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Eye Contact with Ran Card Story - Episode

The Ghost's Curse?!


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Lisa: Alright~, once we put away this broom, we are officially done! Great job today, Ran!
Ran: ... Today feels like it went on forever. I'm beat.
Lisa: Of course you are~...! We had to deal with that well, didn't we? Cleaning shouldn't have involved something so scary.
Ran: I'm sure glad nothing happened though... Turns out it wasn't even one of the seven mysteries.
Lisa: It kinda feels like Hina and the others put us through all that for no reason, doesn't it~?
Ran: Ah, speaking of Hina-san, I just got a message from her... Uhm... What the heck?
Lisa: Huh? What's up?
Ran: It says, "That well was really zappin' in the beginning, but by the end, it was pretty ring-a-ding, huh?"...
Lisa: Uhm... What does that mean...?
Ran: I have no idea...
Ran: ... And they just keep coming.
Lisa: Maybe it's because you're not responding?
Ran: How can I respond if I don't understand what it says...?
Lisa: Ahaha, that's true. Okay, then how about we try and decode these messages together?!
Lisa: Hmm~... These messages are so Hina. Lots of "boppin♪" Some "badum pow"... I have no idea what any of this means...
Ran: ... Me neither.
Lisa: Maybe this one means something like "fun"? Ah, wait, she uses it a little differently here~.
Hina: Hey, what are you two talking about? What's up?
Lisa: Ah, perfect timing...
Hina: Hm? What do you mean? And why are you two looking at her phone?
Lisa: We're reading your messages, Hina.
Hina: My messages?
Ran: Yeah, what's with all these messages all at once?
Hina: Huh~? What are you two talking about?
Ran: What...? You've been sending me messages for a while now, right?
Hina: To you? Nope, sure haven't.
Ran: Huh...? Y-you're kidding, right? I mean, there's so many...
Ran: Th-then where did they come from...? They all have your name on them...
Ran: (C-could this be... a ghost...?!)
Lisa: C-come on, quit lying~!
Hina: I'm telling you, I didn't send anything~! Fine, let's look at my phone then. That way you'll see that I'm not-- ... Huh?
Lisa: I knew it! See, you did send them!
Hina: Huh? What the...? I thought I sent these to Maya-chan, but looks like I sent them to you by mistake, Ran-chan.
Lisa: What? Ah, so that's why you said you didn't send them... Argh~! Quit scaring us like that~!
Hina: Ahaha, sorry! You'll forgive me too, won't you, Ran-chan~?
Ran: (Wh-why is this ghost haunting me...? Did I do something wrong? Am I cursed now...?)
Hina: Ran-chan~, can you hear me~?
Lisa: Looks like Ran's completely frozen...

Eye Contact with Ran Card Story - Special Episode

Nothing's Changed, But...



Ran: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Hey. Are you out shopping?
Ran: You needed to get some soap...? Is it for CiRCLE?
Ran: Cleaning, huh...? I actually helped clean the school the other day.
Ran: We have this day at my school where all the students get together and tidy it up.
Ran: They divide us up into groups, and this time my group was all people I knew.
Ran: Mine was Lisa-san, Maya-san... And then Seta-san and Hina-san...
Ran: Ah, yeah. It was just luck that we all ended up together. I was really happy about it...
Ran: Although, I was a little worried about being with Seta-san and Hina-san...
Ran: Why...? Isn't it obvious? Those two are nothing but trouble...
Ran: They're just a lot to handle. And they really stand out. I guess I was worried I'd get overwhelmed trying to keep up with them...
Ran: Well, we actually did run into trouble. But even with that, the whole experience turned out to be more interesting than I expected.
Ran: Like seeing Seta-san and Hina-san together. I had no idea they were such good friends.
Ran: Ah, well, maybe that's the wrong word. I get the feeling Hina-san is more a fan of Seta-san's than her friend.
Ran: No, not like her usual fangirls. I suppose you could say she finds Seta-san to be... interesting? I think that's the idea.
Ran: Getting to see stuff like that made the day worthwhile. It's nice to learn new things.
Ran: Huh? Do I think we're closer now...? No clue. Maybe?
Ran: Lisa-san and Maya-san always talked to me at school, so nothing's changed there.
Ran: Same goes for Hina-san and Seta-san. Hina-san still sends me weird messages every once in a while, and Seta-san still spouts nonsense about Shakespeare.
Ran: Everything's the same as usual, except... I suppose they're a little easier to talk to... Maybe.