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Elder Mood Setter Card Story - Episode

Hina's Idea of Cool


Filming Studio

Hina: I'm back! Eve-chan, how was my photo shoot?
Eve: You were quite at ease, so your good qualities came through! The staff also had positive reactions!
Hina: Mhm! I felt boppin' doing it too ♪
Eve: It seems they need some time to check everything!
Hina: Right. Since it'll still take some time, I'm gonna take a break until they call!
Eve: Okay! When one is alone, times like this can be quite troubling, but today I am here with you.
Eve: Inexperienced as I am, please allow me to keep you company during your break!
Hina: Ahaha, it's good to have you around. I'm glad you're here too. That way I won't get bored.
Hina: Things are totally different when we're with each other~.
Eve: I agree. I actually think it is best when we are all together, but that is not so easily done.
Eve: But just as we are doing our best here, Aya-san and the others are surely doing their best with the joint rehearsal!
Hina: What do you think they're doing right now? I can totally picture them doing something funny.
Eve: I am sure they are providing proper teachings as experienced idols.
Hina: Yeah, Chisato-chan and Maya-chan are there too, after all. Aw man, I wanna talk to the trainees too.
Hina: Y'know, I don't really get the whole junior idols thing. I mean, we haven't had any up until now.
Hina: So I really want to see how that feels.
Eve: I understand what you mean... Having seniors and juniors at school has a bit of a different feeling.
Eve: However, since I was the youngest in our band, it feels like I have younger sisters now, so I am quite pleased!
Hina: Younger sisters, huh? I guess that means that we're gonna be big sisters then.
Hina: ... Ahaha! Thinking about it like that, it's pretty interesting!
Eve: It is...?
Hina: Yeah! I've always been the younger sister, and that's been the norm for me.
Hina: So I've never thought about becoming a big sister! I wonder how it'll turn out.
Eve: I see. When you put it like that, I am an only child, so becoming an older sister is a fresh experience for me as well.
Eve: Of course, while it will be different from being an actual older sister, I do hope they depend on us like their siblings!
Hina: Mhm! Oh man, I'm looking forward to it even more!
Eve: Yes! Let us show them our cool side and be of help to them! ... Oh? Hina-san, the staff is calling you!
Hina: Okey-dokey! I wonder if we're doing the rest of the shoot.
Staff: Sorry, Hikawa-san. For the rest of the shoot, we'd like to try it with a different feeling than we did before...
Eve: The photos before were all playful ones, correct? For something different than that, do you mean calm and collected?
Staff: Yes, we'd like to ask for that if possible...
Hina: Hmm... Calm and collected means being cool, right? In that case, I might have the perfect idea!
Hina: Gimme a second! I'll get into character right away!
Hina: ... Deep breath in... And out...
Hina: ... Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's proceed with the filming.
Eve: H-Hina-san?!
Hina: Fufu. Well then, Wakamiya-san, I will see you afterwards.

Hina: I'm back! Eve-chan, how was my shoot?
Eve: You were very cool... You seemed somewhat like Sayo-san!
Hina: Hey, you guessed it! For me, when I think about someone cool, I definitely think of my big sis!
Hina: I thought that if I did that, I'd understand being a senior idol, but... I think it might be kinda different.
Eve: I agree. You may not be an older sister, but I believe you have the dependability and coolness of one!
Eve: So I think your normal self should be fine!
Hina: Yeah, you're right. Copying my big sis was fun, but I'm me.
Hina: Yeah, I'll make sure to stay myself when I meet the trainees!

Elder Mood Setter Card Story - Special Episode

Mosaic Pallette



Hina: Hey~! Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Ah, Hina-chan! Hello. Since you have your guitar with you, does that mean you have practice?
Hina: That's right. I'm working hard for the next show!
Marina: Mhm, you're all doing your best as pros.
Hina: Well, during our last show, we all became role models, so I think that's also part of it.
Marina: I see. If I recall, you had a show with some of the agency's trainees, right? It caused quite a buzz online.
Marina: Are you more motivated now that you have idols looking up to you?
Hina: Yeah! We had rehearsals together, and it was really interesting!
Hina: I had never really talked to other idols outside of the girls in our band.
Hina: There was so much I didn't know. It was so boppin'♪
Marina: Stuff you didn't know, huh? Does that mean that they were different from you?
Hina: Bingo! I realized there are different ways of thinking as idols!
Hina: Take me for example. I became an idol because I thought it would be fun, but the trainees weren't like that.
Hina: From the very beginning, they've been working really hard because they wanted to be idols. And Pastel✽Palettes is included in the type of idols they want to be like.
Hina: It's kinda weird, right? With Pastel✽Palettes, the only one that wanted to be an idol from the beginning was Aya-chan.
Hina: Don't you think it's really funny that girls like us are actually working as idols?
Marina: I see what you mean. But I think all of you are very wonderful idols too.
Marina: No matter how it was at first, we've all gotten quite a bit of energy from seeing you all working so hard.
Hina: Hmm, really? Well, I also think that it's great Pastel✽Palettes is the way it is, so I guess that's okay!
Hina: We've got a model, a child actor, a session musician... and me, a regular high school girl~.
Hina: But by being an idol with those other four, there's so much going on that I never get tired of it.
Hina: If I had been in the same group as the trainees, I can't imagine what I would be like right now!
Marina: Fufu. You really love Pastel✽Palettes, huh?
Hina: Yeah! I doubt there are people as interesting as this anywhere else! Even today's rehearsal is sure to be boppin'♪
Hina: Sigh... It is so much fun being in Pastel✽Palettes~!