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Dreamlike Dancer Card Story - Episode

Intense Invite


End of the Year

CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Tomoe: Ah, there she is. Sayo-san~!
Sayo: Udagawa-san...? What is it?
Tomoe: I've been waiting here so I could ask you something. I figured you might come by here, so~...
Sayo: You wish to ask me something...? What might that be?
Tomoe: Oh, it's not a big deal or anything. Then again, maybe it is.
Sayo: ... What do you mean?
Tomoe: Alright, Sayo-san... I'll get straight to the point. How would you like to play the taiko with me?!
Sayo: Taiko...? Do you mean... an actual taiko drum?
Tomoe: You see, we've got this taiko show going on at the shrine at the start of next year.
Tomoe: And I figured it'd totally rock if we went with the same crew as that festival from before.
Sayo: The same members as the festival... You must mean Toyama-san, Tsurumaki-san, Okusawa-san.
Tomoe: That's them! Anyway, they said they'd show up and all... but this time, I thought it'd be nice to also have you on board, Sayo-san.
Tomoe: You already appreciate how great taiko drums are, so I figured that this could be a chance to get more people interested in them.
Sayo: Fufu, it is true that the intensity of your previous performance made quite the impression on me. However...
Tomoe: Ah, I totally get that you're busy right now. You know, Future World Fes and all that. So I don't want to put you on a tough spot...
Tomoe: Hey, I know! Maybe you can help out with dancing, just like last time!
Sayo: Ah, that was...! L-let's forget that happened...
Tomoe: Huh? I thought that dance you did was good stuff, personally.
Sayo: Putting that aside for now... I very much appreciate your offer, but I feel the need to focus on Future World Fes for now.
Sayo: Unfortunately, I must... decline your offer...
Tomoe: I figured as much~. Hey, no problem!
Sayo: Having said that, please let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance. I would be happy to help out as best I can.
Tomoe: Sure! It means a lot to hear you say that!
Tomoe: In that case... maybe you can pop in on our rehearsals sometimes! Whenever you have time, of course.
Sayo: Fufu. Understood. I will find the time to visit.
Tomoe: Nice! We're looking forward to it!
Tomoe: And if you'd like, feel free to give the taiko a try when you stop by. It might be a good change of pace for you.
Sayo: Would I not be in the way?
Tomoe: It's really no problem! A good reason for us to take a breather, if anything!
Sayo: I see. Okay, I'm looking forward to it.
Tomoe: And I'm seriously looking forward to Roselia's next concert! You keep doing what you do best, Sayo-san!
Tomoe: I'll follow your lead and work hard to make this one awesome taiko show!
Sayo: Thank you very much. Yes, let us continue supporting one another.

Dreamlike Dancer Card Story - Special Episode

Reverberating Within


Edogawa Music

Marina: Oh, fancy seeing you here, Sayo-san.
Sayo: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you here to purchase supplies?
Marina: Bingo. We decided to stock up on spare strings.
Sayo: I came to buy some as well. My rehearsals have been going exceptionally well.
Marina: Nice, you can never be too prepared! Feel free to stop by CiRCLE for some if need be.
Sayo: Thank you very much. I appreciate the offer.
Marina: Going back to what you said... Could it be that you've been practicing during your entire winter break?
Sayo: Yes, any spare time I find is being devoted to rehearsing. However, I also stopped by the shrine, as well.
Marina: To make a wish?
Sayo: Although I ultimately did so, my main intention was to see the taiko show held by Udagawa-san's drumming group.
Sayo: They somehow managed to improve beyond their previous festival performance. It was an incredible experience.
Marina: So you saw Tomoe-chan and the others play~. I wish I could have gone. Something like that is bound to bring good luck.
Sayo: An enormous crowd gathered to watch the show, and every person there was captivated by what they heard.
Sayo: Ako-san was especially entranced by the performance, and you could somehow tell that Tomoe-san was pleased as a result.
Marina: Fufu, I can already imagine how that went down.
Sayo: Ah... It is about time that I returned to practice. Excuse me while I pay for these.
Marina: Sure thing. Sorry for taking up your time. Keep up the good work!
Sayo: I will. Thank you very much.
Sayo: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Pardon the belated greeting, but I wish you both a happy new year. I look forward to our time together.