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Driving Your Heartbeat Card Story - Episode

Conveying My Passion


CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

LOCK: Mmm~♪ These sweet potatoes somehow taste even better after finishing a show~♪
LAYER: Fufu, the food we have at our meetings is always good, but this does feel pretty special.
LAYER: Ah, it's getting late... LOCK, you've got a curfew, right? Will you make it?
LOCK: Ah... Oh no! I have to get home! Ah, but we still haven't cleaned up yet...
LAYER: Don't worry. I'll handle it. PAREO, are you leaving too?
PAREO: No, I'll be spending the night~♪
LAYER: Oh, then there's no problem. Alright, let's call it a day, CHU²...
CHUCHU: ... Hm... Ngh, no baths for me... No, thank you...
LOCK: Fufu, she's out like a light.
MASKING: Oh boy, here we go. PAREO, where's her room?
PAREO: Ah, her bedroom is this way... Oh my, Massu-san! Please don't handle CHU²-sama in such a rough manner! Hold her in a more gentle and loving way please!
MASKING: Huh? It shouldn't matter so long as I don't drop her.
LAYER: Fufu. I guess CHU² was tired too. Don't worry, we'll take care of things from here.
LOCK: Oh, okay! I will take my leave, then...
LAYER: Sure. Good work today, LOCK.
LOCK: U-um... LAYER-san...
LAYER: What's up?
LOCK: Um, I'm a little late with this, but... I'm really glad that you and CHU²-san made up.
LOCK: I didn't want to imagine what would happen if we all drifted apart like that time with PAREO-san... I would have been worried, no matter how much I tried to think otherwise...
LOCK: H-huh? Excuse me. I didn't intend to cry. Wow, I can't stop...
LAYER: Sorry LOCK. I didn't mean to cause you to worry so much.
LOCK: N-no, not at all! It isn't your fault, LAYER-san.
LOCK: Besides, seeing you both go at it was extremely inspiring. The passion you had was apparent and lit a fire within me!
LOCK: ... All I could do was sit back and cheer you on from afar. I want to improve to the point that you and our bandmates can rely on me!
LOCK: I probably can't do much beyond rushing forward with all I've got, but just like the rest of you, I also want to treasure RAS!
LAYER: I appreciate that. But you know, you're already very reliable, LOCK. You're a friend who I know I can count on.
LOCK: ... Do you really mean that?
LAYER: Yeah, absolutely. I was so happy when you put so much effort into speaking with me at the ramen shop.
LAYER: There will be times when we run into trouble or lose our way, but we should talk it out when that happens. So... I hope we'll always be there for each other.
LOCK: Yes...! Absolutely!
MASKING: Oh, would you look at that. Were you exchangin' handshakes of friendship while I was gone? Intense.
LOCK: Ah! No, th-this is-...! LAYER-san was trying to console me after I cried! That's all!
LAYER: Hahaha, it's nothin' to be embarrassed about. We're all friends here.
PAREO: Hey, don't leave the rest of us out of it~! I want to shake everyone's hands as well~♪
MASKING: Cool, let me in on this. Come on, Rei. Give me that hand.
LAYER: Seriously~...? Masuki, you're way too strong.
PAREO: Yes! Far too powerful! Massu-san, you practically slammed CHU²-sama into her bed earlier!
MASKING: Huh? Hey, I tried my best to make sure she wouldn't wake up when I was movin' her, didn't I?
PAREO: Don't even go there! CHU²-sama is as delicate as a lovely little marshmallow. She is the world's most fragile and adorable treasure and should be treated as such!
LAYER: Can't argue with that. Masuki is about as delicate as a sledgehammer.
MASKING: I-I am not! Low blow, you guys!
LOCK: Haha, leave poor Masuki-san alone~.
LAYER: Fufu, I'm just messing with you, Masuki.
LAYER: ... Thank you, everyone... It's not just LOCK. You're all important friends to me. That includes Masuki, PAREO, and of course CHU².
LAYER: Um... is it alright if we have a group hug?
LOCK: O-of course! I would like that! H-here!
PAREO: Please let me join~! Squeeze~! Fufu, it feels great to hug everyone~♪
MASKING: Haha! Put some more power into it~. Well, this suits you, Rei.
LAYER: Here's to us sticking together, everyone.
Other Three: Yeah. For sure.

Driving Your Heartbeat Card Story - Special Episode

What It Means to "Crush You"



LOCK: Hm, hm, hmmm~♪
LOCK: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san. Good morning! Are you on your way to CiRCLE?
Marina: Good morning, Rokka-chan. Yeah, you guessed right. You sure are starting the day with some pep in your step. Is there some kind of fun event you're looking forward to?
LOCK: Actually, our show from the other day went amazingly well! We also have practice today too, so I am itching to hurry and meet the others!
Marina: You're referring to the show that was streamed online, right? I heard that the venue was absolutely electric~.
LOCK: It was! The energy was off the charts! LAYER-san's vocals were especially amazing! I got lost in her voice and played my heart out!
Marina: Yeah, I totally get that~. If one member is on a roll, then the others get swept away. It's almost like you're riding a wave together.
LOCK: It's exactly like that! Actually... Until recently, CHU²-san and LAYER-san weren't exactly getting along.
Marina: I see. Everyone has times when they're not at their best.
LOCK: True. It all started when CHU²-san said she wanted to crush Poppin'Party-san and Roselia-san.
Marina: Crush them, huh~? That's a harsh statement when you think about it.
LOCK: Hahaha... LAYER-san said that she had no interest in doing so, and the two of them got into a little bit of a fight...
Marina: Hm~, I can see that leading to an argument.
LOCK: Ah, but they've already made up, so please don't worry! In fact, it feels like their fight helped bring all of our members even closer together.
LOCK: They faced each other with all they had, and once everyone had moved on, we all work towards an amazing concert, full steam ahead!
Marina: So that's what happened. I'm glad to hear it's over.
LOCK: At first... I was also shocked by her wanting to "crush" people.
LOCK: However... I eventually noticed that she doesn't actually mean she wants to hurt them. And her definition of "crush" seems to hold a very important meaning to her.
LOCK: Well, hearing it said out loud like that still freaks me out, though.
Marina: Yeah, but that sort of energy is for the best. We'll be cheering for RAS, okay?
LOCK: Okay! Thank you very much!
LOCK: Wh-whoa! Look at the time! CHU²-san will be furious if I'm late!
LOCK: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, thank you for taking the time to speak with me! I must be off to rehearsals now~!