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Everybody, On Three! Card Story - Episode

Everyone's An Ace


Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!
Kokoro: Wow, wow~!! Hagumi, the way you move is so sharp, yet so smooth! As expected from a team captain!
Hagumi: Hehehe. Until pretty recently I've only been playing sports, but it helps with playing in the band too.
Kokoro: Teamwork is key. There's no "I" in sports... or in band! Hagumi, can you play other sports besides softball?
Hagumi: Yeah! I'm pretty much good at all of them.
Kokoro: Team sports, too?
Hagumi: Mhm. I'm probably better with a team than one-man sports.
Kokoro: That's awesome! I'm really athletic, but for some reason I can't show it unless I'm doing something on my own.
Hagumi: What? Why?! You can like, backflip, and you jump so much higher than even me!
Kokoro: I thought the same, but we sure live in a mysterious world. Strange things happening all the time!
Hagumi: I guess this is one of those times. But if I were your coach, you'd definitely be the star player.
Hagumi: It's possible if you're the kind of person who can lead everyone when you're all in a tough spot.
Kokoro: Doesn't that mean you can be the star player?
Hagumi: Huh?
Kokoro: I feel like when I'm in a pinch, I can count of you to be there.
Kokoro: And it's not only you. Kaoru, Kanon and Michelle, too. And my family, the people at school...
Kokoro: The kids in my neighborhood, the people downtown. Actually, pretty much everyone I've ever met.
Kokoro: Wait. If everyone is a star, then that means there won't be any other types of players.
Hagumi: Hehehe. Those kinds of teams exist, too. At least, if you're talking about the strongest ones.
Kokoro: Really? So it's fine! Everyone in the world can be a star player. You're a star, and I'm a star!
Hagumi: Mhm. You really are Kokoron. I've come to believe that with all my heart.
Kokoro: That's because it's true. But thanks to you, I know a little more about sports.
Kokoro: Thanks, star captain! I can always count on you! … Hmm.
Hagumi: What's up?
Kokoro: What's the difference between a captain and a star player?
Hagumi: Uhm... I guess the captain is the person that brings the team together. Even when you're losing, they'll pick everyone back up.
Hagumi: I've always been full of energy, so the team made me captain because I could get the other players excited to get back in the game.
Kokoro: That's amazing! So then, the captain of Hello, Happy World! would be...
Others: Michelle!!
Hagumi: Hahaha, of course. Michelle always puts the pep in my step.
Hagumi: ...
Kokoro: Hagumi?
Hagumi: Hm? Hmm... Haha...
Hagumi: When I'm playing sports, I'm praised for being full of spirit, but when I'm home, my mom and dad get mad and tell me to quiet down.
Kokoro: Ah. Recently I've been told to shut up a lot too! Who was it? Michelle's friend, you know the person!
Hagumi: My family is always saying I should be more tame because I'm a girl...
Kokoro: What about them?
Hagumi: That's the thing! They're not tame! Not even a bit!!
Hagumi: They'll fight, and mom will push around the vacuum, and dad will go for a run, and because "it felt good," he'll stay out for three days!
Hagumi: So it's weird for them to say I have to be tame because I was born a girl.
Kokoro: Yeah. You should be able to choose whether you're calm or energetic. Whichever you like.
Hagumi: Yeah, yeah. So that's what I told them the other day. But then we all got into this huge fight!
Hagumi: They keep saying a girl should be gentle, but my mom is the worst when she gets angry. Our tub broke during her last outburst.
Kokoro: Oh no! Were you able to get it fixed?
Hagumi: Yeah. But we couldn't get it fixed that day, so we all had to go to a bathhouse.
Hagumi: It'd been a while since we'd been there. I was small the last time we went. My mom and I went into the bath together.
Hagumi: At first she was mad and wouldn't say a word. But little by little she started to talk, and we had a long conversation.
Hagumi: She told me that she was feeling lonely because I joined a band, and I was already busy with softball, so I'm hardly home.
Hagumi: She said she worries sometimes, too. That maybe something bad could happen because I stay out late. But mostly she was sad.
Kokoro: ...
Hagumi: She could've just said she was lonely from the start! Sure, I'm busy with bass practice, but I have time to help sell croquettes!
Hagumi: You know, having been away from the bathhouse for so long, I could've sworn that the mountain in the picture on the wall was supposed to be bigger.
Hagumi: I felt happy that I could go there with my mom and see that picture again. Not that a broken tub is a good thing.
Hagumi: Ah... I'm just sort of rambling. I don't even know where I was going with this. Hehe, sorry.
Kokoro: You don't have to apologize! What a great story! One of family bonds!
Hagumi: Y-you think so? Ehehe.
Kokoro: And I got a super awesome picture in my head of the bath area. It all warms my heart!
Kokoro: I've been to places like Hierapolis and Tabacon, but that seem like even more fun! I hope it becomes a world heritage site soon!
Hagumi: I don't know if it could be a world heritage site, but it's pretty famous around town! Hey, if you want, why don't we go together?
Kokoro: Can we?! Okay, I'll prepare the jet, then!
Hagumi: Actually, there are jetted baths for both men and women already, so that's okay! But don't forget your towel.
Kokoro: Okay!

Everybody, On Three! Card Story - Special Episode

Our Team Cheer


Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!
Hagumi: Hey~, BanG Dreamer! Ehehe, I always surprise you, huh? Sorry!
Hagumi: One of my friends was really surprised the other day when I greeted her with this!
Hagumi: BanG Dreamer.
Hagumi: It makes you smile when you hear it, right?
Hagumi: Right? Right?! That's why I'm gonna keep saying it until everyone in the world knows it!
Hagumi: Ehehe, I'm joking!
Hagumi: But I really wish everyone knew it. If everyone in the world used these words I thought up...
Hagumi: Just thinking about it makes me happy!
Hagumi: ... Hm? Yeah, that's right!
Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!! ... This was my idea!
Hagumi: Well, I didn't really think about it... I just kinda came up with it!
Hagumi: When we first started the band, we talked about this kinda thing at Kokoro's house!
Hagumi: We were talking about how we can use music to make the whole world smile, but... I had no idea what to do.
Hagumi: So then I said I could try making funny faces for everyone, but that idea got turned down...
Hagumi: Actually, back then we didn't even have instruments~.
Hagumi: I wonder how we got them...
Hagumi: ... Oh, that's right! Mii-kun said we need instruments to play music, and when Kokoro said she wanted them, they just appeared!
Hagumi: And that's when I thought we should have some kind of chant or thing we say!
Hagumi: You know, like how they have in sports and stuff.
Hagumi: I've always been playing some kind of sport, so I thought it was normal to have a chant.
Hagumi: And when I said the first thing that came to mind... everyone loved it!
Hagumi: It just doesn't feel right if there's no chant, you know what I mean?
Hagumi: Right? Right?! Having a proper chant is so important!
Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!
Hagumi: After we decided on our chant, we grabbed our instruments and gave it a try!
Hagumi: We just kinda went with the flow, so everyone was all over the place.
Hagumi: ... Huh? We got the order the wrong way around?
Hagumi: Oh... so normal bands have their instruments, and plan the songs they are going to play~.
Hagumi: So chants and stuff come later, huh~?
Hagumi: But-but-but, I don't think that's our style!
Hagumi: I really think you just gotta go for it sometimes!
Hagumi: You think so too, right? I think choosing a chant first is the most Hello, Happy World! way to do it!
Hagumi: Oh, that reminds me... we didn't even have a name for the band either, ahaha!
Hagumi: At the time, the only thing we were thinking about was making everyone in the world smile.
Hagumi: The name of the band, songs, none of those things were a priority.
Hagumi: Michelle wasn't there at the time, but Mii-kun was.
Hagumi: I wish Michelle could've been there for our very first meeting though~.
Hagumi: Hmm, when I think about this kinda stuff, it really feels like ages ago!
Hagumi: ... Ah, but it's actually not that long ago, huh?
Hagumi: Anyway, that's how we decided on our chant!
Hagumi: Okay, since I've finished telling you about it...!
Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!
Hagumi: C'mon! Say it with me!
Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!
Hagumi: Mmm! Perfect!!
Hagumi: The sound, the meaning, the way we decided on it, everything is just so Hello, Happy World!!
Hagumi: We're gonna stick with this chant, and keep doing the Hello, Happy World! way!
Hagumi: It'll just be boring if we decided everything first like other bands do!
Hagumi: We're just gonna jump right into everything~!
Hagumi: So... keep watching over us, okay?
Hagumi: There might be lots of things that surprise you, but that's just how we are!
Hagumi: You know, just thinking about the future makes me feel so excited!
Hagumi: I wanna shout out our chant as loud as I can!
Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!
Hagumi: Ah... maybe I was little bit too loud...? Everyone's looking at us...
Hagumi: Ehehe, that didn't quite work out right...
Hagumi: Just because I like it, doesn't mean I should be noisy, right?
Hagumi: I'll make sure I'm not too loud when I shout it out in the future!
Hagumi: Anyway, I've got practice after this! See ya~!
Hagumi: Happy! Lucky! Smile! Hooray!!