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Everyone's Support Card Story - Episode



Tsugumi: ...
Tsugumi: Wait! We're already filming?!
Tsugumi: Uhm, uhh, I'm Tsugumi Hazawa! My family owns a cafe, and I help out there after school!
Tsugumi: Introduction, introduction... Uhh... Ah! Band! I'm in a band!
Tsugumi: It's called Afterglow. I play the keyboard.
Tsugumi: Everyone is awesome and talented and... Anyway, it's a great band.
Tsugumi: Our members have all been together since we were kids... And anyone would be happy to be friends with them.
Tsugumi: People say that Ran-chan and Moca-chan are free-spirited... but somehow they have everything together...
Tsugumi: Himari-chan is really good at keeping us close...
Tsugumi: And Tomoe-chan is so cool, she makes me think, "are we really the same age?"
Tsugumi: I hope one day I'll be able to catch up to them.
Tsugumi: ... T-that's everything! Again, my name is Tsugumi Hazawa.
Tsugumi: Sigh... Self-introductions are really hard.
Tsugumi: A-anyway, I hope you'll support Afteglow!
Tsugumi: ... I think that was okay... I hope...

Everyone's Support Card Story - Special Episode

Keyboard Training


Tsugumi: Umm, so the music for this one goes like this...
Tsugumi: Right after that is this part here, and I have to be careful because that's where Moca's guitar comes in...
Tsugumi: And while doing that I have to make sure we have a good harmony...
Tsugumi: Arrrgh~, am I really going to be able to do this? I'll have to practice a lot to be ready in time for our gig~!
Tsugumi: Oh, um... what's the matter? You want to get past?
Tsugumi: Aah! I'm so sorry! My mind was somewhere else... I didn't realize I was blocking the corridor!
Tsugumi: G-go ahead! ... Huh? You want to know what's bothering me?
Tsugumi: Ahaha, well, the thing is... the keyboard has to handle lots of parts, and I'm starting to get them all confused.
Tsugumi: It's a similar shape to a piano, so I thought I'd be okay, but it's so different when you have to play it in a band~.
Tsugumi: Everyone's getting better and better, but... *sigh* ... I feel like I'm going to be left behind.
Tsugumi: ... No, I can't let myself get discouraged like this!
Tsugumi: If the others are going to get too far ahead... I'll just have to practice harder! That's all there is to it!
Tsugumi: If you ask me, the drums and the guitar look a lot harder! I just need to make more effort!
Tsugumi: Okay, I can do it! I know I can...!
Tsugumi: Huh? You think I've already found the answer to my problem?
Tsugumi: Ahh, s-sorry... This kind of determination is kind of my only good point... If I don't keep myself occupied, I guess I get kind of anxious.
Tsugumi: But talking to you about everything made me feel like I can do it, BanG Dreamer-san! Thank you!
Tsugumi: I'd better work hard and keep up to others.
Tsugumi: Okay, I'm going to head off. Sorry to distract you from your work!
Tsugumi: I'll practice and get better. I know I can do it! So keep watching over us, okay?