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Excellent Drummer Card Story - Episode

What Spurs Excitement


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Theater Club
Maya: Um, we need to use this for the next scene, so... maybe we should line up in this order?
Kaoru: Greetings, little kitten. Stage preparations, I presume?
Maya: Oh, Kaoru-san. Hi. I changed the prop layout so we can move around more quickly.
Kaoru: How helpful. Thank you.
Maya: No need to thank me, this is my job after all. But this story brings back a lot of memories.
Maya: It was on TV when I was in elementary school, and I used to watch it every week without fail.
Kaoru: Ahh, then surely you must have noticed that Chisato was in that drama?
Maya: What?! She was?!
Maya: What role? I have to look it up... Let's see... Chisato-san's filmography...
Maya: Ahh! You're right, it says her name right here! I can't believe she was in it... Oh, and she played the character that you're playing this time, Kaoru-san!
Kaoru: Fufu... It is quite a fleeting fate.
Kaoru: At the time, Chisato and I were in the same class. Every week, the day after a new episode aired, Chisato was the talk of the school. She was always surrounded by classmates.
Maya: That's right, you grew up together.
Kaoru: Yes. It is hard to believe that I, a mere viewer back then, am now portraying this very same role all these years later.
Kaoru: I am honored to be able to play the same part as Chisato, for whom I have the utmost respect for.
Maya: It's nice having friends you can look up to.
Kaoru: Yes, they make for excellent incentives. Simply being near Chisato inspires me to work harder.
Maya: I feel this way being around you, Kaoru-san, and everyone in Pastel*Palettes.
Maya: When I was a session musician, I was surrounded by really great musicians, so it was quite inspiring, but...
Maya: We weren't a team going through all the same challenges together like Pastel*Palettes...
Maya: So when I joined the band, I was surrounded by such unique bandmates, and that was even more inspiring!
Kaoru: Yes, I see. The members of Pastel*Palettes have such a charming and fleeting presence.
Kaoru: Whenever I perform together with you all, I feel all the more invigorated to work harder.
Maya: Being around those kinds of people adds to your own personal growth too.
Maya: Even just talking with you now makes me feel more motivated. And I'm learning things too.
Kaoru: I'm happy to hear that. Thanks, Maya.
Maya: Kaoru-san, you have really good stage presence. You always draw the crowd in during your live performances.
Maya: I'm not very good at this, so I really learn a lot from just watching you.
Kaoru: I am flattered and happy to help, but have you forgotten your own value?
Kaoru: You should just show your authentic self.
Maya: I'll keep that in mind.
Maya: Anyhow... is this really Chisato-san? I suppose it does look like her...
Kaoru: Oh, did you find a picture of her from when she was in the show?
Maya: Yes, maybe it's just the role but... her facial expressions look completely different. If you hadn't told me, I never would've guessed it was her.
Kaoru: That just proves what an exceptional actor Chisato is.
Maya: Ahh, talking with you and hearing about Chisato-san's past makes me think I have a lot more growing to do.
Maya: I have to improve myself even more... I want to work at it every day so that I can be a better person than I was the day before.
Kaoru: Ahh, Maya... Even today, you are shining so brightly. What a fleeting thing to say...
Maya: Fleeting, is it? Ahaha, thank you.
Maya: You know, I respect every part of you, Kaoru-san. So please keep being yourself as you are right now.

Excellent Drummer Card Story - Special Episode

Shining Off-Stage


Maya: Let's see, put a blackout here... then the marking changes.
Maya: Then the lighting scheme switches to this here-
Maya: Whoa, you gave me a fright... Sorry, I was concentrating on something.
Maya: Hi, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you on your break?
Maya: Ah, I had some time before our studio session, so I was just checking my script.
Maya: Theater Club has a performance coming up. That's what this script is for.
Maya: Ahaha, I know I've written on it a lot. It's still only our third day of practicing though.
Maya: The play we're working on now is actually an adaptation of an old TV show.
Maya: It's a strange coincidence, but the character Kaoru-san is playing was originally played by Chisato-san. Kaoru-san is even more motivated than she usually is, and she's always really motivated.
Maya: That's why, naturally, we have more notes in our scripts than usual.
Maya: It seems that Kaoru-san watched Chisato-san's performance a lot for reference.
Maya: Those two are so different, it's hard to believe they can play the same role. I'm so excited to see how it all turns out.
Maya: Kaoru-san is playing the lead this time, so of course things will be different, but I do wonder how it will differ from when Chisato-san was the lead.
Maya: And it's not just because this one is a play either. If the people involved change, everything changes.
Maya: That's how it was when I was a session musician and when I performed with Minato-san.
Maya: I think that the actions you have to take change based on who you're trying to sync with.
Maya: ... Ah! Sorry. I got caught up in the conversation.
Maya: I want to help out behind the scenes to make Kaoru-san and the other actors look really good!
Maya: They are my friends, after all.
Maya: Now, to set the stage so everybody can shine~!