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ERA is RAISE A SUILEN's first album. It was released on August 19, 2020.

The Blu-ray edition includes recorded footage of Heaven and Earth, as well as a 52-page photo booklet.


Track Listing[]

Disc 1 (CD)[]

All lyrics are written by Oda Asuka.

1."Invincible Fighter"Agematsu NoriyasuKikuta Daisuke4:11
2."A DECLARATION OF ×××"Agematsu NoriyasuKikuta Daisuke5:15
3."SOUL SOLDIER"Agematsu NoriyasuFujita Junpei4:00
4."UNSTOPPABLE"Fujita JunpeiKikuta Daisuke3:50
5."HELL! or HELL?"Kikuta DaisukeKikuta Daisuke4:41
6."Beautiful Birthday"Kikuta DaisukeKikuta Daisuke4:16
7."Takin' my Heart"Fujita JunpeiFujita Junpei4:46
8."DRIVE US CRAZY"Fujita JunpeiFujita Junpei4:06
9."!NVADE SHOW!"Fujita JunpeiFujita Junpei4:25
10."REIGNING"Kikuta DaisukeKikuta Daisuke4:09
11."EXPOSE 'Burn out!!!'"Kikuta DaisukeKikuta Daisuke4:44
12."R・I・O・T"Agematsu NoriyasuKikuta Daisuke5:04
Total length:53:27

Disc 2 (Blu-ray)[]

  1. Heaven and Earth Day 1

Disc 3 (Blu-ray)[]

  1. Heaven and Earth Day 2




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