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Feisty Val Card Story - Episode

Legendary Gamer


Day Off
Udagawa Residence - Tomoe's Room
Tomoe: We've sure been running around a lot lately with that Phantom Thieves stuff. Maybe I'll just chill at home for today...
Ako: Sis~!! We have a problem~!!
Tomoe: What happened, Ako? Something wrong?
Ako: We have to go to the arcade, quick! Hurry, get ready~!
Tomoe: The arcade? Why now...?
Ako: There's a super awesome gamer that everyone's been talking about lately, and they're supposed to be nearby~!
Ako: They're really good, and they even come up with new techniques on their own! On top of all of that, the kid is even younger than I am!
Tomoe: Oh, okay. I mean, if you wanna go, I'll tag along!
Ako: You will?! Yay~! 'Kay, let's go~!

Tomoe: Man, I haven't been to an arcade in a while. Ako, stay close to me, okay?
Ako: Okay~! Wow, there are so many people...
Tomoe: They might've come after hearing all the rumors.
Ako: Ohh~, how am I supposed to know where to look when it's so crowded~...?
Ako: And here I thought we might actually get to meet... Sigh...
Tomoe: Ako... I know! Why don't we just play some games together?
Ako: Huh?
Tomoe: Thank about it. While we're playing, we might run into this person by chance!
Ako: Yeah, you're right! C'mon, let's play~!
Tomoe: Cool. Alright, Ako, where should we start?
Ako: Let's see~. First, we'll play the crane game! I saw that they have a keychain strap of the NFO mascot in there~!

Tomoe: We went through so many different games! Is there anything else you wanted to do?
Ako: Hmm~... Ah, I wanna play this one! I put lots and lots of hours into the last version of this game!
Tomoe: Ohh~, a fighting game, huh? Seems like something you'd be pretty good at.
Ako: Ehehe, you can even play with other people around the country! Get ready, Sis! You're about to see what I'm made of!
Tomoe: Nice! Show 'em your moves, Ako!

Ako: Yay~! I won again, Sis!
Tomoe: Wow, that's amazing! You're not even giving these people a chance.
Ako: Ehehe~. But the players get stronger and stronger as you win, so I can't hold back...! Ah, the next match is starting!
Ako: ... What? I already lost?!
Tomoe: Whoa, that was some pretty crazy movement... Even an amateur like me could tell.
Ako: Aww man... This sucks. I'm gonna remember their name so I can get my revenge later... Ahh~!!
Tomoe: Wh-what's up, Ako?
Ako: The person I was just fighting! It's them! It's the legendary gamer!
Tomoe: A-are you serious?!
Ako: Yeah! I can't believe we played each other! This might be even better than meeting in person...!
Ako: And you're the one who said we should play, so it's thanks to you~! Thanks, Sis!
Tomoe: Haha, all that matters is that you're happy, Ako.
Ako: Ehehe. 'Kay, let's find a game that we can both play now! Some of the ones over there look fun.

Feisty Val Card Story - Special Episode

Becoming a Treasure


CiRCLE - Café
Tomoe: Ohh! BanG Dreamer-san! Working hard I see! On your break now?
Tomoe: You are? Cool! there's actually something I wanted to ask you about!
Tomoe: Now, where to begin... Well, I guess I'll just start from the beginning. So the other day, the girls and I decided to form a group of phantom thieves.
Tomoe: Ah, no no no! You don't have to look so worried! We weren't doing anything bad!
Tomoe: I'm told that this group of revolutionaries, the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, have been all the rage recently. Do you know about them?
Tomoe: Himari must have gotten caught up in the excitement because she suddenly started saying that Afterglow should do the same thing as they do.
Tomoe: None of us were really on board at first, but then, Seta-senpai issued us a challenge! She said we should try stealing her treasure from Kokoro's mansion!
Tomoe: So we went over to her house, and I couldn't believe my eyes... That place was crazy huge!
Tomoe: A good number of those rooms had no clear purpose either...
Tomoe: Himari and the others were telling me about this one tiny blue room. What in the world could that be for...? I'll have to ask Kokoro next time I see her.
Tomoe: We were dead tired after all that running around, but really, being able to play the role of the Phantom Thieves was pretty fun.
Tomoe: ... Ah, I almost forgot about the most important part! There's something I still think about from that day!
Tomoe: So, towards the end of our heist, Ran told Kokoro that "hey, hey, hoh~" is Afterglow's treasure. Yeah, you know, the thing Himari's always saying.
Tomoe: I have no problem with that specifically. Himari was really happy about it, after all!
Tomoe: The problem came after that. I was like, okay Ran, that means my "soi-ya" can become one of our treasures then too, right?
Tomoe: And she just kept quiet, snickered, and dodged the question. Messed up, right?
Tomoe: Say, BanG Dreamer-san. You'll tell the others that "soi-ya" can become one of our treasures, right?
Tomoe: ... Ahhh~!! That's it, that's the face! That's the same one Ran was making~!
Tomoe: Alright, that's it! I'm gonna do what I have to so that you'll both believe in "soi-ya" one day!