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Fired Up! Card Story - Episode

A Valuable Member!


Dressing Room
Hagumi: Thanks for coming today, guys!
Others: I'm glad we were able to make it! I didn't know you played the bass, Kitazawa-san.
Hagumi: Oh! My brother taught me how to play the guitar a little, but the bass is really fun too even though it doesn't have many strings!
Others: It's amazing you can play softball and be in a band.
Hagumi: I like running around which is why I play softball. It's fun working together as a team too!
Hagumi: Oh, but being in a band is kinda the same, it takes a lotta teamwork to play in time with each other!
Others: It kind of looked like you were all just doing your own thing, but I guess that's not the case, huh?
Hagumi: It's just so much fun when we perform, so we always end up smiling. And then our performance ends up becoming one!
Others: I had so much fun just watching you guys on stage! It was great!
Hagumi: Really? I'm happy we put a smile on your face!
Hagumi: Our band is all about making the world smile, after all!
Kanon: Hagumi-chan~... Oh, is that your friend?
Hagumi: Oh, Kano-chan-senpai!
Others: Hi, Matsubara-senpai! I didn't know you were in Hello, Happy World! You were so nice in the drums!
Kanon: E-Ehehe... You think so? I'm so happy.
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai is amazing!
Kanon: D-Don't say that. It's embarrassing, Hagumi-chan.
Others: You guys are all really good friends, huh? I'm kind of envious.
Hagumi: That's right! Everyone get along sooo well, right, Kano-chan-senpai?
Kanon: Yeah, we all have different personalities, but I guess we're good friends.
Hagumi: Everyone in the band is amazing too!
Hagumi: Kokoron is just so powerful and full of energy! She always gives us a push.
Hagumi: Kaoru-kun is an amazing performer. She's like a real-life prince!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai gives everything her best, and she's a great drummer!
Hagumi: And then there's our DJ, Michelle! You saw her, right?
Others: Yeah! It was so fun seeing someone in a bear suit being a DJ!
Hagumi: Oh! I bet Michelle will be so happy to hear that!
Hagumi: Oh, and then there's Mii-kun too! She doesn't perform on stage with us though.
Hagumi: She helps us write songs does stuff like find a place for us to play!
Hagumi: Which means she's a member of Hello, Happy World! too!
Hagumi: You think so too, right, Kano-chan-senpai?
Kanon: Yeah. She's an important member, just like us.
Hagumi: Right? I hope she'll join us on stage someday!
Kanon: Y-Yeah...
Kanon: (I hope they'll realize someday that Misaki-chan is Michelle...)

Fired Up! Card Story - Special Episode

With Mii-kun


Hagumi: Umm... "We're performing... next Sunday! Come and see us... if you have time..." There. All done!
Hagumi: Wait, how do I do emoji again? Do I just type in 'funny face'? ... Nope, didn't work. Oh well!
Hagumi: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: What am I up to? I was just texting my friends.
Hagumi: They asked when our next performance was, so I just let them know.
Hagumi: Oh, that reminds me! My classmates came to see us perform! Us as Hello, Happy World! of course!
Hagumi: They said it was really fun! That made me so happy!
Hagumi: The band is all about making people simile, after all!
Hagumi: It was actually Mii-kun's idea to have a performance that my classmates came to see!
Hagumi: Mii-kun never suggests stuff, so I was really surprised! I wanted to do it too though!
Hagumi: I mean, Mii-kun's my friend and she said she wanted to do something! That makes me wanna help!
Hagumi: She worked super hard on getting us a live house and making our new song too! I wish you could've seen her in action, BanG Dreamer-san~!
Hagumi: You think that makes Mii-kun a member of the band? Yeah, you're so right, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: I was thinking the same thing!
Hagumi: Hello, Happy World! is Kokoron and Kaoru-kun, Kano-chan-senpai, Michelle, Mii-kun, and me!
Hagumi: All of us is what make Hello, Happy World! I want us to make the band even bigger and better together!
Hagumi: And someday, I want Mii-kun to be on stage with us too!
Hagumi: You're sure it'll happen someday? ... Yeah!
Hagumi: Okay, I'm gonna think of a plan with Kokoron to make it happen!
Hagumi: Thanks for listening, BanG Dreamer-san! Bye-bye~!