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Eternal Aspiration! Card Story - Episode

Ako's in a Slump too?!


CiRCLE Studio

Ako: Mmm~...
Rinko: What's wrong, Ako-chan...?
Ako: Not sure, it's just... I can't seem to get things going~. The drums won't make the sound I want them to make~. What's going on~?
Rinko: Ah, Ako-chan...
Lisa: Huh? Sayo finally gets out of her slump and now you?
Ako: Ohh~, I wonder if you can catch a slump from someone else... Hey, Lisa-nee... What am I supposed to do...?
Lisa: What do you do...? You stop making that glum face. Come on, look, I'll give you leftover cookie. Now cheer up ☆
Ako: Yay! A cookie! Gimme, gimme~!
Ako: Nom nom... Mmm, yummy~! Your cookies are the best in the world, Lisa-nee~!
Lisa: Would you look at that? You're so happy! Great, that's awesome~ ♪
Ako: What~?! No no no!! It's not awesome~! I've really got a problem here~!
Rinko: A-Ako-chan... If it's okay with you... we could talk about it...
Ako: Thanks, Rin-rin!
Rinko: So, what's wrong...?
Ako: So actually, the sound coming from the drum is not bouncy enough.
Ako: Usually, it's kind of like the ultimate power of darkness explodes, like... kaboom!! And it makes the best sound ever, but...
Ako: Today I guess it's kinda like the demon king broke his horn, and the sound that comes from the drum is so not cool~.
Rinko: Th-That's very worrisome...
Lisa: I'm not sure I really get your explanation, but... I understand that something is off.
Lisa: You were perfectly on point last rehearsal, though. Why would you suddenly not be able to get things going?

Ako: Hmm~... Ah! Maybe...!
Rinko: Did you... think of something?
Ako: Maybe I've been trying too hard to be like my sister...!
Lisa: Wh-What do you mean...?
Ako: Well, despite the way I may seem, I'm pretty sensitive to other things, right?
Ako: So maybe I lost my own sound while chasing after my sister's...!
Lisa: Hmm, a sensitive Ako...? But you've been trying to be like Tomoe for so long. Why now?
Lisa: Hey, Rinko. What do you think...? ... Rinko? Something wrong?
Rinko: ... Ah, s-sorry. S-Something... kind of caught my attention...
Ako: Something?
Rinko: Mhm... It might be the reason for your troubles... possibly...
Ako: What?! Really?!
Rinko: Maybe... this is the problem...?
Ako: The bass drum...?
Ako: Huh? There's something inside...
Others: ... Ahh!!
Ako: What the~?!?! What's going on here?! There's a blanket inside!! I didn't know about this~!!
Lisa: That's right. If you want to mute the sound of the drum, you could put a blanket in it...
Lisa: The people who used the studio before us must have put it in there and forgot about it.
Ako: Ungh, I-I had no idea~!
Ako: Ugh! Which band did this~?! There's a rule about leaving the studio how you found it after you're done!
Rinko: Ako-chan... Why don't you take out the blanket... and try playing it...?
Ako: Y-You're right, Rin-rin! Here we go~!

Ako: ... Phew, that rocked!
Ako: Ah~!! That's it, that's the sound! I might actually be on fire right now~!!
Rinko: Mhm, it was very cool...
Lisa: It's nice that you're not in a slump and all, but... You gotta check these things before you start practicing~.
Ako: Ehehe, sorry I made you guys worry!
Ako: So it had nothing to do with my sister after all! That's great~! That means I can keep trying to be more and more like her~!
Lisa: Ahaha, you couldn't be Ako without doing that, right~?
Rinko: Yeah... I'm glad it turned out to be nothing, Ako-chan...

Eternal Aspiration! Card Story - Special Episode



Shopping Mall

Ako: Ahh~, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~!
Ako: ... Uhm, so I'm here because I wanted to buy some super cool clothes~.
Ako: So tell me, which do you think is better between this punkish-looking one or this gothic-style one?
Ako: I've been thinking about it for so~ long, and I have no idea which one to choose~.
Ako: Tell me what you think! I'll use that to help me decide!
Ako: ... Mhm, mhm. I see. Yeah, you're right~, they do both have their own kind of coolness.
Ako: ... Ah, speaking of!
Ako: There was actually something I wanted to talk to you about!
Ako: ... Huh? No~, not about my sister this time! I wanted to talk about Sayo-san!
Ako: ... Uhh, so the other day, Sayo-san was kinda down.
Ako: ... Oh, no! She's alright now!
Ako: Like she's been restored to full health!
Ako: But I was super duper worried about her~.
Ako: Especially since it looked like she couldn't get into a rhythm during practice...
Ako: I mean, it's Sayo-san. I had never seen her make so many mistakes before.
Ako: N-Not like I'm one to talk though... Ehehe...
Ako: ... Mhm! Lately, she's been the perfect Sayo-san we all know!
Ako: She is so~ cool~.
Ako: Her guitar playing is awesome, she's tall and so mature...!
Ako: She's in the top three of people I want to be like.
Ako: ... What? Who's number one?
Ako: You don't have to even ask, do you~?
Ako: It's my big sister of course!
Ako: ... Ah, that reminds me! During that time when Sayo-san was all worried, I hear my sister talked to her!
Ako: ... Nope! I have no idea what they talked about!
Ako: I even asked her, over and over and over, but she wouldn't tell me!
Ako: She said it's a secret... between older sisters! Isn't that so unfair~?
Ako: But you know, I'm thinking I'd like to see my sister and Sayo-san become even closer!
Ako: ... Hm? Think about it! If they do, then I'll be able to see more and more~ of the both of them being cool!
Ako: What do they call that again?
Ako: ... Ah! That's it! Two birds with one stone!
Ako: And if that happens, I'll become so much cooler~.
Ako: Wouldn't it be the greatest thing ever if we fused together my sister's cool and Sayo-san's cool?!
Ako: Ah! But if we're gonna do that, then we have to add Yukina-san's cool!
Ako: Whoa whoa!! It's too much~!!
Ako: If my top-three-to-be were all mixed into one, I'd... become nearly invincible!
Ako: That would be so much fun~.
Ako: ... Ah! I ended up talking to you about my sister anyway!
Ako: ... Hahaha! So you figured that would happen from the very beginning?
Ako: ... Ehehe. Well, there's nothing we can really do about that.
Ako: I just love her so~ much!
Ako: Of course, I love Sayo-san and Yukina-san too!
Ako: ... Huh? You're leaving already?
Ako: Mmm~, that's too bad, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Alright, let's talk again some time.