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Exciting Performance (LAYER) Card Story - Episode

What We Need


CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

LAYER: Hmm... I need to be able to do this soprano part a little more steadily...
LOCK: Oh, LAYER-san? Hello!
LAYER: Hi, LOCK. What's the matter?
LOCK: Nothing, I just... Were you practicing, LAYER-san? Am I interrupting...?
LAYER: No, you're fine. I was just taking a breather.
LOCK: Th-that's a relief... But we don't have band practice today, do we? So why-
LAYER: I'm practicing on my own. I feel strange when I'm not playing my bass.
LOCK: Oh~... You're so dedicated, LAYER-san...!
LOCK: You still practice, even though you're so good already. You have lots of experience in the professional musician world too...
LAYER: Fufu, thanks. But, you know, I feel like I can't just be satisfied with how I am right now.
LAYER: Sure, I have done many performances up until now as a temporary member of other bands. However...
LAYER: I am a member of RAS now. I want to submerge myself in the music that RAS aims to create.
LOCK: Submerge... yourself?
LAYER: Yeah. Besides, CHU² told me that my singing is essential.
LOCK: It certainly is. RAS can't possibly make music without your voice, LAYER-san!
LAYER: Fufu, thanks.
LAYER: But LOCK, your guitar is also indispensable to RAS.
LOCK: Th-thank you!
LAYER: ... I've seen a lot of bands play, so I can tell that RAS is a great one.
LAYER: I think our music skills, stage presence, and production are all top-level.
LOCK: Yes! I think so too!
LAYER: Now I think we just need-
LOCK: ... Huh? What else... do we need?
LAYER: Ah, sorry. I'm rambling, aren't I?
LOCK: N-no, not at all! I'm so happy that we can have this kind of conversation!
LAYER: Fufufu. You don't need to hold back. You can talk more openly to me.
LAYER: That way, we can become even stronger! So please, feel free to stop me to chat.
LOCK: O-okay!
LAYER: That reminds me... You came here to practice too, didn't you? Otherwise, you wouldn't have brought your guitar.
LOCK: Huh? Ah, this is... Yes, I did. I wanted to practice together with someone.
LOCK: It's more fun to practice with others, don't you think?
LAYER: ... Yeah, I do. Then, shall we practice?
LOCK: ... Huh? Is that okay?!
LAYER: Of course. And while we're at it, let's call the others too. I'm sure that way would be much more fun.
LOCK: Yes! Let's do it! Okay, I will go get set up!
LAYER: ... Fufu, I'd better do my best too.

Exciting Performance (LAYER) Card Story - Special Episode

As a Member of RAS



Marina: Hello, LAYER-chan.
LAYER: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello, pardon the intrusion.
LAYER: Sorry that I'm using the café without even booking a studio...
Marina: Don't worry about that. You're welcome to it! Were you taking a break?
LAYER: Yes. I just had practice with RAS. I thought I'd do some reflection.
Marina: I see. RAS practices at CHU²-chan's penthouse, right? That's quite impressive.
LAYER: Ahaha... I was also surprised at first. But I'm used to it now. We have good equipment and a nice working environment, so I'm grateful.
Marina: Aww... You should use CiRCLE sometime though, okay?
LAYER: Fufu. Yes, we will.
Marina: But reflection, huh? This might sound rude saying it to a pro like you, LAYER-chan, but I love how dedicated you are!
LAYER: RAS is the first band I've been a part of where I'm an official member. I want to give it my best.
LAYER: ... Ah, but that doesn't mean I wasn't giving it my all up until now.
Marina: Fufu, I know, I know. I can see how serious you are about music just from watching you perform, LAYER-chan.
LAYER: Thank you very much. But it's not enough to just be serious. RAS is aiming for something much higher than that.
LAYER: It can be quite hard, but having the entire band aiming for the same goal is new to me.
Marina: I see. You've worked for many different bands up until now, haven't you, LAYER-chan?
LAYER: Yes. That's why I feel like I am finally in a band for real.
LAYER: A band that discusses everything together, sometimes butting heads... but is always moving forward regardless. That's the kind of band I want us to become.
Marina: Yeah, yeah! I'm looking forward to your future with RAS!
LAYER: Yes. Please do.