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Familiar Tune Card Story - Episode

Where We Belong


Rehearsal Studio
Himari: Alright~! Let's give today's practice everything we've got~! Hey, hey, hoh~!
Tomoe: Haha, looks like another exciting day for you, Himari.
Himari: ... Huh? Tomoe?! You're already here. Wow, you're early.
Tomoe: I don't really have much else to do, and all I could think about was hitting the drums.
Himari: I really wanted to play too! Hey, why don't we do a little bit of light practice before everyone else gets here?
Tomoe: That's cool. What song you wanna play?
Himari: Hmm...
Himari: Oh! Why don't we play the one we were all listening to the other day?
Tomoe: The other day... You mean the first song we recorded as a band?
Himari: Yep! Maybe it's because I hadn't heard it in so long, but now, I have this strong urge to play it.
Himari: I have to say, though, everyone was so surprised when the CD started.
Tomoe: Sure was. Moca was like, "Who's that on the guitar?"
Tomoe: And Tsugu started apologizing to the CD.
Himari: Haha, yeah!
Himari: I was the one who found it and brought it, but I was still a bit embarrassed.
Himari: In my head, all I could think of how bad I was and how many mistakes I was making.
Tomoe: But you know, the fact we could have those thoughts means that we've gotten much better.
Himari: Yeah~.
Himari: I mean, of course. We made that CD a short time after we formed our band.
Himari: Ohh, the memories~.
Tomoe: We recorded it to celebrate completing a track together.
Tomoe: Now, whenever I hear that song, I remember all the things that led to the creation of Afterglow.
Himari: Ran was in a different class from us, and we wanted to find something we could do together. Then Tsugu said, "We should form a band!"
Himari: When our schedules changed and Ran got separated from us, she stopped going to class...
Tomoe: I was hoping to talk to her because she seemed down, but for some reason, I couldn't find the right words.
Himari: And then Ran ended up saying that you were being weird instead of the other way around.
Tomoe: We don't... talk about that...
Himari: Haha, sorry~. You definitely weren't acting like yourself though.
Himari: But we were stuck thinking about what we should do because she wouldn't open up to us...
Himari: ... Turns out she was skipping class to go to the roof and write poems.
Himari: I wonder how long she was keeping that loneliness to herself...
Tomoe: She really doesn't like people seeing her when she's vulnerable.
Tomoe: But now is a different story, right?
Tomoe: We all have our place with Afterglow, so something like that won't happen again.
Himari: Tomoe...
Himari: Yep!
Himari: I know it's not a new idea, but i really want the five of us to be able to share all of our thoughts and feelings!
Tomoe: Yeah. Besides, the band's purpose is to make sure we can all be together, after all.
Tomoe: ... Alright. Why don't we get to playing that song, then?
Himari: Okay~! Here we go~! Prepare yourself for a mean bass~!

Familiar Tune Card Story - Special Episode

Forever Young


Himari: Today~, is rehearsal day~. Fun, fun~ ♪ I'm gonna play the best I've ever played~ ♪
Himari: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Good morning! Nice to see you again ♪
Himari: Yep, I'm full of energy as always~! I couldn't wait for today's practice so I came in early.
Himari: You think I seem really motivated~? Fufufu~, bingo!
Himari: Actually, the other day, the band and I listened to the first CD we ever recorded together as Afterglow.
Himari: Uhh, it's a song we're still playing, even now.
Himari: Yeah, yeah! That's the one! We've been performing it for a long time.
Himari: When we heard it again, we were all really surprised. It turns out... we weren't quite as good as we thought we were.
Himari: Everyone had the same reaction. Something like, "Is that really me...?"
Himari: Just thinking about it now... Ooo, it's just so embarrassing!
Himari: Huh? You wanna hear it too?
Himari: N-No no no! It's not like you literally can't, but... you can't! I might just die from embarrassment!
Himari: But... I am happy that we all listened to it. You know, they say you have to remember where you came from!
Himari: It helped me remember all of the things that happened when we started our band, and now I feel so inspired~!
Himari: We hardly knew our left from our right, but we gave it a shot. We even have members who hadn't played an instrument before.
Himari: After school, we would all get together and rehearse every day.
Himari: Haha, we were in the prime of our lives!
Himari: But we can't settle. We have to keep working hard and keep getting better!
Himari: Alright~! You know what we have to do, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you ready~?!
Himari: One... two... Let's make today another great day! Hey! Hey! Hoh~!