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Emergency! Card Story - Episode

Burning Figure


CiRCLE - Lobby
Tomoe: Man, looks like I got here too early. Guess I'll go kill some time...
Ako: ... Huh? Sis? What are you doing here?
Tomoe: ... Ako? What are you doing at CiRCLE?
Ako: What do you mean? I told you I was going out. I came to do some practicing on my own!
Tomoe: You too, huh? Then we should've come here together.
Ako: You too? Does that mean you're also here to rehearse, Sis?
Tomoe: Uh-huh. There's only so much practice I can do at home with the drums. Studios work better when you need to really start thrashing, right?
Ako: Yeah! Nobody gets mad at a studio, no matter how loud you play!
Ako: Isn't it kind of rare for you to practice on your own, Sis? I thought you usually practiced with everyone else.
Tomoe: Ah~, you're right. We generally don't do much practicing alone.
Tomoe: I'm always with at least one other person. That goes for rehearsals, too...
Ako: I knew it~! ... Then why are you alone today?
Tomoe: Well... Part of it is because our schedule's didn't line up, but another part of it is Roselia's doing.
Ako: You mean us...?
Tomoe: Yeah. You guys were pretty awesome at Future World Fes, and it made me want to give a performance like that.
Ako: It did?! Yay~! I'm so glad you feel that way! It makes all the practicing I did worthwhile~!
Tomoe: Ahaha, it's not just me, though. All of us are really fired up.
Ako: Hm? Wh-what do you mean...?
Tomoe: After seeing that show, we all want to give a show like that.
Tomoe: We'd never seen anything like it. The sheer energy, the way each song just resonated with every part of you...
Tomoe: We know we can't put on a show like you guys did. At least not yet. But that just makes us want to do it all the more.
Ako: I see... So I guess you could say our show lit a fire within you guys!
Tomoe: Yeah! The future Afterglow is gonna be awesome! We even rewrote our new song, and it sounds pretty cool!
Ako: Huh?! You mean the one you played at your last show?!
Tomoe: Oh, yeah. You were there, weren't you?
Ako: Y-yeah. I really liked it, too... It sounded like any other Afterglow song...
Tomoe: Haha, thanks. It wasn't a bad song at all, but we decided to change it to go along with how we feel now.
Tomoe: We know we have to change if we want to do better...
Ako: So that's why... I like it! You've made up your mind and are determined to succeed!
Ako: You know, when we decided we weren't going to perform "LOUDER" anymore, it also took a lot of determination!
Ako: It was really difficult, but we also knew it was important for Roselia's future. That's why we decided to seal it away!
Tomoe: Moving forward sure does come with its share of big decisions.
Ako: Yeah! And I think that's why we were able to perform like we did during that show!
Ako: So I'm sure Afterglow will be fine, too!
Tomoe: Yeah, same here! Thanks, Ako!
Ako: Yeah! ... Oh yeah! Sis, how long are you going to practice? Let's enter the studio together after you're done!
Ako: I wanna hear how your song has changed!
Tomoe: Huh? Well, it's fine with me... But all you'll be hearing is the drum part, you know.
Ako: That's okay! You're the one I always watch at your shows anyway!
Ako: The coolest drummer I know just became cooler! Of course I want to hear you play right now!
Tomoe: Ahaha, gotcha! Guess I gotta go full throttle during my own practice then!
Ako: Yay! I can't wait~!
Tomoe: Hey, since you're going to listen to me play, can I hear your drumming too?
Tomoe: I really like the new song you guys did at Future World Fes. That drum phrase in the middle really hit home!
Ako: You do?! I'll play it then! I can't wait for you to hear it, Sis!
Ako: I think I figured out how to be cool in my own way at Future World Fes, so... I want you to see the cool me even more!
Tomoe: Sure! You better show me a performance like the one that lit a fire within me!
Ako: I will! But I gotta practice on my own first! I'll give it my all~!
Tomoe: You and me both! All right, see you soon, Ako!

Emergency! Card Story - Special Episode

The Sound of Progress


Tomoe: ... Oh! Marina-san. BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon... Although, I guess I should be saying good evening.
Marina: Fufu, that's true. Good evening. Is it just you today?
Tomoe: Yes. I was practicing on my own until now.
Marina: I see. Everyone in Afterglow seems to be rehearsing a lot lately.
Tomoe: Ahaha, yeah. We're all pretty fired up because we want to become even cooler!
Marina: Oho~! Does that mean you have a goal of some kind?
Tomoe: We do! We want to give a super intense concert like Roselia did at Future World Fes.
Tomoe: I hate to admit it, but we know we can't do something like that yet. But if that's the case, then we just have to practice till we can...
Tomoe: So we're rehearsing like crazy to get even better... and even more cool!
Marina: So you guys decided to think positively and work hard! I like the way you think!
Tomoe: Thanks. After we figured that out, we did all sorts of stuff, like rewriting our new song... And you know what? Things feel a little different now.
Tomoe: We're still playing the same instruments, and we're still us... but our music sounds fresh and new.
Tomoe: And I think that's really important.
Marina: I imagine it feels a little strange... But why do you think it's important?
Tomoe: I dunno how to put it... It's like we're still us at the core, but there's a new layer of something on top. I guess you could say it's like we've evolved.
Tomoe: In any case, something tells me Afterglow is changing in a good way.
Tomoe: As long as we have this feeling, and the five of us are together, I'm sure we can do anything.
Marina: For sure. I know facing new challenges can be difficult, but I also know how fun they can be!
Tomoe: Yeah! ... I honestly have no idea what's going to happen to us from now on.
Tomoe: But I'm not worried. I guess you could say we know where we want to go and we're taking things one step at a time.
Tomoe: And even if something happens, all we have to do is listen to our songs. That'll show us who we are.
Marina: True, the songs you write are filled with your memories. I'm sure they'll guide you down the right path.
Tomoe: Whoa! That's a great way to put it, Marina-san! And I totally agree!
Tomoe: We're going to keep moving forward for as long as we can!
Marina: Sounds good! Good luck!