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Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Opening
PAREO's Fan Activity

PAREO is in high spirits at Pastel✽Palettes' release event. A surprise announcement is made at the venue.


CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHU2: Exemplary! Okay, let's end today's lesson here.
PAREO: Good work, everybody~♪
LAYER: You sounded really good today, PAREO.
PAREO: Truthfully? Thank you very much~♪
MASKING: Yeah, you made me get real into it. Hey, do you guys wanna go to Asahi Bathhouse after this?
LOCK: Wow! That would be nice! Please come over, everybody!
CHU2: I'm not going.
LAYER: But the post-bath fruit-flavored milk there is so delicious...
CHU2: Agh...! I-I said I'm not going!
MASKING: Their ice cream is pretty good too. Come on, CHU²
PAREO: Hngh~, my apologies, everyone. I would like to go with you all, but today I must take my leave.
LOCK: Ah, I see. That's too bad. Do you have other plans?
PAREO: Ufufufu~♪ To tell you the truth, there is a Pastel✽Palettes release event on today~! I have been looking forward to it for quite some time♪
LAYER: Fufu, so that's why you were in such a good mood today.
CHU2: Unbelievable. Look at the face you're making right now...
MASKING: Man, I wanted to check out Maya-san's drummin'~. You better invite me next time, PAREO
PAREO: Ah, sure. I always do things solo, so I am not accustomed to invite others... But I shall invite you along next time, Massu-san♪
MASKING: You better! But man, I'm jealous. Pastel✽Palettes is so dang cute.
PAREO: They truly are~! Did you see the cover art for their new song?! It was just so, so adorable~! Ah, I shall show you. Erm, I wonder where I put it~...♪
LOCK: Whoa... Your phone is filled with pictures of Pastel✽Palettes...!
LOCK: Th-there are quite a lot... It's like a never-ending collection of Pastel✽Palettes photos and videos. Ah, Aya-senpai's smile is so nice in this one~!
MASKING: Oh, it is too.
LAYER: Pastel✽Palette really shine and inspire on stage. They truly are idols. Their ability to please the crowd is amazing, or rather-
CHU2: Hmph. Their showmanship isn't bad either. However, their target and genre are completely different from ours.
MASKING: I guess. But that level of cuteness is somethin' we don't have. They're seriously good at their instruments, and on top of that, they're adorable. The gap between the two is great.
PAREO: RAS is cute too! We are the one and only best band! Out strength is unwavering.
PAREO: But my point is, Pastel✽Palettes is invincible~♪ When I see the five of them together, my heart warms my entire chest, and I feel so overwhelmed with love for them~.
LOCK: I really get what you mean, PAREO-san~! That's how I feel when I watch Poppin'Party. It's like heart rises inside of me, and I get so happy.
PAREO: Wow, I am so glad that you understand! The time we spend supporting our favorite people is truly blissful...
CHU2: Hey, PAREO. Have you looked at the time?
PAREO: Ah! O-oh no~! Excuse me, I must be going~!
CHU2: Unbelievable . What a racket
LAYER: Fufu. But it's nice to have something you like that much, don't you think?
Event Hall
PAREO: (I-I somehow made it on time~ Fufu♪ And I have procured a great spot~!)
PAREO: (My hair looks fine! My clothes are wrinkle-free! My light stick is ready on standby! Pastel✽Palettes full support mode... is go!)
Aya: Hello, everybody!
All: We are Pastel✽Palettes!
Fans: Kyaaa!
PAREO: Kyaaa~! Aya-chan! Chisato-san! Maya-san! Eve-chan! Hina-chan~!
Hina: Wow, what a cheer! I can hear all of your voices♪
Aya: Thank you for coming to our release event today! I am so happy to see you all.
Eve: Yes! I have been waiting an eternity for this!
Maya: I would also like to quickly unveil our new song! It has quite a nice chord progression right before the chorus, and- Ah, sorry! I'm getting carried away. Huhehe...
Chisato: Maya-chan... But just as she said, it is a wonderful new song. I hope you all enjoy it until the very end.
PAREO: (What?! H-how can they be this cute...?! It's just too much for me to handle... They're too cute~.)
Aya: Now, please lend us your ears! This is our new song.

Aya: Unfortunately, our time today is coming to an end. Did everybody enjoy themselves~?
Fan A: It was incredible!
PAREO: (Ngh... It truly was... The new song was excellent...! I wonder why I get teary when I like something so much...)
Chisato: Now, we have a big announcement to make before we go.
Hina: It's quite a surprising one. Is everybody ready?
PAREO: A b-big announcement? What is it?!
Aya: And now for the announcement! Maya-chan, drumroll, please.
Maya: Okay! Here we go~!
Eve: I, Eve Wakamiya, am going to host a radio show~!
Hina: Yaaay! Congrats, Eve-chan!
Fans: Whoa! Congratulations!
PAREO: W-wow!
Eve: Thank you, everybody! The show will be called "All Day✽Bushido"! I will do my best, so please keep up your support.
Maya: I'm so excited for you! Huhehe... When I heard about it, I thought, wow, radio would be perfect for Eve-san.
Aya: I totally get what you mean~. Eve-chan is so serious about everything she does, and she's very kind.
Aya: Also, Eve-chan's words hold a lot of power, so I think it will be quite a feel-good show for the listeners.
Eve: Aya-san, Maya-san...
Hina: It sure will be. She always speaks up when she thinks something's wrong.
Eve: Thank you, everyone! I want to use this show to talk with lots of my listeners!
Chisato: Fufu. Eve-chan, you're getting quite worked up.
Eve: Yes! This is my fighting spirit!
Maya: I heard they're collecting letters for the first broadcast, so please feel free to send some in.
All: Thank you for your support!
PAREO: (Wow~! I cannot wait for Eve-chan's radio chow! I must send in lots of letters to support her!)
PAREO: (Sigh~... The new song was so good, and their talk was the cutest thing I've ever seen... And now there will be a wonderful radio show... Pastel✽Palettes are truly the best...!)

Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Chapter 1
An Unexpected Event

After the event, PAREO sits at a café and happily admires the merchandise she bought, when a certain group of people appear...!


After the Release Event

PAREO: (Time to look at the goods I got... This is just one of the many joys of events♪)
PAREO: (I'll line up the CDs I bought. One for preservation, one for display, one for practical use, and one for sharing~... Mm~, cute Pastel✽Palettes CDs in a cute café! What a perfect photo!)
???: Everybody, this way, this way~! Look, it's this place~♪
???: Aya-chan, you don't have to rush so much. The shop isn't going anywhere.
PAREO: Oh? That voice...
Hina: Hey, it's PARE-chan! What're you doing here?
PAREO: H-H-Hina-chan! And everyone else! What are you doing here?
Aya: We've been busy lately, so we thought we'd refresh ourselves a little. I've been wanting to come to this café with everyone.
Eve: Yes, it is a very lovely place.
Eve: Ah, you have so many of our CDs!
PAREO: Ah, after your events, I always line up the goods I got and take pictures of them. I like to preserve my memories involving Pastel✽Palettes.
Eve: Wow... I am so pleased! PAREO-san, please let me give you a hug of appreciation!
PAREO: Huh? A-a hug?! N-n-no, I couldn't~! I-it would be disrespectful~!
Chisato: Eve-chan, you can't just hug people. Now you've made PAREO-chan all flustered. Sorry about that.
Maya: PAREO-san, you've come to some of our other events too, right? Thank you for always supporting us.
PAREO: N-no, you don't need to thank me... It is my pleasure! I do it because I enjoy it! So thank you very much for holding them.
PAREO: (I never imagined that I would be able to see all the members of my favorite band in their regular clothes in public~! This is a happiness overdose...!)
Eve: What's the matter, PAREO-san?
PAREO: N-no, it's nothing!
Eve: PAREO-san, I saw a video recording of your performance at the Budokan! You played the keyboard excellently!
Chisato: Yes, everyone in RAS has impressive intensity and skill.
Aya: LAYER-chan's singing was so cool... I felt like I was gonna cry...
Maya: And your performance was not only overwhelming, but it was emotional too! It really drew me in! I get goosebumps just thinking about it!
Aya: We've always wanted to play at the Budokan, haven't we?
Chisato: Yes, of course.
Hina: Yeah. It'd be so boppidy boppin' to stand on that stage together♪ And besides, I wanna stand on the stage my sister stood on too!
PAREO: (My favorite band is standing in front of me talking about their dreams... Is it really okay for me to watch this for free? I should pay... Where can I pay for this?!)
Hina: Ah, hey, hey! Since you're here, why don't you have a drink with us, PARE-chan?
Eve: Wow, that would be nice. What do you think, PAREO-san?
PAREO: Huh, really?! Ah, no, it cannot be...
Chisato: Hina-chan, Eve-chan, don't force her to if she doesn't want to. She looks even more flustered now.
Chisato: And besides... I think it is better to avoid singling out fans for special treatment.
Hina: Huh? But PARE-chan isn't just a fan, she's in a band too.
Chisato: I know that, but... She came today as a fan, so from the perspective of other fans, it might look like special treatment.
Aya: Th-that's true... It might...!
Chisato: Um... I'm sorry to say it so bluntly like this, PAREO-chan. It's not like we don't want to have a drink with you.
Hina: Huh? Can't we just call her a friend who's also a fan?! Can't she be both?
Eve: PAREO-san holds both friendship and admiration toward us... In other words, she is gifted in both the shield and the sword!
Maya: Ahaha... I-I have a feeling that's a bit different.
Aya: But maybe she can be both a fan and a friend...!
Chisato: Whose side are you on, Aya-chan...?
Aya: Ngh~, I don't know! I get both sides~.
PAREO: Um, it is fine. Please do not be concerned about me!
PAREO: I was just about to return home, so I shall leave you all here. Thank you very much for today!
Eve: PAREO-san, I hope we meet again.
Hina: Let's have tea together next time!
PAREO: Sure!

Another Day
Nyubara Residence - PAREO's Room

PAREO: Phew~... It's almost time for Eve-chan's radio show...
PAREO: My heart will not stop pounding~!
Eve: Good evening, everyone. Today is the first broadcast of All Day✽Bushido, with Eve Wakamiya of Pastel✽Palettes.
PAREO: Kyaaa~! It has begun!
Eve: This show will be hosted by yours truly, Eve Wakamiya. I think some listeners may not know me, so allow me to introduce myself.
PAREO: Huh...? For some reason, Eve-chan doesn't sound very cheerful.
Eve: Now, please enjoy this new song by Pastel✽Palettes.
PAREO: It is the first show, so it might be nerves. I am cheering for you, Eve-chan~♪

Eve: That is all for today's show. I look forward to receiving more letters from you all.
PAREO: ...
Eve: ... Um! I will do my best! I want to make this a fun show together with you all, so, please... Keep tuning in!
Eve: ... A-anyhow, this is Eve Wakamiya of Pastel✽Palettes, signing off. See you next time.
PAREO: Ah, it ended...
PAREO: ... I wonder if Eve-chan was feeling under the weather or something... I hope she's okay...

Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Chapter 2
Social Media Reactions

The day after the first "All Day✽Bushido" broadcast, Eve is upset to see the response on social media...


Talent Agency

Eve: I'll search for "Pastel✽Palettes" and "radio"...
Eve: "Honestly, it wasn't very good. I was a little let down." "Are all radio shows like this?" "It was boring, and it didn't really suit Eve-chan."
Hina: Good morning! Ah, I spy Eve-chan~♪
Maya: Good work yesterday, Eve-san. How was your first show?
Eve: Well, I was nervous...
Hina: Hmm... Honestly, I didn't think it was very boppin'. You seemed kinda different from usual.
Maya: H-Hina-san... Although, I also felt like you weren't having too good of a time, Eve-san... Did something happen?
Eve: T-to tell you the truth...

The Previous Night
Radio Booth

Eve: Good evening! I'm happy to be working with you all today.
Radio Staff: Good evening~. Now, shall we get right to it? This is the new script. There have been a few changes from the last script we sent you, so please take a look.
Eve: Okay, thank you. I will read over it right away.
Eve: Wow... I have even more lines than before! But I suppose that is how it should be since I am the only one talking.
Eve: Erm... For the Listener's Letters segment... It says here that I should say "That is unacceptable. You must work harder."
Eve: Um, is this just a provisional line?
Radio Staff: No, we need you to say everything that's in that script.
Eve: Huh? B-but, then I won't be able to communicate with the listeners in my own words.
Radio Staff: Eve-san, this is a live broadcast, so we can't afford for you to make any mistakes. Your listeners won't just be Pastel✽Palettes fans, but radio show fans too.
Radio Staff: This is your first time doing radio, right? Would you be able to handle yourself if something went wrong while you're on air?
Eve: W-well, I'm not sure, but... this is—
Radio Staff: Please leave this to the pros. You won't make any mistakes if you just follow the script. Now, we don't have any more time, so let's run through it.
Eve: O-okay...

Eve: That is what happened.
Hina: I see. So that's why it was so boring. The radio staff don't get you at all, Eve-chan.
Eve: I received many letters from our fans, but I could not answer a single one of them in my own words...
Eve: It kind of felt like I was all alone in that booth.
Maya: That must have felt awful... Especially since you were so set on making it a great show...
Eve: But I understand the viewpoint of the staff members too. I am inexperienced with radio, and there are many people involved in making this show, so I can not afford to fail...
Maya: Eve-san...
Hina: But are you okay with doing it like this? I think the fans will be disappointed if you can't be yourself.
Eve: Of course it can not go on like this. I want to make it a great show that everyone can enjoy... And I want the staff to understand how I feel.
Eve: But yesterday, I was scolded when I went just a little off-script...
Hina: Was that because they don't want you to mess up or something?
Hina: It sounds like the staff don't really know us that well. Like, we've ad-libbed on other shows before.
Maya: I know! Why don't you write a proposal to show them what kind of show you'd like it to be?
Eve: I see! That is a wonderful idea.
Hina: They're really missing out if they don't know what's so interesting about you, Eve-chan. You should show them what you've got in that proposal like, bang, shebang!
Maya: That's right. Let's work hard and make them understand you properly! I'll help too!
Eve: Fufu, thank you both. I will do my best for the fans!

CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

PAREO: Grrr~...
PAREO: "Eve Wakamiya's new radio show was boring." "She's just an idol, after all. They should've kept the old show." "Pastel✽Palettes is not ready for radio at all."
PAREO: Ahhh~, they just don't get it!
CHUCHU: What?! Ugh, PAREO! Don't scare me like that!
PAREO: Ah-! M-my apologies CHU²-sama!
CHUCHU: You've been groaning and staring at your phone this whole time. It's a nuisance! I can't focus on my work at all.
PAREO: I-I deeply apologize, Master! I-I will be quieter.
CHUCHU: Please do... So?
CHUCHU: What were you groaning about?
PAREO: Oh, it is nothing you need worry about, CHU²-sama.
CHUCHU: It's fine. Tell me everything. That's an order.
PAREO: CHU²-sama... Hngh~! I am frustrated as people are speaking ill of Eve-chan's radio show~!
CHUCHU: Again with Pastel✽Palettes... You sure do like them a lot.
PAREO: Well... Pastel✽Palettes are like a shining light to me.
PAREO: Before I met Pastel✽Palettes, I was always alone, and my days were colored grey. However, after meeting the five of them, my days were brought to life with pastel colors.
CHUCHU: That video you posted was a Pastel✽Palettes song too, wasn't it? I remember thinking it sounded like you were quite attached to that song.
PAREO: Fufu. If you think about it, I guess we also met thanks to Pastel✽Palettes. They played Cupid for our fated meeting~♪
CHUCHU: Yeah, yeah.
PAREO: Pastel✽Palettes are special to me, as they helped me take the step forward I needed to become the person I am today. So as their number one fan, I want to keep supporting them!
PAREO: That is why I wish to do anything within my power for them... That is how I feel.
CHUCHU: Then you should. You just need to crush any stupid criticism and slander with your support.
PAREO: You are right... I shall crush them 1,000 times over with my cheers!
PAREO: CHU²-sama, thank you very much for listening.
CHUCHU: Whatever. Great. Now that that's out of the way, bring me some jerky.
PAREO: Ufufu, CHU²-sama~♪ I have enough love to go around for both you and Pastel✽Palettes, so there is no need to be jealous~.
CHUCHU: Just get me some jerky already!
PAREO: Yes, Master~♪

Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Chapter 3
What Can PAREO Do?

PAREO attends the release event again to show her support for Eve. What does she learn there...?


Event Hall

PAREO: (I didn't intend on coming to the meet and greet part of the event... But I came nonetheless...!)
PAREO: (Instead of just posting about the radio show, I shall tell them what I thought in person! I must tell Eve-chan that there are people who are looking forward to it...!)
Fan A: Hey, hey, did you listen to All Day✽Bushido?
Fan B: Yeah, I did... But you know, Eve-chan sounded a bit down.
PAREO: ...
Fan A: I'm sure she was just nervous since it was her first show!
Fan B: Yeah! Okay, I'll send her lots of letters for next time too!
PAREO: (Yes, yes! That is the spirit! As her fans, that is what we should do!)
PAREO: (Let's do our best!)
Fan A: Um... Did you need something?
PAREO: Ah- s-sorry! I did not mean to stare... Please excuse me!
PAREO: (How improper of me to eavesdrop on their conversation!)
PAREO: (However, I am a little envious that she has a fellow fan as a friend who she can talk to about Pastel✽Palettes... Oh well, I have enough fun on my own anyhow♪)

10 Minutes Later

Eve: Ah, PAREO-san! Hello~!
PAREO: Ahhh~! Eve-chan, you look so cute today~♪
Eve: Fufu, thank you!
PAREO: Good job on your first radio show. Erm... I am looking forward to the next one!
Eve: ... Thank you! I will exert myself to the utmost! Please look forward to it!
PAREO: Erm, I am a really, really big fan of yours, Eve-chan! I love your soft, warm smile, and the shimmering sound of your keyboard!
PAREO: And the ninja pose you do on All Fun and Games is so adorable!
Eve: You mean the Kuji-kiri.
PAREO: Ahhh~! That's it~! Thank you very much~! The rare Hasso-no-kamae pose you do is also very cool and cute—
Staff: Your time is almost up.
PAREO: What, already?! E-Eve-chan! I will send you lots of letters!
PAREO: I will put 1,000 times more of my love into them!
Eve: 1,000 times more...? Fufu, thank you! I cannot wait!

PAREO: (Sigh~... Why do meet and greets always end at the speed of light? I was so excited... I hope my message was conveyed.)
PAREO: (There is no use in being down about it. I came all this way, so I must greet everybody! Alright, time to line up in Hina-chan's lane!)

10 Minutes Later

Hina: Ahh, PARE-chan♪ Hey!
PAREO: Wah~, Hina-chan~!
Hina: Thanks for always coming to our events! Hey, hey, did you listen to Eve-chan's radio show?
PAREO: Yes, of course I did! I cannot wait for the next one!
Hina: Right? I knew you'd say that. It'd be so much better without a script though.
PAREO: Huh...? A script?
Hina: Yeah, yeah. Apparently, the staff make her say every single word as it is in the script.
PAREO: Wh-what? But then Eve-chan must feel... That must be horrible for Eve-chan!
Hina: I know, right? I knew you'd get it, PARE-chan♪ That's why Eve-chan is trying to negotiate with the staff.
Maya: H-Hina-san! What are you talking about?! Stop, stop!
Hina: Ah, Maya-chan. Is your break over already? That means it's time for my break next.
Maya: Ah, yes. Feel free to... Wait, that's not what I was going to say! You can't talk to the fans about things like this.
Hina: Ahh, right. Sorry, PARE-chan. Could you forget what I said just now? Like, whoosh.
Maya: I'm sorry, PAREO-san. Could you please keep what Hina-san said a secret?
PAREO: Of course! I will not tell a soul...!
Maya: Great... I'm relieved you said that. Um... Eve-san may be going through that situation right now, but she's doing her best.
PAREO: I understand that her work can be very challenging. However... I believe that Eve-chan will do what she believes is right!
Maya: I think so too. Please keep cheering us on, PAREO-san.
PAREO: I will!

Walking Home

PAREO: (Being an idol is much more difficult than I'd ever imagined...)
PAREO: (Despite everything, Eve-chan was still smiling like always. She was laughing and chatting with each fan with her usual radiance...)
PAREO: (There must be something more I can do for her...)
PAREO: (Hmm~, but even so, a script?! They don't understand even a fraction of Eve-chan's appeal! Has that staff member even seen Pastel✽Palettes before?)
PAREO: (She plays the keyboard so well in this video! And her lines in the All Fun and Games ninja episode were so cute...)
PAREO: (Ahh, I cannot stand it! I want to educate the radio staff by showing them all of my favorite videos!)
PAREO: ...! That's it!
PAREO: Now is the time to show the power of the fans. Eve-chan, I will support you with all of my strength!

Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Chapter 4
Spreading Support With a #

PAREO's efforts online are starting to pay off. What strategy does she come up with next?!



MASKING: Hey, PAREO, did ya see this? I was casually scrollin' yesterday and found loads of photos and videos of Pastel✽Palettes.
PAREO: Oh, which ones?
LOCK: Ah, I saw them too~! #AllBushi #BestOfPastel✽Palettes, right?
LOCK: It was so much fun seeing the best moments of Pastel✽Palettes~! I feel like I learned a lot about them.
MASKING: Yeah! They're pretty dang cool~!
LOCK: Yes~! I was mesmerized by Hina-senpai's guitar technique! It is so cool that she's be able to perform at that level.
LAYER: Oh, show me, show me.
CHUCHU: Hmm, their energy on stage is not bad.
MASKING: There's a lot more where that came from. This account called "REO-REO" posted most of 'em.
LAYER: I guess some other accounts must have seen their posts and followed suit.
PAREO: That is my account.
All: What?!
PAREO: Yes, yes. It was much more effective than I thought, seeing as it reached the two of you!
LOCK: W-wow! You're basically an influencer, PAREO-san!
CHUCHU: I see. So you went ahead with the "1,000 times" plan you mentioned the other day.
PAREO: No, no! It is not quite there yet! My love is very deep, you know!
PAREO: (It's definitely gaining traction, but I need to spread my message even further. That is the only way...!)

Event Hall

PAREO: Hello~! Sorry for the sudden intrusion~. If you do not mind, please take a look at this flyer~!
Fan C: Support Pastel✽Palettes on social media?
PAREO: Yes♪ I am currently trying to spread the appeal of Eve-chan and Pastel✽Palettes all around the world by posting using the hashtags #AllBushi and #BestOfPastel✽Palettes♪
Fan C: Ahh, I saw that! Of course I will help~!
PAREO: Thank you very much! Please do!

10 Minutes Later

PAREO: (Handing out flyers on my own sure is tiring... And a lot of people would not even take them. I do not have any friends or acquaintances here either...)
PAREO: (I've always had fun coming on my own, so I never thought about wanting a fellow fan as a friend... But at times like this, things may have turned out differently if I had one...)
PAREO: (It's okay if you're afraid. We're all here. If I hold your hand, I won't let go. I'll always feel safe here with you.)
PAREO: (Lovin' you! We'll bring happiness to you...!)
PAREO: (Pastel✽Palettes never gives up, no matter what!)
Fan A: Excuse me...
PAREO: Ah, yes?!
Fan A: Would it be okay if we helped you hand out flyers?
PAREO: Huh? ... D-do you mean it?!
Fan B: Yeah, we saw you working really hard out there earlier. We could tell how much you love Pastel✽Palettes, so we want to help you.
PAREO: Th-thank you so much!
Fan A: Fufu. No need for thanks. We're all fans of Pastel✽Palettes, after all. We have to work together!
PAREO: O-okay...!

Talent Agency

Eve: I finished writing my proposal! How does it sound?
Maya: Yeah...! Eve-san, I think this is seriously good!
Eve: Really? Thank you.
Maya: I hope they understand how you feel with this.
Eve: Yes, I will do my best to ensure so!
Hina, Chisato & Aya: Good work today.
Hina: Hey, hey, Eve-chan. Did you see what's happening online?
Eve: No, I have been quite busy recently, so I have not checked it very much. Did something happen?
Aya: Eve-chan~... I was so moved, I feel like crying~!
Chisato: Aya-chan, you need to explain it from the beginning.
Hina: Look at the posts under these hashtags, Eve-chan!
Eve: #AllBushi, #BestOfPastel✽Palettes, #SupportPastel✽Palettes. They are filled with pictures and videos of us.
Eve: "Eve-chan led the release event! She was so cool!" "Remember when she said the fans were her friends?" "I'm still friends with the person that I hugged that time."
Maya: "I really liked how Maya-chan was trying to be strong on the deserted island! "Aya-chan spoke kind of like she does on All Fun and Games."
Chisato: "Chisato-chan's expressions are so different when she's acting. What a pro." "Hina-chan's logic during the Halloween special was incredible."
Hina: Look, look, there's even an "Eve-chan's Bushido Quotes Compilation"♪ This is so funny~!
Eve: Wow, there are so many...
Aya: I always want to give courage and dreams to our fans, but... It feels so good to hear them say that they love us and are receiving this courage...
Aya: We send them dreams, they send us back their feelings, and then we send them more dreams... I hope we can keep doing this rally.
Maya: I see. A rally of dreams sounds wonderful!
Hina: Ugh~, Aya-chan is crying again~.
Aya: I can't help it~.
Eve: ... Ngh...
Hina: Huh, you too, Eve-chan?!
Eve: ... I am so grateful... I am at a loss for words...
Chisato: Eve-chan, you're not alone. You always have us and your fans by your side.
Maya: Yeah, we'll always be together!
Aya: E-Eve-chan~... Don't cry~.
Eve: Thank you very much, everyone! I will return your kindness, no matter what...!
Hina: Oh, yeah. That's more like our Eve-chan.
Eve: Yes! The current me has the strength of 100-... No, 1,000 warriors! I will put forth every effort for the people who believed in me. That is my bushido!

Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Chapter 5
1,000 Times More of Your Love

Eve gains courage from the support of her fans. She heads to the radio station with a proposal.


Radio Booth

Eve: Hello! I'm looking forward to working with you all again today!
Radio Staff: Hello, Eve-san.
Eve: Erm, I prepared this on my own. Please read it!
Radio Staff: Is this... a proposal?
Eve: Yes. I wish to speak to the listeners in my own words, not the ones from the script you gave me.
Eve: I do understand what you said about having a script. However, could I possibly get you to trust me on this? I beg of you!
Radio Staff: ... This proposal is very well-thought-out.
Eve: Th-thank you.
Radio Staff: I had always thought that avoiding mistakes on air should be our priority, but...
Radio Staff: Honestly, after seeing the response on social media, I've been wondering if I should change this policy... And your proposal has just made me reach my decision.
Radio Staff: I think it would be good to try something new that we haven't done before together with you, Eve-san... Let's make this show together.
Eve: Thank you so much! I want to make this show into one that the listeners will really enjoy!
Radio Staff: Yes, as do I. Now, shall we start our meeting?
Eve: Yes! Thank you!

Station Entrance

Maya: Really?! That's great, Eve-san!
Eve: Thank you for helping me so much, Maya-san.
Maya: No, I didn't do anything... It's all thanks to your efforts and the support of your fans.
Eve: Yes! Especially this "REO-REO" person who posted so diligently about me... Huh?
Maya: What's wrong, Eve-san?
Eve: I feel like I've seen this photograph... somewhere before... Could this person perhaps be... PAREO-san?!
Maya: What?! You really think so?
Eve: It is the same as the picture that PAREO-san took when we saw her at a café recently!
Maya: That's right, she was lining up CDs to take a photo. I didn't even realize... It was PAREO-san all along.
Eve: I must thank her in person!
Maya: W-wait a moment, Eve-san!
Eve: Huh?
Maya: Well, PAREO-san has been supporting you all this time as "REO-REO." I think it would be better not to bring it up until she mentions it.
Eve: B-but, I was only able to succeed thanks to her. I would like to convey my gratitude.
Maya: Hm~, I do understand how you feel, Eve-san...
Maya: I've got it! Why don't you try and thank her in a different way?
Maya: Eve-san, could you lend me your ear for a second? ... How about...? And then...
Eve: ... What a wonderful idea! That is brilliant, Maya-san!

Nyubara Residence - PAREO's Room

PAREO: It's almost time for tonight's broadcast. I do hope Eve-chan is feeling better today...
PAREO: It will be fine... After all, she has me...!
Eve: Good evening, everyone! This is Eve Wakamiya from Pastel✽Palettes. Welcome to tonight's All Day✽Bushido.
Eve: I would like to make this show into something very fun with all of you, so I am waiting for your letters.
PAREO: Thank goodness~! Eve-chan sounds like her usual self today!
Eve: We're going to start a new segment from today onwards. This segment will be called, "Pastel✽Palettes Heart, Soul, and Spirit! Bang!"
PAREO: It echoed~! That was so adorable~♪
Eve: In this segment, I will tackle the problems and worries of our listeners with my heart, soul, and spirit. Now, without further ado, let's hear from our first listener.
Eve: This was sent in by a listener who calls themselves Himawari-san. "I'm always so sleepy during afternoon classes, and I can't help but nod off. Eve-chan, please help me out!"
Eve: Himawari-san, you must not fall asleep! I shall send you some of my fighting spirit! Brace yourself!
PAREO: Ahaha! Wow, what was that sound just now?!
Eve: I do understand how you feel, though. How about taking a nap during your lunch break? You may need to refresh yourself.
Eve: Listeners whose letters were read out on air will be sent a special All Day✽Bushido sticker!
PAREO: I want a sticker~. I hope she reads my letter too.
Eve: We have prepared many other new segments, so let's move onto the next one.

Eve: It is almost time for us to say goodbye for this evening.
PAREO: Huh, already?! That was too quick! Fufu, but I'm glad Eve-chan seems to be enjoying herself today!
Eve: This last segment is called, "Eve Wakamiya's Daily Diligence." In this segment, I will discuss my recent practices and results.
Eve: Right now, #AllBushi and #SupportPastel✽Palettes are trending online.
Eve: I looked at some of these posts together with the other members. They were all such thoughtful posts, I was moved to tears...
Eve: I was so happy that you are all watching us so closely.
Eve: To "REO-REO", "Piyo-chan", "Pastel✽PalettesLove", and so many others, I would like to say thank you very much for posting!
PAREO: Huh?! Did she just say "REO-REO"...?!
Eve: We would like to give our fans courage and dreams, but this time, we were the ones receiving all the gifts.
Eve: Even though I am alone in this radio booth right now, I know that I have many friends because of Pastel✽Palettes. When I think of that, I feel happiness and bushido well up inside me!
Eve: I'd like to continue paving the way together with you all. Thank you all for the support!
Eve: I have received "1,000 times more of your love!"
PAREO: ...!
Eve: Now, let's finish today's show with a song. This is "Pasupa Revolutions☆" by Pastel✽Palettes.

Reona: Ahh~, Pastel✽Palettes songs really are the best~. They give me energy. They give me hope...! How can they be this cute...?
Reona: People give them trouble for lip-syncing, but they really are trying their best...
Reona: I see... Pastel✽Palettes aren't just "cute." They're straightforward about what they like, and have the strength to move forward. That's why they shine so brightly...
Reona: I want to be honest with what I like too... Just like Pastel✽Palettes...!
Reona: Maybe I should try playing a Pastel✽Palettes song. I'll give it a go...! I want to turn what I like into something material...!

PAREO: ...
PAREO: ... I love them so much... Thank you, Eve-chan.

Dreamy Colors♪ Pastel Fan Road Event Story - Ending
Full House at the Open Recording

PAREO and the RAS members attend the open recording session to cheer Eve on...


Another Day
Open Recording Session Venue

LOCK: Whoa~! It's so crowded!
PAREO: That is because this is the first open recording of All Day✽Bushido!
CHUCHU: Argh~, why are there so many people here?! I can't see a thing! Everybody in front, crouch down!
MASKING: Wanna hitch a ride on my shoulders?
CHUCHU: No, thank you!
LAYER: Fufu, this might be my first time using a light stick. Is there a trick to how you wave it?
PAREO: Each member does have their own color, but I think all you need to do is wave it and enjoy yourself.
PAREO: Ah, without inconveniencing anyone around you, of course. It is important to coexist peacefully with everybody♪
LAYER: Enjoy myself... peacefully... Thanks, I will give it a try...!
MASKING: You're so serious. Don't think too hard about it, Rei.
LOCK: PAREO-san, thank you for inviting us here today.
LAYER: Yeah. I may never have had this chance if you hadn't.
PAREO: Do not mention it! I just thought I would like to share this experience with my favorite people.
LOCK: Well, we're happy to be here!
MASKING: Sure are! Even CHU² came~.
CHUCHU: I just thought that it was necessary to check out the competition, even if they play a different genre.
PAREO: Fufu, I am happy to be here with you all too♪ Ah... It's starting.
Eve: Hello, everybody! Thank you for coming out to today's open recording session of All Day✽Bushido~!
PAREO: Kyaaa! Eve-chan~!
Fans: Kyaaa!
CHUCHU: ...! Th-that gave me a fright...
Eve: Now, I would like to introduce today's guest. It's Pastel✽Palettes~!
All Except Eve: Hello~!
Aya: Let's have fun today, Eve-chan.
Eve: Of course! Now, please listen to our new song.

Eve: Thank you very much! What did everyone think of that?
Fans: It was the best!
MASKING: Maya-saaan! You rock!
CHUCHU: ...♪
PAREO: Fufu, I see that you are enjoying this too, CHU²-sama.
CHUCHU: N-no, I'm not!
LAYER: I've done backup for idols before, but Pastel✽Palettes are amazing... Their stage presence really makes you smile.
LOCK: Yes~! My heart is pounding~!
Eve: We will now begin broadcasting. And we'll start with your favorite segment~!
All: Pastel✽Palettes Heart, Soul, and Spirit! Bang!

Eve: Thank you for all of your letters! Special All Day✽Bushido stickers will be sent out to all listeners whose letters were read on air today♪
Chisato: Eve-chan, you've gotten very good at hosting. All your hard work must have paid off.
Eve: Ehehe, thank you!
Aya: Yeah, yeah. But I won't lose, I'm gonna work harber...! Hngh... I messed up already~.
Hina: Ahahaha! Classic Aya-chan!
Eve: Yes! I think your way of hosting is great, Aya-san. It is warm and fluffy.
Maya: Eve-san, your radio show is fun, but it also feels comfortable. I think it's a really good one.
Eve: Thank you very much! But this show isn't just mine alone. It is a show made by me, the staff, and the listeners.
Eve: I want to make it into a show where we can listen to one another properly.
PAREO: (Eve-chan...)
Eve: Through this show, I hope to spread the word about Pastel✽Palettes all over the country to have more and more people know about us... Then we will eventually conquer all of Japan!
Hina: That's the spirit~, Eve-chan!
Chisato: Fufu, I thought it sounded strange the first time you said that, but perhaps that's just another one of our dreams as Pastel✽Palettes.
Maya: Perhaps. The possibilities are endless.
Eve: Let's work hard together~!
Fans: Yeah!
Eve: The look on all your faces right now is so splendid! I will keep this scene in my mind as I work diligently.
Eve: ...!
PAREO: (Ah, our eyes locked...!)
Eve: ...! *wink*
PAREO: Ahhh~! I-I am the happiest girl in the world~!
CHUCHU: Hey, PAREO! You're being too loud!
PAREO: Sorry, CHU²-sama! Ufufu. Ah~, I'm blushing!
Eve: Please keep supporting us!
PAREO: Of course! I will support you for the rest of my life! My love for Pastel✽Palettes is eternal~!

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