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For All the Good Kids Card Story - Episode

Fated Helper


Shopping Mall
Kaoru: Oh? Do my eyes deceive me, or is that Rinko I spy?
Rinko: Ah... Seta-san... Hello...
Kaoru: Good day to you as well. Out shopping alone today, are we?
Rinko: Yes... I'm going to the craft store... I thought I might find some inspiration... for Roselia's new stage outfits...
Kaoru: I would expect nothing less from a hardworking little kitten such as yourself, Rinko.
Kaoru: Accepting only the finest of quality... Ah, how fleeting.
Rinko: Uh... Yes, well... If I don't look at... outside references... My designs end up... looking similar to each other...
Rinko: Um... Why are you here... Seta-san...?
Kaoru: To tell you the truth, Hello, Happy World! will be holding a Christmas party this year. I thought I would procure some materials to craft decorations.
Rinko: A Christmas.. party... That's very like you all... I bet it will be... a wonderful party...
Kaoru: I'm sure it will. We are also planning on inviting a grand number of participants and holding a concert for them as well.
Kaoru: As the hosts of a Hello, Happy World! party, we must spare no effort, correct?
Rinko: I think... I know what you mean...
Rinko: You want everyone to have fun... In order to communicate that to them... you put your all into everything... What's more, the preparations can be fun, too...
Kaoru: Fufu, precisely, my dear. There's just one problem... I am unaccustomed to working with my hands, you see.
Kaoru: I thought I would call upon my trusted ally in the theater club, Maya, to help... But as circumstances would have it, Pastel*Palettes seems to have prior commitments.
Kaoru: This certainly is a troubling state of affairs... Oh!
Rinko: S-Seta-san...?
Kaoru: Ah, what is this, if not destiny, calling to me...? Rinko, would you do me the favor of gracing me with your advice?
Rinko: Huh...? U-um... You want my advice...?
Kaoru: Yes. I believe I have a firm grasp on your sense of aesthetics. When you participated in one of the theater club's productions before, I witnessed it firsthand.
Kaoru: That crimson garment that you crafted... I had to remind myself to breathe after taking it in...
Rinko: I-I just... did what I could...
Kaoru: That you did. Your burning passion was what brought life to that dress and made it sparkle as it did.
Kaoru: Of course, you have every right to refuse. But would you not lend a hand to me today? For the sake of Hello, Happy World! and our party.
Rinko: I understand... If you think... My advice would be helpful... then by all means...
Kaoru: My thanks, Rinko! You have my gratitude.
Rinko: So, do you have an idea... for what kind of party... you want to have, Seta-san?
Kaoru: Hm... Well... Yes, I suppose... It would have to be... fleeting.
Kaoru: Decorations that will leave our audience breathless... That is the sort of fleeting spectacle I envision for this holiest of nights.
Rinko: Breathtaking... decorations... Then, what about... snow...? You could use... snowflakes as a motif...
Kaoru: Oh! Snowflakes...! Indeed, what could be more fleeting?!
Kaoru: There can be no doubt, my search ends here. I have found that which I seek.
Rinko: U-um... Then, if you look over at that shop... I think there might be... some decorations that would be appropriate...
Kaoru: Fantastic, Rinko. Would you do me the pleasure of accompanying me for a little longer? Your continued counsel would be greatly appreciated.
Rinko: O-okay... If I can be of any help... I'll do my best...
Kaoru: You have my thanks. I will return this favor someday, Rinko.
Rinko: F-favor...? That's... I mean, I might find inspiration... for an outfit, too, so... It's fine...
Kaoru: I see... I would like nothing more than to stand on stage in one of your outfits again someday.
Rinko: M-me, too... Seta-san... You looked... amazing on stage that day...
Kaoru: Fufu, there could be no greater compliment for me than those words. Well then, would you take the lead?
Rinko: Yes... Let's go... Right this way...

For All the Good Kids Card Story - Special Episode

Christmas Memories


Kaoru: Ah, good day to you, BanG Dreamer-san. Out for a walk?
Kaoru: I am as well. I thought I would take a stroll and indulge myself in the fleeting nature of the downtown area.
Kaoru: Behold. It was only yesterday that this city was dyed in the sights and sounds of Christmas, yet now it has returned to its quiet, quaint self...
Kaoru: Fleeting... yet beautiful, in spite of it. Nay, because of it. Do you not agree?
Kaoru: The fleeting nature of all events is what makes them truly shine. I'm sure that fleetingness is what causes our hearts to flutter and dance, as mine is now.
Kaoru: You know, Hello, Happy World! held a Christmas party yesterday. It was an evening full of joy and mirth.
Kaoru: Everyone truly seemed to enjoy themselves from the bottom of their hearts. Did you know? Christmas has this special power that makes us smile.
Kaoru: The other day, I had the opportunity to reminisce upon some old Christmas memories... Even within those recollections, everyone was smiling.
Kaoru: Surely you too have memories of a Christmas full of kindness and warmth, do you not?
Kaoru: It would bring joy to my heart to know that our party became a similar memory for someone else.
Kaoru: Actually, we held a concert at the party as well. We divided the tasks amongst ourselves to prepare.
Kaoru: I was tasked with the decorations for the party venue. Certainly not something I am familiar with, but watching the stage transform before my eyes was truly worth the effort.
Kaoru: In the end, the venue was decorated quite fleetingly, if I do say so myself.
Kaoru: At the very least, that was the story being told by the smiles I saw before me.
Kaoru: To tell you the truth, I actually was assisted in my task by a certain individual... Can you guess who?
Kaoru: It was... Rinko. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to bring my vision to life.
Kaoru: Normally, if it were a play, I would call upon the members of the theater club for assistance... But for party preparations, I was unsure who to ask for aid.
Kaoru: And in my time of need, I happened upon Rinko.
Kaoru: Thinking about it, I suppose you could say that all of my life experiences culminated in that party.
Kaoru: Yes... That does indeed include holidays spent in my youth.
Kaoru: Fufu, perhaps everyone in the band lent their own Christmas memories to that splendid concert and party.
Kaoru: Every year, more and more beautiful Christmas memories are being made...
Kaoru: My heart is aflutter just thinking about what kind of Christmas awaits me next year.
Kaoru: How about it? Would you like to join us next year?
Kaoru: I'm sure it will be a joyous, fleeting Christmas.
Kaoru: Oh, goodness me. I lost myself in our conversation.
Kaoru: Ah, yes... Belated though it may be, there is something I wanted to tell you.
Kaoru: Merry Christmas... Fufu. And with that, I shall take my leave.