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I think I might be starting to get why Kaoru-san is so popular...
Fleeting Beads of Sweat
Fleeting Beads of Sweat T


Title Fleeting Beads of Sweat
Member Misaki (icon) Okusawa Misaki
Episodes Episode
Michelle Returns the Favor
Special Episode
There's a Reason She's Popular
Band Hello happy world English logo
Rarity Star trainedStar trainedStar trainedStar trained
Attribute Happy Happy
Skill Name I'm Not a Little Kitten, Okay?! (別に子猫ちゃんじゃないから!)
Skill (Lvl 5) GOOD and higher becomes PERFECT and Score increased by 60% for 7.5 secs
Availability Gacha202Gacha778
Server Availability Jp Tw Kr En Cn 
Card ID № 00394


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