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Five-Person Sleepover Card Story - Episode

Let's All Do Something!


Arisa: Wow... They're selling this now, huh?
Arisa: Oh, this key holder is nice.
Saaya: Arisa?
Arisa: Hm? Oh, Saaya.
Saaya: Are you shopping too, Arisa?
Arisa: Just killing time. I don't have anything to do, so I thought I'd just stop by here.
Saaya: I see~. ... Hey, that key holder is cute.
Arisa: Yeah, I was actually just thinking the same thing.
Saaya: Oh, looks like we have the same taste. Hmm, but it looks kinda clunky.
Arisa: Yeah, I guess... Especially this part with the cake...
Arisa: ... Ah.
Saaya: Arisa? Something wrong?
Arisa: No, just seeing the cake reminded me of the birthday concert. Sigh... What a pain that was.
Saaya: Ahaha. Yeah, it was tough, but it was also fun. Good thing everything turned out okay.
Saaya: Everyone gave it their all, and our effort paid off.
Arisa: You could say that. But I think we were more desperate than anything...
Arisa: Considering we only had three days to practice a new song, I'd say so... No one had it harder than Rimi, though.
Saaya: Yeah, but I think that struggle brought us all closer together.
Arisa: B-Brought us all to- C-Come on, I don't wanna hear that! Makes me feel all weird!
Saaya: Weird, huh? Arisa~. Are you too embarrassed to talk about bonding with your friends?
Arisa: Wah?! No one's embarrassed!
Saaya: Okay, okay. Arisa, you're so cute ♪
Arisa: Ack...!
Arisa: Sigh... But yeah, even with just the five of us, to be able to pull that off in just a week.
Saaya: I know. I was surprised, too.
Saaya: What did you think when we decided we were gonna try to write and perform a song within that short of a time?
Arisa: Well~... "Not gonna happen," about sums it up.
Saaya: Ahaha. That makes sense. You were against it at first after all. What was it that made you change your mind?
Arisa: Sigh... I'm sure you've done the same thing before, too. No?
Saaya: Hehe. Yeah, sorry. there was no other choice but to go through with it. Rimi-rin was so fired up. We couldn't let her down!
Arisa: Basically.
Arisa: Then, after the song was finished we all stayed in the basement for the night so we could practice... What a crazy week...
Arisa: I guess it's not too bad when you look back at it... and think about all of the people that were in the crowd.
Saaya: I know, right?
Arisa: But it was still tiring.
Saaya: Yeah... I'm with you there.
Saaya: But I'd love to play in another show like that with you guys.
Arisa: That's fine with me. As long as we don't have to put our performance together within one week!
Saaya: ... You say that, but when it comes down to it, you sure know how to get things done~. We know we can count on you, Arisa~.
Arisa: Ugh, Saaya~! Stop it!
Saaya: Ahaha.

Five-Person Sleepover Card Story - Special Episode

Just Need Motivation


Arisa: Okay, what should I do?
Arisa: ... Huh, is that...? BanG Dreamer, hey.
Arisa: Doing some shopping downtown?
Arisa: Ah, you were just taking a stroll on your day off.
Arisa: Oh, this is good timing. You reminded me...
Arisa: Did you know about the birthday concert that Glitter*Green had the other day?
Arisa: We actually took part in that performance, too.
Arisa: Because it was Rimi's sister's birthday. But you know what...?
Arisa: We only knew about the show a week before the performance date. And the others decided that we were gonna play in it...
Arisa: I understand Kasumi being excited to join, but this time everyone wanted to be a part of the concert, too.
Arisa: I thought there was no way we could do it, but somehow, they were able to write a new song and finish practicing in within that time.
Arisa: Everyone worked really hard...
Arisa: ... Huh?! What makes you think I was happy about that?! Not in a million years!
Arisa: But it did make me have second thoughts about giving up before even trying.
Arisa: ...
Arisa: Hey! Are you laughing?!
Arisa: Ugh, whatever! I shouldn't have said anything! I'm outta here!
Arisa: M-Moron!