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Emergency Sleepover! Card Story - Episode

Hidden Passion Part 1


Joint Rehearsal With Roselia - Studio

Arisa: ... Ah, I messed up. Sorry...
Arisa: (Th-this is awful... I've been slipping up left and right...)
Rinko: Don't worry... Let's try again... from the top...
Arisa: O-okay...
Sayo: ...
Arisa: (Why does Sayo-senpai keep glaring at us...? Could it be that she's keeping an eye on me...?)
Rinko: I-Ichigaya-san...?
Arisa: Ah, oops. Sorry! I'm ready...!


Arisa: I'm exhausted... My fingers have been moving non-stop since this morning...
Rimi: Roselia really is amazing. Just trying to keep up with them in rehearsal is hard enough.
Kasumi: For real! Yukina-senpai was on my case non-stop~. But... it felt good because I knew she only wanted to help!
Tae: I know what you mean. Giving a good performance feels like time well spent.
Tae: I could watch Hikawa-senpai play all day. The way her fingers move is both beautiful and precise, but also intense.
Saaya: Roselia is not only skilled but also unique in everything they do. Ako's drumming was really cool.
Rimi: Lisa-san was too! The way she said "Now that's the stuff!" made me laugh, though.
Arisa: Well, when you're as good as they are, you can play pretty much any kind of music you want.
Arisa: No matter how much I try to play a certain way, I can't get my fingers to keep up. Not sure what to do about that.
Tae: That's why we're practicing, Arisa.
Arisa: I get that!
Saaya: Practicing with Roselia was pretty rough, but I'm glad we did.
Saaya: They taught us a lot about what we can do to help make Poppin'Party even better.
Arisa: The whole thing was one big lesson, if you ask me... And our next session isn't too far off, right?
Arisa: Sigh... I guess I'll review what we learned today once I get home.
Tae: Nice work ethic, Arisa.
Arisa: It's not like that...
Tae: I was thinking the same thing. About practicing when I get home.
Kasumi: Ohhh, way to go, you two~! Alright then, I'm down! Count me in too!
Rimi: Oh, me too.
Saaya: Whoa, you guys are pumped. Now I kind of feel like playing a little too!
Arisa: Too bad all you can manage at your place are rolled up magazines for drumsticks.
Saaya: Pretty much.
Arisa: ... Want to come over to my place, then?
Saaya: Huh? You don't mind?
Arisa: If we're all going to be playing anyway, we might as well do it together. Besides, you'd be able to use the drums in my basement...
Tae: Arisa. By "together", does that mean I can come too?
Arisa: You guys always barge in whenever you want anyway... It's up to you whether you come or not... So which is it?
The Other Four: Yes, please~!
Arisa: That settles that. Ah... You'd better tell your folks that you'll be home late.

Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Arisa: Hm~... See, this is the part that is giving me trouble. My bad. Mind if we go again?
Tae: Of course.
Rimi: Ah, I'd like to go a little further back, if that's okay. There's a section I want to run through again.
Kasumi: I'm fine with starting wherever!
Saaya: Okay, then let's start from the top of the bridge! Here we go! One, two...!

Emergency Sleepover! Card Story - Special Episode

Hidden Passion Part 2


Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Kasumi: Phew. Hey! That run through just now was pretty good!
Rimi: Uh-huh. My heart was racing and everything. Kasumi-chan!
Tae: For sure, today was our best performance yet. Mhm.
Saaya: I feel like all that practice we put in today really paid off. What a relief~!
Arisa: Yeah... Sorry to cut in on the fun, but I've got two announcements to make.
Saaya: Where'd that come from? Announcements?
Arisa: The first is that we need to stop here for today.
Kasumi: Ahhh~! It's way past when I told my mom I'd be home!
Rimi: I didn't notice the time at all...
Tae: We were really in the zone, for sure... So, what's the second one, Arisa?
Arisa: That would be... that grandma has made more than enough dinner to feed everyone... Who's game?
Kasumi & Tae: Me!
Saaya: Hahaha, that was quick... Sorry for making your grandmother go out of her way. Are you sure she doesn't mind?
Arisa: Nah, she's already done, so not having any would just be whatever.
Rimi: Alright, I think I'll stay, then. Ah, but I need to message my mother first.
Kasumi: The food at Arisa's is so good~. I can't wait~♪
Arisa: Kasumi, you'd better contact your folks too...!

After Dinner

Kasumi: Ahhh, that was delicious~!
Tae: Whatever that meat dish was, it was amazing.
Rimi: It sure was~. Healthy but also really filling.
Saaya: We were seriously spoiled tonight. I need to return the favor somehow.
Arisa: Don't sweat it. Grandma was happy to do it.
Saaya: No way. Does your grandmother like bread? I'll bring some from our place sometime.
Arisa: Hey, I said it's cool... It's late, so you guys should really get going.
Rimi: She's right. Okay, let's get the basement cleaned up and then head out.
Arisa: Nah, I've got it. Just leave it as is.
Kasumi: Why?
Arisa: What do you mean, why? Just because...
Kasumi: Arisa, do you...?
Arisa: D-do I what...?
Kasumi: Do you really like cleaning that much?
Arisa: As if! What gave you that idea?! And stop making a bigger mess!
Tae: Hey, Arisa. You're planning to practice after we leave, aren't you?
Arisa: Ngh... Yeah, kind of... Is that a problem?
Kasumi: Huh? If Arisa is going to practice, then so am I!
Arisa: No, you need to go home. Your folks are waiting, and it's not safe to stay out too late.
Saaya: I agree. Then again, I wouldn't mind playing just a little more...
Arisa: S-Saaya, not you too...
Rimi: I would've liked to play some other songs together.
Tae: Mhm. I think I can keep going.
Arisa: You guys... Sigh. Argh, fine. Who wants to sleep over?
Kasumi & Tae: Me!
Arisa: Whatever, so long as it's to practice. No goofing around!
Tae: We know. It's an emergency training session.
Rimi: That sounds intense.
Saaya: Alright, let's get to work, then!
Kasumi: Yeah~!

Arisa's Room

Arisa: Sigh, I'm beat. No, I'm beyond beat... But hey, maybe our next session will be a little better for it...
Kasumi: I wonder if we're catching up to Roselia...
Saaya: They probably practice like this every day, you know.
Kasumi: Huh?! Th-then... we'd better pick up the pace!
Rimi: Yeah. Let's try our best in our own way.
Arisa: Well, that all sounds nice, but lofty ideals won't get us anywhere.
Kasumi: Arisa~.
Tae: ... You say that, but I think you did your best today.
Arisa: Huh? And what's wrong with that?
Tae: Nothing. If anything, it's a good thing.
Saaya: That's right. If Arisa hadn't said anything, we wouldn't have gotten anything done tonight. It's all thanks to her.
Kasumi: Hey, yeah! It is pretty rare for her to suggest we get some practice in.
Arisa: Cut me some slack, jeez... All I want is for our rehearsal with Roselia to be as least awkward as possible.
Arisa: It'd be a pain if I messed something up and got fussed out for wasting everyone's time, then have to hear how the whole thing is called off.
Arisa: That, and... I figured it'd be better to nail my part than not.
Kasumi: Arisa~... I know exactly what you mean!
Arisa: Calm down, and get off me.
Tae: Arisa, you really are on fire today.
Arisa: Wipe that grin off your face. I'm going to bed.
Saaya: Ah, she disappeared under the blanket.
Rimi: Do you think we embarrassed her...?
Arisa: Shut up~! Just go to sleep already!