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Fleeting Tears Card Story - Episode

Memories Beyond the Summer Sky


Station Entrance

Kaoru: Oh? Do I spy with my little eye Tsukushi-chan and Touko-chan?
Tsukushi: Ah! Hello, Kaoru-senpai!
Touko: Nice to see you here. It's stinkin' hot today~!
Kaoru: It certainly is. The choir of cicadas is singing their little hearts out. Are you two setting forth somewhere?
Tsukushi: Today, we have practice with the Morfonica members! Our band is still newer, so we need to work as hard as we can...!
Touko: We're improving with every practice session these days, so we're getting real psyched up~!
Kaoru: Fufu... You certainly are diligent little kittens. Your eyes are positively sparkling. Yes, just as ours did at training camp.
Touko: Training camp?! Did Hello, Happy World! go to training camp?! Awesome, that sounds super fun!
Tsukushi: Training camp seems fitting for a band! Where did you go?
Kaoru: The home of Misaki's grandmother. It was a place rich in natural wonders... Basking in nature's glow allowed us to pen a fleeting, glorious new song.
Tsukushi: E-excuse me! If it's okay with you, may I please hear more about your training camp? It might be useful to Morfonica in the future!
Touko: Yeah, I wanna hear it too, Kaoru-san! Lay it on me~!
Kaoru: By all means, lend me your ears whilst the spectacle of those days is still seared onto the back of my eyelids...
Kaoru: In the beginning, we went to a luscious green forest.
Tsukushi: A forest...? Did you do that to strengthen your visualization skills by getting in touch with nature?!
Kaoru: Precisely. To visualize fried shrimp.
Tsukushi: Yes, I see. Fried shri-... What?
Touko: Huh? Why fried shrimp?
Kaoru: The following day, we made the acquaintance of the elders in the neighborhood. They were delighted with our chivalrous offers of aid.
Kaoru: In return, I received an assortment of love. Green love, purple love, and sweet yet sour red love...
Tsukushi: Red love...?
Touko: Whoa, that's a whole lotta love!
Kaoru: Followed by... Yes. Some vegetables were bestowed upon us and we cooked a curry with them.
Kaoru: There was even an act of this play in which I was slicing onions and my tears flowed over. I was struck by the fleetingness and grace of the vegetables that had been farmed with an undying love.
Touko: Um, I think that was due to the onions...
Kaoru: Each and every morsel of vegetables and meat was sweet and filling. The curry we made together had a truly fleeting flavor...
Touko: Whoa, that sounds totally mouth-watering! Does curry made at training camp taste different?!
Tsukushi: Hmm... I don't know either... U-um, this was a Hello, Happy World! training camp, right? I'd like to hear about band practice...
Kaoru: Naturally, we played our music too. We even performed a concert of gratitude for the kind-hearted residents of the area and the vegetables.
Tsukushi: Huh...? T-Touko-chan, did she just say they performed a concert for the vegetables, or was that my imagination?
Touko: Nah, I heard it too... That seems kind of pointless, no?
Kaoru: If memory serves me correctly, I have the new song saved on my phone. Would you care to listen?
Tsukushi: Please let me hear it!
Touko: Yeah, me too!
Kaoru: Now then, let me be privy to your thoughts, you two.
Touko: This song is unreal! I could listen to it forever!
Tsukushi: Yes, it's amazing...! It's like I can picture your feelings and the landscape... I-it's hard to explain, but it was a really great song!
Kaoru: Fufu, you are too kind. I shall pass your comments on to the Hello, Happy World! members.
Tsukushi: But by the sound of your story, you were all just playing around... How did you manage to write such a good song?
Kaoru: It is because we partook in the blessings of the earth. Thanks to that, Hello, Happy World! was able to grow as much as if we orbited once, nay, twice around the sun.
Tsukushi: Wh-what does that mean, exactly...?
Kaoru: It is... but that...
Touko: I get it! The sounds of the trees and the curry are in the song! As expected, I have a knack for picking up on this kinda thing~.
Tsukushi: Huh?! They are? What does curry even sound like...?
Kaoru: Oh dear, forgive me, little kittens. It is now time for the final curtain. I must take my leave.
Tsukushi: Ah, sorry for keeping you. Umm... thank you for telling us about your training camp.
Touko: Where are you off to now, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Fufu... To a gathering of smiles, of course.
Tsukushi: And she's gone. Does a gathering of smiles mean... a Hello, Happy World! meeting...?
Tsukushi: Wait, I still don't have a single clue as to what kind of practice they did~!

Fleeting Tears Card Story - Special Episode

CiRCLE BBQ Veggie Edition



Marina: Ummm, this should be enough onions, right? Ah, one's rolling away... Wait!
Kaoru: My, what a rambunctious onion you have there... How fleeting. It appears to have been lured by my beauty.
Marina: Oh? It's Kaoru-san. Thanks for picking it up.
Kaoru: Greetings, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. That is a staggering amount of ingredients you are purchasing. Is there perhaps some sort of occasion coming up?
Marina: Yes, the CiRCLE staff is going to have a barbeque. I'm buying everything we need today.
Kaoru: How delightful. A meal consumed under the blue sky with your companions is second to none.
Kaoru: In fact, a short while ago, the Hello, Happy World! members and I made curry together. Its flavor was unparalleled.
Marina: Was that, by any chance, at training camp? I heard a little about it from Misaki-chan!
Kaoru: Ah, is that so? Yes, Misaki's grandmother was tremendously accommodating.
Kaoru: We traveled far from the city and were embraced by the great outdoors. I absorbed the vitality of vegetation and lent an ear to little birds singing... It was a truly fleeting experience...
Kaoru: Additionally, through harvesting vegetables, we were able to rendezvous with the residents of the area. There is no doubt that I can utilize what I learned on the stage or in concert some day.
Marina: To be honest, you picking vegetables... is something I'm having trouble picturing. Nevertheless, I bet you looked very cool~.
Kaoru: Fufu... I shall leave that to your imagination. Still, they were vegetables that were grown with love by Misaki's grandmother and the other matrons of the farm.
Kaoru: Which is why I picked them with utmost care. I also made certain that the curry they went into was crafted with the greatest of respect.
Marina: Eating vegetables you harvested yourself isn't something you can do very often. Freshly picked vegetables must taste amazing!
Kaoru: Naturally, they were absolutely moreish. The vegetables were picked, prepared, and consumed...
Kaoru: This was a training camp in which my brush with vegetables allowed me to appreciate their value once more.
Kaoru: Furthermore, we served the curry to the families of the neighborhood as well. Everybody ate it with such glee. I'll remember their smiles for as long as I live.
Marina: Hearing this story is very motivating~! We'll do our best to make delicious food for everyone, too!
Marina: ... That being said, it's a barbeque, so it's just simple grilling.
Kaoru: The cooking method itself is not an issue. What is important is placing your feelings into it.
Kaoru: If you cook with the people who will eat your dish in mind, I am positive you will put smiles on everyone's faces.
Marina: I see! Alrighty, I'll spare no effort in making this a fun barbeque!
Kaoru: Indeed. I pray it will be a delectable and fleeting affair.