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Floating Flowers Card Story - Episode

A Bouquet for You



Chisato: Looks like there's still time before our meeting... Oh?
Kaoru: Why, if it isn't Chisato. To run into you here is a pleasant surprise indeed. Is it perhaps your day off?
Chisato: I'm on my way to a Pastel*Palettes meeting. Are you by yourself today, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Hello, Happy World! just finished practice. I performed extraordinarily magnificent today, so perhaps that was a sign foretelling our joyous encounter.
Chisato: Yes, yes, that's nice.
Kaoru: Now then, why, pray tell, are you holding a bouquet of flowers? Could it be a present for me...?
Chisato: Of course not. I bought them to decorate the agency.
Kaoru: Well... I see hydrangeas in five exquisite colors... Are these not the colors of the Pastel*Palettes?
Chisato: ...! Goodness, I'm surprised you noticed, Kaoru. Perhaps it's a little too obvious.
Kaoru: I think not. I can already picture your bandmates' thrilled expressions.
Kaoru: But I must ask, why hydrangeas? I suppose they are in season...
Chisato: The other day, I went to a hydrangea park with Eve-chan and the others. While we were there, Eve-chan pointed out how the hydrangea colors were those of Pastel*Palettes.
Chisato: When I took a look around the florist's shop today, they just happened to have these five colors.
Kaoru: So you felt compelled to purchase them...
Chisato: Exactly. I never thought you'd be the first to lay eyes on them.
Kaoru: I heard about the hydrangea park from Kanon. Apparently, the sights were quite spectacular.
Chisato: Yes, it was beautiful. More beautiful than this bouquet alone can convey.
Kaoru: Nonetheless, I'm sure the little Pastel*Palettes kittens will be deeply moved when they spy these blossoms.
Chisato: Fufu, I hope so.
Kaoru: That reminds me...
Chisato: ... What is it?
Kaoru: Never mind me. I was just reminiscing. Long ago, you used to bring me flowers, did you not?
Chisato: Ahh... Yes, come to think of it, I did... You've got quite the memory there, don't you?
Kaoru: But of course. I, Kaoru Seta, cherish all my memories of you, Chisato.
Kaoru: If memory serves me correctly, they were flowers to commemorate the end of shoots.
Chisato: Yes. After any play or TV show I did, I would take the flowers I received and share them with you.
Chisato: Your eyes would always light up with happiness.
Chisato: It was like I was gifting you a precious treasure. Fufu.
Kaoru: The flowers I received from you, Chisato, were especially significant to me. It was as if I was being bestowed a medal of honor by a lovely princess.
Chisato: Exaggerating as usual, I see. I had so many that I just decided to share them with you, that's all.
Kaoru: Back then, when you shared your radiance with me, I felt like one of the actors alongside you.
Chisato: Is that why you'd beg for forgiveness with tears in your eyes when they died?
Kaoru: That was... Well... I had thought they perished due to my own negligence. I felt terribly guilty.
Kaoru: What's more, it felt like I'd lost the connection I had to the theatrical world you live in...
Chisato: Well, now you've stepped into that world yourself.
Chisato: I think you're given more flowers than me these days.
Kaoru: Yes, I'm ever so grateful. The one who first taught me the joy of receiving flowers was you, Chisato.
Chisato: Sigh... Enough of that.
Chisato: ... Here, take this.
Kaoru: Oh, you're giving me one? But these are your precious hydrangeas.
Chisato: It's okay. The shopkeeper gave me an extra one.
Kaoru: ... Thank you. A pale yellow hydrangea... How fleeting.
Chisato: The shopkeeper picked it out.
Kaoru: Fufu... I cannot hold a candle to you, Chisato. Next time, it shall be me who presents you with flowers.
Chisato: I don't need anything in return. I just decided to give it to you.
Kaoru: Well then, my gift shall also be given of my own free will.
Kaoru: After all, there is nothing more enjoyable than picking out flowers with a special someone in mind.
Chisato: Goodness... Do as you please.

Floating Flowers Card Story - Special Episode

Why I Can't Wait for the Rain


Station Entrance

Chisato: Oh? Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Marina: Hello, Chisato-chan. Are you on your way home?
Chisato: Yes. My lessons went a little long today.
Marina: I see~, well, sounds like you earned some rest! ... Oh, looks like it's going to rain soon, so it might be best to hurry home.
Chisato: Indeed. The weather forecast also said it would rain this evening.
Chisato: ... However, I'm actually looking forward to it a little.
Marina: Huh? Why's that?
Chisato: You see, I brought my brand new umbrella today.
Marina: Ah, I suppose that would make you want to use it right away. Umbrellas can only be shown off when it's raining.
Chisato: Exactly. The other day, I went to a hydrangea park with Eve-chan and the others.
Chisato: Eve-chan brought her favorite umbrella, and she looked so happy. So I went and bought one myself...
Marina: Ah, I know the feeling.
Chisato: The sight of the umbrellas amongst the hydrangeas in the rain was so beautiful.
Marina: Hydrangeas in the rain, huh~? That does sound picturesque.
Chisato: Yes, it was. The serene rain, the vibrant hydrangeas, wet with water... Some things can only be enjoyed in the rain.
Marina: Gotcha~. Hearing this story has me excited for the rain now, too.
Chisato: Buying a new umbrella may very well be the first step toward enjoying the rain.
Marina: Then I hope it rains as soon as possible... Yeah, that still sounds a bit strange to me. Fufu.
Chisato: Fufufu, you're right.
Marina: Oh, is it that time already? Sorry for holding you up!
Chisato: No, I'm the one who got carried away with my story. On the plus side, however, it looks like I'll be able to use my new umbrella.
Chisato: I hope both of you are able to make it home safely.
Marina: Thank you. See you later!
Chisato: Yes, until next time.