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Exciting Performance (PAREO) Card Story - Episode

PAREO's Request


CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHUCHU: PAREO! The stage costumes I ordered have arrived. They're inside that box, so check them for any defects.
PAREO: Yes, PAREO~♪ Now, I wonder what kind of costumes they will be this time~... Open sesame!
PAREO: ... Wow! How wonderful~! Look, look, they are amazing, CHU²-sama!
CHUCHU: Indubitably! Of course they are! I supervised everything right from the initial design, so it's a given!
PAREO: Hehe~♪ As expected of CHU²-sama~♪
CHUCHU: However, no matter how impeccable the design is, the real thing may not always live up to it.
CHUCHU: That's why I need you to check them, PAREO.
PAREO: Your wish is my command~♪... What's this? It may be better to widen these cuffs a little.
PAREO: Otherwise, they may hinder everyone's performances. I personally like wider sleeves, anyhow♪
CHUCHU: Hm... You're right. I want to avoid anything that affects our performances.
CHUCHU: Anyway, I want you to pick out anything that needs altering. I'm going to send them back to the manufacturer.
PAREO: ... Erm~. I would be delighted to check the costumes, but may I make one request?
CHUCHU: What? Go ahead.
PAREO: Okay ♪ It's about the alterations, but won't you let me do them instead?
CHUCHU: I don't really mind, but... wouldn't it be faster to ask the manufacturer?
CHUCHU: If you have enough time to be doing alterations, I think you should spend it on practice instead.
PAREO: You do have a point there... But please, CHU²-sama! I beg your indulgence!
PAREO: I am RAS's keyboardist maid. It is my pleasure to lend a hand wherever I can!
CHUCHU: I see... If that's the case, then-
PAREO: And also!
CHUCHU: Also...?
PAREO: I want to do what I want to do!
PAREO: I wish to devote all of my energy to the things that I like. Just as I have done for you up until now, CHU²-sama!
CHUCHU: Heh... Very well... I understand what you are trying to say.
CHUCHU: Alright, I will leave the costume alterations to you, PAREO.
PAREO: Thank you very much, CHU²-sama!
CHUCHU: On one condition! This task must not interfere with RAISE A SUILEN's performance in any way.
CHUCHU: Just as you want to give your all to the things you enjoy, I am giving my all to RAS.
CHUCHU: ... Got it?
PAREO: Of course, CHU²-sama! Now then, I shall take these costumes into my care!
CHUCHU: PAREO... I won't accept anything less than perfect.
PAREO: Leave it to me! I shall alter them to fit the image you had in mind~♪

Exciting Performance (PAREO) Card Story - Special Episode

Recipe for My Master


Station Entrance

PAREO: ... Oh, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Greetings.
Marina: Ah, PAREO-chan. Hello... What a big bag... You did quite a lot of shopping, didn't you?
PAREO: Yes, I did~. CHU²-sama told me to buy this and that ♪
PAREO: I bought items for the house, fabric and such for costume alterations... Ah, and I bought a lot of jerky.
Marina: Jerky...? You mean for CHU²-chan?
PAREO: Yes ♪ It is CHU²-sama's favorite, as it serves as both her staple food and snack.
Marina: Huh... Her nutritional balance sounds a little worrying...
PAREO: It is fine! As long as I, CHU²-sama's keyboardist maid, am here...
PAREO: I shall protect CHU²-sama's healthy lifestyle!
Marina: Ohh~... Does that mean you're managing her diet... or something?
PAREO: Yes! I always have jerky on hand so I can produce it for CHU²-sama when she requests it!
Marina: Th-that's not quite what I meant...
PAREO: After all, it is not good to hold back on something you love!
PAREO: But... recently, it seems that CHU²-sama has taken an interest in LOCK-san's jerky rice balls...
PAREO: As her maid, I feel the tiniest bit of jealousy~... I too must devise a new jerky meal!
Marina: Ahaha... You really care about CHU²-chan, don't you?
PAREO: Yes, of course~♪ ... Now, I must not keep CHU²-sama waiting, so I shall take my leave.
PAREO: Let us speak again soon.