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Flourishing Feelings Card Story - Episode

Connected to that Feeling


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2A

Kasumi: Arisa~! Why didn't you tell me we had a math quiz~?! I couldn't figure out any of the questions~!
Arisa: Excuse me?! I told you at lunch! You were just too busy eating to notice!
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, Arisa-chan, did you see it?!
Kasumi: Ah, Rimi-rin, Saaya, O-Tae! Listen to this, guys! Arisa-... Hm? See what?
Saaya: CiRCLE's new website is finally complete.
Tae: It looks really cool now, so come on, let's check it out.
Kasumi: Wow! Yeah, let's take a look!
Arisa: Hey, I'm not done talking about that qui-... I swear, you never listen...
Saaya: Ahaha... Did you already see the new website, Arisa?
Arisa: No, not yet. Isn't it kinda embarrassing to look at it alone?
Tae: Huh? Why would it be?
Arisa: You know, it's... Never mind. You wouldn't get it, even if I told you.
Kasumi: Now we just search for "Live house CiRCLE" and... Whoa~! It looks so trendy now!
Rimi: I know, right?! I got so excited looking at it yesterday. I couldn't wait for everyone else to see it~.
Saaya: It does feel strange to see an introduction to a place we go so often.
Tae: We go to the studio all the time, but it's like we're looking at somewhere we've never been before.
Rimi: The page introducing the bands is really cool, too! See? You just have to go here...
Kasumi: Ah~! That's us! Look, Arisa, look!
Arisa: You don't need to rush me! I'm looking!
Arisa: Whoa~... Afterglow and Roselia look so cool here...
Saaya: As always, Pastel*Palettes looks like an idol band. Hello, Happy World! seems to be the same as ever, which is a relief.
Tae: The interviews are great too. They read like articles done on real bands.
Rimi: This part here really got to me~. You know, the part where Arisa-chan explained what was fun to her!
Arisa: I-I didn't say anything special.
Rimi: That's not true! I was really happy to hear you enjoyed making friends in our band.
Arisa: Y-you know, it really is embarrassing when you repeat it like that...
Arisa: And wait, the nuance in this article feels different, right?! Typing it out makes it sound like I was being serious!
Tae: Oh? I thought you were, though.
Arisa: I-I mean... I was, but I feel weird admitting it...
Kasumi: Arisa~, you don't need to be so bashful~.
Arisa: Sh-shut up~! Don't you dare smile at me like that!
Rimi: Fufu, my sister said our interview was great too.
Saaya: Oh, so even Yuri-senpai looked at the website.
Rimi: Yup, in fact, my sister is the one who told me the website was complete. After I told her about our interview, she's been checking the site every day.
Rimi: She read all the other bands' interviews too. She said they were all really touching.
Tae: Rimi, you should share that message in the group chat. I'd love to read it myself.
Rimi: Alright, I'll add it later!
Kasumi: Ehehe, yippee~! I can't wait to read Yuri-senpai's thoughts~♪
Saaya: You know, that interview really brought home the fact that there are a lot more bands that look up to us now.
Kasumi: Ah~, I know exactly what you mean! I was thinking about that while taking a bath after our interview.
Arisa: If you were the one doing the thinking, I can't imagine it was anything important.
Kasumi: That's not true! I thought up plenty of good stuff! Like how it's our turn to inspire newer bands, just like Glitter*Green did for us!
Arisa: Oh, that's much more profound than I thought...
Tae: Yeah, now it's our job to show everyone how fun being in a band is. It's a huge responsibility.
Rimi: I'm sure we can handle it though!
Kasumi: Absolutely! As long as our concerts are sparkling and heart-pounding, they'll understand for sure!
Saaya: Fufu, you two sure are reliable.
Arisa: ... Well, as long as we do what we've always done, it should be fine.
Tae: You know, I'm really fired up now.
Kasumi: Me too! Why don't we go practice after this? You don't have any student council duties today, do you, Arisa?!
Arisa: I'm free, but... Oh, fine. But only until it gets dark.
Rimi: That's right. I've got a new song, but could you guys take a listen to it? I want to get your opinions on it!
Tae: Did you really write a new song? I definitely want to hear that.
Rimi: Yeah, once I saw the new website, I was inspired to write one.
Saaya: Wow, what kind of song is it?
Rimi: That's a secret. You'll just have to wait until you hear it.
Kasumi: Ooh~, I'm done waiting! Come on, Rimi-rin, let's go!
Rimi: Okay!

Flourishing Feelings Card Story - Special Episode

Thanks to the Band



Rimi: Ah, hello, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Are you out shopping?
Marina: Yup, that's right. How about you?
Rimi: I was actually headed to CiRCLE.
Rimi: Your website is so stylish now, and I wanted to let you know what I thought of it!
Marina: Gotcha! It sounds like a lot of people are looking at our website now, which is great. Thanks again for your help, Rimi-chan.
Rimi: No, I'm just happy to help. I'm sure CiRCLE is going to get even busier now.
Marina: Yeah, we've got a ton of reservations. Oh, did you check out your interview?
Rimi: I did! Not just Poppin'Party's either. I read all the other bands' interviews too.
Rimi: It was nice to see how others feel about being in a band. I learned a lot.
Marina: Fufu, I bet the others are thinking the same thing. Your interview was pretty great, after all.
Rimi: Ehehe, I hope so.
Marina: I wish I could've talked to Glitter*Green too. Especially since they were the ones who inspired Poppin'Party.
Rimi: Fufu, I'll let my sister know. I'm sure that'll make her happy.
Marina: Really? Thank you!
Marina: Ah, that reminds me, people have been writing more questions in the CiRCLE notebook. Whenever you've got some time, I'd love it if you could take a look.
Rimi: Of course! I'm sure we'd all love to answer more questions!
Rimi: I don't know if my answers are useful, but if they can help someone learn to love bands even just a little bit, I'd be happy.
Marina: Thanks, Rimi-chan! We certainly don't want this girls band boom to end like other trends, do we, BanG Dreamer-san?
Rimi: We sure don't! I'd love to see more people feel a closer connection to bands.
Rimi: I'm really glad I joined a band myself. Thank goodness I was able to work up the courage when Kasumi-chan invited me.
Rimi: I am who I am today because of my band.
Rimi: So it'd be nice to know that our show or this interview inspired someone else to start a band.
Marina: Yeah, that would be nice... I've got it!
Rimi: ...?
Marina: Could I add what you just said to Poppin'Party's page?
Rimi: W-well, it is a little embarrassing, but... Okay!