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Facing the Same Sky Card Story - Episode

Appropriately Tsugurific


Hazawa Coffee
Tsugumi: Welcome to the café... Ah, Sayo-san!
Sayo: Hello, Hazawa-san. Do you have a table for one?
Tsugumi: Of course! It's quiet right now, so feel free to stay and relax for as long as you like! Take a seat right here.
Tsugumi: What would you like to order? Oh, there's a cake I really recommend! It's made with melon cream and-
Sayo: Fufu.
Tsugumi: S-Sayo-san? Is something wrong...?
Sayo: No, I'm sorry. I had heard from Minato-san about how enthusiastic you are...
Sayo: And she was right, so I couldn't help myself. I hope I didn't offend you.
Tsugumi: N-no, I'm not offended at all! I didn't think it showed...
Tsugumi: I see, so Yukina-senpai said that... Was she perhaps talking about our sessions together?
Sayo: Yes. She mentioned you keep your mind open to ideas from others and that you're very passionate when it comes to practice.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... I guess so. I really learn a lot from those sessions. Everyone has such different ideas from Afterglow.
Sayo: I see. Your earnestness is very admirable, Hazawa-san.
Sayo: However, you also help your parents at home and have to deal with Hina in student council...
Sayo: You're already busy as it is. I am a bit... concerned... to see you engage in a new activity.
Tsugumi: Fufu, I'll be okay. I am doing a lot of things, but I'm not doing them alone.
Tsugumi: Eve-chan helps me with the café... Plus, Himari-chan and the others help with student council too.
Tsugumi: So don't worry! I don't plan on pushing myself too hard!
Sayo: ... That's a relief.
Sayo: When one becomes too obsessed with what needs to be done, it becomes easy to lose sight of your surroundings. That can lead to being overwhelmed.
Sayo: But it seems that that is not the case with you, Hazawa-san.
Tsugumi: ... Actually, there was a time when that happened, Sayo-san. I worked so hard that I ended up collapsing.
Tsugumi: Back then, I didn't know what to do. I just kept blindly pushing myself... I ended up making everyone else worry as a result.
Tsugumi: That's why I've set a goal for myself this time!
Sayo: A goal...? Does this mean you have found something to aim for?
Tsugumi: I have. I want us to do an incredible show that will grip the audience!
Sayo: ... I see. That is a good goal.
Tsugumi: Thank you. You know, the only reason I have this goal is thanks to Roselia.
Sayo: Did we inspire you somehow?
Tsugumi: Yes! It's all because I saw you perform at Future World Fes...
Tsugumi: I couldn't take my eyes off of you guys... And the excitement I felt never went away. That's just how impressive you were.
Tsugumi: I thought all of you were amazing... But that wasn't the only thought I had. I wanted us to be able to do what you did.
Sayo: I see... I didn't know our concert had that kind of an effect on others.
Tsugumi: That just shows you how spectacular it was!
Sayo: Thank you very much. I do think that show was the closest we have ever come to what I consider the perfect concert...
Sayo: We worked hard to make it happen, so it brings me joy to hear that our hard work has paid off.
Tsugumi: Fufu. Yukina-senpai said something similar.
Tsugumi: She talked about how important performing at the festival was to Roselia. She also said a lot happened for you all to get there... and that's why you performed so well.
Sayo: Yes, it's just as she said.
Tsugumi: Yukina-senpai looked so happy as she talked about it... I felt a bit jealous.
Sayo: ... You have a goal to work towards now. You'll be fine. And it doesn't look like you'll be taking any unnecessary detours.
Tsugumi: Detours...?
Sayo: Yes. As you know, I have been looking for my own sound. I haven't found it yet, but I was able to see glimmers of it at that event.
Sayo: However, in my case, it took me a very long time to reach that point because I was at a loss for how to proceed. I took many detours.
Tsugumi: ... I don't think detours are a bad thing, though.
Sayo: ...!
Tsugumi: I understand wanting to head straight to a goal, but when I'm going out with my friends, I enjoy the little detours we take...
Tsugumi: They're experiences you can't have if you just focus on what's ahead of you. I'm sure each of your detours has shown you things you wouldn't have seen otherwise.
Tsugumi: That's why I don't think the path you've taken is wrong, Sayo-san!
Sayo: ... Fufu. I'm really lucky to have one more person who understands.
Tsugumi: Hm?
Sayo: Oh, it's nothing. I enjoyed our chat, Hazawa-san. I now have one more thing to look forward to.
Tsugumi: You do...?
Sayo: Yes. I cannot wait to see what answer you arrive at, and what kind of concert Afterglow will put on.
Sayo: Good luck.
Tsugumi: ...! Yeah! Thank you very much!

Facing the Same Sky Card Story - Special Episode

Even Cooler than Cool!


CiRCLE - Lobby
Tsugumi: Hello, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Oh, hi there... Hm? Tsugumi-chan, what are you doing here?
Marina: I'm pretty sure Afterglow isn't supposed to be here yet... Yeah, you're not scheduled to come in for another hour. Is everything okay?
Tsugumi: I was hoping I could do some practice on my own... Do you have a free studio?
Marina: Oh, I see. Let me check... Yes, you're good to go!
Tsugumi: Great! Thank you very much.
Marina: No problem. By the way, Tsugumi-chan, you seem even more passionate about rehearsal lately. You've come in quite a few times now to practice alone.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... I guess I have. I just really want to improve!
Marina: Oh~, somebody's on fire~! You're also doing sessions with Yukina-chan and the others, right?
Tsugumi: Yes, I am. I enjoy playing your song so much, Marina-san... "HOPE" is such a great song! I love it!
Marina: Well, thank you. That song must be happy to have a girl like you playing it.
Tsugumi: Fufu. I hope so... I'm really glad I started doing sessions with everyone.
Tsugumi: Practicing "HOPE" has shown me so many different perspectives... And because of that, I feel like I've been growing bit by bit.
Tsugumi: And that growth is the reason I was able to suggest new ideas to everyone in Afterglow, like a rewrite for one of our songs.
Marina: Oh, you rewrote a song...? That's quite a bold move.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... You're probably right, but I also think it was the right move.
Tsugumi: It's a step we needed to take to make Afterglow even cooler than it is right now.
Marina: Cooler...? What do you mean?
Tsugumi: Umm... When we saw Roselia perform at Future World Fes, it was a real eye-opener.
Tsugumi: So much so that we never forgot the excitement we felt there... We'd never seen a show like that before.
Tsugumi: It made us want to give a concert like that too!
Marina: I see. Sounds like you were all inspired by Roselia.
Tsugumi: Yes, we really were.
Marina: I see, I see. So that's why Afterglow is trying to become cooler.
Tsugumi: Yes. We're all trying to improve so that we can play better... And once we do, I just know we'll be able to take our shows to the next level!
Marina: Fufu, it looks like there are some interesting times ahead for Afterglow!
Tsugumi: Yes! Now that we have a new goal, I can't wait to see how we'll change...
Tsugumi: I can't even imagine what it'll be like, but that's what makes it so fun!
Marina: That's the spirit! All of you can become whatever you want to be. You have my full support!
Tsugumi: Thank you... I'll do my best!