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Dreamy Cute Maid♪ Card Story - Episode



CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

PAREO: Hello, I am RAISE A SUILEN's keyboardist maid, PAREO!
PAREO: The reason I joined the band is that CHU²-sama recruited me. I am always by her side. I also do a lot of support work for RAS' band activities.
PAREO: CHU²-sama not only writes and composes all our songs, but she also plans and coordinates everything we do... She is so amazing~♪
CHUCHU: PAREO! You're supposed to be doing a self introduction, so start talking about yourself!
PAREO: My apologies! I got carried away...
PAREO: My duties include ensuring that the environment is in perfect order so that CHU²-sama and RAS can focus on music.
PAREO: Freshness is of the essence when it comes to RAS' music! That is why speed is important to keep up with every exciting development!
PAREO: To ensure smooth operations, I always make sure CHU²-sama has her favorite jerky—
CHUCHU: Stop, PAREO, stop! You're doing the exact thing I told you not to do. Once more, from the top.
PAREO: Aww~! But CHU²-sama, I have been talking about myself~!

Dreamy Cute Maid♪ Card Story - Special Episode

I Belong to CHU²-sama


Station Entrance

PAREO: ... Ah! Hello, BanG Dreamer-san.
PAREO: I am on my way to CHU²-sama's penthouse♪ I have been waiting for this day~.
PAREO: The new outfits are finally arriving today!
PAREO: CHU²-sama and I have already checked the designs, but I still cannot wait to see how they have turned out!
PAREO: Yes, CHU²-sama is also in charge of overseeing the designs of the outfits we wear on stage.
PAREO: I know! CHU²-sama is amazing, isn't she~?
PAREO: CHU²-sama is a super genius who handles everything band-related♪
PAREO: However, she does overwork herself, and I fear she does not prioritize taking care of herself...
PAREO: Those are the times when I must do my best to serve CHU²-sama!
PAREO: That is why I serve her as her keyboardist maid.
PAREO: ...? It is not hard at all~. Nothing for CHU²-sama is ever a burden.
PAREO: Shopping, schedule, management, and messaging duties are all things I do willingly!
PAREO: I am the one who knows most just how wonderful CHU²-sama is. That is why I wish to be of use to her!
PAREO: Ah, I must hurry or else I will keep CHU²-sama waiting...!
PAREO: Good day, BanG Dreamer-san!