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Everybody's Sister Card Story - Episode



Saaya: My name is Saaya Yamabuki. I play the drums for Poppin'Party.
Saaya: I'm usually busy helping out around the house and watching after my siblings...
Saaya: But I also enjoy time with the band.
Saaya: I was happy when Kasumi invited me to join.
Saaya: Oh, yeah. My family owns a bread shop: Yamabuki Bakery.
Saaya: Sometimes Kasumi lends a hand, but usually all she does is play around with my brother and sister.
Saaya: ... Just kidding! She always helps out.
Saaya: I do my best through all of the craziness.
Saaya: I think we've got a pretty good group, so I hope you'll come to see our shows.

Everybody's Sister Card Story - Special Episode

Off To The Store


Saaya: Hmm, I've got butter, sugar, salt... I think that's everything.
Saaya: ... Hm? Is that who I think it is...? BanG Dreamer-san?
Saaya: A-ha, it is you!
Saaya: I'm Saaya Yamabuki!
Saaya: I've been practicing at your live house a lot these days. I play the drums...
Saaya: Um, I just wanted to apologize for what Kasumi did the other day...
Saaya: You don't know how relieved I am to hear that everything's okay... Aha, ahaha...
Saaya: Uh, no. I'm not -here for any specific reason. I just saw you, and wanted to say hi and apologize.
Saaya: I hope you'll keep on supporting us at the live house.
Saaya: ... Oop, that was close. I almost dropped everything.
Saaya: Hm? You're wondering what I've got here?
Saaya: Ah, s-sorry. This has nothing to do with the band. My family runs a bakery.
Saaya: My dad accidentally used up some of our ingredients, so I'm doing some shopping for him now.
Saaya: The other girls in the band all say our bread is really good, you know? We often have some after we finish practice.
Saaya: Fufu, we've been practicing even harder than usual these days, so we always end up eating so much.
Saaya: Ahaha. Helping out at home isn't that much work, really.
Saaya: I'm balancing the bakery and the band pretty well.
Saaya: ... Thanks for worrying about me, though.
Saaya: ... Uh-oh! I should probably get moving.
Saaya: You should come by our bakery sometime!
Saaya: I'll work as hard on my music too, so I hope you'll be there to support us!