is going to be a long session.
Rinko: (Is this... going to be okay?)

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Chapter 1
An Offbeat Rehearsal

It's Roselia's first rehearsal without Lisa.
Yukina tries to decide on what they should practice, but...


Studio - Front Counter
Yukina: I have a booking for Minato.
Studio Staff: Okay, Minato-san. You'll be in studio room C.
Studio Staff: We're currently doing a half-price rental campaign for all sound equipment. Here's the list. Is there anything you'd like to rent?
Yukina: Hmm... There's quite a selection here. Mics, guitar pedals...
Ako: Oh, they've got so many kinds of cymbals~!
Rinko: Digital pianos... and synthesizers too...
Sayo: They have a good selection of guitars and basses as well. I had no idea even though we've been coming here for some time now.
Studio Staff: We're a back studio for a live house, so we have quite a good collection of equipment. We have all the standard things you'd expect from a music shop, plus some unique odds and ends too, so it's perfect for trying new things.
Studio Staff: Take the list with you. If there's anything you want to rent, just call the front desk from the phone inside your studio room.
Yukina: Thank you.

Yukina: Now then, let's begin.
Sayo, Rinko, Ako: Okay!
Yukina: ... Where should we start?
Sayo, Rinko, Ako: What?!
Sayo: You haven't decided what we're doing today?
Yukina: I know what I want us to do, but I hadn't thought about how to approach it... Give me a moment, I'll come up with something.
Yukina: ...
Yukina: ... Well, I worked out the chord progression for our new song, so I'd like to start on the melody today.
Sayo: Let's start with that as a base then.
Rinko, Ako: Okay!

Ten Minutes Later
Yukina: ...
Sayo: ~ ♪
Rinko: ~ ♪
Ako: (Yukina-san is playing with the settings on her mic, and Sayo-san is doing her own thing over there... Rin-rin is practicing the same phrase over and over again...)
Ako: (I want to play with them too!)
Ako: U-Um!
Yukina: Yes?
Ako: Since we're all here together, why don't we jam while we work on a melody? Everyone's doing their own thing and it just feels like we're practicing on own.
Yukina: ... Ako has a good point. Why don't we practice together? Sayo, how do you think we should decide on the melody?
Sayo: Well... Hmm, I can't think of anything.
Yukina: I see... Do either of you have any ideas?
Ako: Yeah, I have a suggestion! Why don't we rent some of the equipment they were talking about?
Sayo: Equipment? What do you want to rent?
Ako: I wanna change my hi-hats! I wanna try extending the sounds of my cymbals in our new song.
Rinko: I... want to try using... a synthesizer... Adding electronic sounds... will make it new... It might help us find... a good melody...
Sayo: What do you think, Minato-san?
Yukina: It's not a bad idea. Trying new things may be the right way to discover a new sound to go with our new song.
Sayo: If we are going to rent something, I'd like to try a new pedal. I'm interested in seeing what happens when I use more distortion than usual.
Yukina: I see. Given the occasion, why don't we try something new then?
Yukina: Sayo, Ako, Rinko. Choose what you want from this list.
Ako: Yay~! Hrm... I don't know what to choose~! Have you decided yet. Rin-rin?
Rinko: Umm... I think I'll go with... this one...
Ako: Yeah, I think that's a good choice~ Hmm... okay, I'll get this one! Yukina-san, we've made up our minds!
Sayo: In that case, I'll go with this pedal.
Yukina: Okay. Rinko, could you call the front counter? The phone is by the door.
Rinko: M-Me?! O-Okay...
Rinko: (I get so nervous... when I use the phone... My heart won't stop beating... I need to... take some deep breaths...)
Rinko: *inhale*... *exhale*...
Ako: Rin-rin, what are you doing?
Rinko: A-Ako-chan... I get nervous... on the phone... so I was trying to... calm myself down...
Ako: Oh! You can do it, Rin-rin!
Rinko: Okay...!
Rinko: (Stay calm... stay calm...!)
Rinko: Uh... Y-Yes, hello... I-I-I'd like to rent... some equipment... Yes... thank you... very much...

Rinko: Phew...
Ako: Rin-rin, were you able to do it?
Rinko: Yes... it went okay, Ako-chan... They said they'll bring everything... immediately...
Yukina: In that case, let's just wait for everything to arrive.

Five Minutes Later
Studio Staff: Here you are~. The ukulele and percussion instruments you asked for!
Yukina, Sayo, Ako, Rinko: What?!
Rinko: I-I... thought I asked for... a hi-hat, a synthesizer, and... a guitar pedal...
Studio Staff: Oh? This isn't what you asked for? I could have sworn you said a ukulele and some percussion instruments.
Sayo: We could play a Hawaiian melody with these...
Ako: ... Are we gonna go Hawaiian...?
Yukina: ... No, we are not.
Rinko: ...

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Chapter 2
Perpetual Practice

The girls have rented new equipment to use,
but as time goes on, the vibe seems to get weirder and weirder...


Yukina: ... We have the right equipment now, so let's get back on track. Is everyone set up?
Ako: All good!
Rinko: I'm... ready...
Sayo: I'm ready as well.
Yukina: Then let's begin. I'm looking forward to how our sound changes.
Yukina: ~ ♪
Sayo: (A change in sound direction isn't bad after all. Udagawa-san and Shirokane-san both made good choices.)
Ako: (Yeah, this hi-hat is as good as I thought it would be! ... It sounds awesome ♪)
Rinko: (I think this synthesizer... is really good...! I quite like the way it sounds, but... I wonder what everyone else thinks...)

One Hour Later
Yukina: ... Phew. It seems you all made good choices.
Ako, Rinko: (Yay...!)
Yukina: That wasn't bad, Sayo, but it will sound better if you add more range to your sounds.
Sayo: Understood.
Yukina: Ako, you'll only wear yourself out if you only rely on power. Think more about how to conserve your energy so that you can play your best from start to finish.
Ako: Got it!
Yukina: Rinko, you need to focus more on harmonizing with Ako.
Rinko: Okay...!
Yukina: There are small areas that need improving, but overall that wasn't bad. Let's keep building on this.
Ako: The way you played the guitar just now, Sayo-san... You were like a flame-born guitarist from the dark abyss who... did stuff and... broke the seal of fire and darkness!
Rinko: Yes, you're right...
Sayo: ... Minato-san, why don't we move onto our next song?
Yukina: ... I think that's a good idea.
Ako: (N-No one reacted to what I said...! I thought really hard about that one too~! O-Okay, I'll try one more time...
Ako: Y-Yukina-san! The way you sang was like a necromancer unleashing its servants of darkness... and going like... boom!
Rinko: I know what you mean, Ako-chan...
Sayo: Shirokane-san, what is Udagawa-san talking about? I am completely unable to comprehend.
Rinko: Ako-chan was... saying really good things about... you and Yukina-san...
Sayo: Really? It practically sounded like a foreign language to me.
Yukina: Sayo, Ako, Rinko. We're in the middle of practice. No idle chitchat.
Sayo: O-Okay.
Ako, Rinko: S-Sorry...
Ako: (I was just trying to make things more fun...)
Yukina: Let's continue.

Two Hours Later
Ako: (Ugh... my arms are getting heavy from all this drumming...)
Sayo: (Ah... We've been playing for so long my shoulders are starting to get stiff...
Rinko: (... Oh, I played the wrong note...)
Sayo, Rinko, Ako: *sigh*...
Yukina: The three of you are getting distracted. Focus on what you're playing.
Sayo: O-Okay...
Ako: Okay~...
Rinko: Yes...
Rinko: (This is getting... awkward...)

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Chapter 3
A Moment's Rest

With the members of Roselia showing signs of fatigue,
Ako and Rinko suggest the girls take a break...


Yukina: (I'm having trouble singing in a high tone... Is it because I sang multiple songs in a high key...?
Sayo: (It would appear my fingers are becoming less responsive...)
Rinko: ...
Ako: (I keep missing the beat, and Yukina-san's voice doesn't carry as much as it usually does... Everyone's getting tired~.)
Ako: (I guess it's up to me to do something about it...!)
Ako: U-um! Yukina-san!
Yukina: What is it?
Ako: Shouldn't we take a break soon?! Look at the time!
Yukina: Oh... we've been playing for a while now, haven't we? Let's take that break.
Sayo: Good idea.
Rinko: Okay...
Yukina, Sayo: ...
Ako, Rinko: ...
Rinko: (It's... really quiet... Normally it's more lively... during our breaks...)
Rinko: U-umm...
Yukina: What's the matter?
Rinko: If it's okay... can we go to the cafe outside...? I'm thirsty... and maybe we can get something sweet to eat...
Ako: Nice idea, Rin-rin~! Yukina-san, Sayo-san, let's go! C'mon~!
Yukina: If we must...
Sayo: If Minato-san says yes, then...
Ako: Okay~! Let's go~!

Marina: Hi, everyone~!
Ako: Mmm~ what to get~? ♪ Oh, the special today is pineapple juice! It looks so good~!
Rinko: What should I get...?
Sayo: What are you going to have, Minato-san?
Yukina: Hmm... Lisa said that the soft-serve ice cream they have here is really creamy.
Sayo: I see. In that case, I will have... the strawberry ice cream.
Ako: Oh, that looks really good~! Hrm... this is such a tough choice... I'll get the sesame ice cream! What are you guys gonna get?
Yukina: I think I'll have a hot coffee and the green tea ice cream.
Rinko: I'd like hot milk... if they have it, but... if they don't... I'll get the sweet potato ice cream...
Ako: Okay! I'll ask Marina-san. Excuse me, Marina-san~!
Sayo: Does everyone come here often?
Yukina: Sometimes, I guess. This cafe seems to have a great selection of snacks. The donuts and the crispy fries are quite good.
Sayo: Crispy fries...
Sayo: (I think I'll try them next time...)
Rinko: I come here a lot... with Ako-chan... It's a good place to relax... after practice...
Sayo: I see. I think I'll come here again.
Ako: Rin-rin! She said they don't have hot milk on the menu in this season, but she can make it especially for you! What do you wanna do?
Rinko: In that case... I'll get the hot milk... and the sweet potato ice cream...
Ako: Got it~! I'll go order for everyone~!
Yukina: Okay, thanks.

Five Minutes Later
Marina: Sorry for the wait~! Make sure to eat your ice creams before they melt.
Ako: Okay~! Yukina-san, here's your hot coffee and green tea ice cream, and this is your strawberry ice cream, Sayo-san...
Ako: This is your hot milk and sweet potato ice cream, Rin-rin, and this is my sesame ice cream! So...

Yukina, Sayo, Ako, Rinko: Itadakimasu... Itadakimasu~!

Yukina: ... Oh, there's no sugar.
Ako: Do you put sugar in your coffee, Yukina-san?
Yukina: I usually do, yes.
Ako: I'll go grab some!
Sayo: The ice cream here is really delicious! Imai-san was right.
Yukina: It is, isn't it?
Ako: Yukina-san, here's your sugar~!
Yukina: Thanks.
Sayo: (Minato-san sure does like to put lot of sugar in her coffee...
Ako: Mmm~, this sesame ice cream is so good~! You should try it Rin-rin. Say ahh~!
Rinko: *nom*... Th-this is... really good!
Ako: Right~?! Eating with everyone makes anything taste better! I'm gonna tell Lisa-nee all about this when she gets here!
Yukina: (... Still no sign of Lisa. I wish she was here.)

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Chapter 4
An Unexpected Accident

After their break, the girls return to rehearsal.
Looking to wrap things up, Yukina... lets out a scream?!


After Break Time - Studio
Yukina: Is everyone refreshed now?
Sayo: Yes, I feel much better. Sweet foods are always perfect when one is tired.
Ako: Yeah, that ice cream tasted super good~!
Rinko: I'm glad... We went to the cafe together...
Yukina: I'm glad to hear that. Now, let's resume our practice. We don't have much time left, so we can probably only play two or three songs.
Yukina: Stay focused until the very end.
Sayo, Ako, Rinko: Okay!

After Practice
Yukina: Everyone is playing well today individually, but our overall harmony wasn't exactly perfect. We will need to work on the balance of our sound.
Yukina: If you want to try new sounds in our next song, think about the best way to go about it based on the last song we played.
Sayo, Ako, Rinko: Okay!
Sayo: We're almost out of time. Should we start packing up?
Ako: Oh, you're right! It's already so late... I wonder if Lisa-nee is still coming.
Rinko: She's... not here yet...
Yukina: ... Oh well, let's start packing up.
Sayo: Okay.
Sayo: Udagawa-san and Shirokane-san. Could I ask you to return the equipment we rented? And Minato-san, if you could do the mic cables...
Yukina: Okay... kya!
Ako: Are you okay, Yukina-san?
Yukina: Oww... I'm sorry. My foot got caught up in the guitar cables...
Yukina: Kya!
Sayo: Minato-san, be careful... Hm? There's something on the floor!
Rinko: Oh, I'm sorry..! I didn't finish my hot milk, so... I brought it in here... after our break...!
Yukina: ...!
Ako: Oh no~! There's milk all over the floor!! ... Whoa!
Rinko: Are you okay, Ako-chan?!
Ako: Oww... I totally slipped on the milk. Wahhh, my skirt's all wet now~.
Rinko: Ohh... What should we do...?
Sayo: There's milk on our equipment too. We need to wipe it immediately!
Yukina: Everyone, we need to clean this up quickly!
Rinko: I have... some tissues and a handkerchief...! We can use them...!
Rinko: ... Oh, I thought I had some tissues, but... there's none left...!
???: Hey guys~! Sorry I'm late~!
Yukina, Sayo, Lisa, Ako, Rinko: !!!
Lisa: I got out a little earlier than I thought I would, so I rushed over here! Have you guys already finished practice?
Yukina: Yes, just now...
Lisa: Ohh~, guess I'm too late. Oh well ♪ I was going to text you to say I'm on my way, but my phone ran out of battery~.
Lisa: ... Wait, why is it a disaster in here?! What did you spill?! The cables are all wet...
Rinko: I-it was my... hot milk...
Lisa: Let's clean this up! You can tell me what happened after~

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Chapter 5
Lisa Returns

The rest of the girls are relieved that Lisa is finally back,
and now they're acting really... strange...


Lisa: Okay, first we need to wipe up the milk! Yukina, use this.
Yukina: Do you always carry a towel...?
Lisa: Yeah, it gets pretty sweaty at dance practice, so I always have one on me~. Don't worry, it's clean!
Lisa: Yukina and I will wipe the floor. Sayo and Rinko, could you guys handle the cables? Roll them up once they're clean.
Sayo, Rinko: O-okay!
Lisa: Ako... here, use my handkerchief. Your skirt is wet, right? Pat it down and dry off.
Ako: Okay, I will...
Lisa: Rinse it out when you're done! Otherwise I won't be able to get the smell out.
Ako: Thanks... Lisa-nee...

Ten Minutes Later
Lisa: Phew, all done!
Sayo: We cleaned up so quickly once Imai-san arrived...
Rinko: Her instructions... were really clear...
Ako: Lisa-nee~! My skirt is nice and clean now~ Thanks~!
Yukina: You came at the right time...
Lisa: Well, that's taken care of~. Oh, by the way, I brought something for everyone.
Lisa: My boss gave me a bunch of snacks as thanks for taking that shift today~! I've got candy, potato chips, and all kinda stuff. Let's share them!
Ako: ... Lisa-nee~! I missed you~!
Lisa: Whoa! Why the sudden hug...?
Ako: I just feel so relieved now that you're here...
Rinko: Me too...
Lisa: Ahaha, stop exaggerating...
Yukina, Sayo: ...
Lisa: Why do I feel like everyone's looking at me...?
Sayo: Y-you're just imagining it. Aren't you tired from your shift? Why don't you have one of these?
Lisa: Ooh, honey candy from Hanasakigawa! These are really good~! Thanks~ ♪ ... Mmm, so sweet~.
Sayo: I'm glad you like them... Have another.
Lisa: Hm? You're being strangely kind, Sayo.
Sayo: N-no, I'm not...
Lisa: Hmm~? Really...? Don't you think Sayo is being really nice, Yukina?
Yukina: I-is she...? A-anyways, how was work? Were you busy?
Lisa: Insanely busy! All these kids came in just after they finished their club activities. I thought they were going to totally clean out all the icecreams and juice~!
Lisa: I was stuck in the back restocking everything, but the boxes were so heavy... My ankles hurt, and my shoulders are all stiff~.
Yukina: O-oh, in that case I'll rub your shoulders... You're rigtht, they're really stiff.
Lisa: See? Especially my right... Wait, isn't it weird that your rubbing my shoulders? You'd normally never do that!
Yukina: Th-this isn't weird at all. You sound tired, so...
Lisa: Nope, it's definitely weird. C'mon, Rinko, tell her it's weird!
Rinko: I-I... think Hikawa-san and Yukina-san... are being normal...
Lisa: Whaaat~?! No way! Look me in the eyes and say it, Rinko!
Rinko: ...!
Lisa: You too, Rinko?! What's up wtih everyone today~? Don't tell me you guys are up to something...
Yukina, Sayo, Ako, Rinko: No!!
Lisa: Then, what's going on~? I really feel like everyone's being strangely nice to me.
Yukina: Well...
Sayo: It's just that...
Ako: Uh...
Rinko: Umm...
Lisa: Is it something you can't tell me? ... I guess I'll leave you guys to it then.
Ako: Don't go!
Lisa: Huh?
Ako: We... we... just can't do Roselia with out you, Lisa-nee~!!
Lisa: Huh? What? Where did that come from...?
Ako: I really need to talk to you, Lisa-nee! Let's go to our usual restaurant! It's okay, right Yukina-san?
Yukina: ... Yeah, let's go.
Lisa: I don't mind, but... it's kind of rare for you to yes so easily, isn't it Yukina?
Yukina: We'll explain when we get there.
Lisa: O-okay, sure. Kind of worried about what you're going to say though...
Sayo: Many things happened today.
Rinko: That's.. right...
Lisa: Hey, now I really wanna know what's going on! Just tell me already~!

Don't leave me, Lisa!!!! Event Story - Ending
Love for Lisa

The girls share the day's event and their thoughts with Lisa. What did they learn...?


Lisa: Hmm~, what to get?
Clerk: Hello~! Are you ready to order?
Lisa: I think I'll have an orange juice.
Yukina: I'd like a hot coffee.
Lisa: Okay. What about you, Rinko?
Rinko: I'll... have the same as you, Imai-san...
Ako: I'm getting the super-large fries! Do you wanna share them with me, Sayo-san?
Sayo: Huh...? Why me...?
Ako: I won't be able to eat them all by myself, and it's better sharing something tasty anyway!
Sayo: Well, if you put it that way... I suppose I don't mind sharing.
Lisa: Okay, then we'll have two orange juices, a hot coffee, and one of the super-large fries, please!
Clerk: Coming right up~!
Lisa: So what happened today? Everyone looks really tired.
Yukina: A lot of things happened... Ako, could you explain?
Ako: It all started when...
Lisa: Ahaha~!! So that's what happended!! I wish I could've been there~!
Sayo: It's not that funny, Imai-san...
Ako: Yeah. We had a really tough time!
Lisa: You guys are such a mess without me~!
Ako: That's right, when you're not here, no one laughs at the things I say, and it's really lonely~!
Lisa: Aww, you little cutie~ ♪
Ako: Hmph, I'll get angry if you do this again, you know?! When you suddenly disappeared, I... I...
Lisa: Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. Sorry I had to leave like that today.
Ako: Okay...
Sayo: I understand clearly now just how much you do for us, Imai-san...
Lisa: I never thought you'd say anything like that to me... You guys must've really had a rough time...
Sayo: We did. I could barely communicate with Udagawa-san...
Sayo: It's not only that. Perhaps you haven't realized, but it's you who makes Roselia comfortable. Please be sure to make it to practice in the future.
Lisa: Sayo... Okay, I promise I'll be at practice in the future.
Rinko: I... felt that I can play more calmly... when you're here, Imai-san...
Lisa: What made you feel that?
Rinko: You always look happy... when you're practicing... I like seeing that... I think everyone else does too, so... when you weren't there today... it felt strange...
Lisa: Oh... Thanks, Rinko.
Yukina: Everyone realized today how much they appreciate you. Roselia isn't the same without you.
Lisa: Yukina...
Lisa: I didn't know you guys thought about me like that...
Ako: Ah, Lisa-nee's starting to cry~!
Lisa: I'm happy! Gimme a break! I thought about you guys while I was working. I was wondering what kind of practice you were doing.
Lisa: I kinda felt lonely too... I thought you guys might've been practicing as if nothing had changed!
Yukina: That's what you thought? For us, there were so many times that we thought if only you were here...
Ako: Yeah, that's right!
Sayo: Imai-san, please be aware that you have a much greater impact on us than you think.
Rinko: I... want you to... always be there...
Lisa: Y-you guys...
Lisa: I'm so pumped now! I'm gonna be at practice right from the beginning next time, okay?
Server: Thank you for waiting~! Here's your super-large fries, hot coffee, and two orange juices.
Lisa: Ooh, perfect timing~!
Sayo: This is a lot bigger than what I'd expected... I'm sure we've ordered this before, but was it always this big?
Rinko: They smell so nice... and freshly cooked...
Ako: Why don't we all eat them together?
Lisa: Yeah, that's a good idea! You have some too, Yukina ♪
Yukina: ... It would be a waste not to eat them all. I'll have some.
Lisa: Oh, I almost forgot. Here's your sugar, Yukina. You need some for your coffee, right?
Yukina: ...! Thank you.
Lisa: Well, all that's left now is...
Yukina, Sayo, Lisa, Ako, Rinko: Itadakimasu~!

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