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For Everyone Card Story - Episode

The Yamato Mark of Security


Talent Agency

Maya: Hmm... These words make it hard to convey... But if I change this part, what I'm trying to say will-
Aya: Ah, there you are! Maya-chan~!
Aya: ... Hm? Hey~!
Maya: Whoa?! A-Aya-san?!
Maya: Sorry, I guess I was a little caught up in my work...
Aya: It's alright! Sorry for startling you! Are you working on an article by any chance?
Maya: Yes, but I'm a little stuck...
Aya: I see. That must be rough...
Maya: The article's for a more specialized piece of equipment than usual... Picking the right terms has been proving to be difficult.
Maya: If I go overboard with the technical jargon, people who aren't quite used to it won't be able to follow, so I'm trying to write in a way that keeps things simple.
Aya: Wow~, I can't believe you're paying attention to even those little details. You're amazing.
Maya: No, no. Seeing as I'm going to the trouble of writing it, I just want as many people as possible to be able to understand what I write.
Maya: By the way, were you looking for me for something?
Aya: Oh, yeah! I'm thinking of going out and was wondering if you'd like to come.
Aya: Ah! You've got your article though... It's okay if you can't come!
Maya: Going out sounds nice! I'll join you!
Maya: I still have some time before the article's deadline anyhow... And most importantly, the change of pace might do me some good!
Aya: Great~! I'll let Shino-chan and the others know!
Maya: Sure! Please do... Wait, what?
Maya: Did you just say Shino-san and the others?
Aya: Mmhmm! ViVidCanvas and the other trainees will be coming too!
Maya: A-are you sure you want me to come along...? Won't I just get in the way...?
Aya: Of course I want you to come! The whole reason we're even doing this is 'cause they said they wanted to spend time with you.
Maya: Huh? They did?! I had no idea...
Aya: You might not have noticed, but you're really popular among the idol trainees.
Aya: You always give them your full attention when they come to you for advice, and the advice you give is always on point.
Aya: You're always prepared for anything too. They say they really respect you!
Maya: O-oh... Th-thank you!
Aya: They often talk about how they feel better knowing you're there!
Maya: A lot of them did come to me for advice, but I never thought that was how they viewed me...
Maya: Hm? But nobody came to invite me...
Aya: Ohh, that...
Aya: They said they respect you so much that they were a little worried about approaching you.
Maya: Huh...? I-I can't believe they're talking about me and not someone else...
Aya: That's why I told them I'd take care of it~.
Aya: ... Wait. D-does this mean they don't respect me that much...?
Maya: N-no, no, it's not that! I think it just means you're very approachable!
Aya: Y-yeah, that has to be it!
Aya: But I can really see why they respect you~. I feel the same way too!
Maya: Huhehe, hearing you also say it makes it even more embarrassing.
Maya: But I'm glad everyone likes me that much!
Aya: Yeah! Alright, I'll let Shino-chan kno-
Maya: Ah, but if we go out and I do something weird, won't they lose their respect for me...?
Aya: What?! You don't have to worry about that. It'll be fine~!
Maya: N-no! Just in case, I should prepare in advance... How much time is there before we're supposed to meet?
Aya: Huh?! Uhh... I think about half an hour?
Maya: Understood! I would like to arrive at the designated location at least ten minutes early, so we can use the time we have to plan what we'll do more or less.
Maya: Has a decision been made where we'll go?
Aya: N-not yet! The plan was to decide once we were all together...
Maya: In that case, we should come up with a list of possible places. Since we're their seniors, it'll probably be hard for them to make suggestions!
Aya: Oh, yeah~... This must be one of the reasons why you're so well-liked.
Maya: Huh? Th-this is just, umm...
Aya: Fufufu, I should learn from your example. We'll just have to come up with stuff together then!
Maya: S-sure!

For Everyone Card Story - Special Episode

Starting Line


Shopping Mall - Bookstore

Marina: Great, we got our books! ... Hm? Is that Maya-chan?
Maya: ... Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hi~. Judging from that bag, I take it you were also shopping for books?
Maya: Yes! I actually came to get this...
Marina: Oh. The girls on the cover... They're ViVidCanvas, aren't they?
Maya: Yes, they are! I'm surprised you know them!
Marina: Aya-chan showed me some clips from their concert. They're your sister group, right?
Maya: Yes, they were chosen from the trainees we gave advice to before!
Maya: That's why when I heard they were going to debut as idols, I was just as happy as I would be if it'd been me debuting.
Marina: Fufu, you've known for a while now, so I can see why. You must be thrilled.
Marina: If I recall, you guys also did a concert together, right?
Maya: Yes! It was a surprise debut, and they sang one of our songs.
Maya: You wouldn't believe how great the quality of their performance was!
Marina: I see! It makes me wish I could've heard it since you're praising it that much~.
Maya: You know, when it was first decided that they were going to sing one of our songs, they tried to copy Aya-san's way of singing.
Maya: But a lot happened, and they eventually managed to make the song their own. I was so moved!
Marina: That's incredible! They must've been under a lot of pressure because they were singing your song. It probably wasn't easy~.
Maya: Yes... Seeing them reminded me of how I used to be.
Marina: Are they that similar to you?
Maya: Yes, I used to be overly concerned with trying to be like an idol. It took a lot of time before I was able to overcome that.
Maya: But they were able to make that song their own in such a short amount of time.
Maya: Seeing how quickly they were able to do so makes me worry they'll overtake us soon...
Marina: It sounds like you've got some rather stiff competition.
Maya: Yes. But we don't intend to go down so easily!
Marina: Ohh, looks like you're on fire.
Maya: Yes, Aya-san said the story of idols is one of growth through competition!
Marina: The story of idols, huh...? Fufu, sounds pretty grand.
Maya: Right? The scale at which Aya-san thinks always surprises me.
Maya: But that made me realize that we've only just started our journey in the story of idols.
Maya: We'll have to keep going forward so that we don't lose to the idols that came before or after us!
Marina: I guess I should have high hopes for what you guys are going to accomplish then!
Maya: Yes. We still have a lot of work to do, but I'd appreciate it if you could watch over us!