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Encouraging Melody (Hazawa Tsugumi) Card Story - Episode

Sharing Kindness


Hazawa Coffee
Tsugumi: Great work today, Eve-chan!
Eve: Thank you! You did amazingly as well, Tsugumi-san!
Eve: You're shining even more than usual today! The way you carried all those trays was excellent.
Tsugumi: Th-that's not true! I mean, Eve-chan, you- Huh? Did you hear that? It sounded like growling...
Eve: My deepest apologies... That was my stomach...
Eve: I overslept today, so I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast.
Tsugumi: What?! Y-you can't do that! That's the most important meal of the day!
Tsugumi: Ah, I've got an idea. Eve-chan, wait here.
Eve: ...? Okay.

Tsugumi: Sorry that took so long!
Eve: A sandwich and coffee... They smell so good. Did you make this for me?
Tsugumi: Yup. It's our break time anyway, so I thought we could eat together!
Eve: Wow, thank you very much! I'll have some right away!
Tsugumi: Yeah! No time like the present, right?
Eve, Tsugumi: ...
Tsugumi: S-so... How do you like it?
Eve: ...! This sandwich is delicious!
Eve: You put tuna and a boiled egg inside, right? And this unique flavor... Is there soy sauce in this?
Tsugumi: I knew you'd get it! You're absolutely right!
Tsugumi: I thought I'd make it a little more Japanese for you, so I mixed a little bit of soy sauce into some mayonnaise. I'm glad you like it.
Eve: This is amazing! I can taste Japan even in a sandwich.
Eve: But more than anything, your feelings really come through, Tsugumi-san. You are always so considerate, no matter what... This sandwich is full of your bushido spirit!
Tsugumi: N-no way. I just wanted to see you smile, that's all.
Eve: And that makes me very happy. Your kindness has filled my heart and my stomach!
Tsugumi: You're making me blush... Still, I'm glad you're feeling better. Ready for the afternoon shift, Eve-chan?
Eve: Yes, absolutely!
Eve: I'll take this kindness you gave me and bring it to every single customer we have!
Tsugumi: Fufu, I'll have to do my best not to get outdone.

Encouraging Melody (Hazawa Tsugumi) Card Story - Special Episode

A Step Towards Awareness


Tsugumi: Sigh~...
Marina: Uh-oh. Is everything alright, Tsugumi-chan? It's not like you to sigh like that.
Tsugumi: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san... Good afternoon.
Marina: Hello. Did something happen? You seem really tired.
Tsugumi: I guess you could say that... You see...

Marina: A new band?! That does sound rough~.
Tsugumi: We're only doing it for a little while.
Tsugumi: All the members have a part-time job, so we thought it'd be nice to make a song to support part-timers like us... It was really fun!
Tsugumi: And people seem to really like this song too. I even get people coming up to me at school to tell me they heard it!
Tsugumi: Someone even told me it's a fantastic song and that it made them want to show their support for all those hard workers too...
Tsugumi: I was so thrilled to hear that... And I ended up overdoing it at practice today.
Marina: So that's what happened. I'm just glad to know it's nothing serious.
Tsugumi: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to worry you.
Marina: It's no big deal. I understand completely~. When someone compliments you like that, you want to work even harder.
Marina: Not that you're doing it for the praise. Getting acknowledged by someone just gives you that little extra push you need.
Tsugumi: Yeah. Plus... it sounds like our song helped a lot of people realize there are hard workers all around us, and that makes me happy.
Tsugumi: It'd be great if that way of thinking spread as far as our song has.
Tsugumi: If my hard work could do that, that'd be amazing...
Marina: Ahaha. Looks like you agree, BanG Dreamer-san... That sounds wonderful to me too.
Marina: I'd love it if you and the others would play your High School Part-Timer Rally Song at CiRCLE sometime.
Tsugumi: That would be so much fun! I'll talk to everyone about setting something up!
Marina: Fufu, thank you.