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First Step Card Story - Episode

Kanon Being Kanon


Tsugumi: Welcome! Currently, we have no empty seats. Please, wait a moment.
Chisato: Everytime we come, this place is packed. And it looks like the ratings online have went up since our first visit.
Kanon: They do have really tasty cake and black tea. Ah.
Others: Excuse me. Aren't you Chisato Shirasagi? I saw you in a commercial the other day-
Others: Uhm. You think we could get an autograph, maybe...
Chisato: Sorry, but as you can see, I am with a friend and trying to enjoy a normal day.
Others: Oh. Yeah, you're totally right. So sorry to bother you.
Chisato: It's okay. Thank you for your support.
Others: We talked to Chisato-chan! Wah!!
Kanon: Quite popular as always. Even I was surprised when I first talked to you at school.
Chisato: Surprised, huh? Hehe...
Kanon: Huh? D-did I say something wrong?
Chisato: No. I'm just remembering that moment.
Kanon: Oh... You know I still get embarrassed just thinking about it.
Chisato: It was your day to take printouts for the class, right? You were walking through the hallway... and you were much smaller then. I guess I was too.
Kanon: Mhm. I couldn't see with stack of papers in front of me, so I tripped and knocked you over, and there was paper all over the place...
Chisato: Well that startled me, too. But what I really like is what you said next...
Kanon: Please don't say it~.
Chisato: You thought I was an older student, and you apologized so many times. Then you said "I'll give you my fried bread at lunch!"
Kanon: We had new schedules, and I knew the child actress Chisato Shirasagi was at the same school, but to be in the same class...
Chisato: Well you were so focused on giving your self-introduction, I don't think you had any idea what was going on around you.
Kanon: I get really nervous when everyone is looking at me. I thought maybe I could get better at it after coming to high school...
Chisato: Really? I like the way you are now, though.
Kanon: N-no, I can't keep being like this~. Do you know people say, "nothing fragile near clumsy Kanon" around school?
Chisato: That's fine. Then you don't have to deal with anything too annoying...
Chisato: Not to mention, everyone knew the "child actress Chisato Shirasagi," but they weren't nice enough to share their fried bread.
Kanon: I-I don't know... I don't think I want to be so anxious all of the time.
Chisato: You know, I still remember the taste of that bread we ate together. Partly because I haven't really been to school lately.
Kanon: Chisato-chan... I know I'm always making things hard for you, but it's nice to hear you still think about our time together.
Chisato: And if we want to hang out more, I just have to catch a taxi, and I'll come pick you up.
Kanon: Ahh... I do hope I'll have a sense of direction one day, too.
Chisato: Hehehe. But even with all of that, you made a band, put on a bunch of shows, and you're showing people how to dream.
Chisato: Being able to do all of those things while ignoring your weaknesses, you certainly have something to be proud of.
Chisato: Carry yourself with more confidence, Kanon.
Kanon: Chisato-chan... Okay, yeah! Happy! Luck-
Chisato: Stop. Sorry, but you can save that for when you're with the other band members.
Misaki: Kanon! Here you are, thank goodness~!
Kanon: M-Misaki-chan, what are you doing here?
Misaki: Hagumi told me you had a café you like to go to downtown, and... forget about that!!
Misaki: Kokoro is doing a magic show at the school pond, and it's out of control!
Chisato: The school pond...? A magic show?
Misaki: And... Huh?! Chisato Shirasagi?! Sen... Senpai... G-Good afternoon...
Misaki: A-Anyway, you gotta help me. I can't stop those three dummies on my own. It's straight up chaos.
Kanon: Hagumi-chan and Kaoru-san are with her?
Misaki: Hagumi is swimming in the pond, and Kaoru-san's fans from the other school have started form a crowd. Do you know the word anarchy?
Kanon: Oh, but-
Chisato: Don't worry about me, Kanon. We can do this another time. It's what we go through as professionals.
Kanon: Chisato-chan, thank you.
Misaki: Here's what we'll do. I'll put on my costume and distract them as Michelle, then I want you to take care of the crowd...
Kanon: O-Okay. I don't know if I can, but I'll try...
Chisato: ("I'll try..." There's something about the band that gets Kanon show that kind of courage.)
Kanon: Chisato-chan. Thanks for coming out with me today! Don't work too hard, okay?
Chisato: ... Will do.
Misaki: Ugh~. What's wrong with that girl? What are we supposed to do about Kokoro? Kanon, you're the only one I can really count on.
Kanon: I-It's not really that bad. It's just, when Kokoro is having fun, she gets a little carried away...
Chisato: ... Kanon.
Kanon: Fue?
Chisato: ... Good luck with the band.
Kanon: Thanks!
Chisato: (Looks like I'm not her only friend anymore...)

First Step Card Story - Special Episode

Feelings of Gratitude


Kanon: ... Oh, hello.
Kanon: What a coincidence. Are you on your break?
Kanon: I was just passing by on my way to meet a friend.
Kanon: We're going to a cafe just near here... ehehe.
Kanon: Oh, you know the one, BanG Dreamer-san? It's one of my favorites. I think it's the atmosphere that I like about it.
Kanon: The menu is really good too, of course.
Kanon: I went there just the other day with my friend... Oh, I make it sound like this is the only place I go to.
Kanon: Umm... do you know who Chisato-chan is?
Kanon: Ah, I had a feeling you'd say yes. I went with her last time.
Kanon: Chisato-chan and I were classmates in junior high school... Oh, we're classmates now too, mind you.
Kanon: She's always really busy, so it's been a while since I've been able to spend time with her!
Kanon: I'd better make sure it doesn't turn out like last time.
Kanon: ... You're wondering what happened?
Kanon: Umm... it had been a while since we'd last met, and even though I was looking forward to having a relaxing conversation with her, I ended up talking the entire time.
Kanon: Until then I hadn't had the chance to tell her about Hello, Happy World!...
Kanon: I just kept talking and talking.
Kanon: But Chisato-chan seemed happy to listen to everything.
Kanon: I'm not very good at talking about myself...
Kanon: Usually I just do the listening.
Kanon: Chisato-chan seemed really surprised at how much I talked, but she said it made her happy too.
Kanon: I even called out our band's chant to her when we said goodbye to each other...
Kanon: She seemed really surprised by that too.
Kanon: I asked her to say it with me, but she wouldn't do it.
Kanon: Fufu... I hope she changes her mind someday.
Kanon: I really love the band, so I want Chisato-chan to say it too because she's special to me...
Kanon: I think joining the band is the whole reason I can speak like this.
Kanon: Kokoro-chan and Kaoru-san, Hagumi-chan and Misaki-chan...
Kanon: It's because of everyone that I've become the person I am now.
Kanon: That reminds me, Chisato-san also said that I'd changed a little.
Kanon: The only difference I can tell is that I've become a little more talkative, but... if Chisato-chan says I've changed, then it must be true.
Kanon: ... Oh, I-I'm sorry. I haven't stopped talking at all...
Kanon: Fufu... and to think I just said I needed to be careful of this. I guess it's not going to be easy.
Kanon: But it's not a bad change, so I've decided to be happy about it!
Kanon: If I didn't join Hello, Happy World! I would still be the same person I used to be...
Kanon: I would've quit the drums... and kept on being the one who listens, and never actually says their own opinion.
Kanon: To be honest, I was surprised and confused when Kokoro-chan first approached me...
Kanon: But now I feel really grateful that she asked me to be in the band!
Kanon: ... If Kokoro-chan hadn't approached me, I would never have played the drums again.
Kanon: Oh, Chisato-chan was surprised about that I decided to keep playing the drums too.
Kanon: Now that I think about it, I really wouldn't be the person I am now if it wasn't for Kokoro-chan...
Kanon: I'll have to thank her again properly!
Kanon: Mind you, it's not all good things being in a band...
Kanon: But even then, my feelings of gratitude are far greater than anything else!
Kanon: Um, I hope you'll always be there for Hello, Happy World! I love the band, and it's just so important to me...
Kanon: I want to keep playing in the band with everyone forever!
Kanon: And the live house is an important place for us, so we'll probably be using it for a long time in the future...
Kanon: Also, I was thinking it would be nice if there was someone else watching over us...
Kanon: ... Ah, I'm sorry. You must be surprised at me saying something out of the blue like this.
Kanon: Thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to me!
Kanon: It's fun listening to others, but it's also really nice to be listened to as well.
Kanon: Um, let me do the listening next time you are free!
Kanon: I owe you for today, so I'll listen as much as you want me to!
Kanon: Okay, I have to meet up with Chisato-chan now, so I think I'll get going.
Kanon: ... Oh no! Look how late it is!
Kanon: Don't go anywhere, Chisato-chan~!!