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Earnest Dreams Card Story - Episode

Returning to the Same as Always


Hazawa Coffee
Tomoe: Man, what a great rehearsal! Playing for that long really wiped me out.
Tsugumi: Fufu. Good work, everyone. Here are your drinks.
Himari: Thanks, Tsugu! I think Moca being behind our new song had us a little too pumped up.
Moca: Fufufu~. As you should be. After all, this is the brilliant Moca-chan-sensei's grand masterpiece, ten years in the making~.
Ran: Yeah, we get it. So, were there any parts that you think need work?
Moca: Hmmm~. The melody before the hook is still a little lacking, I guess~.
Himari: I thought the same thing! The bass line felt kinda off somehow~.
Himari: It's like, there wasn't a phrase that really stood out!
Tsugumi: I felt that way too! That happens a lot, doesn't it? Sometimes the sound is good and all, but it just feels a little off.
Tomoe: While we're naming stuff, I think we should take a closer look at the drum arrangement.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan went out of her way to write this song for us, so we need to make it into something we're all happy with.
Ran: Yeah, I agree.
Moca: Glad to see such enthusiasm~. Take that energy and perfect my song for me~.
Ran: Come on, you need to help lead the effort for your own song, Moca...
Tomoe: Haha. Putting that aside, It's been a while since we hung out after being in the studio like this.
Himari: No kidding! It's been so long since we all spent time together after practice.
Moca: Poor Hii-chan has been so lonely~.
Himari: Aw, come on~! The same goes for you, Moca~!
Tsugumi: I know what you mean though. We're in the same class and see each other every day, but it's not quite the same.
Tomoe: Being together on normal terms and being together as a band do feel pretty different.
Ran: I can see that.
Tsugumi: Hey, Ran-chan. Are you still busy with your flower arranging?
Ran: There aren't any major events coming up. I have some training to do, but it shouldn't take up too much time.
Himari: That's good to hear! So we can go through with that show we talked about at the studio!
Tomoe: We haven't had one in a while, so I can't wait to light the stage up again!
Ran: Ah, then I'll need to go pick up some spare strings. I haven't bought any in a while.
Himari: Me too! I've been meaning to pick up some! Ah, in that case...
Tsugumi: What is it, Himari-chan?
Himari: Why don't we all go together? Afterwards, we can do some shopping or see a movie~!
Ran: I figured you'd say that.
Moca: I don't know~. You take forever to shop, Hii-chan~.
Himari: Don't say that~! I want to spend time with you guys~!
Tsugumi: In that case, why don't we have a party to reward you for all that hard work?
Ran: Hard work? Whose hard work?
Tsugumi: Yours, Ran-chan! Things have finally started to calm down now that the exhibitions over, right?
Tomoe: Sounds good to me! Let's party hard!
Ran: No way, I don't need that...
Moca: Come now, don't be a spoil sport~. You'll survive one little party~.
Moca: After all, the Ran I know would give anything to have more time with her friends~.
Ran: Shut up... Fine, but don't make it into a big deal.
Himari: Alright, that settles it~! So, what day works best? Aren't we all free next week?
Ran: ...
Ran: (What's this feeling...? We didn't spend that much time apart, but... it feels like it's been so long.)
Moca: Hey, Ran~.
Ran: Huh? What?
Moca: Welcome home~.
Ran: ... Glad to be back.
Himari: Jeez~! Come on, you two! Help us figure this out~!
Moca: Sorry, sorry~. So, when is this party happening~?
Himari: We were thinking about holding it next Saturday. Are you busy then?
Moca: Well, Yamabuki Bakery is having a special sale that day~.
Himari: Argh~! Which is more important, buns or your friends~?!
Ran: ... Fufu.

Earnest Dreams Card Story - Special Episode

Music Over Words


CiRCLE - Lobby
Marina: Hello, Ran-chan.
Ran: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Sounds like you've been practicing a new song lately. The others were talking about it in the lobby earlier.
Ran: Oh, so you heard us. Talk about embarrassing...
Marina: Fufu, hearing you chat with each other reminds me how nice it is to be in a band.
Marina: So, is it true that Moca-chan is the writer of your new song?
Ran: That's right. I was just as surprised when I heard about it.
Ran: A lot happened... so I saw this as a declaration of sorts. A way of expressing her feelings through song.
Marina: Not too surprising for a musician to do! Moca-chan has her own expressive side, and I suppose it was easier to share her thoughts in musical form.
Ran: I think you're right. Not that I'm one to talk. I'm not exactly great at talking about my emotions either.
Marina: So, what do you think of her song?
Ran: Personally, I find it refreshing. From the vocals to the way the arrangement progresses, it's different from our usual style.
Ran: I... was pretty happy to hear it.
Ran: Moca usually isn't the type to say what she's thinking or feeling at any given time.
Ran: I feel like this is her way of using music to tell us how she really feels and what she thinks of us.
Ran: I'd be willing to bet that the rest of the band got the same impression.
Marina: Fufu, so have your rehearsals been more intense as a result?
Ran: Yeah, I suppose so.
Ran: But I've been making sure we don't go too overboard.
Ran: I feel like the key is to remain the same as always and stay true to our usual selves.
Ran: That's how Afterglow has always done it... And how we should continue going forward.
Marina: I see. It must be an important part of your band's identity, then.
Ran: Ah... Sorry, I didn't mean to talk for so long. Anyway, we're already discussing our next concert, so I hope you look forward to it.
Ran: We'll bring the same intense energy that we always do.
Marina: Nice, I can't wait to see it! Don't you agree, BanG Dreamer-san?
Ran: We won't let you down. Alright, until next time.