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Exciting Find Card Story - Episode

Even Without Words


Happy Happy Island

Kokoro: Mmm~! What a beautiful day! Even Mister Sun is smiling! Ahh, it feels so nice out here!
Kokoro: Any place you wanna go, Kanon? I'll take you anywhere you'd like!
Kanon: Hmm, yeah. It'd be great if you could take me to the fun places around the island.
Kokoro: You got it! I can do that! There are lots of those, along with ones that'll really get you worked up!
Kokoro: The ocean is so pretty, you can almost see right through it, and the mountains have such lovely flowers and yummy fruits!
Kanon: Fruits?! Are... you sure it's okay to eat those...?
Kokoro: Of course! But they're all in really high places. I can't actually get them myself.
Kanon: Huh? Then how do you eat them?
Kokoro: Well, I start thinking to myself how much I want them, and then, strangely enough, they come falling down!
Kanon: What?! Th-that... actually happens?
Kokoro: Yep! Ah, look... There goes one now.
Kanon: (I'm pretty sure there was someone up in that tree...)
Kanon: (Maybe the suits knock down the fruits for her or something like that...?)
Kokoro: Kanon, try it out! What makes it really good is just how sweet it is!
Kanon: Uhh, so... what is this called?
Kokoro: Who knows! I'm not sure what its name is, but I do know that it's tasty!
Kanon: I-I see... Uhm, alright. I'll have a bite.
Kanon: ...! It is sweet... This is amazing, Kokoro-chan.
Kokoro: I'm glad to hear you like it too!
Kokoro: And that's not the only thing this island has to offer! There are so many ways to enjoy ourselves!
Kanon: What do you mean by "enjoy"...? Like rides at an amusement park? Or, maybe, a cruise or a cable car...?
Kokoro: Hmm, nothing like that, but I can tell you it's all loads of fun!
Kokoro: Oh? Everyone else is here too!
Kanon: Who's "everyone"...?
Kanon: (Wow, there are a lot of young islanders here...!)
Kanon: (I'm not sure what they're saying, but... they all seem really happy to see Kokoro-chan.)
Kanon: Oh, so you know the language too. What are the kids saying?
Kokoro: I haven't the slightest idea!
Kanon: What? But it looks like you're all good friends...
Kokoro: You don't need words. As long as we have smiles, everyone in the world can join together!
Kokoro: I've never spoken to any of them, but I'm friends with all the kids here!
Kanon: Wow... Can you really become close when you don't understand what they're saying?
Kokoro: You can. Every time I came to this island, we would all spend time together, and we ended up becoming great friends!
Kokoro: So, now it's your turn! Let's play with them! You'll all be close in no time!
Kanon: Huh? Y-you want me to join...?
Kanon: O-okay, yeah. I think I can make friends with them if I'm with you, Kokoro-chan... Let's do it.
Kokoro: I knew you'd be up for it!
Kanon: How do the kids on this island play? I imagine they might make flower necklaces or build sand castles on the beach.
Kokoro: Nope, even better! They climb the palm trees and look for giant bugs!
Kokoro: They also jump into the ocean from high places, and they find cute little lizards in the forest to play with!
Kanon: What? They play with lizards...?
Kokoro: So what should we do today?
Kanon: hm, Kokoro-chan, I'm going to have to rethink this...
Kokoro: I know! You can choose!
Kanon: Me?!
Kokoro: Look, the kids are just dying to play with you!
Kanon: B-but, I... Fueee, I can't do any of those things...

Exciting Find Card Story - Special Episode

Endless Adventure



Kokoro: Well, look who it is! Marina and BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Hello, Kokoro-chan! Have plans for the day?
Kokoro: Yes, I do! Hello, Happy World! is taking a trip to the museum!
Marina: Wow, you are? Are they having a special exhibition or something?
Kokoro: Yep! They're showing dinosaurs! I can't wait to see what kind of dinos I'll get to meet! I'm so excited!
Marina: That does sound fun... Wait, speaking of, didn't you girls end up in the news for finding the fossil of one?!
Kokoro: Oh, you know about that? Yeah, we did, and because of that, we wanted to learn more about them.
Marina: I-I see... The real question is how you were able to find one in the first place.
Kokoro: The spot we needed to go to was drawn on a treasure map!
Marina: What? A treasure map? Uhh, what do you mean?
Kokoro: Here, I'll explain everything!

Marina: An... adventure...? All of this has strayed a little too far from reality to click with me, but I can tell you're doing some amazing stuff on your days off at the very least...
Kokoro: They're really fun you know! Have you two ever been on one?
Marina: I... don't think so...
Kokoro: Neither of you have? Then you guys need to get to it!
Kokoro: When you go on an adventure, you realize just how many wonderful things there are in this world! Things you didn't even know about!
Kokoro: You'll come across sights and creatures you've never seen before. And you might even find some yummy food!
Marina: Wonderful things I didn't know about, huh...? Yeah, that sure would leave an impression.
Marina: I have to say, just hearing you talk about this kind of thing makes me wanna go somewhere I've never been before too.
Kokoro: I know it would be lots of fun! Hunting for new things is just so exciting!
Kokoro: I wanna find more and more places where I can go on adventures!
Marina: Is there any place in particular you'd like to go?
Kokoro: Well, I've never been to the South Pole! I'd love to go there! Doesn't having a snowball fight with the penguins sound like a great time?
Kokoro: And I've never been to the bottom of the ocean! I'm not sure what kind of world awaits down there, but whatever it is, I'm sure it's lovely!
Kokoro: Oh, and then--
Marina: Fufu, sounds like you've got quite the list.
Kokoro: Of course I do. There are just so many places I know nothing about. There's lots of fun to be had with the other members of Hello, Happy World!, and I wanna have it!
Kokoro: If you two wanna come, you can join! Any fellow adventurers are welcome!