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First Candy Shop Visit Card Story - Episode

Candy & Preppy


Day Off

Nanami: And then we turn right down this alley~... Tsu-chan, Toko-chan, we're almost there~.
Tsukushi: Hey, Nanami-chan. I know you wanted to show us something amazing, but are we even going the right way?
Nanami: Trust me~. It's going to blow you away. I hope you're ready~.
Touko: For real? When you put it that way, there's no way I wouldn't get excited! Right, Fusuke?!
Tsukushi: Yeah. Nanami-chan seems to think highly of this place, anyway.
Nanami: I wanted to bring Shiro-chan and Rui-rui along too, but they were both busy, so it didn't work out.
Touko: Well, I don't think Rui would come even if she was free.
Nanami: Hahaha... Oh well, we can invite them along again next time. And look, we're already here~.
The Other Two: ...
Tsukushi: Um... Nanami-chan? Was the amazing place you had in mind... this house? It doesn't seem special to me...
Touko: Isn't this place kinda run-down? Ah, is this a haunted house or something?
Tsukushi: Eep...
Nanami: No, no~. This is a candy store~. It's really cool.
Nanami: They sell inexpensive snacks here, a lot of which I had never seen before.
The Other Two: A... candy store?
Touko: Like the ones people talk about? For real? So this is what they look like!
Tsukushi: I've heard of these before, but it's my first time actually coming to one. Is it like a patisserie?
Touko: Patisserie sell western desserts, don't they? This place looks more like it sells Japanese sweets.
Touko: Ah, I know! They must have some super original specialty items or something!
Nanami: You won't know until you step inside~. Go and see for yourself!

Candy Store

Tsukushi: Well, it definitely doesn't look like a patisserie... That's for sure. I don't see any staff, and the goods aren't like anything I've seen before...
Touko: For sure. Where exactly are these never-before-seen snacks you told us about?
Nanami: Fufufu~. Believe it or not, every item here is a snack food~.
The Other Two: Really?! Huh?!
Touko: Come on, no way! You're telling me that big blue stick over there is some kind of candy?!
Nanami: Precisely!
Tsukushi: Wait, then that rainbow-colored one over there is also...?
Nanami: Candy!
Touko: Whoa, you're blowing my mind here~... Snacks are supposed to be like... cakes and pies and stuff!
Tsukushi: These look less like candy and more like toys, don't they?
Touko: They totally do! Get a load of these soda-looking things! Are they candy too?
Nanami: Uh-huh, they even have soda-flavored filling inside. Hagu-senpai let me try one, and it was tasty~.
Tsukushi: This one has juice written on it... There's no way anyone could fill up on this amount!
Nanami: For that one, you pour the packet into water and make your own juice. That's what Arisa-senpai said!
Touko: Hold up, you can make juice with this?! How? Is it magic?
Touko: Candy over here, candy over there! It's like a house made of candy!
Nanami: Isn't it amazing?! I've been wanting to show you guys since the moment I found this place~.
Touko: Man, this is wild. I'm telling you, candy stores like this are gonna be the next big thing.
Tsukushi: I'm having fun just looking at all the cute and unique types of packaging. I can't decide what to buy.
Nanami: I recommend that blue candy over there. It turns your tongue blue~.
Touko: Seriously?! Ah~, I like everything I see, so maybe I'll buy it all.
Tsukushi: Ah, I'll go ahead and buy something for Mashiro-chan and Rui-san, as well. They're going to be so surprised~.
Touko: Alright, I've got what I want, so I'm gonna go pay now. My sweet tooth is killing me, so let's find a place downtown and eat 'em together!
Nanami: Ah, Toko-chan. I think you'll have to wait a bit~.
Touko: Huh? Why?
Nanami: You see, it's not so easy to simply walk out of this store~.
Tsukushi: Wh-what do you mean...?
Nanami: The last time I came... Hmmm, it might be easier to see for yourself. You'll find out soon enough.
Touko: It's not like we're trapped here, right? We can pay and leave like any other store!
Touko: Anyway, I'm gonna do just that~.
Touko: Excuse me, miss, I'm ready to pay!
Candy Lady: Hello there. Oh my, you certainly have a lot.
Touko: You have a lot of cool stuff to choose from! Me and my friends are gonna eat them together later.
Candy Lady: Fufu, now that takes me back. When I was your age, my friends and I would often come to stores like this, fill our pockets, and then go to the park to enjoy them together. Back then...
Nanami: They call her the candy lady, and as you may have noticed, she likes to talk a lot~. She's a nice person, but...
Tsukushi: Now I understand...

First Candy Shop Visit Card Story - Special Episode

Like a High-Schooler


Shopping Mall

Nanami: This place is a little too flashy for me~... I need to find a part-time job that's more normal...
Marina: ... Hm? Nanami-chan?
Nanami: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon~.
Marina: Hello. What are you up to?
Nanami: I'm checking out some of the nearby stores!
Marina: Checking them out? But haven't you already...?
Nanami: Well, I'm thinking of getting a part-time job~.
Marina: Oh, now I see. Why the sudden interest, though?
Nanami: I went out the other day with Hina-senpai and Arisa-senpai to hunt down some special prize goods~.
Marina: Right, you mentioned before that you like to collect those sorts of things. You were looking for some last time we met too.
Nanami: Yes, and while we were out, we stopped by the convenience store where Lisa-senpai and Moca-senpai work to see if they had any~.
Nanami: It was actually my first time seeing high school students on the job. When I brought that up, they said that a lot of other students have jobs of their own, so here I am.
Marina: I see. Wow, your own part-time job~. That sounds nice! Are you saving up money for something?
Nanami: Huh? Not really, no~. It's just my way of being a proper high school student.
Marina: A proper student...? W-well, I suppose it's good to experience new things!
Marina: So, did you find what you were looking for with Hina-chan and the others?
Nanami: I did! It all worked out thanks to their help!
Nanami: I was ready to give up after going through all the convenience stores and downtown shops, but that's when Lisa-senpai told us that her school was selling them.
Nanami: And they were half-price, so I bought the whole lot~.
Marina: Fufu, no kidding. I'm glad it all worked out for you.
Nanami: Me too! I feel that it also helped me grow closer to the members from the other bands.
Nanami: To think they would stick around and help me look for prizes... Fufu, I have many wonderful mentors watching over me~.
Nanami: I didn't participate in any clubs during junior high school, so I never had the opportunity to associate with older students before. It really is a lot of fun~!
Marina: A part-time job would be a good chance to meet even more mentors, so that must be exciting.
Nanami: Ah, you're right. I hadn't considered that part~.
Nanami: Now I'm even more pumped up~.
Marina: Nice, that's the spirit. Ah, right, let me know if you find a job. I'll stop by and visit!
Marina: I'm sure BanG Dreamer-san will come too, won't you?
Nanami: Hahaha, thank you both very much. I look forward to it!