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FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Opening
A Request from Marina-san

Marina calls in the members of Poppin'Party to ask them for a favor...


CiRCLE - Reception Area
Kasumi: Hello~!
Marina: Ah, welcome. I've been waiting.
Kasumi: Class just kept dragging on... Sorry, Marina-san!
Marina: It's no problem. Actually, I should be apologizing for calling you here on such short notice.
Kasumi: It's totally fine!
Marina: Hm? Where are the others?
Kasumi: I think they'll be here soon!
Saaya: G-geez, Kasumi... I told you, you were running too fast...
Tae: ... Huff, huff, huff... We finally caught up...
Rimi: Huff, huff... Kasumi-chan, you took off as soon as we passed through the school gate. We had no idea what was happening.
Kasumi: But I had to since our meeting time with Marina-san was so close...! Wait... Where's Arisa?
Arisa: Huff, huff... Phew.
Arisa: K-Kasumi... You little-
Kasumi: Ah, Arisa's here! Arisa, you're late~!
Arisa: Y-you know I'm not a very good runner, and you sprint all the way here from school?! Without a break?! Are you trying to kill me?!
Kasumi: I just thought it wouldn't be fair to make Marina-san wait.
Arisa: Says the person who had a review session! We waited for you, you know!
Kasumi: Marina-san called us here~. We can't let her sit here waiting for us, can we?! She's always looking out for and taking care of us, isn't she?!
Arisa: Exactly, and if you didn't have to attend a review session, then we would have made it on time, as planned! Use your brain a little! This isn't how you're supposed to act!
Marina: Ufufu... Kasumi-chan is so full of energy, isn't she?
Arisa: Well, if you took that away, there'd be nothing left, so...
Kasumi: That's not true~! There'd be a lot left!
Arisa: Like what?
Kasumi: Uh-uhm... Like love? Or friendship... or something?
Arisa: What are you, a manga character?!
Saaya: Fufufu... Anyway, Marina-san. Did something happen for you to call us here?
Arisa: Don't tell me. Kasumi did something wrong again... Is that it?
Kasumi: Huh?! What?! I didn't do anything~! I swear, Marina-san!
Marina: You can relax, I didn't call you here for anything like that.
Kasumi: Phew... Thank goodness~. C'mon, Arisa~. Don't scare me like that~!
Marina: Actually, I have a favor to ask all of you, as the members of Poppin'Party.
Kasumi: A... favor? A favor from Marina-san is a favor we'll do! Lay it on us!
Arisa: Hold your horses! A little too quick to be making promises, don't you think?! Actually listen to what she has to say first!
Marina: Ufufu. So there's an event where people from live houses around the country gather.
Marina: Each live house will get a booth where they will be selling items, and the representatives for each live house will get on stage and put on a performance...
Tae: Ah, I think I might know that event. I believe it was called something like, "Rocking Star Festival"...
Marina: Yeah, that's the one! So you do know it.
Tae: I took part in the event when I was working my part-time job at SPACE. We sold a lot of towels, t-shirts, things like that at our booth.
Marina: I see. So I don't have to explain everything. Basically, I was thinking that I wanted Poppin'Party to give me a hand during that event.
Kasumi: Got it! Of course we'll do it! Right, you guys?!
Saaya: I'm pretty used to helping out with this kind of thing, having a family store and all. I think I'll be able to make things easier on you!
Marina: H-hold on a second! Certainly I'd like for you to help with the booth and sales and stuff, but the main thing I want you girls to do is something else.
Arisa: Huh? The main thing...? What... do you mean by that?
Marina: I was thinking that I'd like you all to be the representatives of CiRCLE and perform on stage at the event for me.
Kasumi: ... What? Us... A performance... At the event?!
Rimi: On top of that... you want us to represent CiRCLE...?!
Marina: Mhm. There are plenty of bands that put on shows at this live house, but I wanted Poppin'Party to be the one to perform this time around.
Saaya: Wow... That's an even bigger responsibility than I thought.
Kasumi: U-us... Being the representatives of CiRCLE?! A-are you sure you want to choose us?
Marina: Absolutely! Honestly speaking, there are many bands who have higher quality performances than Poppin'Party, but there's something about your shows that just lifts the spirit.
Marina: So I thought we could have all those people in the audience listen to you perform and let them experience that liveliness for themselves!
Kasumi: Th-thank you so much! Hearing that makes me so happy!
Marina: So will you do it?
Tae: Yes! I want to perform there!
Saaya: ... O-Tae?
Arisa: Y-you know... It's not that often O-Tae jumps on an opportunity so quickly.
Tae: When I took part in that event as a member of SPACE, I thought, "One day, I wanna play on that stage." That's how fun of a show it was.
Arisa: If O-Tae feels that strongly about it... I guess we can't say no...
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, let's do our very best!
Saaya: Which means you have your answer, doesn't it, Kasumi?
Kasumi: Mhm, looks like everyone's in agreement! Marina-san! We look forward to working with you~!
Marina: And I look forward to working with you girls too.

FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Chapter 1
A Guitar at Rest

Kasumi and the others are filled with excitement as they prepare for the event. What happens when they hear about what will be for sale the day of the event...?


CiRCLE - Reception Area
Kasumi: Ah~, only one more week until the event, huh~? I'm getting kinda nervous~.
Marina: Your song turned out well though, don't you think? You'll be fine. No need to worry.
Rimi: Phew~... It's such a relief to hear you say that, Marina-san.
Saaya: I totally get that. It's like Marina-san's words have a certain weight to them.
Marina: Hey, cut it out~. My words have nothing of the sort!
Kasumi: Speaking of, Marina-san! You said we were going to be helping with sales at the booth during the event, right?
Marina: Mhm. It'd make a huge difference if you guys could lend a hand.
Marina: ... Ah, that's right! The merch we'll be selling is down in the basement in storage.
Marina: Sorry to bother you with this, but could you bring that stuff up here? It's in a cardboard box. One of the employees is going to come pick it up later in the day.
Saaya: Merch...? You mean like stickers and badges, stuff like that?
Marina: There's that, towels, t-shirts... We've made a bunch of things in preparation for this event.
Kasumi: T-towels and t-shirts?! Awesome~!
Marina: I hat to ask, but do you mind?
Kasumi: Got it! To get to the basement storage, we pass by the stage, right?
Marina: That's right. Once you're in, you'll see the box on the right, toward the back. Thanks in advance!
Kasumi: Okay~! We'll be right back, then~!

CiRCLE - Basement Storage
Arisa: Cough... Cough! Ngh, it's kinda dusty in here...
Saaya: Pretty sure she said... you walk in, and it's to the right, toward the back...
Tae: Ah, maybe this is it? It has a note on it that says, "For Event".
Arisa: Nice. Alright, let's take it and get outta h-
Kasumi: Hey, hold on a sec'!
Arisa: What, Kasumi?! I'm not trying to spend my day surrounded by dust! Cough, couch!
Kasumi: But we never get to come here, right? We should try exploring a little bit!
Arisa: Exploring...? You really do have the brain of a manga character in there, don't you?
Kasumi: I know your basement is interesting and all, Arisa, but don't you think this place is too?! Look, like this wall! There are so many flyers and posters up!
Rimi: Wow, you're right! I guess these are all of the bands that have performed at CiRCLE up until now?
Saaya: Seeing it like this makes you realize just how many there are...
Saaya: You know... The fact that we're representing CiRCLE at this event could mean that we're also carrying, what one might call, its history on our shoulders.
Rimi: Yeah... It kind of makes you feel differently about things, doesn't it?
Tae: Hm? Guys, check this out. Someone left behind an electric guitar... And of all places, in here.
Arisa: Huh? Is it really strange that someone would put a guitar in storage here? CiRCLE does lend out instruments too.
Tae: That's not it. There are stickers on it and stuff, I think this is someone's personal guitar. It's pretty used, but it's also been well cared for.
Rimi: Yeah... It feels like someone really treasures it.
Kasumi: Maybe it was forgotten...? For now, let's just tell Marina-san.
Saaya: Alright. Everyone, find something to carry.
Kasumi: Yeah~! Let's go!

CiRCLE - Reception Area
Kasumi: Marina-san~! Where should we put this~?
Marina: Thank you. Let's see... Put it up against that wall so it doesn't get in the way.
Kasumi: Okay~, will do~! And~... there.
Marina: Pretty heavy, huh? You girls are life savers!
Kasumi: Hey hey, Marina-san! There was an electric guitar left in the basement. Did someone forget to take it with them by any chance?
Marina: Ah, you mean the one with the stickers on it?
Kasumi: Yeah, yeah! That's the one!
Marina: That's... actually my guitar.
Kasumi: What?! Your guitar?!
Marina: That's right. I had it at home for the longest time, but no way I could hook it up to an amp and play it there, right?
Marina: That's why I brought it here and left it in storage. Occasionally, when I feel the need to rock, I get a few chords in.
Kasumi: You play guitar, which means... Don't tell me... You were in a band too, Marina-san?! If you don't mind, I wanna hear everything about it!
Tae: I would too.
Marina: ... Ahaha. Hey, there's no reason to bore you with the details. I'll share when the time comes.
Kasumi: Aww~! But I wanna know~!
Marina: Besides, it's not even that interesting.
Marina: ... Now! Let's prepare for the event!
Kasumi: ... Okay~. But you have to tell us one day~!
Marina: Ufufu. Understood. I will.

FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Chapter 2
A Surprise from Kasumi

It's the day of the event, and Kasumi and the others have prepared something in secret...


Event Day
Event Venue
Marina: Alright, it's finally time for the festival. Girls, let's make this day a good one!
Kasumi: So, uhhh, Marina-san... Th-this... is where the event will take place?!
Marina: Surprised at how big the venue is?
Kasumi: Of course I am! A place this huge is definitely not what we had in mind... Isn't that right, you guys?
Arisa: Y-yeah... I was thinking something maybe the size of the downtown festival...
Tae: I knew, having been here before and all.
Arisa: Might wanna fill us in on important details like that earlier, you know!
Saaya: So... What are we gonna do with the flyers? We already went through the trouble of making them...
Rimi: Yeah... The homemade feeling might stand out a bit too much in a place like this...
Marina: Wait, what's that? Are you saying that you girls made them yourselves?!
Kasumi: Back when we were preparing for the Girls Band Party, I'm pretty sure a certain someone told us that this is something we can't let adults do for us.
Saaya: So we decided to do a little preparation on our own and tried making our own flyers, but... they kinda don't mach the vibe of this place...
Marina: How did they come out? Can you show me?
Rimi: This is what we thought we'd use...
Marina: Whoa~, these are really good! You even have a quality photo, and with this colorful Poppin'Party logo, I think it's pretty cute!
Kasumi: You think so?!
Marina: Yep! In my opinion, you should absolutely distribute these! It's okay! Be confident!
Kasumi: O-okay! Got it!
Marina: Still, you were all doing this without me knowing, huh? That sure is nice to hear.
Saaya: Kasumi's the one who said we should do it to surprise you... Isn't that right?
Kasumi: Ehehe~.
Marina: Not to mention you made so many... This had to be a tough job.
Kasumi: We all met in Arisa's basement to make them! It was so much fun, like when we were preparing for the Culture Festival!
Tae: That makes sense since being with Kasumi is like having a Culture Festival every day.
Rimi: Wah~, I understand that feeling really well.
Arisa: Though, as a result, the culture festival girl herself has to attend review sessions every week.
Kasumi: Ungh...
Marina: Ufufu... Alright, then I suppose it's my turn to surprise you girls.
Kasumi: ... Huh? Surprise... us? You have something up your sleeve too?
Marina: Right here! These are the boxes you all were carrying... Mind taking a look inside?
Arisa: Pretty sure you said we'd be selling this stuff from the booth, right? Uh, yeah... A towel... A t-shirt... Hm?!
Saaya: What's wrong, Arisa?
Arisa: L-look at this...!
Saaya: ... Whoa! All of these have Poppin'Party logos on them! Check it out, Kasumi!
Kasumi: Wow...! You're right...!
Marina: Well? Surprised?
Kasumi: You bet! ... Wait! Does everything in here have our logo on it?!
Marina: Yep, of course. Poppin'Party is representing CiRCLE during this event, after all.
Marina: Once you all decided you would take part in the event, I secretly put in the request for the order.
Rimi: So that's how you did it...
Kasumi: Marina-san! I want these!
Tae: Me too!
Arisa: Aren't you two a little bit overeager?! These are for sale! There's no way you can just keep them!
Marina: No, it's okay. I got enough extras for all of you.
Arisa: A-are you serious?! Yes!
Saaya: Fufufu... I must be imagining things. It looks like you were the most eager one out of all of us.
Arisa: Sh-shut up!
Marina: Ahahaha. You girls can look forward to all of your Poppin'Party merch later. I'll give them to you after the event.
All: Okay~!
Saaya: ... Oh, Marina-san? There's still one more box left under the table though... What is it?
Marina: Ah! That's... just my stuff. It has nothing to do with the event. You can leave it there.
Saaya: Okay, gotcha.
Marina: Alright, girls! Let's make it a day to remember!

FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Chapter 3
Enthusiastic O-Tae

Kasumi gets to distributing flyers right away. Seeing this, Tae gives her some advice...


Event Venue
Kasumi: Hello~, everyone! Come on over~! The CiRCLE booth is this way~!
Kasumi: H-hey, you guys~! Over here~! This is the booth to see~!
Kasumi: ... No good. Even with all these people here, they just keep on walking right past us~... Hey, Arisa~! What do we do now~?!
Arisa: How should I know?!
Kasumi: C'mon, you should help bring people in too~!
Arisa: I-I have my job, over here... I have to be the salesperson! Th-they say you have to use the best person for each job, right?
Tae: Kasumi. In a place like this, addressing people as 'everyone' isn't gonna get you anywhere.
Kasumi: Huh? Really? Why's that?
Tae: If you do that while talking to a crowd of people, no one's gonna think you're talking to them, right? You have to look them right in the eye and talk to them directly.
Kasumi: Oh, I see. I never thought of it like that!
Kasumi: As expected, your experience is showing, O-Tae! I can really depend on you! Way more than I can depend on Arisa!
Arisa: Oh, shut up!
Tae: I'm gonna give it a go. Just watch me.
Kasumi: Ah, O-Tae? Where are you going?
Tae: ... Ah, excuse me, miss? Would you take a moment to look at this towel?
Rimi: O-Tae-chan is... even more energetic than Kasumi-chan, isn't she...?
Saaya: Now that you mention it, she did say she wanted to take part in this event before. I guess she's even more enthusiastic because of that.
Tae: And this towel. You won't believe it. As you can see, it has our Poppin'Party logo on it. And I'm sure you're dying to know how much it is. Well~... Wow...!
Arisa: More like she's become the host of a shopping program! Are you sure thst's okay?
Marina: Ahahaha! Awesome~, Tae-chan! Keep up the good work!
Arisa: Seriously?!
Kasumi: I won't let O-Tae get the best of me!
Arisa: Whoa, now Kasumi's out there too!
Kasumi: Excuse me~! Do you have a moment?
Kasumi: Do you know the live house known as CiRCLE? They've been bringing together the most popular girl bands! If you'd like, please stop by our booth right over there!
Kasumi: Today we'll be performing for the event. Feel free to come check it out! Here's a flyer!
Kasumi: Ah! And you! Please come support our show~!
Arisa: Sh-she's certainly getting a lot of flyers out, but... isn't she pushing them just a bit too hard?
Saaya: Yeah, be too forceful and the attendees might feel like you're being rude...
Marina: No, I think that amount of energy is really good. I knew I had to have Kasumi-chan do that job!
Arisa: Marina-san... Don't you think you're a little too lenient with Kasumi?
Marina: No way. I think Poppin'Party's appeal is perfect for times like these.
Rimi: When you say 'times like these'... when exactly do you mean?
Marina: Well, it's like... How do I put this...?
Arisa: Uhm... Is that supposed to be a compliment?
Marina: It is, it is a compliment! And a huge one, at that. At least in my opinion.
Arisa: I see...
Marina: So c'mon! Don't let Kasumi-chan and Tae-chan win! Go out there and get some people interested!
Marina: Forget about what you think you're supposed to do! Just do it!
Saaya: ... Alright, shall we go then?! We can't let those two show us up, now can we?!
Rimi: Mhm, you're right! Arisa-chan, will you come with us?
Arisa: ... Whatever, fine... Alright, alright, I'm going...!

30 Minutes Later
Kasumi: Marina-san, we're back~! We handed out lots and lots of flyers while we were out there~!
Marina: Mhm, I was watching you girls! Nice job!
Tae: We got a lot done since so many people came to us.
Arisa: More importantly, Kasumi. You were yelling really loudly the whole time. Is your throat okay?
Kasumi: It's absolutely fine! ... Cough! Yep! Throat is A-OK!
Saaya: Hey. It looks like they're about to start the performances on the main stage. Everyone seems to be moving that way.
Marina: Poppin'Party will be up first once they start with the afternoon slots. You still have a lot of time.
Marina: Since you're here, why don't you girls take a look around? You can check out the booths and the stage. I'll be okay on my own.
Kasumi: Wait, are you sure?!
Marina: Exchanging information with people from other live houses is another important aspect of taking part in this event. I'd say knock yourselves out.
Kasumi: Yay~! Thanks, Marina-san~!
Kasumi: So, you guys, which booth do you wanna go to?! There's one I'm really interested in! Let's go check it out! I'm pretty sure it was this way!
Saaya: Ah, Kasumi! No running inside.
Kasumi: I'm not~! I'm power walking~!
Arisa: Man, that girl really is a ball of energy... Well, shall we go?
Array: Mhm!

FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Chapter 4
Using Our Music...

Kasumi and the others are walking around the venue visiting booths when they find a certain something in the trash...


Event Venue
Kasumi: Wow~! You can just feel the energy coming from every booth!
Tae: There are more than the last time I came, and the number of attendees has increased too, so it feels much more lively than before.
Saaya: I figured as much. The excitement in this place is though the roof.
Kasumi: We really have to be grateful to Marina-san for giving us the opportunity to perform in a place like this!
Arisa: All of the morning performances are almost over. We should have known we wouldn't be able to see all of the booths. There are just too many.
Kasumi: Awww, but we're already here~. I want to see all of them~.
Saaya: We can leave the rest of the fun for later, after we perform, no?
Kasumi: Oh! You're right!
Rimi: You're really amazing though, Kasumi-chan. No matter which booth we go to, you get along with whoever's there right away...
Rimi: I should pay closer attention. I have to learn how to do that myself...
Saaya: That might be part of what Marina-san meant when she said to forget about what we think we're supposed to do...
Kasumi: ... Huh? Wait... Who are you guys talking about?
Arisa: You! Marina-san just said this. You know, you really-
Kasumi: Oh, hey! There's a commemorative photo spot over there!
Arisa: That's exactly what she was talking about!
Kasumi: Wah~, it looks so fun! Let's go do that later, you guys!
Saaya: I see. So they have a picture of a live house in the background, and it makes you look like you're in the middle of a performance.
Tae: Hm? They have someone wearing a costume over there...
Kasumi: You're right! Actually, from behind, doesn't it look like Michelle?! Hey~! Look this way~!
Arisa: Watch your hand, will you?! Stop waving all of those flyers around...! Just how many do you have anyway? Geez...
Kasumi: I had to get all of these! Every single booth we went to had such a lovely flyer! I wanted them all!
Arisa: That's still too many! You're starting to look like a magician! "Pick a card, any card"...
Kasumi: But to balance it out, we handed out a lot of our own flyers too!
Arisa: I mean, yeah... We did pass out pretty much all of ours.
Saaya: We might have been better off making more. Who could've imagined that we would get through the entire stack of them before the morning was over?
Kasumi: Hehe~! That just means that they were that good, doesn't it?!
Rimi: I think so. It's a good thing we worked so hard to make them!
Announcer: The performances scheduled for the morning have now ended. We will have a one-hour intermission before continuing with the performances scheduled for the afternoon. Please look forward to it.
Kasumi: Wah! They said they've gone through all the morning slots!
Tae: Which means our turn is coming up soon!
Kasumi: Time went by kinda fast while we were checking out the booths!
Saaya: Alright, why don't we go meet up with Marina-san? Uhm... Where was the CiRCLE booth again?
Arisa: I'm sure it was to the right after you enter, so... Over there, no?
Saaya: Ah, before that, mind if I stop by the trash can? I wanna throw out this bottle.
Kasumi: Ah, Saaya~, I'll go with you~!
Kasumi: Uhh, the trash can is...
Kasumi: ... Huh_ Th-this... is...
Saaya: Hm? Kasumi? What's wrong?
Arisa: Hello? Kasumi? Why are you dragging your feet? Hurry up, so we can meet up with Marina-san... Hm? Kasumi? What happened?
Kasumi: Look... Inside this trash can...
Saaya: In here...? Ah!
Rimi: The flyers we made...
Kasumi: Wh-why...? Why would someone do something so mean?
Saaya: ... Kasumi.
Kasumi: I mean, we poured our hearts into making these! And yet...!
Kasumi: And yet... we end up finding them in a place like this?! It's so messed up!
Saaya: M-mhm. I understand how you feel, Kasumi. I do. But look how many people there are here... I'm sure some of them just wanted to lighten their load...
Kasumi: Still, it's like saying they don't care about who we are, right?
Kasumi: That's just cruel...
Tae: Hey, Kasumi... I get where you're coming from, but... you know this happens at live houses all the time, right? I worked part-time at one, so I know.
Kasumi: ... O-Tae?
Tae: You'd see the flyers of bands that people didn't know balled up and littered all over the place...
Tae: However, once those bands started becoming popular, those flyers would be gone in the blink of an eye. That's why...
Tae: We just have to make them take another look at us using our music. Let's make them regret ever throwing them out!
Kasumi: Use our music... to make them take another look...
Arisa: O-O-Tae... Sometimes, you have an incredibly sharp tongue...
Kasumi: ... Eheh. I see. Yeah. If they didn't want to know about us before, we just have to make them take another look...
Kasumi: ... Mhm. Let's take what's great about Poppin'Party... and share it with the world!

FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Chapter 5
Join the Huddle

Kasumi is fired up and ready to go, but right before the show, she calls everyone in for a huddle, including Marina.


Event Venue
Saaya: Marina-san, we're back~.
Marina: Oh, hey there! How was it? Did you get to stop by a lot of booths?
Saaya: Yep. We got to see a good number of them, thanks to you... Right, Kasumi?
Kasumi: ... And you know what happened, Marina-san?!

Marina: Oh, I see. That's quite something... You girls did go through the trouble of making the flyers by hand, after all...
Kasumi: Man, did that throw me for a loop! But after hearing what O-Tae had to say, I realized we have to work hard! I guess you can say it got me fired up instead!
Marina: Yeah! And that's what makes you Kasumi-chan!
Kasumi: I will absolutely, po-si-tive-ly, sing a song that will make everyone take another look at us!
Marina: Great! Not to mention, the song you girls made is a really good one! Hearing you perform is gonna make them all come running to get a flyer!
Rimi: Ah, about that...
Marina: Hm? What happened?
Rimi: We actually handed out all of our flyers during the morning. There's not a single one left...
Marina: Ah, really...? Okay then... In that case...
Kasumi: No need to worry! We're gonna burn Poppin'Party into their memories! Right, guys?!
Saaya: Exactly right!
Rimi: Let's do our best!
Arisa: Yeah!
Tae: ... Huh? What?
Arisa: Pay attention!
Kasumi: Hey! Why don't we all get into a huddle then?!
Saaya: A huddle? Ahhh... That might be good! Maybe the pre-game feeling will hype us up!
Arisa: Alright, we'll gather here... K-k-kinda like this.
Kasumi: A-Arisa's taking charge!
Arisa: no one's taking charge! Besides, just doing this much shouldn't be a big deal!
Kasumi: Okay, guys! Wrap your arms around each other... Ah! That's right! Marina-san! Join the circle!
Marina: ... Huh? Me? You're okay... with me joining?
Kasumi: Of course! Isn't that obvious?! Think about it! We're here today as representatives of CiRCLE! There's no point if you're not a part of it!
Marina: Wow, that fills my heart with joy... I suppose I should take advantage of this opportunity then.
Kasumi: You go here! Between me and O-Tae!
Marina: Alright, coming in~... W-wow~, this really takes me back! It's like I'm a high schooler all over again...
Arisa: M-Marina-san, uhm... You're, like, ridiculously excited, aren't you?
Marina: Well, it's just been so long...! Hey, did you guys notice? When you huddle, you form a circle, and we're the representatives of CiRCLE.
Kasumi: You're right! I didn't even realize!
Arisa: That's great, Kasumi. Now if the word huddle comes up on the next vocab test, you might not have to go to a review session.
Kasumi: Ugh, Arisa~! Don't talk about that at a time like this~!
Saaya: C'mon, you two. No bickering while we're in a huddle. People are starting to stare.
Kasumi: Y-yeah, youre right...! Okay... Marina-san, you lead the cheer! Give it everything you've got!
Marina: M-me?!
All: Yes, please~!
Marina: ... A-alright, I will... It's kind of embarrassing with everyone looking at me, but... I'm just gonna put my blinders on and give it my best shot, okay?
Marina: ... Ahem!
Marina: Now then, Poppin'Party! It's go hard or go home! Get pumped and rock the roof off this place!
All: Popipa! Pipopa! Popipapa! Pipopa~!

Event Venue - Stage
Kasumi: Hello, everyone~! Our name is Poppin'Party, and we're here to represent the live house known as CiRCLE!
Kasumi: ... Whoa~. Doesn't the crowd look so big when you're on stage, Arisa?!
Arisa: K-Kasumi, what are you doing?! You can't just start talking to me up here!
Kasumi: Huh? I can't talk to you?
Kasumi: Alrighty then! Marina-san~! I want to thank you so much for bringing us to perform in this kind of show~!
Tae: Me too! I've wanted to perform on this stage for so long! Thank you, Marina-san!
Arisa: Hello, you guys! Talking to someone who's not on stage is even worse! Really, can you two do what you're supposed to do for once?!
Kasumi: It's fine, Arisa~! I really wanted to show that I'm grateful!
Kasumi: Okay, everyone! Listen up, 'cause we're about to play a song we wrote for this very show!

FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR! Event Story - Ending

After the show, Marina shares details about her past. How will Kasumi and the others react...?


After The Show
Event Venue
Kasumi: Marina-san, we finished~!
Marina: Welcome back! Nicely done, girls! You were so amazing out there!
Kasumi: We were?! Hooray~!
Kasumi: You know! The sound! I felt like it was going far far far~ away, up into the ceiling! I had goosebumps the whole time I was singing!
Saaya: I totally get what you mean! That's a live house event for you! They put so much effort into the acoustics around here! You can tell!
Arisa: Th-that's for sure... It was pretty insane... Even my legs were shaking...
Rimi: Not to mention the number of people in the audience! I thought my heart was going to explode!
Marina: It sure didn't look like you were nervous though. Especially Tae-chan. You looked like you were smiling and having fun the whole time.
Tae: That's because I was! I just felt so happy about being able to perform on that stage!
Marina: And it was easy to tell that you were... Ah, I get it. Uh huh, so that's what it is...
Arisa: What happened, Marina-san? Looks like a lightbulb just went off in your head...
Marina: I was just thinking that maybe... the reason people enjoy themselves when listening to your music is that you five have the time of your life when you're playing.
Marina: Just as I always thought, music is... something that you need to enjoy! Thanks to you all, that fact was made clear to me, yet again.
Marina: Thank you!
Kasumi: Thank us?! We should be the ones thanking you! It was because of you that we were able to perform in such an amazing place!
Marina: ... So, I shared with you girls a little bit before, right? About my past and playing in a band?
Kasumi: Ah, yeah! I was so excited to hear about that!
Marina: It's been quite some time since we broke up, but we were pretty serious about wanting to become a professional band. We were a group of five girls, just like Poppin'Party.
Saaya: Oh wow, interesting...
Marina: So we all gave it everything we had and practiced our hearts out... We even had a decent number of fans, and we played at several different live houses.
Marina: If we perform well, someone will discover our talent... All we needed to do is perform well and we'll make the big leagues... We all truly believed that...
Marina: Think about it. You read all those dreamlike stories, right? Interviews with famous musicians who were scouted while playing on the sidewalk... Things like that.
Marina: Fufu... Now that I think about it, we were all still pretty naive, huh? Thinking that one day the same thing could happen to us... We believed that for so long.
Kasumi: Marina-san...
Marina: But in the end, no one discovered us... No one came to talk to us...
Marina: And during that time, our band members drifted farther and farther apart... People no longer held on to the flyers for our shows...
Marina: Now I understand though. I know why things ended up that way. I mean, the very people who were putting on the show weren't even having fun... How could the people watching ever enjoy something like that?
Marina: I bet having someone discover you is amazing. So amazing, it'd practically have to be a miracle! I finally understood that... Once I was no longer in a band.
Marina: That's why I work at a live house. I want to create the chance for those kids who are serious about their music, and are eagerly hoping for their big break, to be discovered...
Marina: I want to make CiRCLE into a place where that sort of thing is possible...
Marina: That's why I think you girls were absolutely amazing today! You were able to pull off everything my band was never able to accomplish!
Marina: The spirit it takes to face anyone head on. The power to put people in a positive mood with your performances... I'm certain that you girls left an impression on someone today!
Kasumi: M-Marina-san... Thank you so much!
Marina: ... Ah, I-I'm sorry! Here I am putting a damper on the big moment you worked so hard for! That's why I said I didn't want to bore you with the details.
Kasumi: You didn't! I'm happy I got to hear that story! Thanks for sharing with us!
Array: Thank you!
Marina: ... M-more importantly, the event is still not over, you know! You're gonna wanna save those tears for later!
Kasumi: ... Y-yeah, you're right! Got it! I'm not out of energy yet!
Marina: I imagine with how great your performance was, we'll be seeing a lot of visitors! I'm counting on you girls!
All: Okay!
Kasumi: ... Ah! If only we knew about this earlier! We could have waited until after the performance to hand out our flyers!
Arisa: Y-you can say that again... Hm? Were we completely out?
Saaya: Yeah, we gave them all away...
Arisa: Aw man...
Marina: ... Fufu. In that case, it might be time for our trump card.
Kasumi: Huh? Trump card?
Marina: Under the table... Can you open that box?
Rimi: ... This one? You said this was your stuff, right?
Marina: Don't worry, just open it.
Rimi: O-okay... Hm? Is this...?
Marina: These are the Poppin'Party flyers I made for today's event!
Kasumi: Wah~! Look, look, Arisa! They're so cute!
Arisa: You can really tell this is the work of a pro...
Marina: Wait, really? I personally thought the flyers you all made were better, so I left these in the box...
Saaya: Fufu... Marina-san, you're so sweet.
Marina: Hm? Why's that?
Saaya: I'm guessing... that after you saw that we made our flyers by hand, you wanted ot be considerate and hid these, right?
Marina: N-no! I really thought that yours were better, I swear...!
Tae: Okay then, Marina-san! I'm gonna go hand these out!
Tae: ... Ah, excuse me, miss! Do you have a moment? You just have to look at this flyer... You won't believe it...!
Kasumi: Ah, O-Tae~! I'm coming with you~! Wait for me~!
Saaya: Fufufu... We can't let them show us up! Arisa! Rimi-rin! Come on!
Rimi: Mhm! I'm going to stop by a bunch of different booths this time!
Arisa: ... Sigh, no choice, I guess! Hey! Guys, wait up~!
Marina: Ahahaha. Go get 'em, Poppin'Party! Don't worry about what other people think! Just hand 'em all out!

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