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Drawing Upon Memories Card Story - Episode

Two-Day Plan


Forest Park

Yukina: (It seems like everyone is still looking at the food stands. Perhaps I'll go for a quick stroll over here.)
Yukina: (The leaves are so beautiful... I thought I had grown used to seeing them, but they feel so fresh when you look at them from a different place... Oh?)
Yukina: I think I heard a cat crying out from over there...
Cat: Meow.
Yukina: (I-it's so cute... I wonder where it came from.)
Hagumi: Wow~, a cat! It's so cute! It's a calico cat~!
Yukina: Ki-Kitazawa-san...!
Hagumi: Ah, Minato-san! Look, there's a cute kitty~!
Yukina: What? Oh, so there is...
Yukina: (Where on earth did Kitazawa-san come from...? She almost caught me petting it...)
Hagumi: Wow, it doesn't even run away when you pet it! I wonder if it belongs to someone living around here.
Yukina: (Perhaps Kitazawa-san is good with cats? It looks very comfortable with her...)
Yukina: Do you have a cat at home, Kitazawa-san? You just, well... You look as though you are used to them.
Hagumi: Nope! But there's a store near my house called "Cat's Market," so I go there and play with the cats all the time!
Hagumi: They have calico cats like this one too~!
Yukina: I see. Is this 'Cat's Market' a pet store?
Hagumi: Nope, it's a fish market. They sell loads of yummy fish!
Yukina: Cat's Market... but they sell fish? What a strange store...
Hagumi: And you know, their cats used to come by our store to try and steal some croquettes!
Hagumi: But you can't feed cats croquettes, it's bad for them!
Yukina: Yes, if they have onions and such inside them, they can be very poisonous to cats.
Yukina: They also contain a lot of salt and oil. That's why it is not wise to give human food to cats.
Hagumi: Minato-san, you know a lot about this! Do you like cats?
Yukina: I-I wouldn't say that...
Hagumi: Ah, but you know what?! My dad made some special meatballs just for them~!
Hagumi: Lately, they even eat them out of my hands! And after that, I get to pet them a lot~!
Yukina: (They eat from her hands...?)
Yukina: D-do those cats often come to your house, Kitazawa-san? Of course, I'm not particularly interested in them or anything...
Hagumi: Yeah! They always come on the same days~!
Yukina: J-just for reference, what days would those be...?
Hagumi: Uhhh, Tuesdays and Fridays! We talked to the lady at Cat's Market and she said we can feed them on those days!
Yukina: Tuesdays and Fridays...
Hagumi: Huh? Minato-san, did you say something?
Yukina: No, it was nothing. Nothing at all.
Hagumi: Anyway, Minato-san! Enough talk, let's play with this kitty here!
Yukina: Huh...?
Hagumi: Come on, look! It's looking at us like "pet me!"
Yukina: ...!
Yukina: (Kitazawa-san... You are a very good person...)
Hagumi: Minato-san? Come on!
Yukina: S-sure, I will pet it for a little while.

Drawing Upon Memories Card Story - Special Episode

The Season for Studying


CiRCLE Cafeteria

Yukina: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, I'm glad you're both here.
Marina: Ah, Yukina-chan. Why is that?
Yukina: The other day, I went to view the autumn leaves with Ushigome-san and a few others. These are souvenirs we brought back for you two.
Yukina: I had the earliest schedule here at CiRCLE, so I brought them on behalf of all of us.
Marina: Y-you shouldn’t have! I must thank Rimi-chan and the others later. Who else went with you?
Yukina: There was Sayo, Kitazawa-san, and Mitake-san.
Marina: That's an odd group. Did you have fun?
Yukina: Yes, it was a very interesting experience. We tried out many activities that you don't exactly do every day.
Marina: Oh, like what?
Yukina: We played reed pipes, went kayaking, and made hand-drawn postcards... That was about it.
Marina: I see what you mean. You don't get to do those sorts of things very often, do you?
Yukina: It made me realize that there really are some things you must experience firsthand in order to fully understand them.
Yukina: At a glance, they all seemed so simple. I was reminded, however, that sometimes you have to get the hang of something before you can do it.
Marina: Fufu, experience is important for everything, isn't it? What did you enjoy the most, Yukina-chan?
Yukina: That is a difficult question... They were all so memorable. Although, I will say that, sometimes, it is not so bad to take a break and do things like that.
Yukina: And I think these experiences will undoubtedly be useful for my song composition and performances.
Marina: Fufu, it sounds like you were thinking more about your band than relaxing and having fun. That's so you, Yukina-chan.
Yukina: Is it? I think it's normal to think this way.
Yukina: Even though we still have time before Future World Fes, if we let our guards down now, it will pass us by without us even realizing it.
Marina: As always, you're very serious, Yukina-chan~. If it were me, I don't think I would get anything besides fun out of the experience.
Yukina: Still, I do think that you cannot give your best in a performance if you are too tense. That's why I think this leaf-viewing excursion was good for me.
Marina: Agreed. And BanG Dreamer-san and I are here for support!
Yukina: Thank you, both of you. Ah, it's almost time.
Marina: Have a good practice, Yukina-chan.
Yukina: Yes, I will be going now.