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Eloquent Passion Card Story - Episode

That's It!


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Touko: Sorry about the wait! I was talking with some friends and lost track of time.
Nanami: Oh, Touko-chan. It's fine. Rui-rui isn't here yet, either~.
Tsukushi: It's not fine! Never mind Rui-san, you're still late.
Touko: Hey, I said I'm sorry~. Hold up, isn't Rui being late pretty weird?
Nanami: She said she's got things to take care of at school~. But she'll be here soon, so she wants us to get ready~.
Touko: Roger that! Man, it feels like it's been forever since the last time we practiced together, don't you think?
Mashiro: You were really busy with that event you were doing, after all...
Touko: Yeah, but it was tons of fun~!
Nanami: I saw your posts online. They were amazing~.
Touko: I know, right? We knocked it out of the park! And all the pictures turned out great, too!
Mashiro: Y-yeah... Ran-san's kimono looked really good on her.
Tsukushi: You picked it out for her, right?
Touko: You bet I did! I'm extra confident in my kimono-picking skills for that show~.
Touko: How do I describe it...? I kinda just take one look and think, "This is the one!"
Touko: That's a genius for you! My skills are top notch, right?!
Mashiro: Huh? U-uh...
Nanami: Yeah, I think you picked the perfect one~. It was just flashy enough to pull your attention, but still managed to maintain a sense of elegance...
Nanami: And more than anything, I think you hit that sweet spot where you made sure to pick something that stood out, but didn't distract from the flowers or Ran-ran-senpai's show.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: ...!
Mashiro: Nanami-chan, that was incredible...
Tsukushi: I can't believe you got all of that out of just the pictures.
Nanami: O-oh, it's no big deal. I just guessed that was what Touko-chan was trying to say...
Touko: Nanami~, you really get me! That's it exactly! You took the words right out of my mouth!
Touko: Figuring out the right balance in picking out your kimono is super important. So next time you all need a kimono, you know who to call!
Tsukushi: Jeez, now you're just getting ahead of yourself...
Mashiro: Ahaha...
Rui: Hello, everyone.
Tsukushi: Rui-san! Hello! We've been waiting for you.
Rui: Apologies for my tardiness. I will be ready in just a moment.
Touko: Hey, Rui! What did you think of my event?
Rui: Event...?
Touko: I told you to check online since I'd be posting pictures, right?!
Rui: Did you? More importantly, regarding practice...
Nanami: At least take a quick look, Rui-rui~. Touko-chan really did a good job this time.
Touko: Yeah, look! Right now!
Rui: ... Fine. So? What is it you want me to see?
Touko: Here! This is me on the day of the event, and... this is Ran-san's flower arrangement!
Touko: And here's the kimono I picked out for Ran-san~. So? Didn't I do good?!
Touko: Just seeing pictures of us gets your heart racing, right~? We look amazing, right? Right?!
Rui: I am sure the fact that you were featured means that your performance must have been exemplary.
Touko: Yeah, and?
Rui: That is all.
Touko: What~?! There's way more you can say, isn't there?! Like "Awesome," or "So cool!"
Nanami: Ahaha~... Come on, calm down a little bit, Touko-chan. Even if she doesn't say it out loud, I bet you she thinks it~.
Nanami: This is just an outsider's opinion, but the arrangement is bold, yet delicate. Clearly, you cared a lot for both the event and the flowers. And more than anything else, I can sense the passion!
Nanami: The heart design was a good choice, too~. It's cute and easily draws the eye of everyone around. The choice in flowers shows your playful side, too. It all comes together really well.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi: ... I've been curious ever since that comment earlier, but... Nanami-chan, do you like kimonos and flowers? You sure seem to know a lot about them.
Nanami: Oh no, not at all~.
Mashiro: B-but you explained everything so well...
Nanami: Really? D-doesn't everybody know this much~?
Tsukushi: No way! I can't believe you managed to translate Touko-chan's words into something so easily understandable!
Touko: Hey! She basically just said the same thing I did! I made sure to make it easy for you all to understand, too!
Mashiro: Was that really the same...?
Touko: Yeah, it was! Alright, I'm gonna say it one more time, so listen up, got it?!
Touko: Uh... So first, Ran-san's kimono and the flower arrangement were really awesome, right? They make your heart pound, don't you think?
Touko: What did Nanami say again? Something about the choice of flowers, right? I totally see that, too~! And the heart was super cute!
Touko: So?! That was super easy to understand, right?
Mashiro: U-um~...
Rui: ... Could we begin practice now? It has been a while since our last one, and I would rather not waste time.
Nanami: Ahaha... Touko-chan, let's just leave it at that and get to practice~.
Touko: What?! Why~? No fair!

Eloquent Passion Card Story - Special Episode

Out of the Blue


Shopping Mall

Touko: Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hi!
Marina: Hi there, Touko-chan. You're full of energy as always.
Marina: Good work at that event the other day! I saw your post online! It sounded like your show at Aurum City was a big hit!
Touko: It totally was! Our corner was the best one there, no doubt about it!
Marina: Fufu, I'd expect nothing less from you and Ran-chan.
Touko: Yeah, of course! But, well... the days leading up to it were kinda rough, I guess.
Touko: I actually made Ran-san angry. She ran off somewhere in the middle of our talk.
Touko: And well, I had no idea what she was mad about at the time.
Marina: I-I see. I heard a little from Ran-chan already, but... you two did make up, right?
Touko: You bet we did! We're the best of friends now. Don't worry!
Marina: Thank goodness~.
Marina: But how did that happen in the first place...?
Touko: Hm~... I guess what I was trying to say didn't get through to her all that well.
Touko: I was seriously so surprised! I never thought that could happen to me!
Touko: My big goal for this event was to make our show a super fun one to watch.
Touko: I mean, if we've gotta convince people that know nothing about flower arranging how great it is, we've gotta pull out all the stops, right?
Touko: Thing is, that's not exactly what Ran-san was thinking of...
Touko: And so that's why when I suggested spicing things up, she wasn't on board.
Marina: I see. Your tastes didn't match, huh?
Touko: Ahh, yeah, that's a good way of putting it!
Touko: But Chisato-san and Eve-san happened to be in the neighborhood and popped by to give us some advice, and it all worked out in the end!
Touko: They helped me realize Ran-san just wasn't getting what I was saying... so we talked it out after that and got on the same wavelength!
Touko: Man, trying to get people to understand you is pretty tough, huh~? I thought I was being crystal clear.
Marina: Yeah, it is... I think properly communicating your thoughts and feelings to another person can be really hard.
Touko: Ah, but you know what? ... It was thanks to that misunderstanding that I learned about a whole other side to Ran-san I didn't know about.
Touko: I always thought Ran-san was kinda wild and rough. The type that didn't sweat the small stuff, you know?
Touko: Truth is, she actually pays a lotta attention to little details, like what direction each flower is facing and what sort of embroidery's being used in her kimonos.
Touko: And I'm glad I got to find that out! Aw man, I wonder when they're gonna ask us back~.
Marina: You're already thinking about next time? Fufu... Well, if there is a next time, let me know. I'll definitely be there.
Touko: Really?! I'll ask my grandma as soon as I get home! I bet you Ran-san would be super happy, too!
Touko: Alright, I've gotta go! See ya, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san!