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Drifting Moon Card Story - Episode

Slow and Steady Part 1



Rinko: This place... it's so beautiful...
Sayo: The way the lights dance in the water is very magical.
Chisato: Indeed... It's quite relaxing.
Kanon: Yes. I never thought I would get to have such a lovely time. This is all because you invited us, Aya-chan!
Aya: I didn't do anything~.
Aya: All I did was receive free tickets from the staff... You should thank them, not me!
Sayo: That sounds like something you would say, Maruyama-san.
Kanon: Fufu. You know, I'm glad we were all free.
Kanon: I was worried you wouldn't be able to come, Sayo-chan, Rinko-chan. You two have seemed very busy lately.
Rinko: Yes... Actually... I'm surprised to...
Sayo: By the way, isn't this the first time the five of us are spending time together like this?
Kanon: We've met and talked occasionally, but it's rare for all of us Hanasakigawa third years to get together.
Aya: True! That makes all of this even more exciting!
Kanon: Yes. We should enjoy ourselves.
Aya: Ah, look, look! Just look at how fast that fish is going! Doesn't it remind you of Kasumi-chan or Kokoro-chan?
Kanon: Fufu, I think you're right. They're always so energetic, even at school.
Rinko: This one here... looks very sleepy...
Aya: You're right, it does~. It looks like it's nodding off.
Chisato: It has been a while since I've come to an aquarium... But it's just as fun as I remember. Peaceful without being too peaceful, and you can enjoy things at your own pace.
Kanon: These tanks make me feel like I'm looking at a magical painting.
Chisato: I know what you mean. It makes you wish you could put them in a frame and hang them.
Kanon: I recommend looking up at the tanks from underneath.
Aya: From underneath...?
Kanon: Yes. It makes you feel like you're lying on the ocean floor.
Aya: Ooo, even just thinking about it is relaxing.
Aya: By the way, Kanon-chan, didn't you say you've been to this aquarium before?
Kanon: Yes. I came here before with the other members of Hello, Happy World!
Kanon: It brings back so many memories. We found a lost penguin at the nearby station and brought it here.
Rinko: A penguin... at the station...?
Sayo: You mean you took a penguin that had escaped from the aquarium under your care... right?
Kanon: Umm... In simple terms, yes, I guess?
Kanon: I was running while holding Pen-chan in my arms, so I got lost. And there was this big dog in the way, so I had to fight my fear to get past it...
Kanon: It wasn't easy, but we worked together and managed to bring Pen-chan back to the aquarium staff.
Rinko: ... I'm glad... Pen-chan returned home safely...
Sayo: That's a fairly major incident. I expected your memory to be something more ordinary.
Aya: We couldn't believe it when we heard it either.
Chisato: It was quite a surprise. Aya-chan was so surprised that even her voice cracked.
Aya: Really?! I-it did?!
Kanon: Fufu, I can't believe it's been so long...
Kanon: This is a special place for me. I've been back here with my family and the other band members many times since then...
Aya: I hope the penguins are okay today. They're not lost, are they?
Kanon: Fufu, I don't think they'd be lost again.
Chisato: And even if any of them were to get lost, Kanon will be able to do something about it. She has experience, after all. Right, Kanon?
Kanon: Fueee... M-me...?!
Kanon: I... s-suppose you're right. I was able to do it the first time... I need to be able to show how it's done if it happens.
Chisato: I was just joking... Actually, I'm sorry, there was no need for me to say it was a joke.
Chisato: We'll be counting on you if anything happens, Kanon.
Kanon: Sure! Thank you, everyone. Ehehe...

Drifting Moon Card Story - Special Episode

Slow and Steady Part 2


1 Hour Later

Sayo: It looks like the jellyfish area is next.
Aya: Wow, look at that~! So many jellyfish! Just look at the size of the tank~!
Kanon: Hm? I could've sworn this big tank wasn't here when I came last time...
Rinko: Um... It looks like the jellyfish section... got expanded... during the recent renovation...
Rinko: There's a notice from the aquarium... here...
Sayo: It says, "Thank you for making our jellyfish one of your favorite destinations!" on the poster.
Kanon: You're right. Ehehe, I'm so glad they're popular.
Sayo: By the way, didn't you draw jellyfishes when you made the One-Hundred-Poems bookmarks, Matsubara-san?
Kanon: I did... I just love the way jellyfish float about calmly. They're so round and cute, too.
Kanon: I guess that's why I end up drawing jellyfish often...?
Aya: The jellyfish that you draw are adorable, Kanon-chan! I love jellyfish, too!
Kanon: You do? Thank you, Aya-chan.
Sayo: I see, so that's the reason.
Sayo: I still don't understand what people find cute about them... But I can see why others find them soothing.
Rinko: Yes... The way they're in no hurry to do anything... It's very relaxing...
Sayo: The dim lights combined with the round form of jellyfish. It must be the combination of such factors that produces the relaxing effect.
Chisato: Fufu, it seems everyone has become a jellyfish fan.
Kanon: Oh, did you all know that jellyfish are one of the most popular creatures in aquariums?
Kanon: I heard on the news that a lot of aquariums even set up special jellyfish areas.
Kanon: There are even ones where the jellyfish have been voted number one in the "Most Soothing Creature" rankings!
Sayo: One would think dolphins and penguins would stand out more... That's a bit unexpected.
Sayo: But standing here before them... I can see why some would vote for them as their number one choice.
Chisato: You too, Sayo-chan? I was about to say the same thing.
Rinko: I... very much like... how they're... so easy-going and carefree...
All: Sigh...
Kanon: ... This is kind of nice.
Aya: ...? What's kind of nice?
Kanon: When I'm with Hello, Happy World!, there's not a moment of quiet. And I like that. But just relaxing and having a quiet chat is nice, too.
Kanon: Even though nothing special is happening, moments like these mean a lot to me.
Kanon: That's what I find to be nice... Do you think it's weird for me to feel this way... about moments like these?
Aya: Uh-uh! It's not weird at all!
Chisato: I agree with Aya-chan.
Rinko: I feel the same way... There are the busy, ordinary days... Then, there are relaxing moments like these... that feel like you're taking a deep breath... Both are wonderful... Both are important...
Kanon: ... Yes, I think so, too.
Kanon: Thank you, everyone. I'm glad we all got to come here together. We should do this again sometime!
Sayo: Yes, of course.
Aya: Where would you like to go next? Coming back to this aquarium would be nice, but how about someplace different like... Oh, how about hiking?!
Chisato: Aya-chan, don't you think you're getting ahead of yourself a bit?
Aya: Oops! I guess I am...!
Kanon: Fufu.
Sayo: Why don't we grab something to eat? It sounds like we need to discuss where we would like to go next.
Chisato: That's a good idea. Since we're here to relax anyway, why don't we have a nice chat over some tea?
Rinko: I think... there's a café... upstairs...
Kanon: Yes! That café is perfect for relaxing.
Aya: Then it's decided! Now, where's the elevator...?
Kanon: (Today has been such a wonderful day.)
Kanon: (Nothing has really changed... But it's because nothing has changed that makes today so precious.)
Kanon: (I'm so glad I got to come with everyone. And...)
Kanon: Thank you for the wonderful time, jellyfishes. I'll come see you again.