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Follow the Black Cat Card Story - Episode

Touring the School


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Hallway

Moca: Sneaky, sneak... I see, I see...
Moca: It looks like Kasumi's group has found Ran and Tomo-chin. Things appear to be going smoothly~.
Hina: Ah, Moca-chan! Hey~! What're you doing here?
Moca: Hi, Hina-senpai~. I'm going around school to see how our class' game is coming along~.
Hina: It's the Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt, right? It looks really boppin'♪ I'll be sure to bring company when I come check it out later!
Moca: You're welcome to drop by anytime~. Hey, what's with that mountain of snacks?
Hina: Amazing, right? People have been showering me with snacks while I go around checking on everyone! Must be because everyone loves me~.
Moca: Must be~. Way to go, prez~.
Hina: Ahaha! Oh yeah, have a little something from my stash, Moca-chan. Happy Halloween!
Moca: A cupcake~. Thanks a bunch~.
Moca: Oho~, giving me something similar to a bun, are you? You know me too well, Hina-senpai~.
Hina: Ahaha, it was deliberate, of course! Anyway, I should get going! Later~♪
Moca: Okey-dokey~. Later~.
Moca: Now then, I should go and see how Hii-chan and Tsugu are doing~.

Lisa: Hiya~, Moca ☆
Moca: Ooh~, it's a woofy Lisa-san~. How's it going~?
Lisa: Ehehe, I like this costume quite a bit myself~.
Lisa: Oh yeah, I bumped into Kasumi's group just now. They were looking for Himari and Tsugumi.
Moca: That must be because they're in the middle of our class' Jack-O'-Lantern Hunt.
Lisa: Ah, so it was your class' game~! You did mention it at work!
Moca: Yup, yup~. So far so good, as far as our class is concerned~.
Lisa: Fufu, it sounds fun! I might come and do it with Yukina.
Moca: Please do~. You will always be welcome~.
Lisa: Okay! Ah, here you go, Moca! Happy Halloween ♪
Moca: Ooh, jack-o'-lantern candy~. I gladly accept~. Thank you very much~.
Lisa: We've been handing those out to everyone who comes to our class.
Moca: Your class is doing face painting, right~? Maybe I'll come by with Ran and the others later~.
Lisa: That'd be nice~! I'll make you guys look extra cute!
Moca: Score~. Halloween's amazing. I've gotten so many snacks just by walking around~.
Moca: If only people handed out buns on Halloween instead of candy~... Hehehe...

Tomoe: Yo, Moca!
Moca: Ah, Tomo-chin and Ran~. Hey~.
Ran: What's with all those snacks? Stop pigging out.
Moca: I haven't been eating them~. People have been giving them to me because I'm so pretty~.
Ran: Yeah, whatever.
Moca: Hm? Tomo-chin, you've got some stuff too. Is that takoyaki?
Tomoe: And okonomiyaki. I bought some at one of the stalls so that we could have them together!
Ran: It'll be time for the others to take over for us soon.
Moca: Oh yeah. I hadn't noticed the time~.
Tomoe: Let's go grab Tsugu and Himari and eat these on the roof!
Moca: I like that~. I shall graciously offer these snacks to my hard-working monsters~.
Tomoe: Sweet! Mind if I have the cupcake?
Moca: Aww~, I wanted that one~.
Ran: Tomoe, what about this ramen snack? It's more your thing.
Tomoe: Ah! My favorite! Moca, dips on that one!
Moca: Okey-dokey. You might wanna watch where you're going, or else you'll bump into something~.

Follow the Black Cat Card Story - Special Episode

Behind Halloween Town


CiRCLE - Lobby

Moca: Hey there~... Phew~...
Marina: Hi, Moca-chan. ... You seem kind of tired today.
Moca: That's because I am~. I'm so beat today~.
Marina: Was practice that rough?
Moca: Nope, practice was the same as always~. I'm just tired because my brain's been on overdrive lately~.
Marina: It's not time for exams... is it?
Moca: It's not. We had a Halloween festival at school the other day.
Moca: Everyone gave their ideas for what our class should do, and mine got picked~.
Moca: I never thought that would happen~.
Marina: Huh, what was your idea?
Moca: Well, it was basically a variation of a scavenger hunt~.
Moca: Participants had to make it to the goal by locating certain people within the school using sketched portraits.
Moca: The thing is, it took a lot more prep work than I expected~.
Moca: We had to figure out the game details, come up with lines for explaining the rules, prepare participation awards... Ah, we also had to prepare the sketches.
Marina: That does sound like it was a lot of work...
Moca: Well, I had fun, so I guess it was all good~.
Marina: Fufu, it must've been a popular activity at the festival, then.
Moca: It was~. When Kasumi and Rokka came, I had their group look for the members of Afterglow that I had dress up as monsters.
Marina: Afterglow? Didn't that make them too easy to find? They already know each other...
Moca: It was harder than it sounds because everyone in school was dressed up~.
Marina: I see~. That makes sense.
Moca: I went around the school to check on everyone, and when I did, it looked like people were enjoying the monster hunt~.
Moca: And that's why I'm completely spent~. Sigh~...
Marina: Sounds like you were really busy. But I'm sure everyone had a great time because of all the work you did, Moca-chan!
Moca: Hahaha~. Thanks~.
Moca: Now that I've gotten some energy from both of you, I think I'll go back to practice~.
Marina: Okay! Good luck, Moca-chan!