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Flowery June Bride Event Story - Opening
Wedding Surprise

Eve suddenly invites Kasumi to her wedding. She then makes a request of the shocked Kasumi.


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Hallway

Eve: Kasumi-san! Do you have a moment?
Kasumi: Eve-chan! What's wrong? You look so serious.
Eve: I have something to ask of you. Is that okay?
Kasumi: Of course! What can I do for you?
Eve: Could you please... come to my wedding?!
Kasumi: Sure! ... Hm...? Wait, did you just say... wedding?!
Kasumi: Whaaat~?!

Kasumi: Phew~! That really scared me~! For a second, I thought you were actually getting married!
Eve: I'm sorry, I should have been more clear... You see, I recently got a modeling job involving the nearby wedding hall.
Kasumi: Oh, I heard about this! It's the one they recently built downtown, right?
Eve: Right. We're doing a commercial for a wedding magazine, and they asked me to play the part of the bride in the wedding scene.
Kasumi: Wow~! That's so cool! And it sounds like so much fun! I wanna go! Ah, but this is for work, right? Is it really okay for me to be there?
Eve: Of course! When I told the staff how close the wedding hall was to my school, they told me my friends could be extras!
Eve: So if it's not too much to ask, could you please come? I'd love to have you as one of my bridesmaids!
Kasumi: Yeah! I'll come, for sure! How could I say no? It sounds like so much fun!
Eve: That's great... Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!
Kasumi: Ehehe... It's nothing special. I'm just happy to help.
Eve: I really am thankful to have you there... You see, I'm a little nervous about this job.
Kasumi: Why?
Eve: This is my first time doing a commercial all by myself. My friends in Pastel✽Palettes aren't going to be there. I'm scared...
Kasumi: Oh yeah, if they told me I had to do a concert without the rest of Poppin'Party, I'd be terrified!
Eve: That's why it's so reassuring to know I'll have a friend there!
Kasumi: You can count on me! I'll be the best bri-... What was it again?
Eve: Bridesmaid!
Kasumi: Yeah, that! I'll be the best bridesmaid I can be!
Eve: Thank you!
Kasumi: Ah, did you invite anybody else yet? I'm sure it'd be a lot of fun with more people there!
Eve: I sent Tsugumi-san a message, but I'm still waiting for a response.
Eve: If you have any friends you think would like to come, by all means, please invite them!
Kasumi: Okay! I'll ask everyone in Poppin'Party!
Eve: Then I'll send you more details in a message later! Thank you again!

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - School Gates

Kasumi: Fufu, I'm going to be in a wedding commercial! I can't wait~!
Kasumi: Ah, a message from Eve-chan! Let's see...
Kasumi: "Please come wearing a dress or something formal on the day of filming!" ... A dress?
Kasumi: What should I do?! I don't own a dress~!

Wakamiya Residence - Eve's Room

Eve: I'm so glad Kasumi-san and Tsugumi-san are going to be there...
Eve: Now that I've invited my friends, I need to focus on... that.
Eve: Alright, here I go!

Flowery June Bride Event Story - Chapter 1
The Bridesmaids' Challenge

Kasumi has been made a bridesmaid by Eve.
She, Arisa, and Tsugumi begin working on the preparations for the big day.


Hazawa Coffee

Kasumi: And now to prep for Eve-chan's wedding!
Arisa: You mean her wedding commercial. Don't get those two mixed up.
Tsugumi: Did Eve-chan invite you too, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: Ah, no. Kasumi did.
Kasumi: Thanks for agreeing to it, Arisa! I asked everyone else, but they were all busy. Aren't you excited?! It's not every day you get to be in a commercial!
Arisa: It's not that exciting. I actually didn't want to say yes... But it'd be a problem for Eve if there weren't enough people there.
Tsugumi: You're so kind, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: I-I'm not! Anyway, shouldn't we focus on prepping? We've got a lot to do, don't we?
Tsugumi: That's true. Let's see. We need dresses, right? I don't have anything like that, so that's something I need to buy.
Kasumi: Same here! What about you, Arisa? Do you have a dress?
Arisa: I have some more casual dresses, but I don't think they'll work... Students usually wear their uniforms to events like that, don't they? I doubt very many have formal clothes.
Kasumi: That's what I was thinking too. Hmm, I guess we'll just have to go shopping. We can't just show up unprepared, especially after such obvious instructions!
Arisa: ... You seem pretty excited about it.
Kasumi: Well yeah~! Isn't the idea of wearing a dress to a wedding so heart-pounding?! You understand, don't you, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Y-yeah... To be honest, I'm really looking forward to it. It's not every day that you get to wear a dress to a wedding.
Arisa: I don't get you two at all~... But whatever.
Arisa: I did a little research online. It doesn't look like we need anything over the top.
Arisa: We could wear something light like this dress, and then cover our shoulders with shawls. It also looks like we can rent dresses too.
Tsugumi: Wow~, there's so many different kinds. It's going to be hard to pick!
Kasumi: Ah, this one's so sparkly and cute! This one's nice too~.
Arisa: I also looked up more information on wedding ceremonies themselves, and you know... It sounds really tedious.
Tsugumi: Ahaha... I've heard there are a lot of rules and etiquette that you have to follow. Planning one also sounds rough.
Arisa: Exactly. Plus we've been asked to be bridesmaids, right? We should at least try to play the part.
Kasumi: Ah, speaking of which, I was gonna ask... What exactly is a bridesmaid?
Arisa: Wait... Did you seriously accept without knowing that...?
Kasumi: Sure did! So could you tell me what they do?
Tsugumi: Fufu. I think bridesmaids are the ones who support the bride.
Tsugumi: I didn't know either, so I ended up asking Eve-chan. Evidently it's really common overseas.
Kasumi: Oh, I get it now! Did you know that, Arisa?
Arisa: ... Sigh.
Arisa: Bridesmaids are the ones who help calm down the bride when she's nervous, and on the day of the wedding, they take care of anything that the bride needs help with.
Tsugumi: That sounds like a huge responsibility! We better work hard so we don't let Eve-chan down!
Kasumi: I didn't realize it was such a serious job...! Are we really gonna be okay~?
Arisa: Hold on, we're talking about actual weddings here. We're just playing the "role" of the bridesmaids, so we don't have to worry that much... probably.
Tsugumi: Oh, that's true. It's a film shoot too, so I'm sure Eve-chan will be surrounded by staff.
Arisa: Yeah, and from the message I read, it sounds like we're only in the scenes where she enters the hall and when she tosses the bouquet. As long as we look the part, we should be fine.
Kasumi: Gotcha! Then I guess for now, why don't we go shopping for dresses on our next day off?!
Tsugumi: Yeah, good idea!
Kasumi: Ah, but before that, I have to ask my mom for money~...
Tsugumi: I wonder if my paycheck will be able to cover it...
Arisa: Okay, then we'll all need to find out our budgets beforehand.
The Next Day - After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Hallway
Arisa: Hey~, Kasumi. Let's go home~.
Kasumi: Okay, just a minute~! ... Wait, isn't that Eve-chan?
Arisa: Hm? ... You're right. And she's carrying a ton of flowers...
Eve: Here I go... Phew...
Kasumi: Eve-chan~! Do you want some help~?!
Eve: Kasumi-san! Uhm... Could I ask for your assistance?

Flowery June Bride Event Story - Chapter 2
My Own Bouquet

Kasumi and the others run into Eve moving a large number of flowers.
The flowers seem to play a key role in Eve's job...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Tea Room

Eve: Thank you so much, Kasumi-san, Arisa-san! I really appreciate it!
Kasumi: Ehehe~♪ Feel free to ask us for help any time!
Eve: Okay!
Arisa: This sure is a lot of flowers though. Are these for the flower-arranging club?
Eve: No, these flowers are for the bouquet I'll be using in the wedding commercial.
Arisa: Huh? Isn't the bouquet just a prop? Why would you be the one to make that?
Eve: Well, you see...

Several Days Ago
Talent Agency

Eve: Hmm... What should I do...?
Hina: Eve-chan~. What are you looking at~?
Eve: Hina-san. These are just the materials for my next job. I'm doing a commercial promoting a wedding magazine.
Hina: Oh~, let me see~.
Chisato: Hina-chan, don't get in the way of her work.
Eve: Fufu, it's alright. Actually, I'd love it if we could look over it together!
Chisato: Is there something troubling you?
Eve: Well, they gave me a little homework... They want me to let them know if there's anything I'd like to have or do for the commercial.
Hina: Whoa~, that's rare~. Usually they just tell us what to do and we agree to it.
Chisato: You're right. I heard that this commercial wanted to collaborate more with Eve-chan though, since she's so popular.
Chisato: If they can show that she had a hand in creating the commercial, it'll be good for business.
Eve: But I can't think of any good ideas. I don't even know what happens at a wedding. Do you two know anything?
Hina: Don't you gotta cut a cake and then stuff it in your face?!
Chisato: I think you're combining the cutting of the cake with the first bite a couple takes together.
Hina: What about setting fire to a table and then walking around it?
Chisato: ... Are you talking about a candle service?
Eve: It seems like there are a lot of different traditions.
Chisato: That's true, and there are probably more that we don't know about. Perhaps it would be better to ask someone with a bit more experience with weddings.
Hina: Someone with wedding experience... Who could that be? Ah, do you mean Maya-chan? Or maybe Aya-chan?!
Chisato: What are you talking about? What I mean is...

Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Tea Room
Eve: So I asked my mother about weddings.
Eve: She's from Finland, and it’s a tradition there for the bride to make all the small things for the wedding herself.
Eve: I thought it would be nice to try making something by hand as well, so I asked to design the bouquet!
Kasumi: And that's why you've got all these flowers, right?
Eve: Right! I even asked the flower arranging club for help. So now I can design my bouquet at home and at school!
Arisa: That's amazing... Does flower arranging really translate to bouquet design, though?
Eve: That's a hard question to answer. The construction and thought process are so different, after all.
Eve: But this is my chance! I'm going to make the perfect wedding bouquet. Something that'll make everyone very happy!
Kasumi: I can't wait to see it, Eve-chan! We're also getting ready. We're going to go shopping for our dresses soon~!
Eve: Wow, really? I'm sorry to cause so much trouble for you all.
Kasumi: No way! We're actually really excited about it!
Arisa: You should see how worked up Kasumi and Hazawa-san get looking at dresses.
Kasumi: Come on, Arisa, you do too~.
Arisa: I-I do not~!
Eve: Fufu, so you'll all be wearing dresses... I'm sure they'll be wonderful! I can't wait to see them♪
Kasumi: Yeah! Good luck on your bouquet, Eve-chan!

Flowery June Bride Event Story - Chapter 3
Pre-Wedding Jitters

Eve seems troubled by something. Several girls reach out, including Kasumi.


Station Entrance

Kasumi: Fufufu! Dress~♪ Dress~♪ I can't wait to wear you~♪
Arisa: Didn't you just try it on? If you wear it too much, it'll end up messy on the day of the wedding.


I'm so glad we were able to get these dresses without any trouble! And your dresses look so cute too~.
Kasumi: So did yours, Tsugu! Ribbons really suit you!
Tsugumi: Y-you think so? Fufu, thank you.
Arisa: So what do we do now? We've got a lot of bags, so should we head home?
Kasumi: Aww~, but I want to hang out some more~. It's too early to go home~.
Tsugumi: She's right! Plus the three of us don't get together all that often! Hmm, then how about...

Hazawa Coffee

Eve: Welcome! ... Ah! Hello, everyone!
Tsugumi: I'm home~. I didn't realize you were working today.
Kasumi: Eve-chan! Eve-chan! Look, look! We got our dresses~.
Eve: So you were out shopping! Did you manage to find beautiful dresses?
Kasumi: We sure did! We picked them out together~. You're gonna love them... Ah, should we take them out and show you?!
Arisa: Stop it. It'll be a pain to put them back in the bags.
Eve: Fufu, I'll just have to wait for the big day.
Arisa: How about you, Eve? Is designing your bouquet going well?
Eve: Oh, yes, my bouquet...
Tsugumi: Is something wrong? Why don't you tell us about it? We'll help in any way we can!
Eve: No... I don't want to bother you all.
Eve: Designing the bouquet is part of my job as an idol. I'm already having you come as extras. I can't ask you to do anything more...
Kasumi: That's not true! I mean, we're your bridesmaids, aren't we?
Kasumi: Bridesmaids are supposed to help the bride when she's in trouble! Isn't that right, Arisa?
Arisa: Y-yeah, that's true. Helping with the wedding planning is also supposed to be part of the bridesmaid's job.
Tsugumi: So it's only natural that we help you out, Eve-chan.
Kasumi: Yeah! In fact, if there's anything bothering you, it's like you have to tell us♪
Eve: Everyone... Th-thank you so much! Alright, I'll tell you.
Eve: I'm having trouble designing my bouquet. I want to make something that will make everyone happy, but...
Eve: No matter what I do, the design always feels like something I've seen before. I'm starting to wonder if I should have had a professional do it instead.
Arisa: Yeah, I can see that. Handmade sounds nice, but quality-wise, it doesn't even come close to a professional's work.
Eve: So you agree... What should I do...?
Kasumi: Arisa!
Arisa: Ah, s-sorry. ... Uhm, what I was trying to say was...
Tsugumi: Bouquet... Flowers...
Kasumi: Do you have any ideas, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Ah, no, nothing special... It's just a thought...
Eve: I'll take any advice you can give me, no matter how small, so please, tell me!
Tsugumi: O-okay. Since it's about flowers... Asking Ran-chan might be helpful. She could probably teach you something.
Arisa: Ah, that's a pretty good idea. At the very least, it'd be more helpful than just talking about it amongst ourselves.
Kasumi: Agreed! Let's ask Ran-chan!
Tsugumi: I'll contact her right now!
Kasumi: Don't worry, Eve-chan! I'm sure you'll come up with something!
Eve: Everyone... Thank you so much!

Flowery June Bride Event Story - Chapter 4
As Your Friends

Eve goes to Ran for advice on her bouquet's design.
However, Ran says she can't help her...


Mitake Residence - Ran's Room

Ran: ... Gotcha. So that's what lead you to me.
Eve: We thought you might have some helpful advice I could use. I'm so sorry to intrude like this!
Ran: No, it's fine, really.
Tsugumi: Well, Ran-chan, is there anything you can teach her?
Ran: Well, I may know a little about flower arranging, but I'm not really in a position to teach.
Eve: Th-that's true...
Kasumi: But there has to be something you can do!
Arisa: Stop it. Sometimes you just have to let it go.
Ran: It sucks, but I'm still just a student. It'd be rude of me to try teaching someone, and it might cause problems for my family's school.
Ran: So unfortunately, I can't just do whatever I want... Sorry.
Eve: You have nothing to apologize for, Ran-san! I'm the one who asked.
Ran: I could always ask my father if he knew anybody he could introduce to you. Maybe like a floral designer...
Eve: The staff at the talent agency suggested the same thing. They told me they could get a professional to help me.
Eve: However, a warrior must finish what they have started.
Eve: ... So I'll keep trying to do this myself. At least for a little while.
Arisa: Eve...
Tsugumi: ... That's it! Ran-chan, do you want to be a bridesmaid with us?
Ran: Huh? Why? That came out of nowhere.
Tsugumi: Acting as a teacher is the problem, right? If that's the case, then helping her make it as a friend should be fine.
Kasumi: Oh~! That's an amazing idea! Ran-chan just needs to join us as a bridesmaid!
Arisa: C-come on, we can't just force her...
Ran: Bridesmaid, huh...? What do they do?
Tsugumi: Whatever Eve-chan needs help with! Uhm... Like her bouquet.
Ran: Sounds like we're just there to make the bouquet.
Eve: That's not true! I'd love you to come to the wedding! Your presence there would be very reassuring!
Eve: I really admire you, Ran-san.
Ran: Me...? Why?
Eve: You're so cool and strong, so you really stand out. The songs you write for Afterglow always make my heart race.
Kasumi: I know~! They're so deep!
Eve: And what's more, you're so skilled in flower arrangement... You're everything I've ever dreamed of being! You're so perfect, Ran-san!
Ran: Hey, cut that out. If we're talking about perfect, Tsugumi's a way bette-
Tsugumi: Not at all! You really are an amazing person, Ran-chan! You're so strong... and kind!
Ran: Not you too... I get it, okay? So cut it out!
Kasumi: But it's true~! If the amazing Ran-chan becomes one of the bridesmaids, this wedding will be even more amazing~! Isn't that right, Arisa?!
Arisa: She's got a point. I'm sure the bouquet would turn out great if you're helping out.
Arisa: When we went to look at bonsai together, you picked up on the appeal and reasoning behind the trees really quickly, even though you didn't know anything about bonsai before that.
Arisa: You could say bouquets have a story of their own to tell, just like flower arranging and bonsai.
Ran: A story, huh...? I guess I can see how a bouquet shows its own unique perspective.
Ran: Sigh... Fine. I'll be a bridesmaid.
Eve: Really, Ran-san?!
Ran: Yeah, it sounds kinda fun anyway. Besides... You're having a hard time, right, Eve?
Tsugumi: Ran-chan... Thank you! I'm so excited to be a bridesmaid with you!
Ran: You're making it a bigger deal than it is. I better find a dress then.
Eve: Thank you so much, everyone! I feel like I really can do this now!
Arisa: We haven't even started yet.
Kasumi: Alright! We're gonna make the best wedding bouquet ever!
Eve: Thank you for all your help!

Flowery June Bride Event Story - Chapter 5
I Wish...

The five girls try to think of a design for Eve's bouquet.
What would be perfect for a wedding...?


Wakamiya Residence - Eve's Room

Eve: This is the bouquet I've designed so far.
Kasumi: Whoa~! That's amazing~! It's so cute and pretty!
Tsugumi: It really is. You're good at this, Eve-chan.
Eve: Thank you, but this won't work...
Arisa: Why not? It looks great to me
Ran: I think I know what Eve is trying to say.
Ran: Sure, it looks good, but... this design is really common, and the details can't compete with a professional.
Arisa: Talk about strict...
Eve: Ran-san's right. No matter how many bouquets I make, they all feel wrong... I don't know what to do.
Ran: What kind of bouquet do you want to make?
Eve: Well... I'd like something that brightens the day of all who see it! Something that expresses feelings of happiness!
Tsugumi: Personally, I'd be plenty happy to catch a bouquet like this in the bouquet toss...
Kasumi: Still, if that's how you feel, that means this design isn't heart-pounding to you, right, Eve-chan?
Kasumi: In that case, I can definitely understand! If I were you, I'd want to make an even more heart-pounding bouquet too...
Eve: Heart-pounding... I suppose that's true. I've just been trying so hard to make a good bouquet.
Ran: So you just want to make a good bouquet?
Eve: No, not at all!
Ran: Alright, then I'll ask you again. What kind of bouquet do you want to make?
Eve: It's so hard to decide... There are just so many options, from the flowers you pick to the design and size!
Eve: At first, I thought I'd like to make something regal, like a rose bouquet. I could use red roses, white roses, yellow ones... All sorts of colors!
Eve: But after talking to my mother, I started to think making a Finnish style bouquet would be nice. That way I could add leaves and other greenery...
Eve: But I also think having a Japanese style bouquet would be lovely as well! I could use camellia and hydrangea and bind them with a mizuhiki cord...!
Ran: Fufu, that's amazing. They all sound like interesting bouquets.
Eve: Ah... I-I'm sorry, I started rambling... All of those designs may sound nice, but it'd be selfish of me to choose something I want.
Kasumi: No way, that was great, Eve-chan! Your face was so sparkly just now!
Tsugumi: Yeah, you looked like you were having fun! And I know it may sound selfish, but you're the star, after all.
Kasumi: What Tsugu said! You should make a bouquet that you think is sparkly and heart-pounding!
Eve: But...
Arisa: This is just a guess, but I'm pretty sure everyone looking will be happy with any bouquet you make.
Arisa: Ah, not in a bad way, of course. It's kind of like Valentine's Day. Homemade chocolates may not necessarily taste better than the store-bought stuff...
Arisa: But you can't really compare the two. What matters are the emotions you put into it.
Eve: The emotions I put in...
Arisa: In other words... I don't think you need to worry so much.
Ran: Arisa's right. You should enjoy making this bouquet.
Eve: So I should have fun, and make a bouquet I find sparkly and heart-pounding... You're right. It seems I was making a mistake.
Eve: At some point, finishing the bouquet became my main goal, and I forgot all about the excitement I felt in the beginning.
Tsugumi: Did something happen?
Eve: Yes! When my mother was telling me about her wedding, I found the idea of making every little thing by hand so charming.
Eve: She really enjoyed making all of them, from the invitations and party favors to the bouquet. Up until the day of the wedding, she poured all of her excitement and happiness into those objects...
Eve: I can't imagine a more joyous occasion than a wedding filled with that much happiness, surrounded by your loved ones!
Eve: This may just be a commercial, but I want to use this chance to bring happiness to all sorts of people!
Eve: That's why I decided to make this bouquet myself in the first place!
Kasumi: Eve-chan...! Yeah, I'm sure everyone will feel that happiness! No, we'll make sure they do!
Eve: Yes, so please, everyone, lend me your strength so that I may make a heart-pounding bouquet!
Tsugumi: Okay! I don't know what will happen, but I'll do everything I can to help!
Ran: Then for starters, why don't we try to make all the bouquets Eve mentioned before?
Arisa: All of them?! Is that even possible?
Ran: We won't know until we try.
Kasumi: Alright, then I'm gonna make a star-shaped bouquet.
Arisa: Well, I guess you can do whatever you want.
Eve: Fufufu! Then let's get started and have some fun!
Eve: (My heart is pounding... I'm sure I can make a wonderful bouquet now!)

Flowery June Bride Event Story - Ending
A Happy Wedding!

It's the day of the wedding.
The girls dress up and prepare for one of life's happiest moments...


Wedding Hall - Dressing Room
Day of Filming

Eve: Phew... It's almost time.
Kasumi: Eve-chan~!
Eve: That voice. Kasumi-sa- Wow!
Kasumi: Ehehe~♪ What do you think? I came all dressed up~!
Arisa: D-do they look alright? We're not gonna look weird, are we?
Eve: Of course not! You both look lovely! Thank you for coming! That goes for you two as well, Tsugumi-san, Ran-san!
Tsugumi: Ehehe... Congratulations on getting such a big job! I'll do everything I can to help.
Ran: ... I will never get used to this dress.
Eve: You really do look wonderful though! ... Hm? What are those flower decorations in your hair...?
Kasumi: We made these matching accessories together! They're even made with real flowers!
Arisa: Well, Ran-chan did most of the work...
Tsugumi: We didn't realize bridesmaids were supposed to have matching dresses until it was too late. So...
Ran: We figured we could at least have matching hair accessories, even if our dresses don't match.
Ran: I'm the one who designed them... Ah, but don't tell my father that.
Kasumi: Why? Would he get mad?
Tsugumi: I'm guessing... it's probably the opposite.
Arisa: So he'd be happy, huh...? I suppose that's embarrassing in its own way.
Ran: ... Anyway, keep this between us.
Eve: Everyone, thank you... for everything you've done!
Tsugumi: Are you okay now, Eve-chan? You're not worried or nervous about anything, right?
Eve: Yes! I have my trusted friends and the lovely bouquet we made after all!
Arisa: Your trusted friends... Well, that's what bridesmaids are for! We'll be sure to play our part. We're here for you, Eve.
Kasumi: You've got nothing to worry about! This is going to be a sparkly, heart-pounding wedding for sure!
Others: Eve-san! We're about to start rehearsal!
Eve: I'm coming! Kasumi-san, Arisa-san, Tsugumi-san, Ran-san... Let's do our best today!

Wedding Hall - Ceremony Area

Eve: Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words. My name is Eve Wakamiya, and I'll be playing the role of the bride today.
Eve: I've had so much help from so many people to get where I am today, and I'm incredibly grateful.
Eve: I'd like to say thank you to my parents, the extras here today, and the staff, who picked out this lovely location and dress.
Eve: I'd also like to mention my friends here with me. Just like real bridesmaids, they've supported me though this journey.
Kasumi: Ehehe... She's talking about us, Arisa.
Arisa: Shut up, you idiot.
Tsugumi: Th-this really is nerve-wracking...
Ran: She said all we have to do is stand here...
Eve: Seeing as this commercial is a collaboration between me and the wedding magazine, I asked for permission to make my bouquet myself.
Eve: While finishing it proved difficult... Thanks to my friends, I was able to create a bouquet that represents me. A bouquet I love!
Eve: And this... is that bouquet!
Tsugumi: Whoa!
Eve: Everything I love is right here! It may not be the most professional bouquet... But I'm proud of it!
Eve: I filled this bouquet with my love for Japan and Finland, as well as the roses I've admired for so long... This bouquet represents me as I am right now!
Eve: And with this bouquet filled with the heart-pounding happiness I feel... I hope to share that happiness with everyone here today!
Arisa: She really is an idol, isn't she...?
Kasumi: Yeah... It's almost like we're listening to an actual wedding speech!
Arisa: Professionals really are something... We need to follow her example and take our jobs seriously.
Kasumi: Yeah! We bridesmaids have to give it our all!
Tsugumi: We just have to have fun and celebrate Eve-chan's big day!
Ran: I already made the bouquet, so can't I just relax...?
Tsugumi: Ran-chan!
Ran: I'm kidding. Come on, we need to be the flowers that surround the bride.
Eve: Now, let us begin! A joyous wedding with all my friends by my side!

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