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First-Rate Hospitality Card Story - Episode

The Way Mom Makes It!


Eve's House

Eve: Please honor me with your teachings, Lisa-san!
Lisa: My teachings...? Ahaha, you don't have to be so formal with me.
Lisa: I've gotta say though, I was surprised when you called and asked me to teach you how to cook.
Eve: When it comes to cooking, I thought it would be best to ask someone who is a good cook.
Lisa: Ahaha, I'm not that good, you know~? It still makes me super happy to hear it though!
Lisa: ... So your friend is visiting and you're having a party for her, right?
Lisa: What kind of food do you want to make? You already have the ingredients, right? It might be tight if you want to do something complicated...
Eve: I was thinking of doing hand-rolled sushi and miso soup.
Lisa: Ooh, sushi. Nice choice!
Lisa: In that case all we have to do is cut up the ingredients, so it shouldn't take too long at all.
Eve: Really? ... Ah, Lisa-san, do you think that's something I could do on my own?
Lisa: On your own? I don't see why not, but... why?
Eve: I want to welcome her with food that I prepared with my own hands. I think she will find that more welcoming.
Lisa: ... Got it. Okay, in that case I'll just be here to give you advice.
Eve: Okay, that would be great!
Lisa: Well, let's start by cutting up the ingredients then~.
Eve: I have cucumbers, green onions, and shiso leaves.
Eve: Focus my mind... I, Eve Wakamiya, am ready for battle!
Lisa: ... H-Hey, wait a second! Why are you holding the knife with both hands?
Eve: I was just assuming a stance to sever the cucumber in half...
Lisa: We're not going to sever anything. C'mon, hold the knife like this. Use your other hand like a claw to keep the vegetables in place.
Eve: O-Okay. A claw... like this?
Lisa: Yeah, now remove the stem and cut the cucumber in half. After that slice each half longways. Be careful not to make it too thin.
Eve: I-I understand! I'll do my best!

Eve: ... Phew. Lisa-san, I've finished the preparations!
Lisa: Nice, that does it for the ingredients. Now, the rice... yeah, seems just right. We have the nori, too. Good job, you're ready to roll some sushi now.
Eve: Yes! I'm glad we could get it done!
Eve: Next is the miso soup. I've prepared tofu, wakame, and deep-fried tofu pieces.
Lisa: This shouldn't be too hard. All we have to do is prepare the ingredients and boil everything.
Lisa: Well, let's cut everything up like we did with the other vegetables.
Eve: Sure!

Eve: ... Okay. All that is left is to add the miso to the water once it boils, right?
Lisa: Yeah, at this point there's nothing else to worry about.
Eve: I was only able to do all this because of the advice you gave me, Lisa-san!
Eve: You truly are good at cooking. Who is it that taught you how to cook?
Lisa: It was my mom.
Lisa: It might seem kinda strange, I actually like traditional boiled foods and stuff. I wanted to learn how to make them myself, so my mom taught me.
Eve: No, there's nothing strange about it at all! Everyone has their own preferences! Liking Japanese food is something to be proud of as a Japanese person!
Lisa: Ahaha, thanks. You're so kind, Eve.
Lisa: But like, didn't you learn how to cook or stuff like that?
Eve: I learned how to make basic things, but... I barely know how to make any of the traditional Finnish foods.
Eve: Next time I go back, I think I will ask my grandmother to teach me!
Lisa: In that case, perhaps I'll ask you to make something for me once you learn how~ ♪
Eve: Yes, of course! Once I learn how to make those things, I want all of my friends in Japan to try them!
Eve: ... Ah, the water has boiled, Lisa-san.
Eve: Now we just mix in the miso, right? Umm, is this correct?
Lisa: Yeah, just do it like that and we're done! Okay, let's give it a taste test!
Eve: Okay, itadakimasu...!
Eve: ...
Eve: The miso soup passed down through your family is delicious, Lisa-san... It's so soothing...
Eve: Ah! Is this the taste of a mother's home cooking?!
Lisa: Huh? Hey, I'm not a mom yet~!
Eve: Oh, you're right! Your cooking is just so good that I couldn't stop myself from saying it!
Lisa: Oh well. At least we got the flavor right ♪
Eve: Yes! Thank you so much! I couldn't have prepared all of this without you, Lisa-san!
Lisa: You're welcome. I hope you guys have a good party.

First-Rate Hospitality Card Story - Special Episode

More Japanese Culture!


Hazawa Coffee

Eve: Oh? BanG Dreamer-san, hello. Are you taking a break?
Eve: I just finished my part-time job!
Eve: Do you mind if I join you?
Eve: Thank you! I'll go get something for us!

Eve: Thanks for waiting, here's your coffee!
Eve: Speaking of coffee, the people in Finland drink so much of it.
Eve: Everyone drinks coffee at home and when they're at work.
Eve: In the morning, we often have pulla with our coffee!
Eve: Oh, pulla is a type of bread!
Eve: I guess it's similar to a sweet kind of bread in Japan...
Eve: Like a cinnamon roll...!
Eve: I love pulla!
Eve: Oh... Thank you for the coffee! In a situation like this, I should say...
Eve: I am indebted to you! Right?
Eve: No...? Was that wrong?
Eve: Oh, by the way! We had a home party at my house the other day!
Eve: We had the home party because my friend from Finland, Hanne, came to visit.
Eve: The flights are so expensive, but she came all this way to see me...
Eve: That made me feel so happy!
Eve: But... I had been lying to Hanne.
Eve: I told her that I'd made lots of friends as soon as I arrived in Japan, but really it wasn't like that...
Eve: I didn't want her to worry about the fact that I didn't have many friends, so I lied to her...
Eve: Hanne realized that I was lying, and in the end that actually made her worry.
Eve: If I hadn't lied to her, she shouldn't have worried about anything in the first place. I feel like I did something terrible.
Eve: I felt kind of torn apart...
Eve: Oh, but I made sure to apologize for lying to her!
Eve: I couldn't have done it without Chisato-san, Kasumi-san, or Kanon-san, or any of the others...!
Eve: If something ever happens to any of the others, I want to help them in return someday.
Eve: I will sever everyone's worries in two! Service and favors!
Eve: Oh, I also got a recipe for Japanese food from Lisa-san.
Eve: Hand-rolled sushi and miso soup... Oh, we also made origami.
Eve: I wore a samurai costume, and gave my friend a Japanese welcoming.
Eve: Seeing it and doing it yourself is such a different experience!
Eve: I am always interested in bushido, but now I am more interested in other Japanese culture too.
Eve: There are many more wonderful cultural things in Japan than just sushi, sukiyaki and Mt. Fuji!
Eve: For example... Rice cake pounding!
Eve: After the party, Kasumi-chan and the others suggested we do rice cake pounding.
Eve: Unfortunately, it's a custom normally performed at new years, so we can’t' do it immediately...
Eve: But I am already looking forward to it!
Eve: Until the new year comes around, I want to practice not only my sword strokes, but also the swinging of the mallet for rice cake pounding!
Eve: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san, would you like to practice with me?
Eve: I'll swing the mallet, so please do the kneading!
Eve: I think it will be really fun to pound rice cakes together!
Eve: And then there's ozoni soup, kinako mochi, ankoro mochi!
Eve: I can't decide which to have first, even though it's still so far away...!
Eve: Let's pound rice cakes together at new years, BanG Dreamer-san!