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Eternally Fleeting Card Story - Episode

A Fleeting Encounter


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway Staircase

Kaoru: ... Oh? Is that perchance...
Lisa: Wow, this booth looks cute~. I could use it for inspiration. I'll take a screenshot♪
Kaoru: Greetings, Lisa! You seem to be awfully cheerful. What are you doing?
Lisa: Ah, hi, Kaoru! Nothing really. There's just this event I'm going to be in~☆
Lisa: I'm looking forward to it already~! Hey, you should look at this too, Kaoru!
Kaoru: ... Ohh, a handmade market, huh? What a moving event.
Lisa: I know, right! Apparently, there are a lot of different booths. I'm so excited to see them.
Lisa: The other day, I was talking with Misaki, Tae, and Eve, and we just happened to find out about this event.
Lisa: So we decided to make our own crafts and sign up to run a booth!
Kaoru: That is quite exciting. By the way, have you decided what you're going to make?
Lisa: I'm going to knit something. But I think I also want Misaki to teach me how to needle felt.
Kaoru: Knitting and needle felting... Fufu, my heart fills with fleetingness just imagining it.
Lisa: Yeah~, I guess. But we haven't actually decided what we're going to sell yet.
Lisa: ... Ah. Hey, Kaoru, do you do any handicrafts?
Kaoru: Handicrafts... Yes, I suppose I do, I stitch and weave with... w-
Lisa: You stitch and weave?! What? That's amazing!
Kaoru: Fufu... I knew you would understand. My masterpieces amassed from my beauty.
Lisa: Is that right! I'm surprised you do handicrafts, Kaoru~.
Lisa: Ah, I know! Why don't you join us for the handmade market?
Kaoru: Lisa... Do you think I could ever turn down an invitation from you? My answer is of course... Yes, as you know.
Lisa: Yay! It'll be our first time doing this kind of event together, Kaoru! I can't wait☆
Kaoru: My thoughts exactly. I could almost break into a dance right this moment.
Kaoru: I am forever indebted to you for giving me such a heart-pounding opportunity, Lisa. What form of gratitude can I show you in return?
Lisa: No, no, it's a big help just having more items to sell. Really, you're doing me a favor.
Lisa: And besides, I'm looking forward to seeing your stitching and weaving!
Kaoru: Ahh, I hope you continue to do so. I vow to make you something beyond your wildest dreams.
Lisa: My wildest dreams?! Wow, I wonder what you'll make!
Lisa: Will it be something bold but also delicate and gentle? Ah, or will it be something more artistic?
Kaoru: Fufu. I wonder. You'll have to wait and see it with your own eyes. Because even a fleeting moment of your imagination can become an enjoyable way to deepen your interpretation.
Lisa: When you're making them, do you start with a practice piece to form an image of the final product?
Kaoru: A practice piece... I'm not sure I'd call it that, but I do revise as often as I can until my thoughts become settled.
Kaoru: Because if I compromise too soon, there's a possibility that my fleetingness could be conveyed differently.
Lisa: I see~... You're quite serious about it.
Lisa: Still, aren't some pieces much more challenging to make depending on what you're trying to do? You must be really good~.
Kaoru: Not at all. I just let ideas flow into my mind and weave them as they come...
Kaoru: Once they take shape, my fleeting creations just naturally come together.
Lisa: Wow~, it sounds kind of easy when you put it that way, Kaoru. But it's actually super difficult, right?
Lisa: I dunno~, I've tried to stitch a few things in the past, but it just doesn't come naturally to me~.
Kaoru: That has nothing to do with it. The most important thing you need is an overflowing imagination.
Kaoru: Of course, skill is important too, but weaving your heart into it is more important... It is but that.
Lisa: Your heart, huh...? Yeah, I guess that means I should've tried a little harder.
Lisa: ... Oh, that's right! Is it okay if I keep it a secret from the others that you're joining us, Kaoru?
Kaoru: I don't mind, but may I ask why?
Lisa: Hm~, I think everyone will be more shocked if we keep it a secret. It'll definitely be funnier!
Kaoru: Fufu... A surprise then. In that case, I'll gladly keep it to myself.
Kaoru: For the time being, I won't tell anyone that I'm joining you.
Lisa: Sorry for making you do that, but it's just this one thing. Thanks! And I look forward to working together!
Kaoru: Fufu, I won't forget your desire to cause mischief... What a mischievous little kitty you are, Lisa.
Kaoru: Alright, without further ado, I shall begin my pieces. First, I must think of a motif...
Kaoru: I look forward to the day that I can show my most elaborate, most fleeting creations to many people!
Lisa: Yeah! I'm excited to see your fleeting handicrafts too, Kaoru!

Eternally Fleeting Card Story - Special Episode

Gazing at Stalls


Station Entrance

Kaoru: My, if it isn't BanG Dreamer-san?
Kaoru: What am I doing, you ask? Fufu, you will find the answer to that question if you come over here.
Kaoru: Yes, you are correct. I was looking at this booth.
Kaoru: What do you think? Isn't it ever so fleeting?
Kaoru: Yes, I am, of course, referring to the booth's accessories but also to the woman running it.
Kaoru: The earnest thoughts hiding behind her kind smile... Truly fleeting.
Kaoru: I'm sure she poured her love into her creations and made them with their as-yet-unseen owners in mind.
Kaoru: All of the accessories lined up over there are filled with her thoughts...
Kaoru: I wonder if she will feel an irreplaceable sense of sadness once they are sold.
Kaoru: ... I'm really into this, am I? Yes, I am. Perhaps this is because I had a similar experience.
Kaoru: The truth is, there was an event held the other day: a handmade market.
Kaoru: My friends and I created products and participated in this together.
Kaoru: Oh my. We produced all sorts of items. All while requesting each other's wisdom.
Kaoru: It was a glorious event... Like a break from the rest of the world where you could share whatever you liked.
Kaoru: There were many people who could feel the beauty in our creations. I was ecstatic.
Kaoru: In actual fact, Lisa also wrote a poetry anthology. It was considerably profound.
Kaoru: I was deeply moved by it. If you ever have the chance, you should read it too.
Kaoru: It really is a splendid thing, sharing your interests with others.
Kaoru: I've had many opportunities to express myself up until now; however...
Kaoru: The possibilities of doing so at this type of event were hidden from me...
Kaoru: And that is why I am filled with gratitude towards Lisa, who invited me on this adventure.
Kaoru: Heh... My apologies, I have talked long enough. Right now, I feel as if the thoughts I can put into my works are ever so fleeting... It is but that.
Kaoru: Perhaps, this is why I was drawn here. To the woman in that booth.
Kaoru: I wonder. Would you care to take a peek inside with me?
Kaoru: Fufu, I shall take that face as a "yes."
Kaoru: Without further ado, let us go.