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Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Opening
Toward the Stage I Dreamed of

After a successful concert, Toko suggests Morfonica performs at CiRCLE next...


Live House - Stage

Mashiro: Pant, pant... Thank you very much! We are Morfonica!
Live House - Dressing Room

Tsukushi & Touko: Ohh, that was so much fun!
Touko: Wasn't that amazing?! Did you hear everyone cheering? I thought we were going to break the stage!
Tsukushi: Goodness... You're exaggerating. But it really was that great of a show!
Mashiro: I was so surprised... The cheering felt like this huge wave crashing into me. I was shaking so much.
Nanami: Don’t you think we might have gotten the most applause out of all the bands that played today?
Touko: Might have gotten? More like definitely got!
Tsukushi: Fufu... It seems like everyone has finally realized how good we are!
Nanami: What did you think of our show today, Rui-rui?
Rui: ... Well, I did not notice any particularly concerning mistakes. It is clear to see that we have made steady progress.
Tsukushi: R-Rui-san complimented us...!
Mashiro: This is normally where she'd tell us all the stuff we screwed up...
Rui: I did not mean that as a compliment. I was asked for my opinion, so I stated it. That is all.
Nanami: Ahaha... Even so, hearing that it was a good show from Rui-rui kind of makes it really hit home~.
Touko: Right?! Seriously though, at this rate, don't you think we've got what it takes to do it now?!
Mashiro: Do what now?
Touko: What do you think? Playing at CiRCLE! They've got a concert coming up next month...
Mashiro: Huh...?
Nanami: Ohhh~. Toko-chan, you think we should go for it~? Aggressive~.
Touko: I know we'll knock it outta the park! C'mon, everyone, let's sign up!
Mashiro: You really think so...? Isn't it still a little too early for us...?
Tsukushi: Agreed. We're still not ready yet.
Touko: Aw, c'mon! But why? What makes you think we're not ready yet?
Mashiro: I mean...
Tsukushi: This is CiRCLE we're talking about. That Girls Band Party was incredible.
Mashiro: I... don't know if we can match that level yet...
Rui: But the concert Kirigaya-san speaks of is not Girls Band Party, correct?
Mashiro: W-well, yeah, but...
Nanami: According to their website... Looks like this concert's just one of the shows they hold regularly.
Nanami: Doesn't seem all that different from what we just did today, actually~.
Touko: Did you hear that? Easy-peasy! Let's bring the house down at CiRCLE just like we did today!
Mashiro: B-but... I-I mean... I'm not prepared mentally...
Rui: I do not understand. Where is this apprehension coming from? This is a concert anyone can participate in if they simply apply.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: ...
Nanami: ... Shiro-chan, Tsu-chan... Could it be...? Are you scared of playing at CiRCLE?
Tsukushi: O-of course not! I just don't have the courage at the moment...
Touko: That's the same thing!
Tsukushi: Ugh...
Touko: Actually, why are you even scared? Wouldn't it be awesome to hear the same cheers we got today, but at CiRCLE? Don't you get excited just imagining it?
Mashiro: Being cheered on like today at CiRCLE...
Mashiro: ... Ah...
Touko: Right? Doesn't that get you fired up?
Mashiro: Yeah. The room is all shiny and sparkly...
Nanami: Oh~, I see it too... Everyone's waving their glow sticks for us~.
Touko: Then all we can do is go see that scenery for real, right? It'd be such a shame to give up just because you're scared!
Tsukushi: I guess you do have a point...
Tsukushi: F-fine. But on one condition! We're going to practice harder than we ever have. We've got to make sure we put on a good show!
Mashiro: Okay... Let's do it. I'm still scared, but... I'll give it a shot.
Touko: Yes! Then I'll sign us all up, okay?!
Nanami: Fufu. This'll be fun, don't you think, Rui-rui?
Rui: Not particularly. It is not as if we will be doing anything different than usual.
Nanami: What~? It'll definitely be fun though~. Oh, oh, how about we come up with a new song?
Touko: Nice idea! Rui, Shiro! You've got this!
Rui: ... Fine. I will have the score ready for you by next week.
Mashiro: I-I'll start thinking of a theme for some lyrics.
Touko: Oh man, I'm just getting more and more excited for this! Alright, everyone! How about we do an after-party?!
Nanami: I'm in~. Let's get changed~.

Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Chapter 1
Amid Anticipation, Fear Rises

Morfonica concentrates on practicing for their upcoming show. Then Mashiro runs into Kasumi...


One Week Later - During Practice
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: Wow! Is it just me, or was that perfect just now?! It felt right.
Touko: And this is just our first time putting it all together... Haha, we've basically already won!
Tsukushi: Jeez, Toko-chan, you're always getting ahead of yourself. There's still some rough parts we definitely need to practice more.
Nanami: You say that, but aren't you feeling good about this, too? I can see that smile you're trying to hide~. You can't fool the eyes of Hiromachi~.
Tsukushi: W-well, I suppose for our first time, it did sound pretty nice...
Nanami: Fufu, and it's all thanks to Rui-rui for writing this great song for us~.
Rui: Is that so? If you like it, then I suppose that is all that matters.
Tsukushi: All that's left is the lyrics, then. Mashiro-chan, how are they going?
Mashiro: Nothing yet. I've been thinking this whole time about what kind of song it should be, but it's just not coming to me...
Touko: Write us something good, alright?
Tsukushi: Don't put more pressure on her! Take your time, Mashiro-chan. There's no need to rush.
Nanami: If you need any help, just let us know~. We'll lend you a hand~.
Mashiro: Thanks.
Rui: Are we done talking, then? It is still too early for a break. We need to get back to practice.
Tsukushi: Right. Then let's have Mashiro-chan join in now so we can practice some other songs.
Hiromachi Residence - Front

Touko: Alright, I've got plans, so I've gotta go! Good work today, everyone!
Tsukushi: Rui-san and I also have stuff we need to take care of, so we'll get going too. Bye-bye!
Nanami: See ya~. Alright, Shiro-chan, let's head out. I'll walk with you part of the way back.
Mashiro: Okay. Thanks.
Nanami: We practiced a lot today, huh~?
Mashiro: Everyone seemed like they were really motivated. Even Toko-chan was practicing her guitar during breaks.
Nanami: You were trying to come up with lyrics during break time too, weren't you?
Nanami: That super serious aura you had... My Hiromachi deduction skills tell me... you're really fired up about this song~.
Mashiro: I still have no idea what the song will end up being, but... I'm just hoping it'll be one I'm proud to sing at CiRCLE.
Nanami: CiRCLE's really special to you, huh~?
Mashiro: Yeah... It's the place thhat taught me about this new world, after all.
Mashiro: When I watched Girls Band Party, I saw the world begin to shine and sparkle in front of my eyes... That's why I really want this show to go well.
Nanami: Hm~... Got it. I can tell you're really serious about this~.
Nanami: Let's do our best, Shiro-chan.
Mashiro: Yeah.
???: ... Oh, it's Mashiro-chan and Nanami-chan!
Mashiro: Huh...? K-Kasumi-san!
Kasumi: What a coincidence, running into you two here! Oh yeah, I heard from Marina-san! Morfonica's gonna be playing at CiRCLE next month, right?!
Nanami: You're well-informed~. That's right, it's gonna be our first show at CiRCLE~.
Kasumi: Wow, really? Your first? That's amazing! I've gotta come and cheer you guys on!
Mashiro: Huh...?
Kasumi: I'll talk to Ran-chan, Yukina-senpai, and everyone else, too. Oh, I'm getting so excited!
Nanami: Wow, thank you~. It feels good knowing you're all gonna be there to cheer us on~.
Kasumi: Okay! I'm looking forward to seeing you all play! Bye-bye~!
Nanami: Bye~. Fufu. This is turning into a pretty big deal, huh~?
Mashiro: N-no way... Kasumi-san is coming to see our show...
Nanami: Shiro-chan?
Mashiro: W-what if she doesn't like us...?
Mashiro: ... It's gotta go well... The new song... I have to come up with good lyrics...
Nanami: Whoa, whoa, what's wrong? Your face is so stormy. It looks like it might start raining any second now~.
Mashiro: Sorry, I... have to go... I have to come up with lyrics right now.
Nanami: Ah, she's gone~.... What's gotten into her all of a sudden...?
A Few Days Later - After School
Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Hallway

Touko: Ah, perfect timing! Hey~, Shiro! Fusuke~!
Mashiro: Toko-chan...?
Touko: I'm gonna be a little late to practice today~. Could you tell Nanami and the others for me?
Tsukushi: A little late? How late, exactly?
Touko: Dunno, depends on what I've gotta do~. Just go with your gut!
Tsukushi: My gut?! How am I supposed to know how long you're going to take?!
Touko: C'mon, I'll try and finish up as quickly as I can, okay?
Touko: Oh yeah, Shiro. How're those lyrics going? I'm really looking forward to them!
Tsukushi: Ah, I wanted to ask about that, too. Your deadline is Friday. Do you think you can make it?
Mashiro: I... I don't know... I'm still in the middle of writing them, so I can't really say...
Tsukushi: In the middle? So how much have you written?
Mashiro: W-well...
Touko: Aw, don't sweat the small things! This is Shiro we're talking about. She'll have them done and perfect by Friday, no problem!
Tsukushi: True, you've never missed a deadline before. Fufu. I wonder what kind of song you'll write for us this time.
Mashiro: ...
Touko: Alright, I'm off to take care of stuff! See ya later~.
Tsukushi: We should get going too, Mashiro-chan.
Mashiro: Y-yeah...
Mashiro: (Wh-what do I do...? I haven't actually written anything yet...!)

Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Chapter 2
Trouble with the New Song!

Mashiro is unable to come up with new lyrics. The group discusses what to do...


A Few Days Later
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi & Touko: What? You haven't written anything?
Mashiro: ...
Touko: Not even a single word? At all? S-seriously?
Tsukushi: Why didn't you tell us earlier?!
Mashiro: I was going to, but it was so hard to say... Everyone was looking forward to them so much...
Tsukushi: Even so, telling us on the due date is pretty bad...
Mashiro: Sorry...
Nanami: E-everyone, let's calm down~. Let's just focus on what we're going to do from here on~.
Tsukushi: G-good idea. Hm... I wonder how long we can push back the due date on these lyrics...
Nanami: Since the show at CiRCLE is the first week of next month... Probably the beginning of next week.
Tsukushi: Which would be...
Rui: In two days.
Touko: Oh, that's plenty of time! You can come up with lyrics in two days, right?
Mashiro: O-of course not~. If I could, I'd have already written them...
Rui: True. It would make little sense to think she would suddenly be able to accomplish something she struggled to do in a week in the span of only two days.
Touko: Then what're we gonna do?
Rui: I would advise we give up on the new song.
Touko: Whoa, we can't do that. I've already told everyone online we're debuting a new song at CiRCLE.
Rui: But that would be the logical choice at this juncture. Even if we were to complete this song in two days, I find it hard to believe it would be of a quality worth presenting.
Tsukushi: Rui-san's right. There's no point in showing off a new song that we rushed to finish... I think we should do as she says.
Touko: S-seriously...?
Mashiro: (... No new song...)
Mashiro: (I know it's my fault for not writing the lyrics, but... is this really okay?)
Mashiro: U-um... Actually, could you give me a little more time? I'd like one more chance...
Nanami: Are you saying... you'll write the lyrics in these two days, then?
Mashiro: I can't promise anything, but... We're playing at CiRCLE, after all. It just doesn't feel right to give up that easily.
Nanami: I guess that's kinda been our goal this whole time, huh~? I definitely get that you'd want to put your best out there~.
Touko: I'm down too! It'll be a way better show with a new song. I know it!
Tsukushi: B-but we were just talking about how unrealistic it would be to finish it in two days, right...? Um... Rui-san, what do you think?
Rui: Do as you wish.
Rui: As long as the show can meet my standards of quality, I am fine with however you proceed.
Nanami: Okay. Then since Shiro-chan looks like she's struggling on her own, how about we all do some brainstorming together? We're gonna be cutting it close, though.
Touko: Okay! As long as you've got me on your side, it'll be a piece of cake!
Tsukushi: Sure... I suppose it can't hurt to try.
Touko: Alright! Then let's all do some lyric writing tomorrow!
Mashiro: I-I'll give it my best shot...
Rui: I see. Then please share with me your completed lyrics by the beginning of next week.
Nanami: Huh? Wait, Rui-rui, aren't you gonna help...?
Rui: No. I have no talent for writing lyrics. I would be of little use, even if I did try to help.
Tsukushi: But you had the top score on our modern literature test the other day, didn't you...?
Rui: Being good at modern literature and writing song lyrics are two very different things, you know.
Nanami: But if we finish the lyrics, the song might end up needing some tweaks, right?
Nanami: Don't you think it would be easier for you if you're there when we finish?
Rui: ... Considering the amount of time we have left, you do have a point.
Rui: Understood. Then where am I going, and at what time?
Nanami: I guess we can just meet here, right~? As for the time... How about lunch?
Tsukushi & Touko: Okay!
Nanami: Then I'll see you all then~. Shiro-chan, let's do our best.
Mashiro: Y-yeah.

Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Chapter 3
Let the Lyric-Writing Begin!

Song-writing day is here. Mashiro tells everyone that Poppin'Party will come to see their show...


The Next Day
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: Morning! My bad, I know I'm a little late.
Tsukushi: "A little?" You're an hour late! An hour! What on earth were you doing?
Touko: Well~, Grandma caught me on my way out~... She was so mad that I even dreamed of going out with my room such a mess~.
Nanami: So then you had to clean up, which is why you're so late, right~?
Touko: Bingo! One point for you, Nanami!
Mashiro: A-are we keeping score for something...?
Rui: You are asking the wrong person.
Tsukushi: Sigh, you haven't learned your lesson at all.
Touko: I have. I totally have! I promise I won't be late next time! Really!
Tsukushi: I wonder...
Nanami: Fufu, then how about we get to writing~?
Nanami: Oh yeah, Shiro-chan. Have you come up with anything since yesterday~?
Mashiro: No, nothing...
Touko: It's so easy, though. Why don't you just start daydreaming like you always do?
Mashiro: It's not easy~. Whenever I try and come up with something, Kasumi-san pops up...
Tsukushi: Kasumi-senpai? Why?
Mashiro: The other day, Kasumi-san said she'd invite a whole bunch of other people to come cheer for us at our concert.
Touko: Really?! Kasumi-san's coming?!
Mashiro: Yeah... So that got me really nervous about not wanting to mess up, so I can't concentrate on writing anymore...
Nanami: Now that you mention it, you were kinda acting weird that day... So that's what it was.
Touko: Why didn't you tell us earlier?! Kasumi-senpai's coming to see us! Oh man, I'm even more hyped up now!
Touko: Ohh, I can't wait to play at CiRCLE!
Mashiro: Y-you're amazing, Toko-chan... All I can think about is what might happen if we mess up...
Touko: Why? Of course I'm gonna get excited! Just think about seeing our role models go nuts for our show!
Tsukushi: Go nuts, huh~? You're right. This is our chance to show them what Morfonica is really capable of!
Rui: While I appreciate the heightened motivation, I would like to remind you all there has been zero progress made so far today.
Touko: You want progress? Then have I got something for you!
Nanami: A straight back and a puffed out chest... According to my Hiromachi deduction skills, you've got a great idea for us~.
Touko: Aw, shucks~♪I'm actually leaking with inspination right now! Just watch, I'll write some lyrics that'll knock your socks off!
Tsukushi: You mean "inspiration!" And don't leak anything! There's so much wrong with what you just said!
Tsukushi: Besides, I think I've come up with some good ideas, too. There's no guarantee we'll end up going with whatever you come up with, Toko-chan.
Nanami: See, Shiro-chan? We're all rarin' to go~.
Mashiro: ... Y-yeah. I hope we can think of something good...
Touko: Alrighty then, let's get started! Hm, for the opening...
Rui: ...
Touko: ... Wait. Rui, what're you doing?
Rui: I am waiting for you all to finish writing your lyrics.
Touko: No, you've gotta write too!
Rui: I already said this yesterday, but anything I write will inevitably be something of painfully average quality.
Touko: You don't know unless you try, though! C'mon, here! Pen and paper!
Rui: ... I do not understand. Why do you want me to participate so badly?
Touko: Oh, just take them already!
Rui: ...
Tsukushi: Hey, no fighting!
Nanami: J-just calm down, you two~.
Rui: Fine. Hand me the pen and paper, then.
Mashiro: Rui-san... Why...?
Rui: Because there is little point in wasting time on petty arguments.
Rui: And I think Kirigaya-san will quickly come to realize how little talent I have for writing lyrics when she sees for herself what little I am capable of.
Touko: Okay, then we're all ready, right? Let's get started~!

Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Chapter 4
Everyone's Lyrics

Toko and Tsukushi are confident with their lyrics. What did they write...?


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: Alright. I think it's about time to wrap things up. Mashiro-chan, Nanami-chan, how are you doing?
Nanami: Sorry~. I got stumped halfway through. I couldn't finish mine~.
Mashiro: Me too... I'm sorry. I tried, but I still couldn't come up with anything...
Touko: Aw, don't sweat it! I've got mine all done, so we're all good!
Tsukushi: You're awfully confident, Toko-chan. Well, I've come up with some pretty amazing lyrics, too.
Nanami: How about you, Rui-rui? You finished pretty early.
Rui: Simply by coincidence.
Touko: Okay, then it's time to present! I'll go first!
Touko: Ta-dah~! Take a look at these lyrics! I know they're amazing.
Tsukushi: Let's see here... "My guitar solos are sick! Watch me finish it off with this trick!"
Mashiro: Is this... supposed to be about your guitar-playing?
Touko: Oh, that's our lyricist for you!
Touko: These lyrics are about how incredible I'm gonna be onstage at CiRCLE~.
Rui: ... This is less a song for Morfonica and more a song for you, Kirigaya-san.
Tsukushi: Th-that's no good! No!
Touko: C'mon, just think of me as the big feature for this show. That'd be fine, wouldn't it?
Mashiro: I don't really think it would...
Nanami: Ahaha, Toko-chan, you sure do like yourself, huh~?
Tsukushi: In any case, lyrics all about yourself are out!
Touko: What? I did such a good job though~.
Tsukushi: It's my turn next. Here's what I came up with...
Mashiro: Hm... "Though I'm really nervous, I want to try my best. If we all work together, I know we can do it!"
Tsukushi: How is it? I feel like it does a good job at expressing our thoughts about performing at CiRCLE.
Touko: Don't you think this kinda sounds like an elementary school essay?
Tsukushi: N-no, it doesn't! These are lyrics!
Rui: She has a point.
Tsukushi: Rui-san, not you too...! Nanami-chan, Mashiro-chan, what do you think...?
Nanami: W-well~... It is easy to read, I guess~.
Mashiro: I-I think it gets your feelings across pretty well.
Tsukushi: Putting it nicely just makes your comments sting more... Ugh.
Nanami: Th-then, last is Rui-rui, right? Lemme see, lemme see~.
Rui: ... Here.
Touko: Let's see~... Hm? What is this? These lyrics are super boring.
Tsukushi: Toko-chan! Be nice...!
Touko: But I'm right, aren't I? Sure, they talk about a bunch of stuff, but in the end, I've still got no clue what she's trying to say.
Rui: Kirigaya-san is right. They are poorly written.
Tsukushi: Rui-san...
Rui: Do not worry. This was exactly the result I was expecting.
Mashiro: ...
Nanami: Shiro-chan, what's up?
Mashiro: Huh? Oh, well, Rui-san says they're bad, but... I really like... this part right here.
Nanami: The chorus?
Mashiro: Yeah. When I read it, it felt like I could see what she was describing.
Mashiro: Beyond this world of shining stars, an even more brilliant one awaits. That is where I am heading.
Mashiro: Countless shooting stars shower down around me...
Nanami: ... I think I know what you mean. It's kind of like the start of a new journey, right?
Mashiro: A new journey...
Tsukushi: So what now? We've gone through everyone's lyrics.
Rui: Without a consensus on a winner, I do not think any of these would be suitable for our new song.
Touko: Then let's try again! I bet we can get everyone to agree on something this time for sure!
Tsukushi: Now? Even if we get started right away, won't it be really late by the time we finish?
Touko: Yeah, I guess... But I really feel like I can come up with even better lyrics now~.
Touko: Oh, that's it! How about we all sleep over here then?!
Nanami: What?!
Tsukushi: Jeez~, don't be ridiculous. We'd just be causing Nanami-chan's family more trouble.
Mashiro: Y-yeah... Isn't this a little too sudden...?
Touko: C'mon~, it's fine, isn't it, Nanami?
Nanami: Uh, y-yeah. If it's here in the atelier, then that should be okay...
Touko: See? Nanami says it's fine!
Tsukushi: Well, if you say so... I suppose I don't mind. I would like these lyrics written sooner rather than later.
Touko: Alright! Then everyone, let's go home quick to prepare! We'll meet back here when we're all ready!

Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Chapter 5
The View in the Moonlight

Morfonica stays overnight at the atelier to continue writing.
While the others sleep, Mashiro is...


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: Sigh, what a great bath!
Nanami: I got everyone's beds out already~. Just lemme know if there's anything else you need~.
Tsukushi: Nanami-chan, now that we've all taken a bath and relaxed, I think it might be a good time to say hello to your family. Is that okay?
Nanami: What?! No, you don't have to do that! Don't worry about it~.
Tsukushi: But...
Nanami: You don't have to! Really!
Tsukushi: W-well, okay... If you say so.
Mashiro: ...
Rui: Kurata-san?
Mashiro: Th-that really was an incredible bath, though. I've never seen a bathroom with a mural in it before...
Rui: It was certainly unique décor.
Tsukushi: Hm...
Touko: What's up, Fusuke? Your face is all scrunched up.
Tsukushi: I'm just thinking about the lyrics. I mean, we still ended up with nothing after our second try.
Tsukushi: And we've got to finish this song by tomorrow... So I'm wondering what I should write next.
Mashiro: I-I know. It's about time I wrote something too... It really felt like I was close to something on our second try, but... Sorry.
Touko: It's fine, you two! You'll see! Tomorrow, I'll come up with even hotter lyrics than what I wrote today!
Rui: Though I have my doubts regarding how fine we actually will be, I also do not think it would be good for us to dwell on the lyrics much longer tonight.
Nanami: Right. Let's all rest up and go at it with a fresh start tomorrow~.
Tsukushi: That's... a good idea. Got it. Then I suppose we should get to bed, huh?
Touko: What? No, no, no! How are you gonna sleep over at a friend's place and not have some fun?
Mashiro: B-but it is pretty late, and we're going to be busy tomorrow. Shouldn't we go to sleep a little early tonight?
Touko: Shiro, you really don't get it, huh~? If we have fun tonight, we'll get really pumped up, right? Then that'd mean tomorrow... Boom! A masterpiece!
Rui: What sort of logic are you operating on?
Nanami: Everyone's sleeping over at my place, and we're all having fun hanging out... Nice~. Just like real teenagers!
Nanami: Then let's watch a movie~. I've got one I want you all to see~.
Tsukushi: Nanami-chan, not you too...!
Touko: A movie? Yeah, that's it! Shiro! Let's go buy some popcorn!
Mashiro: Huh...?! S-stop pulling~...
Nanami: I'm coming too~.
Tsukushi: H-hey...!
Rui: I will go to sleep, then. Good night.
Tsukushi: Ah... Jeez, you're all so stubborn~!
Tsukushi & Touko: Zzz... zzz... zzz...
Mashiro: ...
Nanami: Shiro-chan, can't sleep~?
Mashiro: Ah... Nanami-chan. Sorry, did I wake you up...?
Nanami: No, I couldn't get to sleep anyway~. I'm just so happy my friends are sleeping over. I've never done anything like this before.
Nanami: What about you, Shiro-chan? Oh, are you the type that can't sleep without your own pillow?
Mashiro: I was writing lyrics. I'm worried we won't be able to finish the song by tomorrow...
Nanami: Oh... So did you think of something, then?
Mashiro: Not exactly, but I'm doing better than before, at least... It feels like I'm so close... Just a little push, and I'll have it.
Mashiro: When I was writing by myself before, my mind was full of things like the deadline and Kasumi-san... I couldn't concentrate at all.
Mashiro: But being together with everyone helped me forget that stuff. I guess I was able to relax a little.
Nanami: I totally know what you mean~. It's fun doing something together with friends, right~? Like going out to eat, or stopping by shops on the way home from school...
Nanami: I've never had a chance to do stuff like that before. It's all been so new to me~.
Mashiro: Our little parties after our shows are nice, too, right? I always get so excited when we clink our glasses together.
Nanami: I knew you'd understand, Shiro-chan~. I put more effort into that toast than our shows~.
Mashiro: Sh-shouldn't you put a little more effort into playing, then...?
Nanami: Fufu... It is exciting thinking about our show at CiRCLE though, huh?
Mashiro: ... Yeah. But... I think I'm still scared.
Nanami: Then just remember that we're all going to be there with you. You don't have to be scared with us by your side~.
Mashiro: Huh?
Nanami: Morfonica is the five of us, right~? If something's hard for one of us, I'm sure we can figure it out together.
Nanami: Even though I know we can't stop you from feeling worried, we can at least support you until we get up on that stage. So let's make this concert at CiRCLE a good one, okay?
Mashiro: Morfonica is the five of us... If it's hard for one of us, we can figure it out together...
Mashiro: ...
Nanami: Shiro-chan?
Mashiro: I saw it just now. I know... what I want to sing at CiRCLE... I think I figured it out.
Nanami: Really? Yay~, you did it, Shiro-chan!
Mashiro: I'm going to go back to writing.
Nanami: Wait, now? But it's so late. Are you gonna be okay not sleeping?
Mashiro: Don't worry. I just want to write down what I thought of now as soon as I can.
Nanami: Hm~... Got it. Then I'll stay up with you. If you need anything, just lemme know~.
Mashiro: Okay. Thanks.

Einsatz of A New Journey Event Story - Ending
To the Shining Scenery Together

Morfonica's long-awaited CiRCLE concert is about to begin.
What sight do the members see from the stage...?



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