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Fifty-Fifty Fear Card Story - Episode

Let's Stick Together


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Ran: ...
Tsugumi: ...
Moca: ... Hey, Ran.
Ran: Y-Yeah?
Moca: ... I'm hot.
Ran: Huh? Why?
Moca: Why...? Because you're clinging to me~.
Ran: ...! I-It's not my fault! Himari was the one who said we should squeeze together...
Moca: I get that you're scared, Ran~. But don't you think you're squeezing too tight~?
Ran: I can't help it... I'm scared...!
Moca: Your back is getting hot too, right, Tsugu~?
Tsugumi: I-I'm fine! Everything's okay, Ran-chan!
Ran: ... Tsugumi, you make it really obvious when you lie, huh?
Tsugumi: What?! B-But everything really is okay! No problem! If we stick close like this, I can tell that everyone is still here!
Tsugumi: And if it makes you feel less scared, then... Y-Yeah! No problem at all!
Ran: I don't mind if it's Moca, but when Tsugumi says something like that... I kind of feel bad...
Moca: What~? You don't care about me~? Ohh, the sadness~.
Ran: ... I'll walk on my own for a little.
Tsugumi: If you start to feel scared again, just tell me! We can do this, Ran-chan!

Tsugumi: Wah! I just saw a shadow in the classroom move...!
Ran: ...!!!
Moca: Ooh, Ran just put her arms around me. So bold~.
Ran: ...! ... Sorry... I'll let go...
Tsugumi: It was my own shadow that moved... Sorry, everyone...
Ran: L-Let's just keep going!

Ran: Kya! I-I just heard a sound come from that classroom...!
Tsugumi: Wah! A-Are you okay, Ran-chan?!

Moca: Uwahhh~! What the...?!
Ran: What is it?!
Moca: ... Ah, sorry. Don't worry about it.
Ran: Don't worry about it?! That just makes me worry more!
Moca: ... Seriously, the less you know the better.
Ran: What...?!

Tsugumi: Ran-chan, are you okay?
Ran: ... I-I'm fine... I'll be fine...
Moca: ... Hey, Ran. Let's squeeze up close again.
Tsugumi: Yeah, I'm sure we'll feel less scared that way, which will be for the best.
Ran: But...
Moca: Isn't it kinda cooler over here? You think so too, right, Tsugu~? I'm getting cold~.
Tsugumi: Huh?! Umm, y-yeah, it's so cold~! This is so weird~. I wonder if we'll feel warmer if we squeeze close again~!
Ran: ... Tsugumi, you really don't know how to lie, do you?
Tsugumi: ... Ehehe.
Ran: ... As long as you guys don't mind.
Tsugumi: Yeah, it's okay.
Moca: Come to me, Ran~.

Tsugumi: Wahhh!
Moca: Squeezing close is fine and all, but if you hold that tight, I can't move, you know~?
Ran: We're staying like this.
Tsugumi: Fufu. Okay, let's keep going!

Fifty-Fifty Fear Card Story - Special Episode

Invisible Staff?


Station Entrance
Ran: ... It's so hot...
Ran: I guess I arrived too early...
Ran: Ugh...
Ran: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san... Hey.
Ran: I don't sound very happy? How else am I supposed to sound in this heat?
Ran: I'm hanging out with the rest of the band today...
Ran: We agreed to meet here, but I arrived too early and... Ugh... It's so hot.
Ran: We're such good friends? Well, yeah... I suppose we are.
Ran: Himari is going to treat us today.
Ran: We made this plan a while ago. I hope Himari hasn't forgotten...
Ran: She owes us big time.
Ran: Himari left her textbook at school during the holidays. It was already night by the time she realized, but we all went with her to go get it.
Ran: I didn't want to go because it was already dark, but... Himari said she couldn't do her homework with that textbook, so...
Ran: We had no problems getting into the school, but when we tried to leave the doors had been locked...
Ran: That's right, we got trapped at school.
Ran: It was no cool at all... Moca said it was exciting. As if there's anything exciting about that.
Ran: ... Ah, I'm sorry. There's no point in getting angry at you about it.
Ran: So then Tomoe says there's an emergency exit in the gym that's always open, so we walked all the way over there, but...
Ran: A lot of things happened...
Ran: What kind of things? ... Do I have to tell you?
Ran: ... Well, it's not like it's a secret or anything. Stuff... uh, happened. The supernatural kind of stuff...
Ran: When we were walking down the hallway, we could hear the sound of the piano from the music room...
Ran: The piano... It was playing one of our songs.
Ran: It's crazy, right? If it was Beethoven or Bach, I could understand, but...
Ran: ... Well, the fact we could even hear the piano when there was no one else at school just makes no sense.
Ran: That was the scariest thing... It made it impossible to deny that there was someone else besides us in the school...
Ran: ... Anyway, since we had to go through stuff like that, Himari promised to treat us.
Ran: I'm not forcing her or anything, you know? She said she'd never ask for anything ever again.
Ran: Don't you think saying "ever again" is such an over-exaggeration? Well, I guess that's Himari.
Ran: It sounds like we had a tough time? Tough doesn't begin to describe it. I never want to do that ever again.
Ran: ... So, uh.
Ran: Um... I have to ask.
Ran: CiRCLE is... okay, right?
Ran: It's only you and Marina-san there, right...?
Ran: What do I mean...?
Ran: Come on! There's no stuff like ghosts or anything, right? Cables suddenly unplugging themselves, guitar sounds coming from the studio when it's empty?
Ran: I-I'm asking if any of these things have happened!
Ran: ...S-Sorry. I'm not sure why I got so feisty.
Ran: That kind of thing doesn't happen at CiRCLE, right...?
Ran: Huh? You'll ask Marina-san...?
Ran: Wait, that's okay! You don't have to! I mean, I don't even want to know!
Ran: BanG Dreamer-san, are you teasing me? You were doing that on purpose, weren't you...?!
Ran: If you weren't, that's actually kind of scary too!
Ran: A-Anyway, you don't need to ask Marina-san about this!
Ran: ... Oh! That's Himari and the others.
Ran: I'm going to head off. See you around!
Ran: And don't talk to Marina-san about this!